5-Minute Vs. 50-Minute Vs. 5-Hour Steak • Tasty

  • čas přidán 17. 03. 2019
  • "Man, this is the best day ever." 3 steak dishes, 3 time scenarios, and a whole lot of deliciousness. If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: amzn.to/2GJ2xvv
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Komentáře • 9 900

  • Kibbleru
    Kibbleru Před 19 minutami

    i tried to do the first one but i burned my sauce :(

  • Hakalabakala
    Hakalabakala Před hodinou

    Who the fuck eats steak with soy sauce.

  • Nakadu
    Nakadu Před 4 hodinami

    Just done the 5 min steakwith soy and honey, I used fillet steak and it was as good as any steak I've eaten.

  • seymourglass26
    seymourglass26 Před 7 hodinami

    You gotta get this man a vacuum sealer. Sou vide in a ziplock just scares me.

  • Alvin Smith
    Alvin Smith Před 7 hodinami

    hey my name is alvin too

  • Dr Kiwi
    Dr Kiwi Před 13 hodinami

    Has anybody tried steak cooked with bbq sauce you have no idea how good it is if you don’t like the fat that is sometimes on it you will love 💗 💕 💖 this so much

  • debish vebish wish
    debish vebish wish Před 13 hodinami

    5 hour to murder people with heart attack

  • Jason cooper
    Jason cooper Před 15 hodinami

    I hate medium rare steak but good video in the end

  • Mr. coolboy 619
    Mr. coolboy 619 Před 16 hodinami

    For the hanger steak what heat should it be on

    ANDY RIVERA Před 20 hodinami

    How would you serve that in the restaurant. On order the customer has to stay there for 5 hours? Lol

  • SeaBea
    SeaBea Před 21 hodinou

    Actually its
    2:45 Minute Steak VS. 4:00 Minute Steak VS 7:01 Minute Steak
    According to the time ending of this video.

  • SideGames SK/CZ
    SideGames SK/CZ Před 21 hodinou

    I don't like bloody steaks

  • sheri davis
    sheri davis Před 22 hodinami

    I loved the honey-soy! Didn’t sound so great or taste that great in the bowl but man oh man did it taste great in the skillet!!!

  • Gerald Wolf
    Gerald Wolf Před 22 hodinami


  • Czekoloko Sweet
    Czekoloko Sweet Před 22 hodinami

    He did not season the board all of the juices are wasted at least at 5m one he poured them on the salad he cross contaminates the garlic bread

  • Эдвард Дочев

    Delas vsechno jak ma byt

  • David Prommer
    David Prommer Před dnem

    dead food VS. super dead food VS. ultra dead food

  • LEGO Star Wars Channel

    Hey where’s the guy that grows his own kitchen

  • Not Mango
    Not Mango Před dnem +1

    why is this video not 5 hours and 55 minutes long

  • MissPotatoButt
    MissPotatoButt Před dnem

    Gordon Ramsay has left the chat!

  • Latife Marshmello
    Latife Marshmello Před dnem

    Make a giant piece of steak and treat yourself with it

  • PotatoChips_Alt yeet

    I like he talks about the 5 hour steak is for a “special someone”.

    *eats it himself*

  • Fuzz Sings
    Fuzz Sings Před dnem

    I’ve never reversed seared or that 5 hour technique, only grilled and used family secret seasoning

  • ronnor58
    ronnor58 Před dnem

    The steaks look excellent, good job. I have a question in regards to the heat source, is that an induction cooker, and if so what brand is it?

  • Madi
    Madi Před dnem

    *thats hot*

  • J Paterson
    J Paterson Před dnem

    Because the rib eye cap is rolled and tied, the exterior and easily contaminated surface is now inside. It is very important to reach that temp of 145 deg for several minutes to kill any pathogens.

  • Elliot Kelly
    Elliot Kelly Před dnem

    Twitch Streamers: 11:27

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro Před 2 dny

    I don't understand the dumb level you need for cooking a beef for 5 hours and stills bleeding

  • Regular Black Girl
    Regular Black Girl Před 2 dny

    Alvin is easy on the eyes

  • Tiz Foxydragonangel
    Tiz Foxydragonangel Před 2 dny +1

    I think Gordon Ramsey should go to tasty and ask Alvin to make a big food for him or Gordon t peach Alvin a recipie

  • Maximo Lego
    Maximo Lego Před 2 dny

    Two shots of vodk

  • Mustafa Faiz
    Mustafa Faiz Před 2 dny

    I love his jokes

  • Derek games
    Derek games Před 2 dny

    How can I hire this guy

  • C.S Iawim
    C.S Iawim Před 2 dny +1

    "it's alot of butter.... because it is😂😂🤣🤣lmao

  • Viva i Manghi
    Viva i Manghi Před 2 dny +3

    Steak: *exists*
    Alvin: “Woooo!!”

  • DouGamer YT
    DouGamer YT Před 2 dny

    I'm not surprised, that Ramsay hasn't called the real back up, when a team gets kicked out.

  • bee & dri
    bee & dri Před 2 dny

    The asparagus was cooked in the shot when you removed the steak and put it on the cutting board. Then you proceeded to cook raw asparagus in the “beef fat”. I don’t like liars Alvin. Also you beat your potatoes like they owe you money. Relaxxxx.

  • Lolgaming Luiz
    Lolgaming Luiz Před 2 dny

    In the phillipines
    We use soysauce with vinegar to make adobo

  • Nathan Merin
    Nathan Merin Před 2 dny

    No one:
    Gordon Ramsay: S O T E N D A

  • brightTw1l1te
    brightTw1l1te Před 2 dny

    i bet you gordon would love this

  • Daehani
    Daehani Před 3 dny

    I need to marry him

  • Tr. Da.
    Tr. Da. Před 3 dny

    1:09 Alvin: This pan is, you know, super hot, but I’m not a rapper
    Me: *Imma bout to ruin this whole man’s career*

  • Tr. Da.
    Tr. Da. Před 3 dny

    Is it just me or does Alvin look more cuter?

  • Midnight
    Midnight Před 3 dny

    Im looking for a 5 decade steak recipe

  • Jaxon Nance
    Jaxon Nance Před 3 dny +1

    At 1:10 I literally died.

  • nickys adventures
    nickys adventures Před 3 dny

    No you like cat 😂

  • saito louise
    saito louise Před 3 dny

    5 hour for 6 pieces meat, i would say it's quite worth because u get a extra piece.

  • The Magic Poncho
    The Magic Poncho Před 3 dny

    I'm boutta fap no cap

  • Maniruzzaman Sikder
    Maniruzzaman Sikder Před 3 dny +1

    If you have five days to cook a steak you should

    gat a life

    • Steven Li
      Steven Li Před dnem

      Maniruzzaman Sikder you should get a book

  • Rashida Begum
    Rashida Begum Před 3 dny

    If you have five months to cook a steak, you should get a life

  • Cheese Ball
    Cheese Ball Před 3 dny

    I can’t even drive yet
    Or drink
    I’m 10

  • Flex
    Flex Před 3 dny

    *vegans have left the chat*

  • Andrew Byron
    Andrew Byron Před 3 dny

    i hate everything about buzzfeed except for tasty

  • joni smalleyes
    joni smalleyes Před 3 dny

    Love the video!! i now know one more way to cook a steak!!!!!!!

  • Ben Blackmon
    Ben Blackmon Před 3 dny

    fyi you can get prime ribeye caps at Costco

  • Ben Blackmon
    Ben Blackmon Před 3 dny

    paula dean got nothin on your butter game, son!

  • Jon B
    Jon B Před 3 dny +1

    "you ever have garlic bread with too much bread and not enough garlic? well i'm here to tell you, do what you want"
    F's given by this dude = ZERO

  • johnina regish
    johnina regish Před 3 dny

    You dont start your seasoning with salt. You taste then use finishing salt. Omg dont listen to this guy if you want juicy steak. Salt dehydrates the meat.

    • well done steak
      well done steak Před 3 dny

      salt cant penetrate to the center in that short period of time

  • jehewin Udenjijaja
    jehewin Udenjijaja Před 4 dny

    Is that the sauce Inga used when she went only purple food for 24 hours?

  • Triniswe
    Triniswe Před 4 dny +1

    Steak now sponsored by: *"Whoo!"*

  • some guy
    some guy Před 4 dny

    Which grocery store do you usually go to to buy these food products

  • Zeratul
    Zeratul Před 4 dny

    Bruce Lee “hooh!”

    PRO BRO FORCE Před 4 dny

    5 min one takes about 30 mins

  • That1guy 2333
    That1guy 2333 Před 4 dny

    Real men use a grill

  • matsumatsu XD
    matsumatsu XD Před 4 dny

    1:10 Im not a rapper😂 legend🙏🤙

  • aaddmin16772 udididisiksidieis

    Y do u put vegetable oil on steak

  • Llama The Thug
    Llama The Thug Před 4 dny


  • nicoleX Xelocin
    nicoleX Xelocin Před 4 dny

    *If you have 5 years you could raise your own cow*

  • StaidArcher 2198
    StaidArcher 2198 Před 4 dny

    me in the middle of the night 10:20

  • Charlotte White
    Charlotte White Před 4 dny +1

    *Vegans Have Left The Chat*

  • Jose Hoshua
    Jose Hoshua Před 4 dny

    I swear every video make me hungry

  • Xz Insanity zX
    Xz Insanity zX Před 4 dny

    Where is apron intro

  • Coby Cat
    Coby Cat Před 4 dny

    Where's the people who don't like their steaks 'Raw'???

  • Anaya Lewis
    Anaya Lewis Před 4 dny

    I’m not here for the mash potatoes. There’s nothing I hate more

  • Abigaill Rodriguez
    Abigaill Rodriguez Před 4 dny

    I need to marry Alvin right away. Just gonna put that out there!

  • Ivo Ovcharov
    Ivo Ovcharov Před 4 dny

    It's 3 in the morning and I am cooking a stake, that I will eat with some asparagus, while having a shamfully big glass of some 2015 Barbera d'asti.

  • ArcticNinja59877
    ArcticNinja59877 Před 4 dny

    Inside look like raw meet

  • NMT Night Owl
    NMT Night Owl Před 4 dny

    I got high cholesterol just by watching this video

  • _._._Tudor _._._
    _._._Tudor _._._ Před 5 dny

    Now I'm hungry

  • Conqueror YT
    Conqueror YT Před 5 dny


  • Above In Shadow
    Above In Shadow Před 5 dny

    Electric energy is cheap in US (nuclear energy) but it's expensive as hell in some other countries.
    5 hours no thanks...I use LPG

  • TheKing
    TheKing Před 5 dny

    I tried to make with pork stake and after i fry IT its veri hard

    • TheKing
      TheKing Před 3 dny

      @well done steak *,im

    • TheKing
      TheKing Před 3 dny

      @well done steak în not from America

    • well done steak
      well done steak Před 3 dny

      english 100, speech 100

  • Slump Potato
    Slump Potato Před 5 dny

    1:54 is it just me or is that shit burnt ass hell 😂

  • Wynn Tan
    Wynn Tan Před 5 dny

    Honestly wish I could make this, but my religion doesn’t permit for any beef nor steak in our house

  • Frost Gaming
    Frost Gaming Před 5 dny

    Can you do 5 seconds too?😂😂😂😂

  • Graphix G.R.
    Graphix G.R. Před 5 dny

    My dad: Back In My day there was no technology
    me: Dad technology was here with us since we existed
    dad: Bruh

  • Shardzz 2
    Shardzz 2 Před 5 dny +1

    2 reasons why i want to be a great cook
    1. I will make great food for me and my family
    2. I will make more friends and have a girlfriend who will love my food

    • Shardzz 2
      Shardzz 2 Před 3 dny

      well done steak i honestly got very bored of that fckn game ngl now im watching netflix ehehe

    • well done steak
      well done steak Před 3 dny

      stop playing fortnite and the girl will come

  • SoniKTIN
    SoniKTIN Před 5 dny

    Tbh I think the 5 minute one looks the best

  • Shardzz 2
    Shardzz 2 Před 5 dny +1

    Alvin is my fav tasty cook

  • Toons Jr.
    Toons Jr. Před 5 dny +1

    Lol 5 hours

    Still looks RAW

  • 2wo3hree
    2wo3hree Před 5 dny

    You guys should do an Alvin vs Kid Chef video

  • Jose V
    Jose V Před 5 dny

    All these videos cooking hanger steak, like you could buy it at any super market.

  • not lebron
    not lebron Před 5 dny

    He cooks steaks wrong he's supposed to use my breath🗿

  • edguix
    edguix Před 5 dny

    7:56 vs 7:59 spilled the wine. not a true wine drinker.

  • Getrfk Lief
    Getrfk Lief Před 6 dny

    do the same but with brownies

  • Comfused
    Comfused Před 6 dny

    The steaks are high

  • MrSucc
    MrSucc Před 6 dny

    I subscribed for this guy.

  • Ethan Fletcher
    Ethan Fletcher Před 6 dny

    would cranberry juice be a good replacement for the wine? I'm not old enough to drink soooo.....

  • Elliot Bellerby
    Elliot Bellerby Před 6 dny

    1:19 how long for well done

  • picolo2022 Games
    picolo2022 Games Před 6 dny +1

    Why did my honey soy sauce turn out lighter (in color) and very salty? What are the proportions? Do you turn down the heat? For how long do you keep it in the pan?

    • picolo2022 Games
      picolo2022 Games Před 5 dny

      Kripmans that’s what I did and it looked quite different

    • Kripmans
      Kripmans Před 5 dny

      1TBSP honey and Soy sauce