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this prank did not go the way i had planned & this happend..

  • čas přidán 17. 04. 2021
  • he got lucky the prank didnt work this time..

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  • Zhong
    Zhong  Před rokem +468

    🥺 Can we get to 3m subscribers? would mean the world to mee 😍 love you all

  • Nihad
    Nihad Před rokem +1

    Did anyone notice that his t-shirt was already wet because he tried making this video many times😂

  • Whatever Life I Guess
    Whatever Life I Guess Před rokem +155

    He’s the type of guy to put a ruler under their pillow to measure how long they slept

  • Kidzz Shows
    Kidzz Shows Před rokem +1

    His smirk at the end 😘😘

  • يا عرب أصحوا
    يا عرب أصحوا Před rokem +8

    اللهم سامحني علئ كل صلاة تركتها، وكل صلاة أخرتها وأجعلني يارب محافظ عليها وثبتني يارب علئ دينك أنا وكل المسلمين ومن نشر هذا الدعاء

  • dannseok
    dannseok Před rokem

    Zhong i love you!!❤️❤️

  • Jelly
    Jelly Před rokem +3

    "WHAT THE WHAT!?!?"

  • Sanjay Shukla
    Sanjay Shukla Před rokem +77

    Mom: Go play with your neighbour's kids.

  • Titin Hartini
    Titin Hartini Před rokem

    Lol zhongg ur soo funny and cute >3

  • lil meow meow😽
    lil meow meow😽 Před rokem +1

    The camera be like:

  • Fire Ice Nation
    Fire Ice Nation Před rokem +114

    My brother is in the hospital right now as we speak so when I watch these videos it cheers me up thank you Zhong continue to do good

  • kenaketomotakachii
    kenaketomotakachii Před rokem


  • deepa shankar
    deepa shankar Před rokem +1

    🤣🤣 I didn't expect that

  • Adolf Dripler
    Adolf Dripler Před rokem +301

    I love how he didn't notice the camera that was right infront of him.

  • lil meow meow😽
    lil meow meow😽 Před rokem +2

    The camera be like:

  • John Voglis
    John Voglis Před rokem +7

    He’s the type of guy that sells sand in the desert

    THE DREAM TEAM Před rokem +173

    Nick got a smile in the back there 😏😏

  • Lena Dakaeva
    Lena Dakaeva Před rokem +1


  • Bhavika Patel
    Bhavika Patel Před rokem +1

    Omg! plan back fire 😂

  • Vestige
    Vestige Před rokem +530

    "I still can't believe that there are people dumber than me"