Flinch w/ BTS

  • čas přidán 1. 12. 2017
  • James and the members of Korean pop sensation BTS play a game of Flinch, where James fires fruit at incredible rates of speed at a piece of plexiglass protecting the band members, testing who has the biggest nerves of steel.
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  • Jdsary M
    Jdsary M Před dnem


  • Hải Anh Nguyễn
    Hải Anh Nguyễn Před dnem


  • A A
    A A Před dnem

    I know everyone over-crazed about taennie but vsoo our fearless bangpink members

  • living lovely
    living lovely Před dnem


  • SuperDragons Eye
    SuperDragons Eye Před dnem

    did he just called him conan lol hahahahaha

  • Lauren Bandiolaaa
    Lauren Bandiolaaa Před dnem +1

    Came after flinch with blackpink

  • bts grande
    bts grande Před dnem +2

    woww this was one of the first bts videos i have ever watched... good old times

  • tamaki amajiki
    tamaki amajiki Před dnem

    Who’s here after watching Black Pink’s flinch game?
    Well now we all know who the king and queen of this segment are.
    Jisoo 👑

  • Mujur Muju
    Mujur Muju Před dnem +1

    The best flinch

  • boo no
    boo no Před dnem +2

    now do one with jisoo and v

  • Lonely Beast
    Lonely Beast Před dnem +2

    Just watching this after watching Blackpink's

  • ali gutierrez
    ali gutierrez Před dnem +1

    who came here after blackpink did the flinch game ?? 😭😍

  • yayatot _
    yayatot _ Před dnem

    unpopular opinion: we all know blinks that jisoo isn't confident with her english speaking skills, so i hope she can get some of confidence that jin fucking had

  • B_lack oh
    B_lack oh Před dnem

    Jajajajajaja la primera vez que lo ví pensé que era actuaba su miedo hasta que ví varios vídeos y descubrí que realmente son unos miedoso jajajajajaja 😂

  • •ʏɢʙᴀʙʏ•
    •ʏɢʙᴀʙʏ• Před dnem +4

    Came here after watching mah girls bp flinch
    Jisoo and v are unbeatable😂

  • Bts is lifeu
    Bts is lifeu Před dnem +1

    Did anyone else notice jin saying “I’m coward” at 1:18 then but come on come on... 🤣

  • Jam's Cake
    Jam's Cake Před dnem

    Tae stole yoongi's place

  • Mam J
    Mam J Před dnem +1

    @3:45 he calls james Conan!!! Lol

  • Mating Mats
    Mating Mats Před dnem

    Omo my jhope knock down so cute haha

  • Dayna Nguyen
    Dayna Nguyen Před dnem +1

    can we please have bts do spill or fill your guts?😂😂

  • Sheen
    Sheen Před dnem

    Que sabroso RM 😍👌

  • Soniya payango limbu
    Soniya payango limbu Před dnem +3

    V edd jisoo are unbeatable

  • Glucose Lover
    Glucose Lover Před dnem +3

    Back here after BlackPink's Flinch

  • ナオ美 desu
    ナオ美 desu Před dnem +5

    I'm here after watching Blackpink's flinch game. Wow Jisoo and V didnt even flinch. I think they're soulmates or whatever. They seem to have a lot of similarities and it amazes me. 😲😲

  • Dome Suarez
    Dome Suarez Před dnem

    2 years since this happened? WOW

  • SweetIdol AnimeGirl
    SweetIdol AnimeGirl Před dnem +6

    V and jisoo are not scarier of nothing ) ❤️😘🍒

  • Dhwanil Patel
    Dhwanil Patel Před dnem

    4:06 Yoongi was about to kill James

  • Aimi Akaibara
    Aimi Akaibara Před dnem

    It's been two years and I still question Taehyung's ability to keep himself still! 😱 I love you BTS

  • Kim Taebii97
    Kim Taebii97 Před dnem

    My babe so gorgeous ! Ily v

  • : trishttp
    : trishttp Před dnem +19

    Q: Who's watching this after watching "flinch with blackpink"?
    well yeah, ME :>

  • Celine Dale
    Celine Dale Před dnem +2

    Came back to them right after watching flinch with blackpink. 😂💜💙

  • Vanessa Xavier
    Vanessa Xavier Před dnem

    I can’t get over Hobi’s reaction

  • Jennie Swift
    Jennie Swift Před dnem +5

    I’m here after watching Jennie in flinch and I can’t think Jennie Jhope and Jin in the same group 😱

    ARMY 4 EVER Před dnem

    19M subscribers

  • Jennie Swift
    Jennie Swift Před dnem +1

    Rm I love u

  • seth mathieu
    seth mathieu Před dnem +6

    came back after bp lmaoo queens and kings behavior only

  • Lisa's glued bangs
    Lisa's glued bangs Před dnem +1

    3:18 "I'm scared."
    *Our smallest Yoongi UWU*

  • Ranggita Anggraeni
    Ranggita Anggraeni Před dnem +5

    Can someone mad a battle flinch video of v and jisoo? Bc they didn't even flinch, legends.

  • c h o c o m i l k
    c h o c o m i l k Před dnem +13

    Here after watching Blackpink's. Jisoo and V queen and king of not flitching lol

  • Ya- Dom
    Ya- Dom Před dnem +16

    I suddenly came here after watching FLINCH challenge done by BLACKPINK I think Taehyung find his partner hahhhh and its Jisoo.

  • 리비Liby
    리비Liby Před dnem

    when the video replay i saw that suga was said *" WHAT THE FUCK "* . o my he's so fucking swag . where's suga's stans ?

  • 리비Liby
    리비Liby Před dnem

    when the video replay i saw that suga was said *" WHAT THE FUCK "* . o my he's so fucking cute .

  • Krysvien Madeleine
    Krysvien Madeleine Před dnem +20

    Who came here after blackpink’s try not to flinch challenge? Taehyung still amazes me though

  • Diva Jihan
    Diva Jihan Před dnem

    1:38 that was the most epic reaction on flinch

  • Misu
    Misu Před dnem

    블핑보고 다시 보러왔다~ 역쉬 레전드!!! 방탄 흥해랏!!

  • Janet Mariano
    Janet Mariano Před dnem +22

    im waiting for jisoo and taehyung flinch battle.

    7.5M views Před dnem

    can anyone lip read what Suga is saying at 4:22?

  • Ireland Mahadeo
    Ireland Mahadeo Před dnem +1

    i never realized how blank taehyung could be

  • DNCRs
    DNCRs Před dnem +3

    I just watched Blackpink did this game so i need to watch my boys again😅

  • allgood2
    allgood2 Před dnem +10

    Had to come back and watch BTS Flinch after seeing Blackpink's Flinch. Both funny, but still J-Hope and Jin together- hilarious.

  • sTrOnGpOwEr tHaNkEu
    sTrOnGpOwEr tHaNkEu Před dnem

    1:33 omg namjoon's laugh 😂😂😂

  • Brian Cao
    Brian Cao Před dnem +33

    I came here to watch this again after Blackpink's flinch...Jisoo vs. V in the future pls

  • Its Ardi
    Its Ardi Před dnem +6

    I came here after Flinch w/ Blackpink.

  • 24 Yoongles
    24 Yoongles Před dnem +1

    im here after watching blackpink's flinch because this video is the next vid to play lmao😂

  • Laila Badiah
    Laila Badiah Před dnem +3

    Im watching again after blackpink flinch because this is video there is in the next😂

  • Maxie Isabelle Neo
    Maxie Isabelle Neo Před dnem


  • Lili Uchiha
    Lili Uchiha Před dnem +11

    Who’s here after blackpink’s flinch? Hahaha

  • Fernariza Estrebello
    Fernariza Estrebello Před dnem +3

    VSOO the superior friends hahaha

  • Sindi Putri
    Sindi Putri Před dnem

    Jungkook and v are the most handsome boys🖤🖤🖤

  • Oldis Cool
    Oldis Cool Před dnem +44

    Who's here after watching BLACKPINK in flinch game ? ^^
    ArmLink !

  • some one
    some one Před dnem +1

    That RM guy is hot

  • Summer lucy
    Summer lucy Před dnem

    방탄 대유잼 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • raika soriano
    raika soriano Před dnem

    Si Jisoo din HAHAHHAHAGA

  • jennie kim
    jennie kim Před dnem +5

    Teahyoung and jisoo same

  • jennie kim
    jennie kim Před dnem +1

    oh my bbe v I love you

  • kwon jisoo
    kwon jisoo Před dnem +1

    jhope 😆

  • Maxine_Meow MAOG
    Maxine_Meow MAOG Před dnem

    The one who paired taekook needs a raise
    My biassss and bias wreckerss

  • TaylorandSelenalover


  • Papali'i Aiga
    Papali'i Aiga Před dnem

    Watching this during April 2019.. But hol up, he just pronounced Suga like this : SHOE - GAH 🤦🏽‍♀️😤

  • Alicia ijklmn
    Alicia ijklmn Před dnem +7

    i’m here after watching blackpink flinch❤️❤️❤️ love bangpink💞

  • army BTS
    army BTS Před dnem


  • minmin yobee
    minmin yobee Před dnem +1


  • lisabias roséwrecker
    lisabias roséwrecker Před dnem +5

    Excited for blackpink flinch haha good luck Jennie.. Jk is so handsome and v

  • Margarita Mora
    Margarita Mora Před dnem

    2:44 ...the moment I fell in love with Kim Taehyung 😻

  • Laura blink
    Laura blink Před dnem

    Hobi pls don't die😂

  • Montserrat Alvarado
    Montserrat Alvarado Před dnem

    “ yeah but c’mon c’mon im not afraid you know 👀✌️” 😂😂😂😂

  • Izabella Rosario
    Izabella Rosario Před dnem +2

    Jimin: don't worry, I'm not afraid.

  • Aminka Lee
    Aminka Lee Před dnem

    Look J hope 1:26😂 and Look V 2:44😘😊😆

  • fofiax
    fofiax Před dnem

    2:41 poor jungkook he could’ve done so good but he got distracted by our talkative leader 😂

  • Claire Dela Cruz
    Claire Dela Cruz Před dnem +1

    That gucci headband guy 😭😍😍😍

  • bleach is the best
    bleach is the best Před dnem


  • LI SA
    LI SA Před dnem

    If earlier I was doubting V as my bias . Now i can say I fell in love with him

  • Monserrat Manueco Gonzalez

    yea come on come you know i’m not afraid you know *instantly curls into ball while hobi falls over*

  • Aadreeta 1401
    Aadreeta 1401 Před dnem

    JK and V. Of course the most handsome ones on the group together. My eyes are blessed

  • Haley Clowers
    Haley Clowers Před dnem

    I really want a bts carpool karaoke

  • Isabelle Brito
    Isabelle Brito Před dnem

    sometimes I come back to this video and think about how this was basically my first impression of bts, I cant believe it's been a year already

  • Chanakan Jenjai
    Chanakan Jenjai Před dnem

    I love how RM laughed at 1.34 lol

  • taehyung's elephant
    taehyung's elephant Před dnem

    dOn't WoRRy i'M noT AFraid

  • krishna sarode
    krishna sarode Před dnem

    Who ever like BTS hit like

  • Jeon Jiwoo
    Jeon Jiwoo Před dnem

    RM's laugh is so fake 1:33 lmao 😂

  • devil`s pearl
    devil`s pearl Před dnem

    such a creepy game

  • blackpink lisa
    blackpink lisa Před dnem

    I love you💞👌

  • Queen Salaam
    Queen Salaam Před dnem

    So is no one going to talk about Namjoon’s laugh at 1:33 😂😂😂 she enjoyed that too much

  • cheima attafi
    cheima attafi Před dnem +1

    I love jimin when he talks english that was so cuteee

  • Joana Marie Bautista BTS

    I died by the handsome man who wear by a gucci headband/bandana😩💜

  • Jihu P
    Jihu P Před dnem

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!xp so cute Bts!!!!

  • el_ Zahraa
    el_ Zahraa Před dnem

    Omg jungkook love love love love love love

  • Kamruddin Mushrif
    Kamruddin Mushrif Před 2 dny +1

    I felt bad when I saw jungkook lose with V😢

  • голден макнэ

    Ооо my gat 😮

  • Kon'nichiwa Kyland
    Kon'nichiwa Kyland Před 2 dny +2

    I came from 2019 to 2017.