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    Hey, guys! You will love this video as it will speed up and ease the cooking process and will help you to solve a ton of kitchen problems. We know a lot of tips and tricks on how to store food in the kitchen and what to do with leftovers. You will learn a very useful tip on what to do with crystallized honey. Place it in a microwave for 5 minutes.
    Sometimes if you wrongly store flour, insects may appear suddenly. All you need is to place bay leaves into a package with flour. We know the best way to store potatoes. Place an apple near potatoes to prevent roots from sprouting. Store onions in clean pantyhose in order not to damage them and improper storage could lead to rot. Place a piece of celery into a plastic bag with bread to keep it fresh. Watch the video and find a cool way to prevent cheese from drying using butter. You will be surprised with this idea. If peeled and cut potatoes turn black very quickly, use vinegar as it will not let potatoes oxidize. Place a piece of bread into a jar with dry cookies. Bread will keep them soft. Store avocados in a paper bag to prevent mold. Paper does not retain moisture and prevents mold. Add some salt to the milk to slow down the souring of the milk.
    To keep tomato paste keep fresh longer, you can put it in ice tray mold and freeze. TIMESTAMPS: 00:09 How to store food leftovers 00:25 Forget about insects 01:03 How to store onions 05:20 Freeze tomato paste
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    YOS CAW 😂😂

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    What kind of madman drinks out of a milk bottle?!

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    You are repeating same things many a times

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    They finally have good music in their videos

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    4:26 I don't drink salt milk

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    I don't like fault milk

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    They used the cookie and bread one twice as well.
    I can’t imagine how they got to 60 mil with these click bait titles and repeated hacks

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    I love me some salty lemons


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    Why put salt in milk

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    7:33 what's that?

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    7:50 i don't know what is that.. Can anyone tell me😵

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      That red thing is the plastic that covers that type of cheese cause is easy to remove and protect it.

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    I love that

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    I don’t think you have to worry about ketchup perishing

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    Real 🍯 honey is not like thi

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    You are the biggest CHclipr idiot ever

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    so nice to have some awesome music in the background while i learn from watching this !

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    Just cause it lasts longer doesn't mean it's still fresh I mean who would want old bread that's been sitting with celery for the last few months

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    The time they actually abide by the title 😂.

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    So basicaly to keep a food fresh long enough you have to put then in a relationship with another food.LOGIC.

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    4:25 y 5:47 es lo mismo

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    00:29. yeah, would u rlly get bugs in flour and why did u need to edit/photo-shop that

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    why the bugs are fake

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    Whoever reads this
    1) be brave and be kind
    2) live life to the fullest
    3) don’t let anyone get you down
    4) ALWAYS stick up for yourself
    5) ALWAYS live your life as you want to live it
    (This will probably never get read but if it does remember to be true to yourself

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    best toast solution is freezing it and heat in microwave for few seconds when u want its stays fresh for a veryyyy long time

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    Głupi ten odcinek ciągle się rzeczy powtarzają 😡😡

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    And the cookie bread one, and the celery bread one. I feel like it's a semi repeat half way through. Anyone else

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    you cannot keep bread with cookies because the cookies will turn out to be too soft... (damage) and the crispy feeling will be gone...

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    Repeat a few of them

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