Dead by Daylight | Livestream #76 - Wake me up inside! (I can't wake up)

  • čas přidán 2. 11. 2017
  • November 2nd 2017 Twitch Stream capture.
    We stream on Thursdays at 2PM EDT (view schedule here - )
    Hosts: Gabrielle Murphy (not_Queen), Dave Richard
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  • ok ok
    ok ok Před rokem

    top 10 saddest moments:
    1. the list of freddy nerfs in this video

  • A Walker
    A Walker Před rokem

    That was quite a intro

  • † Masterhp †
    † Masterhp † Před 2 lety

    400 games and leaving 300, wow that's fucked up.

  • kitty grimes
    kitty grimes Před 2 lety

    Is anyone else having LOTS of issues trying to connect to survive with friends?

    FIRE MAGIC Před 2 lety

    pleace i love your youtube chanel so much pleace gift me dead by delight pleace 😞 i really like this game my dream is
    this game pleace pleace pleace 😞 ❤

  • Derped Gamer
    Derped Gamer Před 2 lety

    So you guys decided to take a killer who's ACTUALLY decent and nerf him? Well done guys. Freddy is already useless for console players. Thanks a lot

  • Mr Wet
    Mr Wet Před 2 lety

    You guys are assholes seriously

  • Dominic Ramey
    Dominic Ramey Před 2 lety

    Can we get pumpkinhead or blood widow as the next Killers?

  • Vito Nicola Saponara
    Vito Nicola Saponara Před 2 lety

    Non nerfate freddy non è op vogliamo parlare del mandiamo dai cioè i Rank 20 vanno a rompere il cazzo perché piangono ma quando arriverà freddy su PS4 sarà già nerfato e quindi nessuno lo comprerà perché da quanto lo state per nerfare diventerà na schifezza perfavore ascoltatemi non fatelo

  • Netral Ambien
    Netral Ambien Před 2 lety

    Neither is the surviver

  • Netral Ambien
    Netral Ambien Před 2 lety

    Why is Freddy not on ps4 is this suppose to happen

  • Slothy The Sloth
    Slothy The Sloth Před 2 lety

    Is this gonna be 6.99$ for ps4 and if not why?

  • GNX_ Snipez
    GNX_ Snipez Před 2 lety

    I have a question how come I got a Freddy on ps4 1week earlier?

  • Cpt Stone69
    Cpt Stone69 Před 2 lety

    So when is he coming out

  • Blakken
    Blakken Před 2 lety +1

    So! I came into Queen's stream last night and there was a discussion going on in the chat regarding Freddy's changes. Someone said that they are happy about his changes, and I said that the nerfs will be unplayable and below Wraith. Instantly I was attacked for daring to suggest these changes are going live, but watching this video now for the 3rd time I think it is fair to say that the heated debate regarding Freddy is understandable. I'm not defending harsh language, but people got upset.
    Being a Community Managed (On your spare time or not) comes with responsibility. Being a CEO myself I know this very well. I was confronted for talking about his nerfs and how I felt they would impact him badly in a manner not called for. I apologized, and refereed to this video regarding the subject where people in the chat during the making of the video raised concerns about tuning him down on several levels/aspects at the same times. Yet, I was silenced in the chat by a moderator for simply responding to another chatmember about Freddy.
    Im a grown man, and has never been moderated or muted in a chat before. She might hid behind the excuse that its on her spare time but was unprofessional. I did nothing wrong, I was not insulting or mean too either her or the community. If my Public spokesperson acted in such a manner towards a customer in my company I would have a few wise words with that person. "Manhandling" people like that has no benefit and it made me feel bad, cause I look up to the entire DbD team and developers. I enjoy DbD buying all the content.

  • Music of Emma
    Music of Emma Před 2 lety

    Please add more costumization for the killers. Survivors have many cloths but killers have very few. More killer heads at least.

  • Dat360NoScope
    Dat360NoScope Před 2 lety

    The only thing I really liked was the increased range on his lullaby. Everything else can be left alone.

  • SheriffBigNuts
    SheriffBigNuts Před 2 lety

    Will ranks have any larger significance or rewards in the future?

  • manuel gaming
    manuel gaming Před 2 lety

    So when freddy out for ps4

  • samghost13
    samghost13 Před 2 lety

    I use F.LUX. This is a program to dim the screen. And it was noted as Cheat Software. Sadly...

  • Makaroni
    Makaroni Před 2 lety


  • Haavard Noradal
    Haavard Noradal Před 2 lety

    Dead by daylight my rank don't reset.

  • Craig Paterson
    Craig Paterson Před 2 lety

    Will you fix your game! I keep getting low bloodpoints, even though I'm doing the exact same things as my friend and I keep dying even though I'm pressing X during the stuggle phase. FIX THIS PLEASE I USED TO ENJOY YOUR GAME.

  • Gacha Life
    Gacha Life Před 2 lety

    Always campers!!!

  • Gacha Life
    Gacha Life Před 2 lety

    Do something with the campers on console!!!!!!!

  • Gl1Ch 35
    Gl1Ch 35 Před 2 lety

    I think they should make pennywise

  • little penguin
    little penguin Před 2 lety

    Dead by daylight I have an idea for a new killer what if you put pyramid head in the game or peniwise

  • Snaked
    Snaked Před 2 lety

    this is game is slowly dying.

  • Sinfox
    Sinfox Před 2 lety

    Freddys balance curve is completly broken and needs a good fix. Hes one of the easiest/strongest killers against low-rank players (10-20) and yet one of the hardest against rank1-3 guys. Neither a nerf nor a buff is going to make it better, he needs a rework on both ends

  • Crabdawg
    Crabdawg Před 2 lety

    When will Hillbilly finally be nerfed.

  • Catowar Meowson
    Catowar Meowson Před 2 lety

    Not enough nerfs for freddy. You need to nerf him down to worthless so freddy players get a idea of what its like to lose once in a while. Make it so he can't attack? Fair start.

  • DimaQQ
    DimaQQ Před 2 lety +1

    Privet pidori kak vam igrartsa v etu igru axueno?A mne ne nravitsa vu vse gnidu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Unknown Hacker4321
    Unknown Hacker4321 Před 2 lety

    Freddy: your nerfing me nerf leather face he copying the Hill billy

    Me: yea nerf that copy leather face oh crap Freddy help

  • Toxic Taco Bell XX TV
    Toxic Taco Bell XX TV Před 2 lety

    When is Freddy Krueger going to come out on Xbox one

  • Unit Wrong
    Unit Wrong Před 2 lety

    Wow freddy for ps4 I'm sick and tired of ps4 getting all the good stuff first it was for friday the 13th the game now dead by daylight

  • ToastyGhosty
    ToastyGhosty Před 2 lety +1

    Is anyone gonna ignore the fact us console players have terrible FPS. Fix the fps for God's sake....

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male Před 2 lety

    Plz buff wraith soon

  • ILLU
    ILLU Před 2 lety

    What do you think about the act of repairing by touching the generator continuously?
    Ruin is no longer functioning by someone who does that act.

  • Mystery Death
    Mystery Death Před 2 lety

    R.I.P FREDDY .It was a short good time knowing you!
    You will be remembered!!!

  • Couch Time
    Couch Time Před 2 lety

    *When is freddy out for consol*

  • Záhady Života
    Záhady Života Před 2 lety

    Freddy is soo much nerfed, please give him powers back.He was not OP. Higer ranks deal with him. Devs please dont balancing killers. When we buy dlc becouse the Freddy after your balance is the worst option as killer.When we buy dlc we expect challanges and strong killer and interesting map, no worst weak killer, useless Quentin perks and jungle map.Please give him strengh back at least.THX Player from Czech Rep.

  • Linkbros21
    Linkbros21 Před 2 lety +1

    I think we did a pretty good job

  • Final Imp4ct
    Final Imp4ct Před 2 lety

    I REALLY REALLY hope that when they say *Nurse needs a rework* that they don't mean a nerf. She is such a skill heavy killer that it would not make any sense.

  • 182kokis
    182kokis Před 2 lety

    what embarrassment developers give ... they will completely destroy someone like Freddy ... I hope they take the consequences and return all the millions of blood points invested in it and the money because their type of killer that will be left later will be a mockery and a trash and a great offense to the murderers ... they really have no idea even the slightest of how high-level survivors play that neither Freddy as it is can kill them all

  • excaape
    excaape Před 2 lety

    Add game chat please I need to tell ppl to get my ass of the hook lol

  • Jeffery Kuhl
    Jeffery Kuhl Před 2 lety

    they're thinking
    "oh shit that's a good point.... why didn't we do that?"

  • Robo Gamez
    Robo Gamez Před 2 lety

    Is dead by daylight coming to the Xbox one x someone plz tell me

  • Wind GOD
    Wind GOD Před 2 lety

    i lost my data D:

  • primo do lagartao
    primo do lagartao Před 2 lety

    Please give me this beauty game
    PS4: DarkSoonArriveBR

  • Appel Melk
    Appel Melk Před 2 lety


  • Eezeeh Gaming
    Eezeeh Gaming Před 2 lety

    When comes Freddy Krueger for XBOX ONE / PS4 ?!

  • Sonzai Shimasen
    Sonzai Shimasen Před 2 lety

    The slowdown when he puts people to sleep was planned from the start :-/ his intro video and his addons even show this

  • FoxyGamer 1
    FoxyGamer 1 Před 2 lety +1

    No one watch this video I made but only dead by daylight developers

  • Action
    Action Před 2 lety

    Is it just me or can I not play on ps4 it won't let me connect to the servers

    • excaape
      excaape Před 2 lety

      Action Gamer same on Xbox bro, 80+ reports in the US and more in other country’s sorry mine started working after a while just give it a break

  • Vysiper
    Vysiper Před 2 lety

    Dead by daylight can you help when I try playing your game a error pop up it said bad image error pls help me

  • KillingNinja XP
    KillingNinja XP Před 2 lety

    Sooooooo when will Freddy come out for ps4 cause the update came and he's not her🤔🤔😒

  • AJ Mac
    AJ Mac Před 2 lety

    FINALLY you release information on your work on loss of progress! One and half months of complete silence, and you finally state what you're doing! Thank you

  • Shadowsap wow
    Shadowsap wow Před 2 lety

    Will there be coming new prestige clothes

  • CYPHZonAblunt
    CYPHZonAblunt Před 2 lety

    please don't nerf freddy. oh and when does nea turn into a killer?

  • EeasyGamer
    EeasyGamer Před 2 lety +1

    I wish you guys could add voice chat to the game or the Gmod thing where you hold down Q to say help or something also can you add more actions beside pointing like waving or dancing. Can you also do the hold Q thing I said for the killers... or at least the killers besides Michael Myers. This is just a suggestion. thank you.