Cringing at Rick & Morty Memes w/ Justin Roiland

  • čas přidán 10. 06. 2019
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  • h3h3Productions
    h3h3Productions  Před 6 dny +13616

    Hey ya'll we shot this video weeks ago and it was 90% finished when Yung Theodore was born, so here it is - Hope you guys enjoy it! Please support ya boy Justin Roiland's new game, Trover Saves The Universe out now on Steam and PS4 🙏
    Also the colorblock hoodie is back in stock over at 🙏

    • Led Bupre
      Led Bupre Před dnem

      Can you tell Justin Roiland to get Grover saves the universe on switch

    • Garble Garble
      Garble Garble Před dnem

      What's the song at 2:30

    • Joel Leyva
      Joel Leyva Před dnem

      h3h3Productions hey man you good. Noticed how you move your eyes and eyebrows a lot during your video. As well as making weird facial expressions lol. Just caring for a brotha

    • Hugh Tahoob
      Hugh Tahoob Před dnem

      Shouldve named your son "Steiner Ray" ...Kliner ....get it lol

    • Hugh Tahoob
      Hugh Tahoob Před dnem

      Theodore is very strong name love it

  • Kareem Alshame
    Kareem Alshame Před dnem

    100000000 IQ

  • Dylan Berkowitz
    Dylan Berkowitz Před dnem

    fakest laugh at 13:36

  • staz
    staz Před dnem

    ya i'm speaking for everyone we all want more rick and morty seasons and maybe open world rpg game of rick and morty

  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny Před dnem

    “There is too much incest porn”
    Tell that to Japan

  • MC Freezy
    MC Freezy Před dnem

    Wow, a show creator would jack off to his own creations

    *What are the odds*

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson Před dnem

    Literally the only thing that makes it incest porn is the beginning where they go "What are you doing in my room big bro?"
    Just skip to the 5 minute mark where dialogue isnt needed anymore and you're golden.

  • Eduardo Castillo
    Eduardo Castillo Před dnem

    I really like that he’s not all like “I love my fans, they’re the best, they mean the world to me” , he cringes at fans and is willing to criticize them even in a destructive way, so it shows the genuine person he is

  • Barry Beukes
    Barry Beukes Před dnem

    The fuck is up with Ethan’s eyebrows?

  • Po1SoNouS
    Po1SoNouS Před dnem

    Does Justin know that the brothers and sisters in porn aren't actual related in real life, but the idea is soooo wrong, still

  • SamTheSalmon
    SamTheSalmon Před dnem

    This guy sounds just like rick and morty wtf?

  • Roy Sunshine
    Roy Sunshine Před dnem

    Wow Justin is really REALLY embaressed by the fanbase!

  • Po1SoNouS
    Po1SoNouS Před dnem +1

    Wassup my glib-globs!!

  • Richard Clifton
    Richard Clifton Před dnem

    Hard to watch this when the host eyebrows keep having a fucking seizure

  • Mantis_Riger
    Mantis_Riger Před dnem

    Hear that? That's the sound of my spine cringing into the shape of a horseshoe.

  • fitzwarren
    fitzwarren Před dnem

    "Fuck Einstein"
    Justin Roiland. 2019

  • Ekshmon
    Ekshmon Před dnem

    Great vid, there are way worse memes though

  • David James
    David James Před dnem +1

    Stop stealing Donut Operator's music.

  • Mrcreed125
    Mrcreed125 Před dnem

    I'm more interested in rabbi Elmo.

  • S S
    S S Před dnem

    Looks like Glasses Morty got his wish...

  • tha guy52
    tha guy52 Před dnem

    Is there gonna be a new season

  • Madeline Dunlop
    Madeline Dunlop Před dnem

    SEASON 4?!?!

  • stinky Ass
    stinky Ass Před dnem

    Justin roiland and pewdiepie
    EPIC Collaboration

  • Blue skittle
    Blue skittle Před dnem

    two fat guys lol ! epic

  • Lmao Zen
    Lmao Zen Před dnem

    This dude sounds exactly like the guys in the show what the hell

  • Niobo
    Niobo Před dnem +1

    some people are just weird

  • Tightmanhole
    Tightmanhole Před dnem


  • Lucrio Zora
    Lucrio Zora Před dnem

    Your voices are the perfect bootleg Rick and Morty

  • Isak Nykvist
    Isak Nykvist Před dnem

    unpopular opinion pickle rick is a meh episode

  • StamX
    StamX Před dnem


  • Eytro
    Eytro Před dnem

    Fun fact
    The guy who jumped on the counter and asked for the sauce has a youtube channel and what he did was scripted

    • Eytro
      Eytro Před dnem

      Not even gonna attemp to spell the sauce

  • Penguin has a gun.
    Penguin has a gun. Před dnem

    69 IQ people: Hah! I'm smarter than you fools!
    420 IQ people: Look at this low IQ moron.
    666 IQ people: *do I need a monolouge for this?*
    Also 666 IQ people: *summons Satan cause 666*
    69,666,420 IQ people: *.-.*

  • believe it
    believe it Před dnem


  • Randy Edwards
    Randy Edwards Před dnem

    Make a Rick and Morty video game!!!

  • Arcadian Muzique
    Arcadian Muzique Před dnem

    OOh do a review of the video of Dan Harmon raping a baby doll.

  • aRc
    aRc Před dnem

    i think you changed the thumbnail twice already

  • Batabii
    Batabii Před dnem

    I swear this has showed up in my recommendations with three completely different thumbnails

  • RedEyeOfJupiter 2121

    How Many of You Degenerates went Searching for "Mr.MeSeeks Porn" Right After This???

    * ?

  • Brandon Gonzales
    Brandon Gonzales Před dnem

    I haven't seen iFunny in years. The nostalgia.

  • Jayson Blackburn
    Jayson Blackburn Před dnem

    Is that my man Donut Operators music in the back? haha

  • I may be a retarded faggot but,

    Not surprised that H3H3 fans are the same retards who think Rick and morty is a good show

  • David Trupiano
    David Trupiano Před dnem +1

    Justin Roiland lowkey freaky as frick

  • DuffBeer2nd
    DuffBeer2nd Před dnem

    This is what Ethan thought the Bill Burr podcast would be.

  • Skydriller
    Skydriller Před dnem

    Einstein wouldn't understand Rick and Morty humour bc he is German and German humour is no laughing matter

  • DragonStrike
    DragonStrike Před dnem

    This Justin Roiland guy is sometimes even worse than the people who made this fucking terrible unfunny normie ‘memes’

    BUFFALO Před dnem

    Oh my god im not crazy. Justin also understands that all the hot girls are in the incest vids and u end up having to watch it.

  • ElMaidox
    ElMaidox Před dnem

    0:25 That's Silver Chariot Requiem passing by right there in the mirror

  • Toast
    Toast Před dnem

    Wait... That music... DonutOperator?

  • Chris Plissken
    Chris Plissken Před dnem

    The thing that he doesn't wanna admit is that the show is pretty smart and clever with a lot of hidden messages and pop culture reference that many other shows miss on making it right and I can watch the show a million times over and always manage to laugh or find something new to think about they're both pretty relatable and I like that

  • Caden Montgomery
    Caden Montgomery Před dnem

    you guys just are talking about porn

  • Knifepoint King video

    The show’s good.
    The community is not.

  • catsak
    catsak Před dnem

    0:44 damn Lil Xan can't watch it

  • Matthew Weston
    Matthew Weston Před dnem


  • Noah Hamilton
    Noah Hamilton Před dnem

    The guy on the counter was done as a joke. Mumkey Jones did an interview with him before he was removed from CHclip.

  • Jonah Hunt
    Jonah Hunt Před dnem

    bro, the moon is flat.

  • Garret Fredrickson
    Garret Fredrickson Před dnem

    I actually just liked pickle Rick because of the heavy amount of violence. It’s really cool to see that kind of epic combat.

  • Erica Murguia
    Erica Murguia Před dnem

    What is the background music at the beginning of the video

  • TheSiemek
    TheSiemek Před dnem

    Dr. Quinn fans unite!
    Sully for life!

  • Echs Dee
    Echs Dee Před dnem

    I once referred to Justin as non Italian Danny Antonucci.

  • Ruby Orchid14
    Ruby Orchid14 Před dnem

    This is great. Also Justin Roiland will always be a hottie to me.

  • Brad McDade
    Brad McDade Před dnem


  • Talia Tuft
    Talia Tuft Před dnem

    Here’s the thing. I saw the porn before I ever even KNEW what Rick and Morty was.
    So here i am sitting in paradise, the beautiful island of Maui. When I decide to turn on some good ol Adult Swim, the first episode I ever see is Mr. Meeseeks. I am absolutely taken aback and suddenly overwhelmed with terrible flash backs to the porn I once witnessed.

  • Marco
    Marco Před dnem

    Ethan's spinoff series: The recovering smoker & Elmo

  • united we stand
    united we stand Před dnem

    Let's get a 420

  • Just one big JOJO fan

    Why the thumbnail changes

  • bill bellychik
    bill bellychik Před dnem


  • KevinRPD
    KevinRPD Před dnem

    So it's a stupid show that wants to make you laugh like I figured it was? These fans, especially on imgur were a carnival act of extra like you have to be a superior intellect and attributing way more than necessary like art snobs making shit up. The overexposure has killed me on wanting to see it now.

  • dx14mxk
    dx14mxk Před dnem +3

    who doesnt h3h3 know? hes great friends with postmolone ect bro id love to be you man

  • Feral
    Feral Před dnem

    13:01 Donut?

  • Charles Wagner
    Charles Wagner Před dnem

    Fuck yeah for Black Mirror references!!!

  • Cole Peltier
    Cole Peltier Před dnem

    The part with the psychologist is what won the Emmy. It’s fucking awesome.

  • Cole Peltier
    Cole Peltier Před dnem

    They are talking about not understanding all the incest porn but I recall two instances of incest in the show. When Morty saw kinky summer in the inception episode and the ricklantis episode when that one Morty wished for incest porn to be more mainstream “for a friend”.

  • Dioq boom
    Dioq boom Před dnem

    I can't be alone when I say we wanna see that cute little spawn of yours. Papa bless 🙏

  • Cole Peltier
    Cole Peltier Před dnem

    That Elmo raises questions. Hmmm.

  • Yinzer Steel
    Yinzer Steel Před dnem

    Ethan is friends with PaymoneyWubby?! This is awesome!

  • Leonard W
    Leonard W Před dnem

    What a cool dude.

  • Zom
    Zom Před dnem

    We're so blessed to have H3H3 out here doing the work, on the grind, selling video games made by great people just living their lives also on the grind, probably bumping and grinding with how many people are grinding out there. Just a lopalooza of bumping and grinding, doing good work, for meager pay. Bless yal with the light of wakanda!

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd Před dnem

    Thank you. People who make the show out to be more than it is are cringe af. Its good but Its not that good.

  • SSGSS Vegeta
    SSGSS Vegeta Před dnem

    What's the background song near the end. Playing during 14:00

  • Tom Sid
    Tom Sid Před dnem

    Donut theme, nice.

  • Always watching
    Always watching Před dnem

    Rick and Morty is just funnier Futurama, Change My Mind

  • BosPaladin
    BosPaladin Před dnem

    justin knows the struggle on pornhub

  • billy McAllson
    billy McAllson Před dnem

    h3h3 should do the jewish rick and morty

  • Lyric Tauariki
    Lyric Tauariki Před dnem

    I had to turn the volume down to watch this video

  • hazencruz
    hazencruz Před dnem

    wtf is that background noise at around 80hz?

  • Jaden Darmody
    Jaden Darmody Před dnem

    It's comforting to know Justin is just as horrified by what he's created as we are.
    And by that I mean all these Trover Saves The Universe ads.

  • 8Forrest8Gump8
    8Forrest8Gump8 Před dnem

    Dope, wish I can have celebrities chill at my house

  • Andrew Jorlin
    Andrew Jorlin Před dnem

    The guy on the left looks like he is smelling a huge neverending fart that he is not aware of where its comming from...

  • cody mahar
    cody mahar Před dnem

    i could listen to Carl Sagan for fucking hours

  • Captain Ed Mercer
    Captain Ed Mercer Před dnem +1

    Where's the commercial Justin Roiland made that you said you were going to put in the description? I looked for it in the description but to my unfortunate surprise, it was not there.

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Před dnem

    what's with hehe's eyes? is he a crack addict or something?

  • MrGoatflakes
    MrGoatflakes Před dnem

    Jesus. These are kids that never went to college, never been challenged intellectually, which actually makes dumb, in fact I would bet good money they shy away from it, and have had everyone around them play into their delusional world view that they are the smartest person they know because they are just less insufferable that way I guess. Sad fucking twatts xD

    • MrGoatflakes
      MrGoatflakes Před dnem

      @Jon Arbucklemostly referring to my impression of attitude of the first meme reviewed. And the general attitude that is present not only in the Rick and Morty fandom but also more generally.

      That of immature pseudo intellectuals who have never went to college or otherwise challenged pushed themselves intellectually.

      These sort of people actually tend to avoid seriously expanding their own intellectual capacity, because their self esteem is bound up in feeling like they are smartest guy in the room.

      So they will never surround themselves with people that are smarter than themselves or try to learn something that makes them feel stupid because they don't understand it first go.

      Because that sort of thing lowers their self esteem rather than encouraging them to try harder. So they end up actually shying away from real intellectual growth.

      So they aren't intellectuals they are boring twats that have the sort of thoughts that should seem profound only when you are a bright teenage kid that doesn't know anything about life or anything really.

      Which is OK if you if you actually are a bright teenage kid, but if you are still clinging to that superior sense of being the smartest guy in the room past 30, it just makes you a sad bore.

    • Jon Arbuckle
      Jon Arbuckle Před dnem

      Wtf are you going on about?

  • legofan370
    legofan370 Před dnem

    Damn, am I the only fucked up asshat who's into incest porn? Yeesh, stop kink-shaming Justin Roiland! Lol. Maybe if you stop making fun of kinks and do your job, maybe your show won't be garbage next season! lolol

  • Apollo Cameron
    Apollo Cameron Před dnem

    What's the music from the beginning of the video please!!!

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Před dnem

    neighbor slept with mother to have son
    (Goes his own way)

  • SPKoleK72
    SPKoleK72 Před dnem

    Hey isn't this background song from that one sound test video

  • BickieDitch
    BickieDitch Před dnem

    HOLY SHIT WOW I was not expecting Justin to be the more mild mannered of the two (between justin&dan)
    I am honestly blown the fuck away

  • Bill Seidel
    Bill Seidel Před dnem

    Deep s1ht, awesome show

  • Meth Hew
    Meth Hew Před dnem

    "The Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman Fanbase."lmao

  • Greenerjoe GTFO
    Greenerjoe GTFO Před dnem

    Roiland, gotta love that dude.