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Backrooms - Damage Control

  • čas přidán 29. 01. 2023
  • 05/26/90
    Includes animations created using the Rokoko Smartsuit Pro II - rokoko.co/KanePixels
  • Krátké a kreslené filmyKrátké a kreslené filmy

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  • Kane Pixels
    Kane Pixels  Před měsícem +4354


    • kurdistan
      kurdistan Před dnem +1

      ​@Ares Aurelian backroom is fake

    • Adam Bernache
      Adam Bernache Před 3 dny

      Will you be releasing physical media of every clip. It would be neat if it was done in VHS volume tapes with a very postmodernist aesthetic.

    • Andrés Ríos
      Andrés Ríos Před 6 dny +1

      Reverse to damend dead familyHÁ of @kane pixels hÁAAÀ

    • Maxwell
      Maxwell Před 7 dny

      So... Is this the proper order of the videos?

    • Grayscale Studios
      Grayscale Studios Před 18 dny

      Hey Kane there's this amazing backrooms content creator called Boogli, and he'd like to be like an extra in the movie, idk if you'll even see this but it's an idea 🤷‍♂️

  • Kaiwala
    Kaiwala Před měsícem +20096

    Kane's gonna be 40 years old making Oscar worthy feature films and people will still be calling him "a talented 17 yo kid"

    • Aisubun
      Aisubun Před 2 dny

      I don't get this comment because it implies people are still saying it even though he's not 17 when he still is

    • pineapple egg
      pineapple egg Před 2 dny

      Now hes 17 Just check the profile

    • pineapple egg
      pineapple egg Před 2 dny

      He's 17 now Look at the front page everybody down below

    • Shayna Sherman
      Shayna Sherman Před 2 dny

      He's in his 20s now

  • CyberOstrich
    CyberOstrich Před měsícem +1984


    • samuel yeet
      samuel yeet Před 2 dny

      @Saul Goodman no he’s not lol don’t believe everything yah see

    • Saul Goodman
      Saul Goodman Před 8 dny

      He's 40 years old

    • PiwdiArt
      PiwdiArt Před 10 dny

      Стоп это что последняя серия по закулисью?

    • Rodolfo Mendonça
      Rodolfo Mendonça Před 11 dny +1

      @uxtalzon you don´t know a24, right?

  • Summer Allen
    Summer Allen Před měsícem +1383

    The amount of horror I felt hearing "That is done and there is nothing more to be extracted" when they were talking about Peters death and how the next image was of a syringe, that generally made my heart drop. Generally feels like he was killed off because he was too much of a risk.

    • Bad Boy
      Bad Boy Před 2 dny

      Yes i think so because he know alot about them and could be a pottentail risk for them thats why they killed him and told everyone that it was and accident 🫡 thats how govenment hids trueth from people 💯🙌🙃 cause i know what am talking about and am not making any ilusion about anything 💯🙌🫡🙃

      LIZARD SKULL br Před 17 dny

      I didn't understand the syringe part, I hadn't noticed when I got to that part, could someone explain it to me?

    • PickledPothead
      PickledPothead Před měsícem

      Are you 5 years old ?

    • Simmanz
      Simmanz Před měsícem +20

      The sringe give us an idea of the "tests" that he went through after returning. I wonder if is insanity was caused in part by having no quality of live plus potential torture.

    • The Void Boyz
      The Void Boyz Před měsícem +42

      Yup.. its disturbing how accurately Kane is showing what a big greedy corporation is willing to do to achieve its goals and coverup the situation.

  • GestOre
    GestOre Před měsícem +858

    The fact that he announced that "The Backrooms" are finally going to get a film, shows how good this concept was, and how good he managed to develop it, in such a incredible manner. Congrats Kane!

    • TheCoastinGamer
      TheCoastinGamer Před 16 dny

      @The Void Boyz yeah ik, I just wanted to give an example for that guy. Thanks for a detailed and structured response

    • TheCoastinGamer
      TheCoastinGamer Před 16 dny

      @wocky soooo? It’s his I don’t get your point. You can still enjoy the og, his backrooms is just more popular through know fairly of his own, grow a brain

    • wocky
      wocky Před měsícem

      @TheCoastinGamerkinda ruins the whole thing

    • Friendlywhale99
      Friendlywhale99 Před měsícem +1

      I really just hope we get more than level 0 in the future. Like its cool but some of the other levels are so cool aswell! Like the run level or the one where its a town

  • Servant of the King
    Servant of the King Před měsícem +2120

    The professionalism of the dialogue is what really draws me in. The way the speaker phrases things is very businesslike, doesn't mix metaphors or misuse words, and has perfect sentence structure. Feels so real!
    (EDIT: Spelling, ironically)

    • maxinator80ify
      maxinator80ify Před 10 dny +1

      @Jordy ChatGPT lol

    • Wanye Kest
      Wanye Kest Před 16 dny +1

      lol wtf

    • NeonFroot
      NeonFroot Před 27 dny +1

      >how can a seventeen year old wrote a statement like that?
      It's nothing to do with age. Youth isn't automatic vulgarity. Anyone can wrote like that in their youth.

    • Ward Fiction
      Ward Fiction Před měsícem

      I wonder how many takes it took to make that. But yeah... I wonder if a real employee would say those things though. The management at my company never apopogise for anything, and tell us nothing to.

    • Antony617
      Antony617 Před měsícem

      This is not even the real backrooms

  • Oberon-V
    Oberon-V Před měsícem +150

    Can't believe Peter tripped and fell on the same rock 10 times. What an accident! Good to see our beloved company wasn't involved.

    • SalemWolf
      SalemWolf Před 6 dny +4

      @PurpleKittyKelly That plus the phone ringing makes me think its Peter calling someone, likely his family. Peter is alive, I'm sure of it.

    • PurpleKittyKelly
      PurpleKittyKelly Před 9 dny +13

      I slowed the ending down, and there's CCTV footage of a man running by a building, another of the man running across a city street. Peter isn't dead...I'm not 100%, but it looks like he got away.

  • Nicolas Stabilini
    Nicolas Stabilini Před měsícem +1628

    Masterpiece. You have kids that ruined backrooms, then you have people that understood this creepypasta, and then you have Kane Pixels.

    • 〫gholuh
      〫gholuh Před dnem

      ​@BombBird 11 not really

    • mezz
      mezz Před 10 dny +1

      @Lex Ruptor Getting "Levels" is video game logic lol. Kane's version is obviously some infinite 3d fractal-like parallel dimension, where when people die they become slender mans. And it the experiments also opened invisible portals in the world (getting Half Life vibes here). I find Kanes version much more frightening.

    • Cas
      Cas Před 11 dny

      A lot of Backrooms videos ruined the concept of liminal spaces. Liminal spaces and just that, is psychological horror. All these monsters, corporations,..ect..that kills the vibe.

    • NeonFroot
      NeonFroot Před 27 dny

      @Lex Ruptor
      Adolescence is artifical.
      By right, 13 -17 is the first five years of adulthood.

    • NeonFroot
      NeonFroot Před 27 dny

      @T. N in our modern society, childhood lasts too long. People are considered kids even through their twenties.
      By right, adulthood begins at puberty, but again, modern society is willfully avoidant of maturation.

  • lubertdas
    lubertdas Před měsícem +524

    This is the perfect example of how the limitations of the tools that Kane had available to create his story only made the end result that much better.

    • Touchgrass
      Touchgrass Před 21 dnem

      @Unity keep telling yourself that man

    • Unity
      Unity Před 28 dny

      I'm better than Kane, my content is better!

    • Rick Gutleber
      Rick Gutleber Před měsícem +42

      For all his prowess with computer special effects and he's quite skilled, Kane's real talent is imaginative story-telling, and this sets him apart from almost everyone making Backrooms videos, and almost everyone in Hollywood for that matter.

  • Elan Mendes
    Elan Mendes Před měsícem +254

    The idea of being driven insane not by the Complex itself but by the self preservation efforts of Async after faking a man's death was beautifully written. I can't get enough of this series.

  • Kyle Lyre
    Kyle Lyre Před měsícem +202

    Its a true miracle for both Kane's writing and the voice actor that I can witness to what would normally be a "here's what the author intended" scene, get a detailed breakdown of the chain of events, and think "I believe you, but I don't believe your message". Felt like the person giving the presentation in-universe was effectively reading from a curated script.

    • Slime Gamer
      Slime Gamer Před 20 dny

      ​​@Unity that's where your wrong clearly don't put the effort he does to make the videos have quality and to tell a story in which keeps the user engaged

    • Elias Baseler
      Elias Baseler Před 26 dny

      @Unity 🧢

    • Unity
      Unity Před 28 dny

      I'm better than Kane, my content is better!

  • ForeverLove230
    ForeverLove230 Před měsícem +557

    Shout out to the voice actor!! This whole episode was fantastic, and I just really love how authentic the VA delivers everything. Great job, huge props!

    • Daniil Films
      Daniil Films Před měsícem +2

      @Serrara Mayfield Pretty sure Kane confirmed it in a interview, and in VC chat things where he was reacting to backrooms videos by other people.

    • Triangle_Pants
      Triangle_Pants Před měsícem

      @Slab Man
      Maybe that was him. Could've been an employee.

    • Slab Man
      Slab Man Před měsícem +9

      @Triangle_Pants Because I hear Kane’s voice occasionally. Theres a QnA live stream of him just talking, maybe that will help you.

    • Triangle_Pants
      Triangle_Pants Před měsícem +2

      How do you know, Slab Man?

    • Slab Man
      Slab Man Před měsícem +7

      @Serrara Mayfield Do I really need a source? Like, that is straight up just him doing a deep voice.

  • Johns k.J
    Johns k.J Před měsícem +108

    Now that I think about it, things really aren't looking up for Marvin.
    He's been participating in a project with some sort of "otherworldly" spaces, which in itself isn't that bad. But then, his friend disappeared in the completely unknown circumstances, so eventually he had to come to terms with Peter's potential death. Next, he ended up facing some hellish entity and barely got away with his life. Then, on top of that, he suddenly met his "undead" friend, only to be held at gunpoint by him, witness how he shoots his teammate, and hear the next day that now Peter *really* was dead.
    I'm afraid that, after all that, something similar might happen to Marv. Either he'll say hasta la vista to A-Sync or he'll go bonkers too, unless he's really got some nerves of steel, lmao

    • MrPickle Studios
      MrPickle Studios Před 8 dny

      I think Marvin will be alright. That guy managed to keep his composure while being stuck in a hole in the same room as an other-dimensional bacteria monster!
      He's not going anywhere.

    • Thaddeus TV
      Thaddeus TV Před 22 dny +8

      @Johns k.J I rewatched the scene and looked closer and the creature actually does appear to start running after him

    • sofie foit
      sofie foit Před 25 dny +3

      I agree but I hope not! I've been rooting for him

    • Johns k.J
      Johns k.J Před měsícem +25

      @Thaddeus TV Well, that's what the camera recorded, but I think the way the scene played out strongly suggests that the being started chasing Marv once he entered its area. Besides, no matter what actually may have happened, that's how it looked like from his POV

    • Thaddeus TV
      Thaddeus TV Před měsícem +6

      I don’t know if “barely got away with his life” is the right way to put it, the creature didn’t even go towards him, it just sorta flailed it’s arm around

  • Local Idiot
    Local Idiot Před měsícem +5478

    Kane made the chase scene so much better by making the slight delays in the security camera, really shows this kid understands more about artificial cinematography than most big budget companies

    • cutepinks
      cutepinks Před 15 dny

      ​@offical491can u stop bot

    • A comrade
      A comrade Před 19 dny

      ​@Don't Read My Profile Picture and i already did

    • A comrade
      A comrade Před 19 dny

      ​@Don't Read My Profile Picture no i will

    • P!
      P! Před měsícem

      @Tyrannosaurus Hexno it is always going to be a feat

    • Kitten whispers
      Kitten whispers Před měsícem +4

      I love what kane has made so far but let's tone it down a smidge. All these people saying stuff like "kane is better than ever director that has ever existed!!" Is way too much. Calm it down.

  • XxIron_ReaperxX
    XxIron_ReaperxX Před měsícem +374

    The tiny little details like the worker exclaiming when he finds out peter is dead is just perfect. I haven't been keeping up with these lately, but I definitely am now. This is so amazing.

  • E Breezy
    E Breezy Před měsícem +152

    The imagery of the last minute is beautiful. The words, “There is nothing more to extract.” As the sun falls behind the horizon, plunging the world into darkness.
    Followed by flashing security camera images of a man running down city street.
    It could be expanded on for sure. But nothing compares to the psychological horror that this guy still thinks he’s in the back rooms, and on some level always will.

    • Andrew EmCee
      Andrew EmCee Před dnem

      @Hi-Jack the Rabbit ...actually, he kinda did? I mean, if he's gonna declare he's better, be prepared to be challenged on that.

    • Hi-Jack the Rabbit
      Hi-Jack the Rabbit Před 2 dny

      @Unity Nobody asked

    • Deez Bingus
      Deez Bingus Před 19 dny +3

      @Unity I saw ur stuff and it was dog water

    • Deez Bingus
      Deez Bingus Před 19 dny +1

      @Unity cap

    • Unity
      Unity Před 28 dny

      I'm better than Kane, my content is better!

  • 0_Dearghealach_0
    0_Dearghealach_0 Před 24 dny +43

    I have to say, I'm more disturbed by the human insanity than the preternatural isolation of The Backrooms...
    I mean, imagine wandering away, and becoming lost, and when you come back... everyone had thought you were dead.
    The Backrooms is no place for humans to live in.
    Amazing work, Kane.

  • ReusableRocket
    ReusableRocket Před měsícem +86

    What I like about your Backrooms series is that the people at A-Sync are also trying to figure out what’s going on along with us, the viewers (even if we’re given all the events out of order). It’s not like FNAF where it’s all up to the fans to solve everything and find/piece together every detail all on their own. A-Sync is just as confused as us for how Peter somehow jumped through time. good job Kane! Thank you for creating a backrooms series that’s actually pretty nice to follow and well made without it being like “oooOOOOOO scary liminal space with a VHS filter and a monster that was poorly rendered in blender resulting in yet another chase sequence oh no!!1!11!”

    • Belinda Short
      Belinda Short Před 11 hodinami

      I hope you realize that most of those came out after his original video

  • Zedian Zediessi
    Zedian Zediessi Před měsícem +81

    How does he manage to make a phone ringing scene so terrifyingly ominous?! Chills

  • Dyaz's Gameplay and Random Video stuffs

    No monsters, just only incident report. Real masterpiece

    • Andranaa Archie
      Andranaa Archie Před 16 dny

      @Kkbleeblob Makes sense.

    • Kkbleeblob
      Kkbleeblob Před měsícem +1

      @Andranaa Archie a group of scientists

    • Andranaa Archie
      Andranaa Archie Před měsícem

      @Kkbleeblob then what is it?

    • Sunny
      Sunny Před měsícem +1

      The fans nowadays making The Backrooms like SCP smh

    • Captain Crystal 370
      Captain Crystal 370 Před měsícem

      @sunsetter Dude why it’s your fault for reading comments before watching

  • Ethangamer 579
    Ethangamer 579 Před 22 dny +25

    This is what the backrooms are all about. Not surviving buggy wuggy, talking Tom and those children’s characters. These videos that generally give you a scare. Nice work Kane Pixels

    • potatos
      potatos Před 6 dny

      Well , the orginal backrooms are focused more about entites but ok

  • Jedi Pacman
    Jedi Pacman Před měsícem +79

    Holy shit congrats Kane Pixels. Just saw ur making the Backrooms film with A24. I remember seeing the first backrooms video you uploaded and being blown away. So excited to see what you do with the movie and I'll be in theaters day 1

    • Slime Gamer
      Slime Gamer Před 20 dny +3

      yep I'll be there day 1 and I'll wear a Async shirt to support him ^^

  • Malcolm Duren
    Malcolm Duren Před měsícem +52

    Just saw the news! Congratulations to this incredible artist. Nearly jumped out of my chair with excitement! 😂

    • that guy
      that guy Před měsícem +2

      ikr congrats for him

    • Patrick
      Patrick Před měsícem +2

      SAME xD

  • Tyler Pinkerton
    Tyler Pinkerton Před měsícem +21

    Considering how closely each clip correlated with the "cover story", it's interesting that those doors are shown at 10:18 along with the phrase "alternate threshold". This is also the first time that I'm seeing light that isn't a reflection, coming through those windows.

  • 7even
    7even Před měsícem +56

    I can't wait to see the box office movies you'll be producing within the next 10 years. Brilliant producer and director.

    • Daniil Films
      Daniil Films Před měsícem

      Well I have something to tell you

  • V0IDHE4D
    V0IDHE4D Před měsícem +6117

    The sound design is incredible. I love that you can hear another voice whisper "shit" when Tench's fate is revealed. Such attention to detail. Bravo.

    • Usuario Extra
      Usuario Extra Před měsícem +1

      It's clear that the person was talking to an audience since the beginning, so making them show some reaction is something crucial. An actual example of attention to detail can be found in the second found footage: in the multi store part, you can hear somebody crying/moaning far away in the background. Almost nobody seems to have noticed it, yet there it is.

    • duckattak
      duckattak Před měsícem

      I heard that too!

    • orage
      orage Před měsícem

      @NuclearRollton that could just be him before being killed

    • V0IDHE4D
      V0IDHE4D Před měsícem +3

      @Usuario Extra that's not what I meant and you know it. I'm talking about sound design. Kane didn't NEED to put those little sounds in there, but he did anyway.

    • Usuario Extra
      Usuario Extra Před měsícem +2

      Making a person feel shocked because of a death is "attention to detail"? lol

  • NazonRev
    NazonRev Před měsícem +29

    For those that aren't aware yet, Kan is getting his series adapted into a feature film published by a24! This is huge Kane!!!

  • Charlie9inesONYT
    Charlie9inesONYT Před 29 dny +17

    This kid destined for an Oscar. I’m 35 and have never accomplished anything so spectacular. I’m so convinced it’s real, that’s how good he has done. We are lucky to be able to be here to see such artistic ability. Thank you Kane

    • Vara
      Vara Před 7 dny +1

      @Charlie9inesONYT by the true creator he means the person who came up with the idea (they took and i assume edited a photo to look out of this world) of the backrooms, this guy is just making the most talented series based upon it, i also doubt its juan de dios. you would be more likely to find the original owner on the wikidot or fandom

    • Charlie9inesONYT
      Charlie9inesONYT Před 14 dny

      @Gordo lifter I can’t find that anywhere. Can you send me facts?

    • Gordo lifter
      Gordo lifter Před 15 dny

      the true creator of the backrooms is JUAN DE DIOS GÓMEZ ÁNGELES bro

  • Newo Ether
    Newo Ether Před 5 dny +4

    As a blender user, I'm really shocked to see that the scene in kane pixel's video is becoming more and more realistic now. The character animation is really natural and smooth and I definitely know how hard it is to make it. That's one of the reasons why I admire you so much. Keep going and make more masterpiece!

  • Aidan O'Neill
    Aidan O'Neill Před 12 dny +7

    Kane “Pixels” Parsons. Getting a movie deal with A24 at just 17 years old. Truly the prodigy of our time.

  • Abhi
    Abhi Před měsícem +12

    This man single handedly created one of the best series on the Internet.
    Hats off 👏

  • Kepheideus
    Kepheideus Před měsícem +3190

    I love how this episode solves and creates cliffhangers

    • AP AMVs
      AP AMVs Před měsícem

      ​@Singh Jack ah true! I wonder if Kane will continue this while doing the film

    • Singh Jack
      Singh Jack Před měsícem +1


    • DmanDice
      DmanDice Před měsícem

      I agree. But you cant say anything is absolutely true yet.

    • pyropulse
      pyropulse Před měsícem +3

      It didn't solve anything; it was just a recap of what we already knew.
      plus it is beyond obvious the narrator is lying, since it is the company covering for their mistakes and lying to their team. For instance, it is obvious Peter didn't die from falling and hitting his head on a rock; either the security team outright killed him (as was ordered), or they captured him and are secretly using him for experiments
      I guess that is a cliffhanger, but it literally doesn't solve anything

    • helpfuldoge12
      helpfuldoge12 Před měsícem +1

      @Im_Diabetic21 for certain, either they killed him or he escaped

  • Valentin Degenne
    Valentin Degenne Před měsícem +6

    I love how this narration binds all the previous episodes together in a comprehensible one, Kane you are not only a special fx god you are also a good story teller, keep it up!!

  • Reynei Mar Moraca
    Reynei Mar Moraca Před měsícem +5

    Tbh I thought Kane will be just another talented people who lost their way because of fame and fortune. Looking his series up until now, he still got the passion for the work and never strayed from his vision. I'm looking forward to this, congratulations for the project and more success to come.

  • James Melvin
    James Melvin Před měsícem +3

    I just wanted to say- I continue to be amazed at the narrative that you've put together based on a prompt that consisted of one photograph and a brief bit of text. It's become something pretty damn compelling- and in a time where the found-footage genre has been beaten half to death, your skills managed to not only revive it, but make us look at it as though we're seeing it for the first time. This tale has pretty strong legs, and I can't wait to see where you run with it.

  • Brian Plotner
    Brian Plotner Před měsícem +22

    This continues to be one of the best horror series I've even seen, easily beating out many large-budget shows.

  • Ian Blake
    Ian Blake Před 19 dny +5

    Like everyone else said, this was phenomenal.
    The way the speaker began his like, 15th paragraph and you could hair chairs creaking under people changing positions. The “shiiiit…” and the woman murmuring after learning of Peter’s death. How professional the speaker was, and how absolute sus peter’s “death” was. The phone at the end. The camera footages. All of it, perfection.

    • Jordan Velasco
      Jordan Velasco Před hodinou

      A nice thinly-veiled threat at the end to go along with their debriefing. Rough day at the office.

  • Kit
    Kit Před měsícem +2884

    Props to Kane for not taking the route of changing up the lore to throw off his audience. He's actually confirming our theories and even adding context in some areas. Great video as always!

    • Kaphizmey ♪
      Kaphizmey ♪ Před měsícem +2

      @Pedro Gili was gonna fuckin say, i even remember scott cawthon tweeting shit after game theory episodes like “oh good job, but yOu MIsSeD soMEtHiNg” for the sake of twisting the lore into a damn pretzel. no wonder the fnaf fanbase did the lore justice better than _the creator of the games_ ever could

    • Stephen Reed
      Stephen Reed Před měsícem


    • Pedro Gil
      Pedro Gil Před měsícem +3

      FNAF take notes

    • Gary Bettman
      Gary Bettman Před měsícem +3

      @Omar < and > let you go frame by frame.. when you pause the video. It's not for the speed which the video plays at.

    • SquishyAidey
      SquishyAidey Před měsícem +5

      2:39 I’m chillin right neow

  • Cyril P.
    Cyril P. Před měsícem +5

    Loved the cinematography, the editing, the music (very Steve Roach's "Structures from Silence" in spirit), the voice acting. Triple A content.

  • Joey Cap
    Joey Cap Před měsícem +7

    Had another backroom type dream last night, and I don't even follow the backroom anthology, but had to come here to marvel how these shorts have really tapped into the human psyche

  • DogeyPlays
    DogeyPlays Před 13 dny +1

    Congrats on the movie deal Kane! I cannot wait to see it! This cliffhanger was great and I cannot wait for the next episode

  • Alex P
    Alex P Před měsícem +6

    Just heard the news on your partnership with A24! Soo happy for you Kane, I can't wait to see your story brought to the big screen!

  • Noah Pusateri
    Noah Pusateri Před 14 dny +1

    I really love The Back rooms its such a good concept that I can't get enough of and what Kane has done with it is absolutely fascinating

  • la gerku.
    la gerku. Před měsícem +3012

    Kane was so smart here. Instead of animating the full movements of a human, which is something considerably hard to make convincing, he took advantage of the way old security cameras captured images, so he only had to animate certain poses without much transition between.
    Genius move.

    • Daniil Films
      Daniil Films Před měsícem

      @Kyuu Tomoyaki No they weren’t, Im not a blender renderer or anything but it’s pretty easy to make videos like these (compared to like 10 years ago)

    • Fort, night
      Fort, night Před měsícem

      @mothchu That also doesn't mean you need to realistically animate the entire model. You can simply pose it then move the entire model / root back & forth, which is more than enough to create motion blur. It literally takes 1 minute + render time to do it.
      Hell, you don't even need to move the model at all... You can simply just pose the model, render frame, add motion blur effects to the model with another software, since it's all frame by frame it also takes like 2-3 minutes to do it. You can even do it with a cheap ass free software like PhotoScape.
      This is one person doing / managing everything. What makes him great is that he is able to work his way around to beat the limitations and creates an immersive story by putting the pieces together.
      Plus he has a good taste in a lot of things.

    • M. G. W.
      M. G. W.  Před měsícem

      @Chi Chicana Kane ain’t lazy, he doesn’t do it the way the commenter were replying to said he did

    • Chi Chicana
      Chi Chicana Před měsícem


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      Tronnzy Před měsícem

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    At least it's not for me
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    And find tranquility
    Oh, the canvas can do miracles
    Just you wait and see, believe me
    It's not far to never never land
    No reason to pretend
    And if the wind is right you can find the joy
    Of innocence again
    Oh, the canvas can do miracles
    Just you wait and see, believe me
    Takes me away to where I've always heard it could be
    Just a dream and the wind to carry me
    Soon I will be free
    It gets the best of me
    When I'm sailing
    All caught up in the reverie
    Every word is a symphony
    Won't you believe me?
    Takes me away to where I've always heard it could be
    Just a dream and the wind to carry me
    And soon I will be free
    Well, it's not far back to sanity
    At least it's not for me
    And if the wind is right you can sail away
    And find serenity
    Oh, the canvas can do miracles
    Just you wait and see, really, believe me
    Takes me away to where I've always heard it could be
    Just a dream and the wind to carry me
    And soon I will be free

    • Fung Dark
      Fung Dark Před 8 dny

      @PurpleKittyKelly it’s “sailing” by Christopher cross
      I don’t know what the relevance is, but I just posted the lyrics for sleuths to decipher a meaning

    • PurpleKittyKelly
      PurpleKittyKelly Před 9 dny +1

      I know "Just a dream and the wind to carry me" is from the video, but what's the song/poem and relevance? You have me obsessed in knowing!

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    Songa Monga Před měsícem +3

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    • PurpleKittyKelly
      PurpleKittyKelly Před 9 dny

      @funwithforkz If you do and will sell, I'll buy. For sure.

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    Mikael Helletun Před měsícem +2

    I LOVE the fact that the wording, phrasing and the almost soothing voice had me believing everything, and started me down the path of thinking ASync was "legit"... Right up until being informed that Peter simply fell and hit his head on a rock - which just has a foul smell of coverup. And that final sentence is structured and also said in a way that ever so subtly feels almost threatening. That he is and was dead - hinting at a "and don't you dare challenge this statement or you too will find yourself falling onto a rock!".
    I am really looking forward to see what you will accomplish with a professional studio backing you!

  • Gilbo Swaggins
    Gilbo Swaggins Před měsícem +4

    High quality as usual.
    I love that in their cover up to him showing up after saying “he accidentally died” is “no seriously, he accidentally died”

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    Massimiliano Ferri Před měsícem +642

    I am pretty sure Peter actually managed to escape the facility and trying to reach its family. I like the way A-Sync is trying to obscure these events even to their employers

    • Vara
      Vara Před 7 dny

      @Daniil Films I do believe Peter is likely dead but, he has similar symptoms to Paranoid Schizophrenia as explained in the video. A normal human will not just trust a random guy who sounds batshit insane talking about a alternate dimension.

    • Daniil Films
      Daniil Films Před 7 dny

      @PurpleKittyKelly If Peter was alive Async would’ve been DONE, Or at the very least Async wouldn’t take time to make another cover story if he is still alive

    • Andy Ash
      Andy Ash Před 8 dny +1

      @PurpleKittyKelly peter has gone crazy

    • PurpleKittyKelly
      PurpleKittyKelly Před 8 dny +1

      @Daniil Films He's alive. That was him in the glitch. They showed video of him being found, escaping but then not him running over the hill?And they told the employees to pretty much hush about it. They believed he was dead before, just know that he's STILL gone. All lies. I mean, the title is DAMAGE CONTROL, for cryin out loud.

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    Chronicler productions Před 14 dny

    The fact that these guys and Rackaracka are starting their careers on CHclip gives me hope for me and my friend. It's people like these guys that give me hope for my future as a writer and for that i thank them I hope they succeed in their future endeavors.

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    Came back to this channel after 6 months to watch the rest of the Backrooms footage and I just wanted to say congratulations for getting the opportunity to produce and direct a feature length film with A24. I just hope Roberto Patino doesn’t butcher the storyline

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    I always was intrested in Kane's work because he made own lore (i guess) having strange and absolutely creepy entities that don't exist in Backrooms wiki and i think these series don't have M.E.G (Major Explorer Group)
    which are part of the original lore of Backrooms but still i like Kane's videos nice entities and custom parts of Level 0 i also think he will make more new entities then Bacteria's species

  • LSD-Rick B-172
    LSD-Rick B-172 Před měsícem +5

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    • Kamui w
      Kamui w Před měsícem +1

      Did you not see it?
      In the glitches at the end, there was more security footage.
      He was in a city.
      They lied.

    • Alvin Seamstar
      Alvin Seamstar Před měsícem +2

      You don't see it? This is the cover story, initially they planned to reverse the deceased status, it didn't work. So they let him escape and then "die" to a rock. In reality he was let go and ran somewhere to live his life as another person . But as it stands Tench is officially going to remain dead.
      If they really wanted to stop him there were so many opportunities, they could've shut down the lift, apprehended him at the surface level. I'm pretty sure there's more security on the surface level, and more locked doors. And after what he did do you really think some random researcher would've managed to get the shotgun back from him? Not likely. He probably dropped it off to avoid suspicion once he came upto the surface.

    • CozmicPlayz Games
      CozmicPlayz Games Před měsícem +1

      probably a cover story by async

    • MrStrikecentral
      MrStrikecentral Před měsícem +2

      He should have been carrying his papers.

    • Noam Fitoussi
      Noam Fitoussi Před měsícem +2

      @Chaosi think that the syringe is to show that the medical tests were maybe more intrusive then they told us, and this might be why he escaped

  • SliderDies
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    Bro, I’m so happy and proud to hear about your A24 deal. ‘Well deserved’ is putting it lightly, this shit was inevitable. Best of luck, although I doubt you’ll need it 🎉🎊🍾🥳

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    Well done, it explains Peter's story very well especially the part when he goes 2 months in the future, (even tho his death was probably a cover), it was a sad story.

  • stevetwisp
    stevetwisp Před měsícem +1

    what i love about a good horror is being able to sort of put the pieces together before its revealed and really backrooms does it just right, riiiiiiight before the reveal, you can suddenly reflect on all the info given to you in previous videos and go, oh wait a lot of this was told or hinted at and its incredible!! good lukc and godspeed on future endeavours

  • CStone
    CStone Před měsícem +2297

    ''He hit his head...really!'
    I'm so impressed with the dialog (and delivery.) When I was writing, even in my early 20's, my dialog would either have been too rigid and technical, or too chummy. Your monologue hits the tone of professionalism, coworker familiarity (we're all family here) and regret perfectly. I felt like I was at that meeting. Well done, sir.
    Whether it was you or someone else who did the voice acting- nail on the head delivery.

    • KJ Dubs
      KJ Dubs Před měsícem

      @Alexolas Can we get this one trending?

    • boat
      boat Před měsícem +4

      Rewatching this, the presenter already gave the company or its rogue security team away. Sensory deprivation? Was he in solitary confinement? In a room lacking in features? Vsauce was already losing it when he tried it himself for 3 days. They were grossly negligent in holding Tench for 2 weeks in such a condition or they really were messing with him.
      Edit: nvm, photo of the holding room that looks bland as heck
      Edit2: Rewatching MatPat react to Reunion, he pointed out Peter would be dangerously lacking in sustenance (food, water) if he really was in the complex for 2 weeks. I've done a week and a half of no food, but gosh darn did I need a lot of water. So now I'm gonna give a +1 to the presenter's credibility that Peter really was kept in a holding room that was really lacking in features, which is basically mind torture (see Vsauce's Isolation from Mind Field). The end part of the presentation though, still incredi-sus.

    • Billisits
      Billisits Před měsícem

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    • Toaster Bath
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      fuck falling asleep to these vids lol

    • PurpleKittyKelly
      PurpleKittyKelly Před 9 dny +1

      I love falling asleep as the sun comes up. You're either a parent, a hard worker or you have an artist's heart.

  • MetalSlugzMaster
    MetalSlugzMaster Před 28 dny +2

    A movie deal! This kid's going places. I hope you have creative freedom however, and your vision isn't compromised, Kane pixels. That all too often happens. TBH I think this would be better as an episodic series, but take what you can. Big step forward!

    • Slab Man
      Slab Man Před 28 dny

      The plan is to get a series after the movie

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    Mason Walter Před 24 dny

    love this and how you tied the story together super intriguing and cant wait for the next one!

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    sonny A Před 27 dny +1

    I identify with this horror genre because everything that was once familiar now seems strange and menacing. Half my brain is trying to reassure me with the sensory familiarity but the other half is also registering an unsettling dissonance. That fine line between that point when the air goes from pleasing cool to uncomfortably wet...

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  • TualaTrout
    TualaTrout Před měsícem +1412

    This was perfect closure to Peter (yes, the detail about him dying from the stumble may be a cover-up). It shows that Async was methodical and cautious while studying the time-warp and trying to assimilate Peter, all while keeping the project running as smoothly as practical. Async isn't some exaggerated cartoon-villain shadow organization that 'only cares about the money, power and higher-ups'. Major props for writing a compelling monologue - as others have said, it felt like I was in a real meeting.

    • ButtSauce666
      ButtSauce666 Před 9 dny

      @PurpleKittyKelly No.. lol
      He made it out, and escaped their clutches all together. Enough so that he's in an other undisclosed location, calling home incessantly.
      They're lying, by saying they shot him up and about not seeing monsters in the construct. Everything is a lie. Small truths in-between.

    • PurpleKittyKelly
      PurpleKittyKelly Před 9 dny

      @ButtSauce666 Oh, he made it out. But they did something to him.

    • PurpleKittyKelly
      PurpleKittyKelly Před 9 dny +1

      @Daniil Films KP does everything, every detail, deliberately.

    • Daniil Films
      Daniil Films Před měsícem

      That’s what I’m saying! Async isn’t a evil company as people assume

    • Daniil Films
      Daniil Films Před měsícem

      @TualaTrout They probably just used the 2/27 recording to add something in there (so you can more understand what’s going on)

  • Himayamata
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    There are moments that remind me of the movies, 'The Atrocity Exhibition' and 'THX 1138'. (and of course the series, 'Severence').
    All have or use the feeling of The Uncanny/ Uncanny Valley & Liminality in the films/series.

    • PurpleKittyKelly
      PurpleKittyKelly Před 9 dny +1

      I can't thank you enough for recommendations. I love recs from people who are into psychological craziness like I am, I just bought and read House of Leaves which was AMAZING, If you wanna share any more movies, books, anything in this "uncanny" genre, please do!

  • orchetect
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  • Admin
    Admin Před měsícem +1

    Absolutely amazing. The tone and narrative of this one was fantastic. Absolutely heartbreaking. Or was it just another cover up?
    Also, the phone call at the end, I half expected (FNAF) 'He... Hello, Hello?'

  • Dom_06
    Dom_06 Před 13 dny

    These animations are amazing, great job! It makes them look like an actual person!

  • Egg6446
    Egg6446 Před měsícem +1161

    7:16 An underrated moment in the video. imagine being in this backrooms universe and being told that someone had practically time traveled into the future. for them that is now a reality that the employees have to live with, a horror that they cannot fully process

    • PurpleKittyKelly
      PurpleKittyKelly Před 9 dny +1

      @Cat Poke The stuff you're saying is fascinating! I'd love to hang out with you and just listen to you talk about stuff (and discuss this amazing series.) I'm captivated by this whole idea, the creepiness of it.

    • Cat Poke
      Cat Poke Před měsícem +1

      @nikidino8 Considering it's the backrooms, I doubt it follows the same laws of physics. I doubt velocity or gravity were involved in the dilation we see.

    • Cat Poke
      Cat Poke Před měsícem +1

      The interesting thing is that time traveling into the future is actually possible in our universe. It happens to everyone every second that they live. Now, sounds like I'm making a cop-out, right? "Yeah, but that's not what we mean by time travel!"
      Well luckily for you, the same mechanism that brings us forward in day-to-day life can be sped up. Well, technically time SLOWS DOWN for certain objects, but that causes the less slowed down time for objects around them to seem to speed up. Thanks to relativity, people in certain places will progress through time faster or slower than others, and in certain extreme parts of the universe- such as near a black hole- time slows down for whatever's near it to such an extreme degree that the rest of the universe appears to speed up to ABSURD speeds. Spend a second near a supermassive black hole, and the whole universe will be different than it was before you got close. If you managed to leave the black hole, you would have leapt forward in time an unimaginable amount of years.
      This is not science fiction, mind you. This is real life and there are objects out there experiencing this very scenario. Maybe even some living creatures, but... well... as soon as they get that close to a black hole, they're not living anymore. And I'm not sure if it's possible for any organisms to travel far enough to reach a supermassive black hole.
      This is also not talking about how speed impacts time, either. Or the difference between being on Earth versus in space.
      It's crazy stuff. Forward time travel is real and you're doing it all the time to minor degrees. So, yeah. It would be pretty crazy to be told he time traveled, but not quite as crazy as you'd think.

    • matthew farrell
      matthew farrell Před měsícem

      cosmic horror moment

      YYHHTTCCC YYHHTTCCC Před měsícem

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    I also really like how the characters turn around at the gunshot in the beginning. People don't turn or move realistically in most films now - but they really seem to here. Can't tell if it's because they're hand animated or what?

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  • 𝑫𝒂𝒗𝒊𝒔 𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒔

    If you compare the movement of the hazmat guys in the earlier videos to the staff walking and working and running now, Kane's movement animation has gotten so good and it was already amazing to begin with.
    Kane's work started off really great but it's awesome to see his growth as the series goes on aswell.

    • cam
      cam Před měsícem

      @Bait Police ur not funny

    • Viviana silverback
      Viviana silverback Před měsícem

      @Cistaz of Mercy They surprisingly aren't. Shows how amazing kane is at this.

    • Andrés Arce
      Andrés Arce Před měsícem +1

      @AverageTexan You're correct 😆, I wrote that fast and later kept thinking about if I used the right term.

    • PaleoDraw
      PaleoDraw Před měsícem

      He has a link in the description to a motion-capture suit, so he's made enough money from this series to really start using the same tech that the professional game and movie industry is using! It's so freaking cool! Granted, motion capture still usually requires some polishing, so this is by no means taking the easy route. I'm really happy that Kane has made enough money to focus so much on this series as what seems like a part time job/hobby/passion. While the overlayed effects of the low-quality camera and greyscale color palette (at times) makes slight imperfections in animation blend in, it's still no easy task to do what him and his team of creators are doing. Can't wait to see where this goes!

    • AverageTexan
      AverageTexan Před měsícem +3

      @Andrés Arce procedurally generated? I don’t think you know what that word means

  • Supposed moose
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  • IlyasamburoV
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    Is it bad that I keep repeating the video for the amazing soundtrack? There's a lot of things to say about this amazing master piece but I absolutely love the music. Just me?

  • The DysfunctionalCabinet
    The DysfunctionalCabinet Před měsícem +1234

    This is massive for the lore. Kane is confirming things, he's adding some new stuff, and I feel like everything can be extracted from this. Again, well done Kane, you're a genius

    • Usuario Extra
      Usuario Extra Před měsícem

      All this was already confirmed in the Presentation video, there's nothing massive here. I think Kane made this video just to keep us entertained while he works on more interesting stuff.

    • The DysfunctionalCabinet
      The DysfunctionalCabinet Před měsícem

      @Pedro Gabriel Salvagni Sabbi who would, if it's all for a _better_ world in the end?

    • The DysfunctionalCabinet
      The DysfunctionalCabinet Před měsícem

      @AnUnknownPerson lol

    • The DysfunctionalCabinet
      The DysfunctionalCabinet Před měsícem +4

      @pyropulse and? if you've ever listened to some of matpat's old fnaf theories, you can learn just how important it is for creators to confirm the suspicions of their consumers. That's what this video is doing and it's doing it in a tasteful way: confirming what we thought, while leaving the door open to more interpretations

  • Foxi's Retrofitting
    Foxi's Retrofitting Před měsícem +1

    I love this. That speech sounded super professional and Maaaaan if I worked at Async and was in the room during the meeting @12:05 I would've mentally called bullshit unless there was a body and adequate proof of said "knock head on rock dead" XD. That seemed too "lucky" in the case of Async. Who knows what kind of information would get out had he of succeeded in his escape from the premises. The phone on the wall at the end also gives the "or did he?" vibe as well. Again, love it. 👏

    NEOREV Před měsícem +7

    Dude, congrats on the feature film! A24, man! We'll deserved 👏 👏 👏

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    Sam Bennett Před měsícem

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    Kane, you are a genuine wunderkind, and I've been hooked with gleaming anticipation! This is so good. I haven't been this excited about the bleeding edge of a story since LOST!

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    Peter freaking booked it like an olympian! Dude was so motivated. I don't blame him, either. Incredible characterization and fighting against the odds there.

    • Just someone who wants to be a femboy
    • Frost
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      @Icicle There's no way he's dead imo

    • Connor Cornwall
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    • The Mutated Nut
      The Mutated Nut Před měsícem

      @Samuel Giroux yeah

    • Leo Ciresi
      Leo Ciresi Před měsícem

      As soon as the researchers entered the Complex, Peter made a mad dash for the threshold, we can see him running in the corridors of the Async Company, then out the exit

  • Evelyn
    Evelyn Před měsícem

    Excellently made!! I have a feeling that Peter is still alive somehow and that is who is calling at the end. It’s just something so uneasy about how the whole situation was handled.
    IMO I am more enticed by this series than anything currently on Tv lol

  • Diagonals
    Diagonals Před měsícem

    First time watching with headphones. The sound design is epic. A truly immersive experience