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The Biggest Mistake in any Pokémon Game

  • čas přidán 27. 11. 2022

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  • BonusWolfe


  • Matteo Pepe

    If you are confused, here is an easy explanation. At the beginning of every turn, an accuracy seed is generated between 1 and 100. For example:

  • VForceWave
    VForceWave  +689

    To further elaborate with practical examples:

  • Aihana Etsu

    I've fought a few Japanese players using bright powder to abuse this to get the move used against them at a specific point in the battle to always miss, which means they can do some crazy setup stuff with no counterplay.

  • Tears In The Rain

    For anyone wondering, computers cannot create random numbers because they rely on binary, and thus are discrete systems, they instead use fractal equations like the Mandelbrot set because it’s an equation in geometry that produces increasingly irrational numbers and diverges to chaos, it’s a pretty cool subject in number theory

  • Nora _
    Nora _  +47

    As a person working in game Development - this is an issue that can easily occur due to minor errors that are easily fixed, but is incredibly difficult to notice and spot during testing. I would assume that this will be patched as soon as possible. (At least that’s what I would do)

  • Agosta44
    Agosta44  +541

    The sad thing about this is that it's such an easy fix but no one has faith in gamefreak to fix their mistakes post release.

  • Dunkleosteus

    Normally a RNG would be seeded with the current clock time, in milliseconds or something on that order of precision. Because the clock time increases 1000 times a second, you're guaranteed to get unpredictable numbers from your generator.

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    Hopefully enough people retweet this issue and game freak sees it really soon which is quite probable to happen but worse case it’s just a problem at the beginning of ladder being introduced which isn’t all that bad imo

  • mushroomdude123

    Sword/Shield had a glitch where Sucker Punch would fail under specific circumstances. If I remember it was fixed pretty quickly despite it being a really obscure glitch.

  • Taemour Djahanbani

    When luck being a skill in these games is a considerable portion of strategy this error of luck actually being a constant is a really big issue

  • nsiderultimaseth

    The bugs in this release are honestly unbelievable. The games absolutely needed a bigger team, or more time in development, or both. Game Freak needs to get their act together.

  • Whimsicott
    Whimsicott  +192

    There’s other bugs too. For example, indeede female can be caught knowing trick room from raids despite not being able to learn trick room naturally, which would be VERY broken on it

  • Lacaras21

    I have a hunch this happened because at some point during development a developer was debugging something and needed a static seed and the code that made the seed static wasn't backed out before it went into production. This is probably an easy fix and I would expect it to be patched fairly quickly.

  • boo453
    boo453  +6

    Remember that Battle Stadium is used for ICs, which is used for CP and Japanese Nats qualifications.... so it is a big problem. Imagine if TAs/Jap Nats qualifications were determined by sheer cold speed ties (I don't know how speed ties get resolved with the same seed, presumably which trainer card gets put on the left/right at the start of the battle which I know affects some niche mechanics. Imagine entering a match, noticing your card is on the wrong side and immediately forfeiting)

  • CKEternity
    CKEternity  +954

    This is 100% a result of the rush to get the game out, like so many other problems in SV

  • Shmirko
    Shmirko  +26

    The fact that we can't tell whether or not GF will even patch this goes to show that they really say a lot. I dislike being negative against them but this is something that should be patch and it would be a no-brainer for most devs to do something instantly about an issue like this.

  • gabo
    gabo  +42

    Remember when people thought fissure no guard machamp would be a thing? It finally happened.

  • Quicksilvir

    Fun fact, in the Game Boy adaption of the Pokemon Trading Card game the RNG seed for coin flips was locked in at the start of a battle. You could also quit and restart battles. If you restarted a battle and remembered the first few flips, you could purposefully only use cards like the PokeBall on guarenteed heads.

  • Breezeezee

    If they don't fix this, there is absolutely no excuse, it literally takes one line of code to initialise a random seed using the current time