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The failure and fallouts behind Ferrari's F1 team boss deciding to quit

  • čas přidán 7. 12. 2023
  • Mattia Binotto will leave his position as Ferrari Formula 1 boss at the end of an increasingly difficult year for the team.
    Intense speculation that Ferrari was preparing for Binotto’s exit was emphatically rejected by the team in the build-up to the season finale in Abu Dhabi.
    But a week later, Binotto resigned, and Ferrari doesn't have an immediate replacement lines up.
    So what’s going on, why’s it come to this, and what does it mean for Ferrari’s 2023 title ambitions?
    #F1 #Ferrari #MattiaBinotto
    00:00 Binotto resigns
    00:38 Exit explained
    04:01 Why Ferrari lost faith
    06:38 Should Ferrari be more patient?
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Komentáře • 1,1K

  • @TVD1984
    @TVD1984 Před rokem +358

    Best thing RedBull can do is hire him as an engineer for Alpha Tauri. He may not have been the greatest teamboss but he seriously knows his technical stuff. I think he'd make an excellent chief designer or such.

    • @gamingnoah9807
      @gamingnoah9807 Před rokem

      This is about ferrari not red bull

    • @TVD1984
      @TVD1984 Před rokem +146

      @@gamingnoah9807No it's mostly about Binotto and so is my post.

    • @moisesezequielgutierrez
      @moisesezequielgutierrez Před rokem +15

      Agreed on this one. He knows how to make them engines but never really saw him as a a leader material, not even a decent one.

    • @christophmayer3991
      @christophmayer3991 Před rokem +47

      @@moisesezequielgutierrez If only there was a team currently trying to build an engine department for their first season in 2026...
      On an unrelated side note: Does anyone know how good Binotto's German is?

    • @p.z.7910
      @p.z.7910 Před rokem +8

      @@christophmayer3991 he is swiss, so i guess he can atleast speak it

  • @ralffe3465
    @ralffe3465 Před rokem +688

    I think Ferrari was willing to give Binotto another year but he felt that the team didn't have confidence in him so decided to leave.

    • @purwantiallan5089
      @purwantiallan5089 Před rokem +2

      Ralffe, a lot of options but seemingly wasted potentials for Ferrari.

    • @lucyhidayat9063
      @lucyhidayat9063 Před rokem +21

      Or they disagree on his TP role s exclusivity....
      My question is who s been the main culprit of our innumerable horrid strategies & race comms...it s been years!!! And why didnt anyone, TP or higher ups dismissed those individuals???!!

    • @F1ll1nTh3Blanks
      @F1ll1nTh3Blanks Před rokem

      He wanted another year though so what changed?

    • @gamingbigfats3934
      @gamingbigfats3934 Před rokem +6

      I would have more confidence in his paper cutout 😂

    • @HanSoloxcs
      @HanSoloxcs Před rokem

      You thought wrong.

  • @fluxalchemist
    @fluxalchemist Před rokem +56

    I really think the biggest problem Binotto had this year was that he couldn't seem to admit when mistakes we're made. I agree there should not be a fear culture but you need to be able to address problems so you can find a solution.

    • @geonerd
      @geonerd Před rokem +4

      It seems to me that Farrari's entire culture obsesses about projecting a "positive image" at the expense of all else. Critique is really not allowed.

    • @CharlesFreck
      @CharlesFreck Před rokem +3

      It proved that Binotto had not addressed the problems when Leclerc rolled down pitlane at Brazil on Inters. That proved that the previous 20 races had been completely ignored and Ferrari refused to learn anything. That's the moment he lost his job.

    • @ultrapaiva
      @ultrapaiva Před rokem

      His public persona speaking in English was very different from his internal actions. He was very strict and demanding, but, having raised through the ranks in the team, believed that people should be given the opportunity to review what went wrong and what could’ve been done differently. Publicly, he was always showing support to his team and his people. This was told to me by someone who worked at Ferrari last season (2021). I’m not saying he’s perfect and did everything right, though.

    • @elcactusdelamuerte506
      @elcactusdelamuerte506 Před rokem

      Just because he didn't scream and shout in front of cameras doesn't mean problems weren't addressed

    • @mich722
      @mich722 Před rokem

      @@CharlesFreck He didn't reform the strategy department. Nothing improved. Management were obviously not impressed and who can blame them?

  • @bigbadal6177
    @bigbadal6177 Před rokem +2120

    RocketPoweredMohawk said it well 'as long as Ferrari are Italian they won't be successful. Last time Ferrari were successful, they were run by a Frenchman, an English man and their strategy was run by a man called Nigel from Kent '

  • @lancealex382
    @lancealex382 Před rokem +100

    It's a tough call but I'm not convinced Sacking Binotto was the way to go. Hiring and making responsible a strong race strategist and allowing Binotto to focus on the larger, picture and future of the team whilst retaining his effective oversight of the engineering side I believe would have been the optimum outcome.

    • @Grooove_e
      @Grooove_e Před rokem +3

      It's a good thing they didn't sack him, he resigned

    • @lancealex382
      @lancealex382 Před rokem

      @@Grooove_e I'm sure you're right, he just got bored of being in one of the most prestigious and well paid jobs in motorsport!!👍👏

    • @geonerd
      @geonerd Před rokem +1

      I don't know that Binotto has the actual clout to fire the incompetent people within the team. 'Protection' is paramount in Ferrari culture, and you can get away with anything so long as you have the support of one or two corporate big-shots.

    • @lancealex382
      @lancealex382 Před rokem

      @@geonerd if that true for him and his replacement then Ferrari are fk'd!

    • @bruceketcheson4877
      @bruceketcheson4877 Před rokem

      Yes, i see you have a lot of experience in the corporate world.

  • @stevohoward3076
    @stevohoward3076 Před rokem +869

    I was hoping he would stay on at the team in a technical role. The guy has been with them his whole adult life. He practically lives there

    • @purwantiallan5089
      @purwantiallan5089 Před rokem +3

      Stevo Howard, Binotto should become the team principal for Ayumu Uehara's Wood Brothers Racing.

    • @mzamroni
      @mzamroni Před rokem +13

      He is engine guy but Ferrari engine is significantly behind Honda and Mercedes.
      Even drs couldn't help the car to pass red bull in many circuits

    • @freakysquirrel7218
      @freakysquirrel7218 Před rokem +44

      @@mzamroni Power wise the engine is in-between, however it's the reliability that makes them tune the engine down most of the time in order to finish with both cars. The car speed wise is good, just too much focus on downforce and less on straight line speed

    • @scroopynooperz9051
      @scroopynooperz9051 Před rokem +6

      was wondering this myself... that is some loyalty right there.
      why wouldnt he go back to being Technical Director?
      or was the fallout that bad?

    • @tjroelsma
      @tjroelsma Před rokem +6

      Binotto overreached when he got Arrivabene booted out and he assumed the double role of Technical Director and Team Principal. He might have gotten away with it if he had gotten Ferrari the results he'd promised them or if he had admitted that he couldn't fulfill the double role and simply went back to being just the Technical Director.

  • @stevemcdonald2648
    @stevemcdonald2648 Před rokem +14

    The way Binotto guided the team out of the engine controversy and subsequent drop in performance always impressed me. At the time he explained their plan to improve and actually exceeded this plan. This year they fielded a car that bettered the Mercedes and achieved many pole positions. Comparatively, that was a great result for the team. I would have been keen to see what they could have achieved over the next two years under Binotto's calm leadership.

    • @mich722
      @mich722 Před rokem +1

      I think the main reason his job was threatened is he did not reform the strategy department which seemed to get progressively worse and was a huge oversight which mostly nullified all of the technical advancements and potential. However, I believe he should have stayed next year and given a chance to address this.

  • @rymixxx
    @rymixxx Před rokem +521

    Any time a company offers its full, public support of a senior figure, the writing is on the wall.

    • @purwantiallan5089
      @purwantiallan5089 Před rokem

      Rymixxx, i belive Binotto shouldnt choose ferrari since 2013.

    • @Euclides287
      @Euclides287 Před rokem +1

      Just like football.

    • @farida-vt4yh
      @farida-vt4yh Před rokem +3

      @@Euclides287 arteta's turned out amazing tho

    • @tosehoed123
      @tosehoed123 Před rokem

      Can you elaborate?

    • @philipdefranco5631
      @philipdefranco5631 Před rokem +5

      LMAO Exactly ... i was laughing so hard at the wording that "he decided to leave/quit" .. LOL NOBODY Leaves/Quits FERRARI willingly.

  • @glenrobinson10
    @glenrobinson10 Před rokem +141

    I believe he would improve every single F1 team in a technical role that isn't as team principal & I truly hope that eventual team will be McLaren.

    • @mr.iceman_
      @mr.iceman_ Před rokem +6

      i've been a McLaren fan since Mika, and i will definitely stop supporting the team if they apoint Binotto in any managerial role. if he is in the engine department i don't have a problem with it. he is an excellent engineer, but i don't want him to lead or manage the team.

    • @tonyg3091
      @tonyg3091 Před rokem +41

      @@mr.iceman_ Good to know. McLaren will surely take your valuable opinion as guidelines in future developments.

    • @purwantiallan5089
      @purwantiallan5089 Před rokem +3

      @@mr.iceman_ me too a fan of Hakkinen.

    • @purwantiallan5089
      @purwantiallan5089 Před rokem +2

      @@tonyg3091 Binotto should become the team principal for Haas.

    • @Ever443
      @Ever443 Před rokem +5

      @@mr.iceman_ And since McLaren gets their engines from Merc. There is no engine department at McLaren

  • @Dani-it5sy
    @Dani-it5sy Před rokem +185

    If they don't replace the strategist I don't see how this will help them much 😅

    • @TheBadRaven
      @TheBadRaven Před rokem +15

      Did they have one?

    • @Dani-it5sy
      @Dani-it5sy Před rokem +1

      @@TheBadRaven 🤣

    • @haginboi859
      @haginboi859 Před rokem


    • @1xRacer
      @1xRacer Před rokem +2

      My pet rock has better ideas for strategy ill submit his application

  • @boykantot6445
    @boykantot6445 Před rokem +473

    Binotto has a lot of options, he has Plan A to Plan Z he can choose from.😂

  • @dribrom
    @dribrom Před rokem +116

    The core problem with Ferrari is that feelings are prioritized over logic.

    • @jackhammer111
      @jackhammer111 Před rokem +5

      It's too bad you feel that way. It's not logical.

    • @dribrom
      @dribrom Před rokem +4

      @@jackhammer111 O'really? What other explanations do you have? As it's clearly not an engineering problem they have.

    • @glen5861
      @glen5861 Před rokem +2

      How do you know that. He probably gave them a bollocking behind the scenes not everything has to be public

    • @Bohonk212
      @Bohonk212 Před rokem +7

      Well, they're ITALIAN!

    • @jackhammer111
      @jackhammer111 Před rokem

      @@dribrom You did what you accused them of doing. You prioritize your feelings about the matter over logic. Binotto was brought in to stop prioritizing feelings over logic. What the article called ending the culture of fear. Of course it's an engineering problem. It's a battle with the laws of physics. They have arguably the best driver in the sport and Charles and Carlos ain't bad either. Nobody can get more out of a car than Charles Leclerc.

  • @ishqiahmed4315
    @ishqiahmed4315 Před rokem +10

    I think people do underrate him despite what happens on track, like think of it only 2 years ago were they 6th, then last year he managed to get third while everyone said it was near impossible cause of 2020 and this year, while they couldn’t maintain it, they had a real battle for the championship until red bull started taking them by storm, so I’m not sure if this is the best call but generally the whole of Ferrari needs to get better

  • @Mr16bit
    @Mr16bit Před rokem +41

    First. This is why the race is successful. Speed and quality of production. Second. I never understood why Ferrari were so awful under binotto. He's an engine guy in a chassis era. Makes some sense now if not all of it

    • @purwantiallan5089
      @purwantiallan5089 Před rokem

      I belive so. Binotto & Ferrari equals to doom. Really.

    • @brendanzhang7488
      @brendanzhang7488 Před rokem +3

      binotto a engineer he isnt a team boss material, more of a adrian newey type guy. this is like if red bull gave adrian newey the team boss role,

    • @James-xo4ph
      @James-xo4ph Před rokem +1

      i think binotto being an engineer is one of the reasons why things went wrong, this is just speculation but i’d imagine he made a lot of excuses for the engineering department despite the poor reliability instead of actually looking into the problem

  • @kriszg5836
    @kriszg5836 Před rokem +23

    I'm not a Ferrari fan by any means (far from it actually) but Binotto was a breath of fresh air for the F1 team. They were always famous for secrecy and being tight lipped but under his management the team was more open and relatable I think.

  • @theshadow4737
    @theshadow4737 Před rokem +11

    Binotto muscled his way in, and I still believe he was partly responsible for Vettel not winning the title. He expected the engine to give Ferrari a huge advantage but the FIA caught him. 2022 saw how he was hesitant to change, at the cost of repeated errors. It is likely that he lost support of Leclerc, and there was pressure on him making changes he did not want to.

  • @atombrot41
    @atombrot41 Před rokem +40

    1. I don't think that he was the reason for the Ferrari problems
    2. I don't think he resigned volunteerly
    3. A new Team Principal will not be the solution.
    But I think they will take one from inside of Ferrari, even though I would like to see Vettel xD

    • @shawnnason6059
      @shawnnason6059 Před rokem +2

      If seb is running strategy Ferrari will be allergic to losing

    • @treystroeder5506
      @treystroeder5506 Před rokem +1

      As unlikely as it is, Vettel as Ferrari team principal would be… something.

    • @haginboi859
      @haginboi859 Před rokem +3

      Sorry..much admiration for SV..but team principal..🤔🤣🤣🤣

    • @eoghannmcalpine8188
      @eoghannmcalpine8188 Před rokem

      I’m not sure if the tifosi would be pleased/satisfied with Seb returning so soon especially if he is marketed as a new team principal who will bring both/either championship to Italy
      As he failed to do so as a driver and his teammate was the no2 driver to him but to the Tifosi he was and always will be the legend in their eyes as he is the last driver who has delivered it

  • @Addyboy0190
    @Addyboy0190 Před rokem +34

    Interesting power dynamic in Ferrari siding with there star driver, at least there are sensible board members seeing Leclerc's value instead of highlighting his one major mistake and ignoring the team's multiple failings
    Also it's amazing that Christian Horner was the youngest team principal at his appointment and is the longest serving team principal for a single team and has seen 5 Ferrari team principals come and go, I can imagine a smug face on him going "who's the kid now" to his critics back then

    • @AdminAbuse
      @AdminAbuse Před rokem


    • @purwantiallan5089
      @purwantiallan5089 Před rokem

      Binotto and Ferrari equals to DOOM.

    • @galaxygrl1047
      @galaxygrl1047 Před rokem

      Char will come to regret his demand binotto be removed. I hope next team principal will let them race. If not, Carlos should go to Red Bull with Max. Max and Carlos only drivers with zero points on their license. Neither are crybabies. They just want to race.

  • @aizuddinfahmi9255
    @aizuddinfahmi9255 Před rokem +152

    If Ferrari wins next season, half of the credit should be given to Binotto as he was vital in the last 4 years bringing up Ferrari from the ground up again.

    • @Petidani0330
      @Petidani0330 Před rokem +36

      He was vital in bringing Ferrari down to the ground as well

    • @MrBr100200
      @MrBr100200 Před rokem +16

      he was the one that put them in the ground

    • @MeHighG
      @MeHighG Před rokem +6

      he did nothing to improve the team!

    • @WalkerKlondyke
      @WalkerKlondyke Před rokem +3

      Hahahaha! They’re not going to win next year.

    • @askeladden450
      @askeladden450 Před rokem +19

      @@Petidani0330 how the hell is p2 in both championships from p6 just 2 years ago 'to the ground'. if it was any other team, everyone would be applauding them. just because they had bad strategy this year doesn't take away all the other good stuff they have done including building the best engine, a fast chassis and getting 2 talented drivers in.

  • @AnothProudAustralian
    @AnothProudAustralian Před rokem +74

    The issues were more frequent than not in the team. Too many wrong calls cost them positions and points. The result had to be a change at the top. Fresh outlook is required with a new approach of how the team should be run and how strategic decision mid race should be made. Am I sad to see him go? Yes, but I won't miss the indecision that plagued the team this year. It cost them races, pure and simple.

    • @allenvrabac4827
      @allenvrabac4827 Před rokem +11

      I doubt it has much to do with Binotto, more than some other figures in their team. Not to mention their structural hierarchy which seems far from optimal.

    • @purwantiallan5089
      @purwantiallan5089 Před rokem +2

      TDIT, Binotto should've never become Ferrari's team principal. Binotto seemingly a doom for Ferrari.

    • @allenvrabac4827
      @allenvrabac4827 Před rokem +8

      @@purwantiallan5089 iñaki being replaced should’ve been a higher priority.

    • @nickpressas8023
      @nickpressas8023 Před rokem +1

      @@allenvrabac4827 yes but people in the team especially the strategists made so many errors yet he did nothing about it as far as we know, he even refused to acknowledge mistakes made by the team. He may not be directly responsible for the strategic mistakes but how do you not get rid of Rueda after so many blunders, he refused to take action which is why he’s gone. I’ve never seen someone fail so badly at their job and not lose their job than Rueda. I had hoped he’d stay as a engineer and that he would not leave only get stripped of his TP role.

    • @allenvrabac4827
      @allenvrabac4827 Před rokem +1

      @@nickpressas8023 Agree with the no self critique outlook, that’s not healthy. I seriously believe that Ferrari still has favour based culture where say Rueda is staying regardless what Binotto thinks, because it’s about the higher ups and who they place in what position. True italian mafioso style.

  • @kurtm5545
    @kurtm5545 Před rokem +7

    I think he should have left when he said that the team was NOT competing for the championship at the begin of the season. Imagine the message that sends to staff, fans and the drivers. The Race were spot on when they said that Merc and Red Bull won’t offer an opportunity to Ferrari to win, like they did this year.

  • @MikeCaffyn1
    @MikeCaffyn1 Před rokem +161

    Such a huge shame. The most promising and inspirational principal they have had in years - he came SO close to acheiving success - and within the rules.

    • @kleini3
      @kleini3 Před rokem +18

      2019 seem's to be the blind spot of the Ferrari Fans

    • @jimlong8077
      @jimlong8077 Před rokem

      @@kleini3 Right?

    • @mbal4052
      @mbal4052 Před rokem +4

      ‘And within the rules’ tell us you’re a crying salty lulu fan without telling us you’re a crying salty lulu fan 😂😂😂😂

    • @sideshowbob5237
      @sideshowbob5237 Před rokem +9

      Yes, agreed. Getting rid of someone who created the second best car is the easy bit. Finding someone better is impossible - given that Newey doesn't need more money and likes living in England.

    • @Juventinos
      @Juventinos Před rokem +2

      where was he close? lmao close to what? Arivabenne was the closest

  • @GaryWagers
    @GaryWagers Před rokem +4

    It's amazing. The Race's video addressing the rumors of Binotto's upcoming sacking was one of the few times that I'd heard this channel give him a cautious vote of confidence, so of course he was out in a week or so.

  • @realyield
    @realyield Před rokem +3

    Stable leadership is the secret behind Mercedes & Redbull's success, I was hoping Mattia would be Ferrari's. Nothing has been like Jean Todt's 1993-2007 run with the team

  • @RTLJonah
    @RTLJonah Před rokem +154

    It was bound to happen.... This has been a consistent thing ferrari have done across their recent history.... From the very late 80s up to now.

  • @oretako
    @oretako Před rokem +4

    I don’t think he’s the one should be quitting. Changing the top guy only make the team more unstable, even he may not be the best guy in the role. They just need a little bit more in every aspect, not a complete rebuild. But if they need change, maybe someone not Italian to be in charge could do them good.

  • @V1nn798
    @V1nn798 Před rokem +73

    "Next year will be our year" just turned into "next year will be their problem yet again, and fortunately I no longer have to deal with it anymore"

    • @albertusaswin2012
      @albertusaswin2012 Před rokem

      Year of problems
      Clown otto

    • @geonerd
      @geonerd Před rokem

      True. A part of him probably wanted to GTFO. Binotto may not have fought very hard when Ferrari started to push...

  • @Uno.Numero
    @Uno.Numero Před rokem +1

    The tradition in Ferrari is that Bosses get their own drivers. Like Todt got Michael and Kimi, Stefano got Alonso, Arrivebene got Seb (actually it was Mitias or something) and Kimi, Binotto got Lerclerc and Sainz. Now, it'd be interesting to see who the new boss with bring. The tradition is to change the previous boss driver line up in Ferrari.

    • @mich722
      @mich722 Před rokem

      It was not Binotto who got Leclerc, it was Sergio Marchionne . Binotto did get Sainz though.

  • @corychecketts4545
    @corychecketts4545 Před rokem +5

    Good for Binotto. Better to choose your exit than be forced.

  • @Jt7166
    @Jt7166 Před rokem

    I probably would have given him another year. From the engine debacle thru the 2022 season there was steady improvement. But it was fairly obvious there was tension between him and Leclerc. Once that happened and it never seemed to really be resolved, the writing was on the wall for Mattia.

    • @imrandarr1094
      @imrandarr1094 Před rokem

      It was pretty obvious Ferrari knew things couldn’t carry on like this. Since Mattia was TP, he was responsible for the mistakes that were made even if he wasn’t directly involved in it.

  • @TableTopWolf1984
    @TableTopWolf1984 Před rokem +55

    would be hilarious to see Guenther Steiner get a go at the top job

    • @nuckels188
      @nuckels188 Před rokem +3

      He will foksmash many things

    • @SeanMather
      @SeanMather Před rokem +2

      Oh please yes! Lol Netflix would be thrilled with that!

    • @thestigisme2349
      @thestigisme2349 Před rokem +3

      Actually, Haas could really benefit from Binotto

    • @vintagehiker
      @vintagehiker Před rokem +1

      Don’t know why this is “Hilarious” he’s a fookin legend. And he’ll give leclerc plenty of doors to smash.

  • @theyoungsause4928
    @theyoungsause4928 Před rokem +1

    Personally for me was when they had a car to win the championship & Binotto's attitude was not to fight for it, that right there should've told you everything you needed to know about how the team was being managed. As a team principal being on pace with Redbull & ahead of Mercedes, I would absolutely be fighting for the championship full force. I would've started moving pieces as soon as the team started making mistakes. I would put absolute pressure for the drivers to perfom every weekend. Just my take. They were weak to begin with, mechanical they were on top, attitude was in the mud.

  • @cylentone
    @cylentone Před rokem +2

    CTO role requirements are so different from Team Principal requirements... it is similar in other corporations. Highly-skilled people in one area of a business are not always good leaders, let alone CEO. Binotto should not have been named Principal in the first place. I really hope Ferrari finds its way back to a successful, inspiring team.

  • @c_lakindick
    @c_lakindick Před rokem

    Im glad that Binotto took the reigns and made this call. He knows as good as anyone as soon as the rumours start in Maranello its just a matter of time. Wish him all the best.

  • @John-jj1ex
    @John-jj1ex Před rokem

    After 28 years with Ferrari, I am quite sure he has built up a lot of close relationships with-in the engineering department. If I were Ferrari I would be more worried about who he takes with him. It would be so Toto Wolff or Christian Horner to offer Binotto a boatload of cash just to play head games with Ferrari.

  • @twhiteofrd_1102
    @twhiteofrd_1102 Před rokem

    There are rumours that Binotto already has 4 job offers with at least 1 at a top team. Do we know who these teams are and if they're roles as the team principle or a step back into being head of the technical department?

  • @Ro7ard
    @Ro7ard Před rokem +3

    In over seventy years of racing, Ferrari has only had two team principals last more then a few years and only ONE team principal who wasn't Italian, Jean Todt.
    It almost seems like the teams dedication to their Italian heritage has had more of a negative impact or it's just an absolutely massive coincidence that their most successful era in the sport came about when they were being led by a Frenchman, having their cars designed by a Brit and driven by a German lol.

    • @tassielorenzo7070
      @tassielorenzo7070 Před rokem

      Todt joined in 1993 but Ferrari were already planning to fire Todt in 1996, it was averted thankfully.

  • @rwes61
    @rwes61 Před rokem

    ANYTIME anyone works with fear as a backdrop the results will show it! The one thing I noticed this year more than anything was the teams strategy during any race there appeared to be this underlying sense of panic in the decision making process where other teams even if they would make a decision that was not the best there was a sense of panic?!? Once you have both fear and panic in a high pressure environment like F1 nothing good can come out of it! Finally that fear is on full display by the simple fact that there is a swinging door at the top and that does absolutely no good because as the old saying goes shit runs downhill!

  • @andreabotti99
    @andreabotti99 Před rokem +2

    The problem with Ferrari is their utter inability to admit their mistakes and the complete detachment from reality they show sometimes. When Binotto said something along the lines of "the objective wasn't to win the championship but rather to be competitive" after throwing away some wins, I completely lost it. It makes no sense

    • @albertusaswin2012
      @albertusaswin2012 Před rokem

      He does not have the sense of leadership and competitiveness.

  • @ramazandincer9795
    @ramazandincer9795 Před rokem +1

    The car was competitive whole season esspecially in the qualifying sessions, okay there was way too much technical and strategic issues but to be honest the Ferrari drivers where also way behind in setting consistent race pace than Red Bull and merc drivers. I believe if Lewis or even Fernando was behind the steer of this Ferrari things could be different. Esspecially Carlos should come much stronger for the next season.

  • @andrewking7283
    @andrewking7283 Před rokem +8

    thought he’d get one more year. Or maybe move back to a tech role. Just too many team related issues this year and that has to fall on the man at the top. I will say if Ferrari’s engine strategy works out over the next few years, Mattia will get his flowers from me lol. That’s why I thought he’d probably get one more season.

    • @purwantiallan5089
      @purwantiallan5089 Před rokem +1

      One more year only made them even worse.

    • @brendanzhang7488
      @brendanzhang7488 Před rokem +1

      @@purwantiallan5089 not rlly, this is the man who brought them from the horrible 2020 season back into the top 2

    • @gavcom4060
      @gavcom4060 Před rokem +1

      @@purwantiallan5089one year binotto took the team from crap car to a solid midfielder. one more year, he took that midfielder to the top. he did well

  • @aat8345
    @aat8345 Před rokem +1

    it is a shame. however, even though there were tensions in the team, looks like binotto didn't like that and fled. the main problem is that the very top keeps changing with having quite a few chairmen in a few years

  • @nawles1
    @nawles1 Před rokem +17

    Clutching defeat from the jaws of victory. Binotto

  • @JayB2
    @JayB2 Před rokem +1

    It's unfortunate he's moving on. It's the strategists who decide when to pit, what tires to use etc. But at the end of the day the buck stops with the Principal. And I agree Merc is looking like a serious threat for next year. Ferrari can't afford to make so many mistakes.

  • @legoferrari14
    @legoferrari14 Před rokem +1

    Binotto's place of expertise has always been in the engine plant, not the pit strategy wall. The number of tactical blunders and the fact that he refused to own up to them clearly frustrated the drivers, most notably Carlos Sainz Jr., Who overruled the pit wall on more than one occasion this year.

  • @mich722
    @mich722 Před rokem +2

    The main thing Binotto needed to do was reform the strategy department (Mekies and Rueda). Why did he not do this?

  • @yugen0o
    @yugen0o Před rokem +1

    You hear it time and again, explicitly or otherwise, from non-Italians that have exited Ferrari... "Ferrari = Chaos" (Maybe what we know as 'chaos' in the English language translates to 'passion' in Italian?) This just makes what Ross Brawn was able to accomplish during his tenure all the more impressive.

  • @shadowwolf9398
    @shadowwolf9398 Před rokem

    If the decision remains as it is and they have a competitive car next year, i want to see what they will do to fill binottos gap, because who can be one with the team in such a sort time to communicate in the right way with them. See Williams, successful figure brought in and they still fight in the back, but no one argues. Binotto brought sainz in the team and he served well this year as second driver because he was far away from verstappen in points, next season maybe the story wont be that calm, and i would love to see Ferrari fail because of their own decisions, not keeping binotto, like they did in the past decade. Even if it is trust issues, you talk them out and figure a solution towards success.

  • @AlphaAssasinYT
    @AlphaAssasinYT Před rokem +49

    Tbh Ferrari is gonna miss him, he might be a bad manager but he was the best engine designer in the Formula 1 Paddock

    • @purwantiallan5089
      @purwantiallan5089 Před rokem

      Lanzhu Zhong also gonna miss Binotto. Ren Hazuki and Kanon Shibuya also gonna miss him.

    • @mich722
      @mich722 Před rokem +1

      Rory Byrne worked on the F1-75 and his contract was renewed for 3 more years.

  • @greenlantern7959
    @greenlantern7959 Před rokem

    Binotto arguably is out because he outperformed expectations against the planned progression early in the season. Once the title seemed achievable, it was no longer enough to “just” be challenging MB for 2nd.

  • @MajorrGamiingMann
    @MajorrGamiingMann Před rokem

    There were many times that Charles could have told the team that the strategy they gave him was wrong. Yes he did not tell them no, or caved to their wishes. It is clear he doesn’t want to be like Max in that regard, but he needs to be slightly more like Max if he wants to become a champion. Everyone loved Michael, but he was ruthless as soon as he strapped that helmet on. I only want the best for Ferrari as a fan of theirs, Charles just needs to let them know when something wont work, and stick to his guts as the 1st Driver.

  • @bonwatcher
    @bonwatcher Před rokem +1

    Is this a bad thing for Ferrari after the season they had with all the strategy problems and execution in the pits? The buck stops at the top and that's Binotto, so the resigning was him leaving before being fired if anything. I am sure this is just the start of many being replaced because they can't continue to mindlessly give away points next season.

  • @Coyotehello
    @Coyotehello Před rokem

    My 2¢, it kind of goes back to Areto Benes... But even then there was a sense that the culture of fear was pushed by something deeper than him If so Binoto's was only a replacement to cover-up a deeper problem.
    This is where I am at with Binottos he had to go but not for the right reasons.
    On the flip side he had Leclerc team, he no doubts want to win titles and time is going by age wise and time is going by contract wise 2025 is not that far.
    The Long Term solution Ferrari appears to need is not a concern for the drivers.
    If Binottos was trying to play the long game my bet would be that the next boss will play the (very) short game.
    That to me seems like gambling instead of planning.
    Never quite liked Binotto as a boss, wish he could have stayed within the family.

  • @hangyin4068
    @hangyin4068 Před rokem

    I was under the impression that Binotto was overly confident about the in-season development, deteriorated the team's relationship with Leclerc, and failed to hold people responsible when it needs to be done (Rueda and Xavi). He was indeed incapable of managing the entire team. On the other side Ferrari should have made its greatest effort to persuade him to be a technical personnel again.

  • @ama6487
    @ama6487 Před rokem +11

    All Juventus board resigned almost at the same time as Binotto. Maybe there will be a major restructuring all across Exor (Ferrari & Juventus major shareholder)

    • @alphakennybuddy8399
      @alphakennybuddy8399 Před rokem

      Exactly, take arrivabene from Juve and put him him back at Ferrari

  • @enso3140
    @enso3140 Před rokem

    i personally believe that binotto completely leaving is a terrible move for Ferrari keeping him on the technical department was the right call. but looking at this years campaign i can definitely understand the move Ferrari has taken even tho his leadership goal was to not point fingers perhaps he took that too far and avoided taking and pointing the responsibilities of the failures when he had to especially about the ever disastrous strategy team and the forever delayed performance upgrades.

  • @nirmaljoseph1402
    @nirmaljoseph1402 Před rokem +1

    I think Ferrari jumped the gun. While the results are not what they expected, they should have given him one more year. I think this change will cause more pain for Ferrari in the medium term. I don't think they can be competitive till 2026 because of this decision unless (and this is a big unless) they get a dream team principle and technical director like they had in the early 2000s.

  • @duskodragic649
    @duskodragic649 Před rokem

    With or without him the outcome would be the same. And if I was Leclerc (after he had 43 points lead after Melbourne), I would race deliberately behind Max in the next races. This would mean I would still be ahead by 1 point after Canadian GP and not 49 behind like it happened!

  • @kdm6287
    @kdm6287 Před rokem

    I think Ferrari needed to do this, they had the drivers and the car at the start of the year to win the championship. I think they could have run the risk of Charles walking if the did nothing. The only thing is I'm not sure if they have picked the right man this time either. I thought a more high profile name would be worth the change.

  • @petermiechielssens5488
    @petermiechielssens5488 Před rokem +1

    That was a surprise ... and not . . .
    Ferrari is definitely at a crisis now and have only themselves to thank for it.
    After presenting the "ejection-seat" to Seidl and Horner who both refused, Mattia looked elsewhere.
    That makes me so curious where he will end up AND who could held their lips sealed (Toto - replacement Andy Cowell?)
    Ferrari at the meantime need to look at their approach on that leaderschip, so the real question is:
    Do they need an "eject-seat" team principle (Vasseur?) or instead a manager who can lead the team to the ultimate price?
    Patience will always be a big ask with the tifosi and Italian press all over them.
    Having said that, change is needed and that takes bold and hard decisions... and stick by them.

  • @aaronyoghurt9210
    @aaronyoghurt9210 Před rokem +22

    Damn, I think there will be no 3 way battle for next year.

    • @purwantiallan5089
      @purwantiallan5089 Před rokem +2

      Aaron, i hope 2023 could be a battle between RB vs Merc vs McLaren.

    • @brendanzhang7488
      @brendanzhang7488 Před rokem +1

      @@purwantiallan5089 that is if mclaren can build a good car, because alpine is beating them

    • @AyoSosanya
      @AyoSosanya Před rokem +1

      Redbull will run away with it again if Mercs don’t solve their issues in time.

  • @paolocaserta9602
    @paolocaserta9602 Před rokem

    You 're right in saying he never "pointed the finger" or blamed anyone specific for Ferrari (let's call it) shortcomings in the last few seasons, but he never took responsibility for them either, which is what the guy in charge should do. And given his mantra "we are trying to understand what happen", he ( and some in the team) have not been able to learn from the mistakes that were made (personally, I don't think Leclerc is blameless on this front either).

  • @Chicken_Doodle2
    @Chicken_Doodle2 Před rokem

    This definitely seems to be a pressure from Leclerc camp after the Silverstone race.
    Look at the words Mattia mentioned, clearly indicates he didn't want to leave the team. No person would leave on their own especially such a historic team. He will be hired soon and hopefully at a good team.
    Meanwhile for Ferrari, just when things started getting right, they reset. I don't think this team will be able to win any championship and the competitors will be loving it

  • @the_fleeing_dutchman
    @the_fleeing_dutchman Před rokem

    Yet another disturbance in the Ferrari camp which is not going to help the team move forward. I agree, that stability and focus would help the team more. We will wait and see what is next but it is a disgrace that Ferrari only came out with a statement bearly 2 weeks ago denying all the rumours, when in fact they proved to be correct.
    I hope that Benotto will find satisfaction in a different area and that for him, all ends well. Buon Natale a te, Mattia!

  • @ronmurray7349
    @ronmurray7349 Před rokem

    Bringing in a French boss worked last time. (Jean Todd) Vasseur might be what the team needs. Ferrari had a very fast car and two very fast drivers but team tactics cost them points.

    • @mich722
      @mich722 Před rokem

      Mekies, the Race Director is French and chief strategist is Rueda, Spanish.

  • @Widestone001
    @Widestone001 Před rokem +9

    Huh, Christian Horner has been doing this for 17 years?
    No wonder all my F1 memories somehow include him, despite his awesome name! 😁

    • @d.e.b.b5788
      @d.e.b.b5788 Před rokem

      Because he had a scapegoat in Renault, whose engines weren't up to the task. Otherwise, if other teams were running away with wins while using Renault engines, he would have been gone after winning 4 straight with Vettel 10-13 and then stinking up the track for the next few years.

  • @zacharybaker1144
    @zacharybaker1144 Před rokem

    I think having binotto gone could be a good move but i think that he is only part of the problem, personally i think the strategists and strategy calls of the past need to be reviewed.

  • @Rekcoj
    @Rekcoj Před rokem

    they made such good progress, especially with the mentioned stabillity in the team. now their gonna fall back to third next year at least, if merc doesn't drop the ball again.

  • @sp33dbump33
    @sp33dbump33 Před rokem

    I'm sure Red bull got their eyes on him to lead the Red bull power train when "baseless rumours" spread and I believe Mattia has everything planned out before deciding to quit Ferrari, a company he has been with for the past 28 years.

  • @tonkinesenchill4240
    @tonkinesenchill4240 Před rokem

    Oh how Ferrari must yearn to have the Todd and Brawn days back again.
    In the late 90’s they had a fundamentally slower car than the mclaren of Hakinnen and coulthard but we’re very very close to championships through ruthlessly excellent teamwork and strategy execution.

  • @F1pidis
    @F1pidis Před rokem

    Binotto was excellent in his engine department role, even when they got it wrong in '14 having started so late, they still came back in '15. Renault for example took 8 years to catch up. The man simply was never a good fit for the team principal role, it was obvious in his very first year.

    @EMCUEAY Před rokem +16

    He probably went to sign his contract but tapped the "do not consent" button by mistake.

  • @jacklinkhorn6507
    @jacklinkhorn6507 Před rokem +1

    I reckon they will do a straight swap binnoto for versuer I don't see him being ousted entirely as he is still a good team principal to a degree with loads of expirence and maybe with a lesser pressure team like alfa romeo he might make it work

  • @jakoublinfernal
    @jakoublinfernal Před rokem

    I liked Binotto more when he had a technical role in the team ! He's not the kind of person that can face the media ! I don't think he has anything more to offer to the team & I wish him all the best

  • @andreas9720
    @andreas9720 Před rokem

    If the rumours that Binotto wanted to fire the strategists and wasn't allowed to are true then he did the best he could with the team he was given.

  • @tiagoaguilarserra
    @tiagoaguilarserra Před rokem +1

    This was needed, Binotto is not a team leader. Their strategists Inaki Rueda should have been sacked a long time ago, and he let this go on and on, and this is the visible part, who knows were else the team is falling and he dont react. Thank you Binotto for all the work done and all the best for the future, that for a man like him, will be super ok.

  • @Panster7
    @Panster7 Před rokem +7

    Other team better swarm over this man for technical role

  • @IcoGamer98
    @IcoGamer98 Před rokem +2

    it’s so sad to see this team self destruct every time

    • @mich722
      @mich722 Před rokem

      Above Scuderia Ferrari, there's Ferrari, then above that there's Fiat-Chrysler.

  • @VicCross
    @VicCross Před rokem

    Ferrari just needed more decisive strategy once the reliability issues were sorted out. I don't think it was truly his fault that they faltered. I want nothing more than a more competitive battle for all teams, and we saw glimpses of that this year. But there has to be consistency. A team can't become a meme, like they did.
    The biggest issue with F1 is the disparity between 1st and everyone else. I think he should have hung in there another year.

    • @imrandarr1094
      @imrandarr1094 Před rokem

      But because he’s in charge, he has to take responsibility for those mistakes.

  • @Rascallucci
    @Rascallucci Před rokem +1

    Don't rush with the hiring if they are so late already. Just select a person internally to be the Acting-TP for the time being and nail the hiring as and when you find that right person.

  • @alecbrown66
    @alecbrown66 Před rokem

    We should remember how far binotto has dragged ferrarri up from the midfield to mixing it up with redbull and mercedes. However, the idiotic mistakes on strategy and coordination on race days hamstrung the team. It was like going back to the 80's with the team.
    Unfortunately ferrarri needs a core team, all pulling in the same direction, with the strength to tow the team behind them. Unless they find another braun, todt, Schumacher combination then they will revert back to tripping over themselves again.

  • @Murrizzle617
    @Murrizzle617 Před rokem

    Ferrari should have found a way to keep Binotto around because winning in this brutal sport takes time and consistency

  • @christo6142
    @christo6142 Před rokem +11

    They need to get rid of the strategy guy as well. I think and English or German needs to be in charge now.
    Binotto's only failure was being too nice I think, if he had managed the mistakes properly even this season might have gone differently.

    • @emmanueljoseph2520
      @emmanueljoseph2520 Před rokem +2

      Understood. We are checking. We will get back to you.

    • @christo6142
      @christo6142 Před rokem

      @@emmanueljoseph2520 meaning what?

    • @tassielorenzo7070
      @tassielorenzo7070 Před rokem

      @@christo6142 It's a joke!

    • @christo6142
      @christo6142 Před rokem

      @@tassielorenzo7070 I think it will end up being Fred from Alfa but not sure he’s right.
      Maybe someone like Andreas Seidel.

    • @tassielorenzo7070
      @tassielorenzo7070 Před rokem

      @@christo6142 It is rumoured that Seidl already refused the Ferrari position, he prefers the more stable (more permanent?) McLaren position.

  • @planetarygodzilla
    @planetarygodzilla Před rokem

    They should have hired a strategist similar to Red Bull. Team principal's role is to make well informed decisions and set up systems that facilitiates the performance of the team. A person with engeneering and statistical skills to point to the best spot for tyre changes. Also, you don't know who f***ed up the tyres at that occasion. On the relability side that was a calculated risk.

  • @lukasethan6429
    @lukasethan6429 Před rokem

    People forget how Binotto went behind his previous bosses back and lobbied that he could do better. He promoted the notorious Italian culture that everyone an F1 nose has always lingered about when he was making his ascension, yet completely repealed that behavior once in place. He is a true Machiavellian leader. He took it as far as he could go. He doesn’t have the right people developing the chassis because he has no expertise in that department. Ferrari is a team that can’t have Italian leader ship or culture managing the team because perfection will always be the goal, and not consistency.

  • @namenamename390
    @namenamename390 Před rokem +1

    Whoever is replacing Binotto, I hope they reform the entire strategy team and improve communication between pitwall and drivers.

  • @coloradoan2199
    @coloradoan2199 Před rokem

    Wishing him well for whatever path he follows next. Even if that path leads to a garden chair with a view.

  • @thesneakertifosi
    @thesneakertifosi Před rokem +2

    Hypothetically speaking imagine if they bring someone from the past back like Ross Brawn. Could he make it work?

    • @indiebekonn
      @indiebekonn Před rokem


    • @emmanueljoseph2520
      @emmanueljoseph2520 Před rokem

      Ross Brown just left F1 for good.

    • @tassielorenzo7070
      @tassielorenzo7070 Před rokem

      Sure but why should Brawn take such a stressful and insecure job? As Adrian Newey says, "Ferrari is a lot of money for a short period of time." That's why Newey refused Ferrari's offer of a technical director role. Other TPs like Seidl rejected Ferrari TP as he would rather have a permanent job at McLaren than a temporary job at Ferrari.

  • @trevorparker6803
    @trevorparker6803 Před rokem +8

    It's no massive surprise really is it? We've been expecting this since mid-summer.

  • @andrigtmiller
    @andrigtmiller Před rokem

    The strategy has been the major failure during Binotto's time at Ferrari. It's never really been fixed.

  • @briandouglas5552
    @briandouglas5552 Před rokem

    Fred will likely come, but they could pinch Davide Brivio from Alpine and have a world championship team builder that would maintain good relationships in-house while making the most of Ferrari’s assets. That’s how Suzuki won the MotoGP championship in 2020.

  • @speedkills114
    @speedkills114 Před rokem

    Additional Note: As this video alludes too, Ferrari has other management issues to overcome. Their management style or shall i say their lack thereof is probably their biggest issue. #1 GET RID of their EGOS/PRIDE and appoint ONE person to have the authority to examine/dissect the company from top to bottom. Further to determine the best course of action that is relative to todays F1 - Management style, biggest problem areas etc down the line #1 - ............. then to properly appoint leaders/managers to head those problem areas with all reporting back to the number 1 guy. Ferrari has LONG had too much EGO/PRIDE that eats away at the soul of what the company should be fighting to achieve but cannot due to this massive/pervasive problem.
    The number one killer in this world is EGO/PRIDE! It stops/kills both figuratively and literally more individual people and/or companies dead in their tracks on a daily basis that any illness ever has or will. Ferrari cannot and will not EVER reclaim its glory until they pull their heads out of their butts and realize what the issue is (among others) - THEN take the necessary steps to fix said issues. Thus, ensuring that it doesnt happen again..
    Ok, lol, i am done - Have a Nice Day:)

  • @acostajj427
    @acostajj427 Před rokem

    Binotto didn’t do himself any favors by defending his strategists that were obviously incapable instead of admitting to the mistakes and fixing them. Also that “discussion” he had with Charles stands out to. The team can be run by Italian’s. But I think they need to look everywhere instead of inside and who’s still left over from the glory days.

  • @turninflat
    @turninflat Před rokem

    well done. excellent summary. I appreciate the facts, and the lack of "click bait" so common on some of your peers sites. keep it up

  • @adamtroy4526
    @adamtroy4526 Před rokem +3

    Quitting to avoid the ‘shame’ of getting dropped (Ie what he deserved) and probably gets a better compensation etc.
    The real question is are there any changes to the strategy team?

    • @purwantiallan5089
      @purwantiallan5089 Před rokem +1

      Adam Troy, i belive Ferrari already done this right by firing SBINOTTO.

    • @adamtroy4526
      @adamtroy4526 Před rokem

      Oh mate, I agree as well. He Had to go. But I also know CEO aren’t the ones on the day making the incompetent calls costing the team wins etc. yes responsible at the end of the day to create the right culture, hire the right people and hold them to account etc but not the one making repeat mistakes.

  • @JCU84
    @JCU84 Před rokem

    Hope they get it right so we can have a 3 team battle for the championship next year

  • @thetruebatman4632
    @thetruebatman4632 Před rokem

    Aw man I had my share of fun watching Binotto and crew tank every race but hearing him offer his resignation is kind of sad. Poor fella.

  • @michaeltelfer3483
    @michaeltelfer3483 Před rokem

    Binotto had to go, he achieved his targets but very unconvincingly. The team principal role just didn't suit him

  • @Labgorilla
    @Labgorilla Před 8 měsíci

    Love Ferrari. They bring comedy to a very serious sport so I hope they keep going.

  • @imrandarr1094
    @imrandarr1094 Před rokem

    It was clear the writing was on the wall for Binotto given I heard his relationship with Charles broke down completely after Sliverstone. It’s clear his camp pushed for change. I fully expect Fred to take over in the new year. He will make Charles the clear number 1 driver.

    • @tassielorenzo7070
      @tassielorenzo7070 Před rokem

      Will Carlos leave in that case? I imagine Carlos Sainz would complain a lot (and crash a lot again) if the car is developed back to a strong front and lots of oversteer. Would that place Santander sponsorship in doubt and causes difficulties in Spanish press?

    • @imrandarr1094
      @imrandarr1094 Před rokem +1

      @@tassielorenzo7070 We shall see. Only time will tell.