Danny MacAskill x adidas Outdoor : Welcome to the Family

  • čas přidán 4. 06. 2019
  • "Danny MacAskill x adidas Outdoor: Welcome to the Family” announces my new partnership with adidas Outdoor after having been partnered with Five Ten for almost a decade. I had so much fun in the Scottish sun on the mountain Buachaille Etive Beag near Glencoe and in and around the turquoise waters of Dunbar harbour. We lucked out with the weather big time! I hope you enjoy the video!
    I love riding my trials bike through the streets and sending it down trails on my enduro bike. Like myself, adidas also seamlessly transitions between both environments. I am stoked to have adidas Outdoor as the perfect partner!
    Video Creative & Production:
    'The Wind That Cried The World' by The Phantom Band
    #DannyMacAskill #adidasOutdoor #Welcometothefamily
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  • Garry Raisbeck
    Garry Raisbeck Před 3 hodinami

    Classy lo fi vid 👍🏻

  • Adrian Ashby
    Adrian Ashby Před 6 hodinami

    imagine Rodney Mullen found bikes before boards. Voila Danny Mac!!

  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan Shaw Před 11 hodinami +2

    This was insane. Whats the specific type of bike you are using? Im after a starter bike of this type just to mess around on. Thanks

  • Si Hargreaves
    Si Hargreaves Před 13 hodinami

    What a legend. Brilliant as always Danny.

  • James Camera9
    James Camera9 Před 14 hodinami

    I am 56 years and I can do a bunny hop on any bike. A 360 on most skateboards.and run faster than everybody I know

  • Scott Elder
    Scott Elder Před 19 hodinami

    So does Adidas make 5 ten shoes?

  • Michael Hughes
    Michael Hughes Před dnem +1

    Way ta go Dano boy! Michael in Toronto.

  • Muhammad
    Muhammad Před dnem +1

    Teach me 😭😍😍

  • Jim H
    Jim H Před dnem

    How dose he not break his legs on that fall .

  • Chris Hemming
    Chris Hemming Před 2 dny

    Amazing as always

  • jaynelson26
    jaynelson26 Před 2 dny +2

    That front flip🔥🔥😍😍

  • Me 2
    Me 2 Před 2 dny +1

    Bless you Danny

  • ricardo gonza
    ricardo gonza Před 2 dny

    Eres la ley bro

  • GS Vlogs
    GS Vlogs Před 2 dny +2

    I just love this dude! He is amazing! Always smiling/ doing what he loves to do/ seems like super polite and earn shit loads of money of doing what he loves. If I would have a kid I show this man as an example of the good vibes life style

  • John Clack
    John Clack Před 2 dny

    This guy has mad skills!

  • Bill Bruce
    Bill Bruce Před 2 dny +1

    Love The Phantom Band, love your stuff, love Scottish scenery (and the rare sunny days here 😂) so what’s not to love in this?

  • max boltax
    max boltax Před 2 dny

    What is the red bike he uses in the first segment called

  • WanderingSwells
    WanderingSwells Před 2 dny +3

    This one time; I rode off a gutter, wearing a pair of flip flops, and I was like... yes, stunts.

    ESC BOT Před 2 dny

    love the music

  • Utsav Dhungana
    Utsav Dhungana Před 2 dny +1

    I am yours big fan

  • Frenzied Designs
    Frenzied Designs Před 3 dny +4

    As a Dunbar native now living in Florida, thanks for making me EVEN MORE HOMESICK.

  • Eberspaecher Russia
    Eberspaecher Russia Před 3 dny

    Campervan for Danny chclip.net/video/ZgxHONSskuI/video.html&t=

  • Kassidy Pope
    Kassidy Pope Před 3 dny +3

    I freakin' love it. It's electrifying and more satisfying than a 2-hour movie. 😍😘

  • S J
    S J Před 3 dny

    Man I missed biking, Iv got lazy and I haven’t touched my bike for almost 2 years.! But know Iv watched Dany’s video, it’s woke me up and has motivated me to get back into biking,! Much respect to Dany 👍😎

  • Paul Adams
    Paul Adams Před 4 dny


  • Brendan Tinsley
    Brendan Tinsley Před 4 dny

    Balls of steel!

  • Abde Djalil Hamlili
    Abde Djalil Hamlili Před 4 dny

    Danny you par coool💪💪😎

  • John Armstrong
    John Armstrong Před 5 dny

    2:12 That composite shot is DOPE.

  • Trevor Leyenhorst
    Trevor Leyenhorst Před 5 dny +2

    I admire the effort you put into self filming. Lots of back and forth, running around, getting stuff that works, some that doesn’t. But this all worked quite nicely :)

  • Jeremy Finlay
    Jeremy Finlay Před 5 dny

    How TF did you get onto the rail surrounded by water???

    • Frenzied Designs
      Frenzied Designs Před 3 dny

      Used to live there, when the tide goes out you can walk up....I guess the maniac just waited for the North Sea to bugger off.

  • Jeremy Finlay
    Jeremy Finlay Před 5 dny

    *Rolls up to the bench* "I wonder what he's going t-" *Calmly gets off bike and sits on the bench* "oh"

  • MeanGeneSanDiego
    MeanGeneSanDiego Před 5 dny

    Great riding as always, though the REPEATED shots of you looking into the camera were...amateurish.

  • bob scott
    bob scott Před 6 dny

    So fun to watch. Congrats !

  • Costel Dinga
    Costel Dinga Před 6 dny

    bagatile pe toate 4 k MT !!

  • Kevin Robert
    Kevin Robert Před 6 dny +2

    This is literally "mountain" biking

  • Eduardo Salas
    Eduardo Salas Před 6 dny

    Wow!! Do you have a lot of bruises on the inside of your legs?

  • florenzjohn mesias
    florenzjohn mesias Před 6 dny


  • l downes
    l downes Před 6 dny


  • James Worth
    James Worth Před 7 dny

    Who would give this a thumbs down! ? ! ?

  • Alex Boldogh
    Alex Boldogh Před 7 dny

    I can't find the answer to this but interested in the brakes you using. What are those yellow / green brakes ?

  • David Schmidt
    David Schmidt Před 7 dny

    Wooow ohhhh ooohhhh woow oohhh ohhhh....
    I have to buy some Adidas now!

  • mdnghtrdrr
    mdnghtrdrr Před 7 dny

    What kind of tires are on the bike in this video? I enjoy watching these.

  • ross landale
    ross landale Před 7 dny

    Danny, is it true that you have titanium shins and gonads of unobtanium?

    NERDO TV Před 7 dny

    Best Part 3:08 WOW

  • Adam Hopchop
    Adam Hopchop Před 7 dny

    You're the Ken Block of bikes

  • Nocturnal Retard
    Nocturnal Retard Před 7 dny

    He's better on his bike than I am on my *feet* !

  • Jp Liberdade
    Jp Liberdade Před 7 dny

    Quero gravações em 4K

  • bartsshorts
    bartsshorts Před 7 dny

    ginger bizquit

  • Péter Drimál
    Péter Drimál Před 8 dny

    3:10 jump on bridge looks fake. Yes, I know you can do tricks like this. Manipulated for sight maybe.

  • Lauren Staff
    Lauren Staff Před 8 dny

    This was actually incredible!

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor Před 8 dny +1

    Where in Scotland is that bench with that view of the mountain at the end? Cracking video Danny 👌🏽

    • AngletarnPikes
      AngletarnPikes Před 6 dny

      It's Buachaille Etive Mor from Glencoe. You can see the view and the bench here: www.google.co.uk/maps/@56.6647283,-4.9046105,3a,60y,182.69h,89.05t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1smI_h9oVg6wqpgl-tiouHtw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

  • Mike W
    Mike W Před 8 dny

    This should be a commercial for "Tour Scotland".

  • Topper Harley
    Topper Harley Před 8 dny

    Sau geil das Video ist der Hammer 😱

  • Don Gibson
    Don Gibson Před 8 dny

    Why do I think you might have got wet with the bridge over (un)troubled water.... :D

  • Henryk Rapacz
    Henryk Rapacz Před 8 dny

    Żałuję, że nie miałem rowerka od najmłodszych lat...
    Chciałbym umieć jeździć choć w 1% jak Ty...
    Jesteś Gość

  • woodsie 13
    woodsie 13 Před 8 dny

    Never fails to impress 👍.

  • Cath and Hamish Pringle

    Go adidas

  • Cath and Hamish Pringle

    Cool stuff

  • Luis Angel Navarrete
    Luis Angel Navarrete Před 8 dny

    you ar the best

  • nicholas swilling
    nicholas swilling Před 8 dny

    so epic dude go for it got the get .!!!!!!

  • Russell Cunningham
    Russell Cunningham Před 8 dny

    Unreal talent....!!! The people who hit "dislike" must eat a lot of dicks

  • Sir Kush
    Sir Kush Před 9 dny

    Danny in Dunbar, how did we miss this

  • Mud-Lust
    Mud-Lust Před 9 dny

    awesome. non biker here

  • golfcurve7
    golfcurve7 Před 9 dny +4

    Danny you are genius...great films, lovely locations and brilliant riding..

  • kristopher gray
    kristopher gray Před 9 dny

    When you were inches away from getting a handlebar up your ass

  • Neland Duncan
    Neland Duncan Před 9 dny +3

    Man, I love watching your videos. You're one of the most innovative athletes I can think of. Please keep doing your thing. All of us love it!

  • Billy
    Billy Před 9 dny

    Never seen Dunbar harbour so empty on a day like that.

  • Bongo Fury
    Bongo Fury Před 9 dny

    Plenty of wows here ! The biggest wow was saved for Glencoe itself. Such a powerful place. 38 souls not forgotten by my clan.

    #ÇON TEMPO Před 9 dny

    After a long time brother.
    Miss A Lot🚴

  • Mcshredin Likes bikes
    Mcshredin Likes bikes Před 9 dny

    This edit is great you have good riding good editing and a song that slaps

  • SheperdsLegion
    SheperdsLegion Před 9 dny +1

    3:24 that view is so beautiful, it's hard to believe it's even real.

  • OllyG Gordon
    OllyG Gordon Před 9 dny

    This was on the Santa Cruz website

  • Saran Pranavv
    Saran Pranavv Před 9 dny +1

    remeber the same thumbnail of fabio in the video Halsatt wind down

  • Gaetan Jacob
    Gaetan Jacob Před 9 dny

    sea, bike & sun !

  • Timo Penttinen
    Timo Penttinen Před 9 dny

    Nice Drive !

  • David Alič
    David Alič Před 9 dny


  • Andrew Slinkin
    Andrew Slinkin Před 9 dny

    A lot of Dannys does not happen

  • cyclonecherry
    cyclonecherry Před 9 dny

    That was fun.

  • Glen Robinson
    Glen Robinson Před 9 dny

    I love all your videos I’ve watched every one their so satisfying

  • Glen Robinson
    Glen Robinson Před 9 dny

    I love all your videos I’ve watched every one their so satisfying

  • Glen Robinson
    Glen Robinson Před 9 dny

    I love all your videos I’ve watched every one their so satisfying

  • Tobia Breda
    Tobia Breda Před 9 dny


  • MAXNAZ 47
    MAXNAZ 47 Před 9 dny

    For a minute there i thought he had some tennis balls jammed in the wheels like old school days, turns out, its just the brake calipers :-D

  • Teds991
    Teds991 Před 9 dny

    Scotty, “you cannae change the laws of physics Captain”
    Danny Mac, “oh yeah”?

  • gordontarpley
    gordontarpley Před 9 dny

    No sweat.

  • LevisLBC
    LevisLBC Před 9 dny

    My 2 favorites are finally working together. This is awesome.

  • Jonathan Gaydosh
    Jonathan Gaydosh Před 9 dny

    What took adidas so long?

  • George Choo
    George Choo Před 9 dny +1

    Aghhhh, my back!

  • Adam Steffen
    Adam Steffen Před 9 dny

    The best proof of alien life on Earth 👽

  • Ray Yarberry
    Ray Yarberry Před 9 dny

    Dude so legendary.

  • Ryan Bonner
    Ryan Bonner Před 9 dny

    Falling off a roof might ruin many peoples' day.

  • Stephen Ewing
    Stephen Ewing Před 9 dny

    Shear brilliance. Thank you.

  • Joe Moore
    Joe Moore Před 10 dny +1

    Finalllyyyy Dannielllllll you get this shit.

  • Hans Peter M.A.K
    Hans Peter M.A.K Před 10 dny


  • The California Angler
    The California Angler Před 10 dny

    Great vid danny. I wish i could be you!!! Someday maybe...

  • TimFromWales
    TimFromWales Před 10 dny +5

    So many cool editing / cutting ideas - Thanks Danny / CutMedia

  • eamon o donnell
    eamon o donnell Před 10 dny

    OK your fantastic and nuts

  • ben3847
    ben3847 Před 10 dny

    thumbnail is not is the video, fuck you

  • David B
    David B Před 10 dny

    Wow! Amazing.

    RESISTFEAR Před 10 dny

    Just Fucking Wow!