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The beginning of it all.

  • čas přidán 25. 11. 2018
  • My first CHclip video and we're kicking it off on the worldwide press tour for Aquaman and I wanted to share some of these amazing moments along the journey. First stop China! Next UK.

    Directed|Shot|Edited by Etienne Aurelius
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  • DC Marvel United
    DC Marvel United Před 3 lety +699

    Jason you are so awesome man! I can't wait to see Aquaman... ALOHA!! 😄🌊👏

    • Charlie aguilar
      Charlie aguilar Před 3 lety +2

      Lo que se encuentra uno por acá 😂

    • Akuseru-Kun
      Akuseru-Kun Před 3 lety +1

      DC Marvel United Jason, the king of all seas

  • Guilherme
    Guilherme Před 3 lety +808

    That line impacted me so much " I can't believe I'm on a private plane right now , this doesn't happen to the Momoas " and his joy and awe to see a big hotel room . He's such a simple guy that's why I love him so much. He's one of us that's living the dream . YEEEEHAW MY MAN. SO HAPPY!

    • Manuel Orozco
      Manuel Orozco Před rokem

      I do have an inner kid in me but I just wish I was like Jason!

    • MIGUEL
      MIGUEL Před 2 lety

      literally would feel the same way coming up from cuba and the islands from the bottom 🙏 have a blessed day

    • warrens gmal
      warrens gmal Před 2 lety +1

      its cheeehuuuuuu, its an islander thing bruv most polynesian do it.

      RAM DAYAL Před 2 lety

      Yes he is one of us who is living the dream

    • N_H
      N_H Před 2 lety

      @Pat Truong if he is used to it then he won't take it for much

  • Eddie Raccioppi
    Eddie Raccioppi Před 3 lety +160

    This man is living in the moment and enjoying every second of it. More power to him, can’t wait for this movie!!!

    • mercy
      mercy Před rokem

      @Platte Aarde ...

    • Platte Aarde
      Platte Aarde Před rokem

      yeah.. he is the perfect Idol chclip.net/video/GZxZVSWJcTM/video.html i rest my case for sure on that one !

  • VL
    VL Před 3 lety +61

    *You are the first superstar in my life that I admire. You are such a down-to-earth guy. You show us your private life without being artificial or played. I do not know a single superstar doing this like you, hence your fans love you and you'll be loved by much more fans in the future.*

  • Wyatt Osman
    Wyatt Osman Před 2 lety +18

    I've just stumbled across his CHclip, man he is such genuine soul. Glad to get to see these people for who they really are on CHclip.

  • Mikael Gama
    Mikael Gama Před 3 lety +792

    OMG!! Please post more vlogs!! I’m so excited to see this movie!! 🇧🇷

    • Platte Aarde
      Platte Aarde Před rokem

      like this one chclip.net/video/GZxZVSWJcTM/video.html ?

    • Amod Kasare
      Amod Kasare Před 3 lety +3

      I watched in India today and it was awesome

    • scarlet hottie
      scarlet hottie Před 3 lety +1

      You definitely look like him

    • scarlet hottie
      scarlet hottie Před 3 lety +1

      Are you his cousin?

    • Felipe zikiki
      Felipe zikiki Před 3 lety

      eae mika ja esperava por vc aqui

  • Annie Ryan
    Annie Ryan Před 2 lety +12

    I wish Jason had a podcast so I could go to sleep listening to his voice. It doesn’t have to be interesting. Reading a phone book would work. Seriously though, he’s a natural storyteller.

  • Carrie Whitaker
    Carrie Whitaker Před 3 lety +134

    Jason you have become a very big star but you remain humble and thankful for all you have. Love you so much.

    • Platte Aarde
      Platte Aarde Před rokem

      chclip.net/video/GZxZVSWJcTM/video.html yeah.. real humble :)

    • Raul Rivera
      Raul Rivera Před 2 lety

      Carrie Whitaker c

    • Victor Taylor
      Victor Taylor Před 2 lety +5

      He does seem humble and grateful.i just hope he and his family can remain intact.with the world's s biggest film right now, humility is the best trait to have

  • HrglassHealer
    HrglassHealer Před 3 lety +7

    Why I love Jason is his appreciation of life/the moments...plus his love/pride of his heritage/family...

  • Ashley DiMartino
    Ashley DiMartino Před 2 lety +12

    I love how success hasn't changed him. He's still so amazed by everything that is happening to him and everything is always new and exciting. This is a man who loves life. He has a passion for it. It's so refreshing. I wish we could all be like that because the world would be a better place. Still so humble and proud of the simple life he came from. A simple life that he himself turned into a spectacular life that he wakes up every morning and is excited to live.

  • Gsttvo Dmgz
    Gsttvo Dmgz Před 3 lety +314

    Love Wan and Momoa... Great action couple... We want a trilogy of Aquaman!!!.

  • Bitt 59
    Bitt 59 Před 3 lety +5

    You are such a real and genuine person. You are also so humble. So glad you made it. ❤️

  • Bao Thy Ching
    Bao Thy Ching Před 3 lety +1

    Absolutely amazing film!!Jason you shined on scene and Amber was the perfect fit.Thank you for giving it your all and I will be looking forward to all your upcoming films😃

  • Adaobi
    Adaobi Před 2 lety +18

    I JUST LOVE THIS MAN!!!! God bless him and his family! I wish him MUCH SUCCESS!!

  • Keely M
    Keely M Před 3 lety +87

    I love that you’re sharing this part of your life with your fan base. You’re such an incredible, enlightened human, and the world absolutely needs more of that. Thank you for bringing us along! ❤️

    • Platte Aarde
      Platte Aarde Před rokem

      aaah.. thats cute... chclip.net/video/GZxZVSWJcTM/video.html

  • Yasmin Menezes
    Yasmin Menezes Před 3 lety +1

    Thank you so much for sharing everything with us both here and on Instagram! You’re amazing! ♥️

  • Official Filmilen
    Official Filmilen Před 3 lety +255

    Jason Momoa is the best Aquaman. This movie is going to earn 1 billion

  • KC Nwokoye
    KC Nwokoye Před 3 lety +1

    Nice way to give someone a job and also take your fans into this whirlwind. Keep being you Jason, love your good vibes and energy.

  • Shan 211
    Shan 211 Před 3 lety

    I've been watching your shows since Baywatch, Stargate Atlantis (I'm still pissed by the way that they cancel that), Game of Thrones, Frontier, etc. I'm happy that people are recognizing your talent. You and your family deserve this and more. Congrats, can't wait to see Aquaman😊 🇯🇲

  • Burhan Khalid
    Burhan Khalid Před 3 lety +194

    Respect to Jason Momoa for respecting and honouring the legacy that is of Zack Snyder. When Zack always seems really nice and the world thinks and misbelieves otherwise.

    • Noir Universe
      Noir Universe Před 3 lety +1

      @David Z ???? Ooooookay..... ????

    • Noir Universe
      Noir Universe Před 3 lety +2

      @David Z Sounds like you need some personal help bro....

    • David Z
      David Z Před 3 lety

      The f*** ... Who cares if he's nice or bad??!!!!? Actually, which f***ing idiot would even say something like that????!?? You are just a pathetic bitch. Zack make shitty DC movies and that is A FACT!!!

  • C. Harr
    C. Harr Před 3 lety +1

    This is amazing. So happy for the cast and crew; James Wan is now on my must watch director list. He has vision 🎥

  • JenniJem
    JenniJem Před 3 lety +1

    This man brings so much joy wherever he goes! Big guy, big spirit and big heart.

  • Rogelio Pavia
    Rogelio Pavia Před 3 lety +1

    He's one of the simplest, nicest, approachable and humble Hollywood actor I've ever known. His wife Lisa and kids are lucky for having him. Jason please stay who you are and don't let your success put into your head. ..

  • Tyler Heath
    Tyler Heath Před 3 lety +2

    Just wanna say I think you are an amazing actor and I’ve had long hair most of my life and I genuinely look up to you. Thanks for being so cool and someone I can look up to

  • Robin Sacharia
    Robin Sacharia Před 3 lety +9

    Your movie "ROCKS"!!!!! It was fuckin awesome... From the beginning till the end.... The background score.. Your entry... MANNNNN!!!! Stay Blessed my BROTHER. LOVE YOU!!!

  • Gustav Larsson
    Gustav Larsson Před 3 lety

    You so deserve all of this, keep it up Jason!

  • Sunchell- MJ
    Sunchell- MJ Před 3 lety

    Thank you for sharing this! Totally brightens my day every time I watch it and can’t wait to see what else you post. I watched you on GMA this morning and I think half the interview got cut off due to special coverage report... but no worries I’m sure they will post whole interview on their website... hopefully! OH AND OMG I SERIOUSLY AM STOKED THAT YOU ARE HOSTING SNL!! 🤙🏼

  • Danny R
    Danny R Před 3 lety

    What an awesome, cool, humble dude. You deserve it man! Enjoy every moment and thank you for bringing us on this journey!! Less than 2 weeks!!!!! #Aquaman

  • Nerdy Nick
    Nerdy Nick Před 3 lety +26

    You're such an amazing guy Jason, I'm so happy to see where you are now. Zack made one of the best casting decisions ever. I can't imagine Aquaman being anyone other than you. Can't wait to see your film man! Hope all is well!

    • One Shot
      One Shot Před 3 lety +1

      I think he is a good cast if he’d just tone down the surfer bro stuff

  • User 1307
    User 1307 Před 3 lety

    Getting better every time! You make us happy, stay yourself, it’s refreshing to have such a good soul in the star system, everyone who works with you just has good comments, from the early days to now, you’re so cool!!!

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James Před 3 lety +1

    It is really nice to see an actor or actress that really seems to dig the role they're playing and are excited to be there. It also helps that he seems like a real stand up guy.

  • Julz Cdg
    Julz Cdg Před 3 lety +12

    Thank you for acknowledging Zack Snyder here Jason. Much love and respect from us humans!

  • Steven B
    Steven B Před 2 lety

    Nice! Thank you Jason for choosing to share your journey with the world. It very generous of you to share a little part of who you are, not just the characters you play.

  • Cynthia Butler
    Cynthia Butler Před 2 lety

    I love what you said to your friend on the plane, because you can tell that you are thankful for everything and that you have worked very hard for this. You are a great role model for the kids. Being true to yourself.

    SUNNY DAY Před 3 lety

    Really looking forward to seeing the film. You always have a smile, you can see the love you have for your fans. I loved Season 3 of FRONTIER. You are one of those actors that can always give 110% in what you do. Love to your family from my family x🎄❤

  • Nebojša Udovičić
    Nebojša Udovičić Před 3 lety

    This is great,I have never seen a ''behind the scenes'' type of video from a promotional tour like this. Awesome.

  • André Schneider
    André Schneider Před 3 lety +6

    God I want this movie to be good!! Jason Momoa is such an awesome human he deserves it!

  • Clara Reis
    Clara Reis Před 3 lety

    Jason is a special human being! He deserves to be where he is. A simple soul that enjoys life! He's amazing, he's pure good vibes!

  • Gleiciane Bogado
    Gleiciane Bogado Před 3 lety

    Amooo esse ator sou muito fã , ele é incrível , eu amo todos os filmes que Ele faz, o segredo de tanto sucesso é a sua humilde eu amo isso no #jasonmomoa

  • zmoney
    zmoney Před 3 lety

    The degree to which everyone and you yourself personally have worked to promote this film is truly impressive. I'm not sure I've ever seen a project get so much support. On a side note you look like the most sea faring man I've ever seen your beard and hair. There's no one more perfect for this role than you.

  • Serena E
    Serena E Před 3 lety

    This was amazing to watch. Excellent camera quality, good music to match the tone and you also have an engaging personality. All of which are the ingredients for good content. Subscribed. Can’t wait to see the next one.

  • Melania Ortu
    Melania Ortu Před 3 lety +18

    This is SO cool! The parts on the red carpet with the fans are freaking amazing, really gives an idea how INSANE being there must feel! 😍 Forever love Jason, Amber and James!

  • Johnny T
    Johnny T Před 3 lety

    03:04 Just look how humble this guy is... doesn't have to use the latest phone. So much love and respect for you Jason since day 1! God bless you and your family brother.

    BLAKUNiKORN Před 3 lety

    Yes!!! About time you did this can't wait for more content. You're an inspiration and from what I can see you're humble and respectful. Oh and you doing the haka in a Octagon that to me is just made respect and I love how you had Jake 'the muss' along side of you in frontier... TuMeke

  • Aimee Charbeneau
    Aimee Charbeneau Před 3 lety

    Seriously cool! It couldn't happen to a nicer person. Thanks for all you do for us fans!

  • Emily Waite
    Emily Waite Před 3 lety

    The amount of joy this brings is wonderful. Truly a gift.

  • Julian David AC
    Julian David AC Před 3 lety +1

    What an epicness!! As a big Aquaman and DC fan the only thing i can say is ... Thank you

  • Albino Rhino
    Albino Rhino Před 3 lety +1

    He seems like such a down to earth kinda guy, awesome guy to hang out with. Wish him all the best.

  • blackkatt777
    blackkatt777 Před 2 lety +1

    Him and Gal , along with their respective directors, really saved the DCEU. Both are so charismatic.

  • Shotz
    Shotz Před 2 lety +23

    When you're Jason Momoa and bigger than your security guards. XD

  • Pursue News
    Pursue News Před 3 lety +701

    *Legendary Zack Snyder* The man deserves respect for saying that

    • Tha Kid Reese
      Tha Kid Reese Před 2 lety

      billy D Henry Cavill is 6’1

    • Anish
      Anish Před 2 lety


    • rahul
      rahul Před 3 lety

      billy D cry more

    • The Darker The Better
      The Darker The Better Před 3 lety +9

      @billy D Take your negativity somewhere else man. Zack Snyder wanted to make Aquaman look cool, and we got a cool badass Aquaman.

    • Batfleck Forever
      Batfleck Forever Před 3 lety +8

      billy D MoS and BvS are masterpieces.

  • Heyjo From PARIS
    Heyjo From PARIS Před 3 lety

    I'm so happy for you, you deserve it #aloha to you and your beautiful family, you knew how to surrounded yourself by the most amazing cast and crew, friends and stuntmen, you're an example for me ! Bless you, thank you for the laughs and the good vibes ! #frontieristhebesttvshowever #cantwaittoseeaquaman

  • Tiffany Williams
    Tiffany Williams Před 2 lety

    I love how real and humble you are!! thank you

  • SunyiSideUp
    SunyiSideUp Před 3 lety

    Love you, Jason! Happy to see you thriving!

  • Wheelbound Productions
    Wheelbound Productions Před 3 lety

    Hey Jason, keep up the great work! Looking forward to seeing the movie.

  • Reaken Music
    Reaken Music Před 3 lety +8

    It's so awesome to see how involved he is in sharing moments of his life with his fans

  • Crystallized
    Crystallized Před 3 lety +1

    Such a great human being.. keep going dude!! that inspires me and a lot other guys out there 💜💜🔥

    • Platte Aarde
      Platte Aarde Před rokem

      yeah.. humans are the best.. aren't they chclip.net/video/GZxZVSWJcTM/video.html tell me more. :)

  • Solo Neptune
    Solo Neptune Před 3 lety +119

    Amber heard really got the boost in her career by this movie

    • M Gutiérrez
      M Gutiérrez Před 6 měsíci

      @Mathew Cobb u judging his wife’s appearance yet she ain’t the one abusing her partner. Stay humble lmao

    • Alex S ꪜ
      Alex S ꪜ Před 7 měsíci

      @Rohan now you see these people did right by not liking her. Nothing wrong with them after all

    • Owen Chaders
      Owen Chaders Před 8 měsíci

      @Sunedosa Hot as hell? 😂 If you like her leaving turds in your bed

    • Gemma Zosangpuii
      Gemma Zosangpuii Před 10 měsíci

      No more Amber #Mira. So sad....but Amber should be like Mira.

    • Emma
      Emma Před 2 lety +9

      Amber is an abusive, horrible, lying and disgusting human being

    BATJAX Před 3 lety +1

    One of the best Vlogs I’ve ever seen! Jason just makes me smile every time I see him. Please make more!!!

  • DeeDee Silva
    DeeDee Silva Před 3 lety

    I just love him. His free spirit is contagious & the family man in him melts my heart.

    • Platte Aarde
      Platte Aarde Před rokem

      yeah.. you can trust him with ya kids hanging around him chclip.net/video/GZxZVSWJcTM/video.html

  • Julia Elias
    Julia Elias Před 3 lety +261

    Zack Snyder knew what to do. A Legend!

  • Roun Man
    Roun Man Před 3 lety +73

    Lol, The Chinese were more stoked to see you than the audience back in New York.

  • Luca Geistbeck
    Luca Geistbeck Před 3 lety

    I can tell u one thing! This Guys is what we all need... A Actor so cool, so amazing, so funny he is just soooo Human... I love Jason, i loved him in Stargate, Frontier, JL and now in Aquaman. He is so talented...

  • Salazar Salazar
    Salazar Salazar Před 2 lety +2

    Other actors should take a page from jasons book he's a simple humble dude he's a super star but doesnt act like it he's so loving to his fans i dig that he tells them i love you and he totally means it thats a cool bad ass dude shit he's aqua man el hombre de agua my man

  • DarthDaenerys
    DarthDaenerys Před 3 lety

    Jason and James enthusiasm and energy does put a smile on my face

  • Arthur
    Arthur Před 3 lety +41

    Yes , it will the single most impactfull movie of our generation , my man .

    • Platte Aarde
      Platte Aarde Před rokem

      your man, chclip.net/video/GZxZVSWJcTM/video.html

  • ItzMrzPerry
    ItzMrzPerry Před 3 lety +1

    So excited that you started a vlog! Love you on Instagram! Can't wait to keep watching! Much love and blessings to you Jason!!!😊❤️Xoxo Crystal

  • Native-Kitty
    Native-Kitty Před 2 lety

    I must say when it was announced that you were gonna be Aquaman... I immediately got excited and you certainly didn’t disappoint at all.

  • Rebekah Puse
    Rebekah Puse Před 3 lety

    I'm happy and sad for Jason all at the same time. He is getting to well deserved. But he has to be away from his family. And having to do the press as got to be tiring. He is handling to well in this video, but it has got to take it's total on you.

  • Ashley DiMartino
    Ashley DiMartino Před 3 lety

    Jason your mother raised you to be a beautiful, thoughtful, kindz giving man who has a beautiful soul. I've met a lot of people but I've never met anyone with your spirit before and it's so refreshing. You just take life by the balls and plow through it. What an amazing life you've made for yourself. A husband, a father of three beautiful children, and a hard working actor. Congratulations on your big break. I still watch road to Paloma all the time. That movie just touches my heart. Please don't even change. You are humble, down to earth and a big kid at heart and that is what makes you beautiful. Your smile is contagious. I know you're Hawaiian but I'm Italian so I'm going to say it to you in Italian. Ti viglio bene! Grazie molto! Congartulazione.

  • VelvetMonet
    VelvetMonet Před 3 lety +71

    This made my freaking day! I'm beyond excited 🔥

  • Fire_Element
    Fire_Element Před 3 lety +9

    Super humble man. Grateful for you, and how you stay true to yourself among the waves of Hollywood ☆ A-ho!

  • Suzanne Lee
    Suzanne Lee Před 2 lety +1

    I love EVERYTHING about this man!!! He is such a beautiful, kind sou!! lGod Bless him & his family!

  • Úlfhéđinn I.B
    Úlfhéđinn I.B Před 3 lety

    What an awesome way to start a channel ma man! I wish you and all those who are close to you all the luck and happiness in the world!

  • Peter O'Toole
    Peter O'Toole Před 2 lety +1

    very cool dude, deserves it all for all the hard work he put in and he remains humble..

  • salemshady
    salemshady Před 3 lety

    Incredibly happy for this man.

  • Nathiely LordSith
    Nathiely LordSith Před 3 lety

    Esse homem é muito humilde.

  • alseipel168
    alseipel168 Před 3 lety

    As a Stargate fan, I'm so happy for your success and I can't wait to see this movie!!!

  • Paulo Fernandez
    Paulo Fernandez Před 3 lety

    me pone muy feliz verte disfrutar y TRIUNFAR muy merecido todo tu éxito, gracias por regalarnos tu energía y gracias por darnos el superheroe mas increíble de todos!!!!

  • Princess Moonlightgisaeng
    Princess Moonlightgisaeng Před 3 lety +5

    Jason, you are one of the coolest guys I have ever admired O(≧∇≦)O♥!!! Love you man♥!!!

  • Sam
    Sam Před 3 lety

    I am so happy for you. Humble and so down to earth. We will keep supporting you. Just keep being great cos you are amazing human being

  • jodiej_2
    jodiej_2 Před rokem +13

    Funny how Amber is taking the mick out of him having a camera with him, but then she's used to hiding her cameras and recording devices to use as she pleases, not always with any participating parties knowledge. She's the worst.

  • Manuel Orozco
    Manuel Orozco Před rokem +1

    Cannot believe I’m actually seeing this for the first time. I love Jason’s reaction to the LEGO Movie 2 promo! And that IMAX building is as huge as in London. I always wanted to be in Hong Kong

  • Wandrea M.
    Wandrea M. Před 3 lety +5

    Welcome to CHclip,Jason!! I loved this first video,and can’t wait for the next ones!!! Wish you all the success in the world,you totally deserve it. Aquaman is going to be great!

  • Lonahora
    Lonahora Před 3 lety

    Got to know him first in Stargate Atlantis and since then he's one of my favorite, fun to watch, coolest actors. Glad he caught his break!

    • Platte Aarde
      Platte Aarde Před rokem

      chclip.net/video/GZxZVSWJcTM/video.html i was a big fan of Stargate Universe..

  • krisj827
    krisj827 Před 3 lety

    Im seriously happy for Jason.

  • K.
    K. Před 3 lety +1

    I see you at Comicon of Montreal, 2018, it was awsome, a unique moment to meet you!
    You are a good man who releases strength and sympathy; you are not afraid to show yourself as such. Good luck in your entire career! -From a fan of Quebec, Canada.

  • Knight Fang
    Knight Fang Před 3 lety

    I’m happy for the success and I do have some faith in the film bc it seems like it was influenced by one of the animated movie so I am excited to see it I think for the next video get a little more personal to the camera

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez Před 3 lety

    Way To Go Jason! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Thomas Corn
    Thomas Corn Před 3 lety

    Pure Legend. You are the man Jason!

  • Heavenlyhaylo
    Heavenlyhaylo Před 3 lety

    I am soo happy for your success Jason! Your fan since Baywatch! To SGA! To GOT & So on! 💕

  • Rorschach
    Rorschach Před 3 lety

    Love your respect for Zack , you are amazing as Aquaman. Can’t wait to see your Movie. We NEED the SnyderCut.

  • John Sey
    John Sey Před 3 lety +19

    Thank You for be here on CHclip with us ! CHclip just earn a King ! A True F*cking King of The Ocean #DC #ZackSnyder

  • Michelle Gauthier
    Michelle Gauthier Před 3 lety

    Have become obsessed with Jason. Great actor and is enjoying the fame but still stays humble and a dedicated family man.

  • Adam Hassoune
    Adam Hassoune Před 3 lety

    Definitely the right guy for the movie, no one could do it better than you Jason :)

  • Lana Hicklin
    Lana Hicklin Před rokem +1

    such a down to earth man so amazing. would never think hes famous hes so unlike some celebs just great person and so thankful xxx

  • Ila Acosta
    Ila Acosta Před 3 lety

    I'm so stoked that you have a channel now😀 you're freaking amazing! I was going to come see you in San Antonio last month but had to miss it due to my brother in law passing away😢super huge fan here...even though my husband hates it..making him take me to see Aquaman for my birthday though..lol

  • Lost Alice
    Lost Alice Před 3 lety +13

    Beautiful soul..never seen man like you wish you all the success ❤

  • Rob D
    Rob D Před 3 lety

    This movie is going to be big. Really rooting for Jason.

  • Janet Lazenby
    Janet Lazenby Před 3 lety

    Loved the video love all your Live streams you are hypnotic. Just want to say what an awesome gentle, humble, sweet kind human being you are in if there's any celebrity who deserves the fame its you we love you n may you raign for a long time to come big hugs n here's to the day I hope to get to give you that hug for real x