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  • čas přidán 22. 09. 2022
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    Kyle Barper
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    Oscar Alva
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Komentáře • 2K

  • @Nini-mg3ji
    @Nini-mg3ji Před rokem +1

    it’s nice he acknowledges her humor because a lot of men won’t admit when a woman is genuinely funny

  • @CallMeNatalia96
    @CallMeNatalia96 Před rokem +3

    Jeff makes the best vlogs and he doesn’t even need to torture or traumatize anyone to make them

  • @twilit
    @twilit Před rokem +1

    Tana has such a great personality love her. There’s not many women that are unashamedly themselves like her it’s always so refreshing.

  • @doritime2496
    @doritime2496 Před rokem +681

    You can’t deny chemistry, Jeff & Tana definitely have chemistry

  • @meg55gem53
    @meg55gem53 Před rokem +1

    This whole video is such a vibe. I truly love this for both Jeff and Tana. They really compliment each other and it’s such a symbiotic relationship.

  • @itsolkingcol
    @itsolkingcol Před rokem +276

    Tana really is a sweetie, you can tell she was genuinely happy to get to spend time with his family

  • @CindyHwang
    @CindyHwang Před rokem +7

    Tana and Jeff together are genuinely hilarious

  • @shredder807
    @shredder807 Před rokem +663

    I LOVE the videography of this vlog! It feels like a homemade family video from the 2000s!!

  • @allymcbeth6754
    @allymcbeth6754 Před rokem +325

    This is a relationship I'd actually approve of for both of them. Low key are a great pair, and would be a great couple HOWEVER I see it from their side . They have such a great friendship I'd hate for something to ruin it. Maybe it's one of those "should be together but better off friends for now" type deals. Maybe oneeeee day lol

  • @victoriapinto
    @victoriapinto Před rokem +119

    This duo is absolute FUCKIN GOLD. Sometimes two people just vibe well. They’re going to go far with this, any Vlog, podcast, tik tok etc is going to grow and grow if they do it together. Could watch y’all all day

  • @drazennenadic2149
    @drazennenadic2149 Před rokem +178

    I love the way the montages where recorded, the sound and video. Totally gives me a nostalgic home video feel. In a weird way it makes them seem more genuine, especially with Jeff's family

  • @Ria-ct6ko
    @Ria-ct6ko Před rokem +220


  • @Juli_Travels
    @Juli_Travels Před rokem +3

    Jeff's dad joking with Tana about coke, Jeff's mom teaching Tana how to be domestic. And everyone sitting around the table for family dinner. I love this!

  • @BenHardyYT
    @BenHardyYT Před rokem +81

    the duo is chaotic, dark, funny, promiscuous and i love it

  • @jennyrae7336
    @jennyrae7336 Před rokem +43

    Jeff looks genuinely happy with Tana. To see him entering into a whole new era and success is really cool after seeing his challenges the last few years. Love the editing and dynamic so much!

  • @nouur9418
    @nouur9418 Před rokem +12

    its very refreshing to see a duo that genuinely compliment each other’s humour

  • @vanessaaac
    @vanessaaac Před rokem +40

    I love how Tana said in her vlog that she’s obsessed with getting parents to like her but then she wears sunglasses inside Jeff’s parents house the entire time, even while eating dinner! 😅🤣👏

  • @oliviadorothy
    @oliviadorothy Před rokem +39

    The segment of Jeff doing the yoga had me dying laughing. Loved this. FAMILY

  • @higilochannel
    @higilochannel Před rokem +3

    I thought Jeff would never be the same after his Vlog Squad era, but this newest era is top tier

  • @KentAhayes
    @KentAhayes Před rokem +49

    This was one of my favorite vlogs. I haven’t seen something this good in 2+ years. You got something here.