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Video Captures Massive Volcanic Eruption In Tonga

  • čas přidán 17. 01. 2022
  • An underwater volcanic eruption has contaminated water, destroyed homes, and cut off communication in Tonga. The scale of damage is still unknown.
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    Tonga Is Covered In ashes After Massive Volcanic Eruption

Komentáře • 1 099

  • Swamprose
    Swamprose  +141

    … The aerial footage is stunning, and surreal.

  • Gregory Nolan

    My prayers go out to all the people in Tonga. I hope that all Nations can stand together and serve the needs of this nation.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks  +651

    Hope they are all safe

  • rasmus1509

    I hope everyone is safe and sound. My prayers are with the people of Tonga.

  • Nivea X
    Nivea X  +215

    Hope they are all safe and well. My prayers.

  • AJ
    AJ  +152

    I'm so worried for these people. I'm so glad for this report.

  • Proud heretic

    I heard the scale of this eruption was between a VEI-5 and VEI-6. Just as powerful as the Mt Pinatubo eruption. Imagine if the majority of the ash didn’t go underwater

  • Rock girl

    Honestly my prayers go out to the family and those that have been impacted by it. May God bless you all from this🙏

  • Zippy the Pinhead

    I didn't know this was a recent event until now, so sorry to hear this. I'll be sending up

  • anni saa

    Hope people are safe my prayers for all those who are suffering this natural devastating incident 🙏

  • 2Trill4dis

    Prayers and ofas to all those out there dealing with this back home. 🇹🇴🕊

  • Troy Boi

    That's really sad... I hope that everyone is okay

  • Trending news

    Hope they are all safe. Thanks for the informative video.

  • Evolution
    Evolution  +44

    Im in new zealand and i just went to camp and i guy told me his family lives in tonga and he hasnt heard from them in 5 days i just hope they are alright and everyone else is alright my prayers go out to everyone that is suffering

  • The Chaotic Allegory Show

    Oh my word! Sending prayers and positive vibes to everyone in that region! ✨

  • gorelord187

    damm half my friends in SLC are from Tonga. Amazing people! Hope everyone there is safe!

  • Doorbell News - Ring Video Doorbell Camera Videos

    My prayers go out to everyone in Tonga and surrounding areas. Mother nature is so unpredictable.

  • Sheila Bhantoo

    May god relief them from all the trauma they're going through and help them in time.

  • Bonzology3

    Just insane! Hope everyone is ok

  • Writingman4126

    Awesome !!! I pray everyone survives and is well.