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5 Most DANGEROUS Social Media Challenges ☠️


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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  Před 14 dny +5498

    For more about TikTok and these ridiculous challenges: chclip.net/video/syCmXKNxvwg/video.html (PLEASE DON'T TRY THESE AT HOME!)

    • The Hunter
      The Hunter Před dnem +1

      NyQuil chicken was not a real trend, one guy made a meme video about it, and the media didn’t understand what it was. The guy even says “you’re gonna want to use 4/3 of the bottle” proving it false.

    • SoupBoot
      SoupBoot Před dnem

      Nyquil Chicken wasn't an actual challenge - see MatPat's video on it.

    • Private Person
      Private Person Před 2 dny

      I'll love to watch after all I'm the one😎 who's car 💥 when it got stolen from me

    • Private Person
      Private Person Před 2 dny


    • Ilannguaq Jonathansen
      Ilannguaq Jonathansen Před 3 dny

      Not exactly proud to say; I did the blackout challenge in boarding school in 2002. Had a near death experience where I had a freaky dream and woke up not knowing where I was

  • Papi Ugh
    Papi Ugh Před 14 dny +147968

    Those people who poured boiling hot water on their friend deserve a jail time.

    • Alexah Custodio
      Alexah Custodio Před 3 dny


    • Pra Youtube
      Pra Youtube Před 3 dny

      They deserve this

    • Juliafox
      Juliafox Před 11 dny

      Well it is Bodily injury so they should at least (!!) get a very High Fine

    • Harry Wyld
      Harry Wyld Před 11 dny

      If someone did that to me I will most likely not be there friend anymore

    • the_one_who_knocks
      the_one_who_knocks Před 11 dny

      Why he fell asleep first at the sleepover its his fault

  • lol_unbeatable
    lol_unbeatable Před 4 dny +1130

    don’t forget about the skull breaker challenge where 2 friends would kick a third person in the middle’s legs from underneath them when they jumped

    • medizontal health
      medizontal health Před dnem +3

      999th like

    • Sunoo_sun
      Sunoo_sun Před 2 dny +3

      I hope that whoever did those challenges to their friends, had had it done to them too. Maybe it would knock some sense into them or knock them out. Less idiotic people out there.

    • Ereh Jaeger
      Ereh Jaeger Před 2 dny +1


    • Destroyers
      Destroyers Před 2 dny +5

      this happened to me but i jumped and kicked both of them in the air with my soccer kilts.

    • Jijii Y.
      Jijii Y. Před 2 dny +6

      I remember when I was an edgy 14 year old and I saw these guys asking another person to do that challenge with them without that person knowing what the challenge was about. I was in my Senku/Dr. Stone phase so I was like, "let me guess.." then I stated their plan without even actually being sure if I was right about it. I cringe at that memory lol.

  • Grape juice
    Grape juice Před 4 dny +1470

    hot water challenge is definitely a crime who the hell thought of this

  • Chris’ magnificent channel

    NyQuil chicken wasn’t actually a thing; that was a meme that the media portrayed as real.

    • Cheeseboi
      Cheeseboi Před 19 hodinami

      It’s about to be real

    • soulwhisper
      soulwhisper Před dnem

      People gotta stop taking memes seriously

    • Terrace the Menace
      Terrace the Menace Před dnem

      however, it is important to note that even cooking it for the meme is dangerous due to fumes

    • Missilemadness
      Missilemadness Před dnem +2

      The media actually made it far worse

    • Bois82
      Bois82 Před dnem


  • CosmicSeer
    CosmicSeer Před 3 dny +754

    “It’s just a prank bro”
    *turns his friend into anakin*

  • arya 🫶
    arya 🫶 Před 10 dny +1837

    the hot water one shouldn’t be a “challenge”. that’s a straight up crime smh

    • Val VainHeart
      Val VainHeart Před 6 dny

      ​@•Rico CCXXVIII yes others are , because they only put the idiots who wanted to do those challenges in danger and maybe can kill them, in which case at least good riddance, one idiot less into the world

    • titanic
      titanic Před 6 dny

      "hmm.. I have an idea! lets give my friend a 2nd degree burn and a visit to the ER! what a great challenge!"

    • arya 🫶
      arya 🫶 Před 9 dny

      @Favi exactly it’s not harming anyone else

    • Linda Hamilton
      Linda Hamilton Před 10 dny

      Fun fact the NyQuil chicken challenge was just a joke that someone posted saying that they were going to eat it but they didn’t actually do it

    • Favi
      Favi Před 10 dny +2

      True the other ones are you doing things to yourself (except maybe the car) so if you wanna drug yourself or give yourself brain damage then I guess

  • lament ;)
    lament ;) Před 2 dny +18

    I can't describe how glad I am to have good friends even during these trends.

  • sanan hashemi
    sanan hashemi Před 3 dny +48

    People who did the boiling water challenge are honestly straight up no brainers

  • holy lord frogbean
    holy lord frogbean Před 4 dny +32

    Those friends took "it's just a prank bro" Too seriously

  • Jamal
    Jamal Před 4 dny +85

    The hot water one is a lawsuit waiting to happen,
    Im so sorry for the poor guy

  • NoahGaming95
    NoahGaming95 Před 14 dny +35435

    The hot water one is just straight up criminal charges

    • SUPERHERO bandaa
      SUPERHERO bandaa Před 23 hodinami

      More like Attempt to Murder.

    • Nope
      Nope Před 4 dny

      I am terrified of being in a place with someone where you could boil water now.

    • Omar Ajaj
      Omar Ajaj Před 5 dny

      ​@deletd npc

    • NO NAME Ch.
      NO NAME Ch. Před 6 dny

      ​@Attraction Spot i dont consider people who pour hot water on my head as a friend 😂

    • Steve Plasma
      Steve Plasma Před 6 dny


  • Kiv 🎗️👑
    Kiv 🎗️👑 Před 3 dny +57

    The thing is NyQuil wasn't even being serious. They were satire, yet people took it up on themselves to actually listen.

    • Raise a black flag
      Raise a black flag Před 21 hodinou

      @BasicallyImBobby but the thing is there are in fact people out there that would beleive that pickles offend dogs with progeria. It's sad but true, we've all seen ridiculous rumors and trends fly out of hand on the internet that should be obviously not true or performed, but there's still people that take it at face value and run with it.
      I mean c'mon you've seen people licking toilet seats and setting themselves on fire, anyone with half a brain should know not to do these things yet there's countless people who have, why? Because a lot of people are stupid and take everything at face value and latch onto trends they think will drag them into it internet fame.

    • Raise a black flag
      Raise a black flag Před 21 hodinou

      @codI get that, but the thing is you can't just leave satire up to people to decide, as I said alot of people are stupid and take everything at face value.
      I've seen the NyQuil chicken video, I didn't see it stated anywhere on it that it was for satrical purposes only.

    • cod
      cod Před dnem +1

      ​@Raise a black flagsatirical videos are everywhere, you can't blame the author but rather the media for changing the purpose. it's like blaming the guy who invented the knife for being stabbed.

    • BasicallyImBobby
      BasicallyImBobby Před 2 dny

      @Raise a black flag The joke was so obviously satire, it was like “here are why ✨pickles✨ are offensive dogs with progeria” like no one would miss the joke had they just watched the video instead of blindly reading articles lying about it.

    • Raise a black flag
      Raise a black flag Před 2 dny +1

      Even still, it's the internet this place is full of stupid people looking for any trend to latch onto. Even thinking up and posting the video is implanting the idea for others to do it, while hiding behind the "it was just a joke/satire" defense.

  • Meat Destroyer
    Meat Destroyer Před 3 dny +10

    Pouring hot water on your friends ruins their lives in some cases. It's worse than killing them.

  • YourLocalWeirdo
    YourLocalWeirdo Před 2 dny +5

    You know, sometimes being too brave is dangerous.

  • Ilannguaq Jonathansen
    Ilannguaq Jonathansen Před 3 dny +2

    Not exactly proud to say; I did the blackout challenge in boarding school in 2002. Had a near death experience where I had a freaky dream and woke up not knowing where I was

  • ProkaWriter
    ProkaWriter Před 13 dny +1441

    hot water challenge is not a challenge, it's basically an assault 💀

    • Aziz Setyawan
      Aziz Setyawan Před 8 dny

      This is why we should ban TikTok, most of bad trend literally come from TikTok, it's like 80% of them come from TikTok
      Get a real dude

      Tawhid MOHAMMED NURUL Před 12 dny +3

      Criminals might do this to People but People doing this to their friends have to go to jail

    • hazardCODM
      hazardCODM Před 12 dny +9

      I don't know what was the thought process. Like you tryna kill the guy wtf

    • Tyler Playzz
      Tyler Playzz Před 12 dny +11

      Grievous bodily harm

    • 🪐Space_And Wicca🍷
      🪐Space_And Wicca🍷 Před 12 dny +48

      Attempted murder at that point.

  • Flybertrek
    Flybertrek Před 3 dny +1

    I lost a good friend to the blackout challenge when I was 14... He locked himself in his room and did it alone.. I just imagine his parents having to break open the door to his room and finding him like that. The thought Still haunts me...
    Fly High brother🕊

  • Lizzie
    Lizzie Před 4 dny

    I'm happy people come up with those challenges every once in a while and for those who take them on. Makes the world a better place little by little.

  • Otaku Eve
    Otaku Eve Před 2 dny

    Whenever I look or hear of these “trends” and challenges I always think, “Are these people psychopaths or do they just want to die?” You can not tell me that these people don’t have a death wish doing these things

  • Edward Sun
    Edward Sun Před 4 dny

    I actually heard about NyQuil chicken from Food Theory by MatPat, and tide pod challenge a few years ago in 2017.
    As for hot water and blackout challenges, the victims’ families should receive compensation and the people doing it should be put in prison.

  • Syam Rasid
    Syam Rasid Před 9 dny +2999

    Pouring boiling water on your unsuspecting friends is not a challenge, its a lawsuit waiting to happen

    • TheMaan2008
      TheMaan2008 Před 5 dny


    • Syam Rasid
      Syam Rasid Před 9 dny +1

      @WW2gamernoob if they do it to him then I don't think they are real friends though

    • Syam Rasid
      Syam Rasid Před 9 dny

      @Jiren the Gray exactly

    • Syam Rasid
      Syam Rasid Před 9 dny

      @Sam right? 🤣

    • Pineappler
      Pineappler Před 9 dny +1

      That ain’t a civil offense, no lawsuit, you’re just plain getting arrested.

  • Some_guy_named_Collin
    Some_guy_named_Collin Před 3 dny +58

    They took “this NyQuil ain’t shit” too another level

  • Maki
    Maki Před 2 dny

    Someone from my class tried the blackout challenge in the hallway where I and some friends sat. I didn’t sit there very often (2 times in a whole year), and literally the second time I sat there he passed out! It was really horrifying

  • Nicholas Siew
    Nicholas Siew Před 2 dny

    On one hand, it's aggravating to see this happening.
    On the other, it's.. a good way to weed out people dumb enough to do it for whatever reason. Can we get them on some registry about their actions??

  • ZePRo oP
    ZePRo oP Před 3 dny

    "Everybody talking about the hot water"
    Meanwhile me: noticing how he rickrolled us all with his t-shirt

  • MuntTheDubious_9
    MuntTheDubious_9 Před 12 dny +1813

    Getting boiling water thrown on you is by far one of the worst ways to find out that your friends suck

    • Aziz Setyawan
      Aziz Setyawan Před 8 dny

      @MuntTheDubious_9 at least glue sniffer not annoying and harm other people, only effecting himself
      While this tiktok trend harm alot people, such that car dance. What if the car ram other people, its can resulting innocence people to die

    • MuntTheDubious_9
      MuntTheDubious_9 Před 8 dny

      @Aziz Setyawan that’s less of a problem with tiktok and more of a problem with glue-sniffers and sociopaths

    • Aziz Setyawan
      Aziz Setyawan Před 8 dny

      This is why we should ban TikTok, most of bad trend literally come from TikTok, it's like 80% of them come from TikTok
      Get a real dude

    • Lucario 9457
      Lucario 9457 Před 9 dny +3

      Boiling hot water on you when you are sleeping is especially bad sibce it seems it was poured on their head and idk if it would of gone worse if they ended up struggling to breathe with a mouthful of boiling water.

    • Latviaball
      Latviaball Před 10 dny

      ​@Vance Ausec Dude, SO uncool

  • Nita Enyeart
    Nita Enyeart Před 2 dny

    The blackout challenge has been going around since at least the early '90s and a lot more than 18 deaths have occurred because of it a friend of mine went into cardiac arrest we were able to get them back but that was still scary as hell

  • Unfunny
    Unfunny Před 2 dny

    fun fact: The nyquil chicken dates back to around 2013 on 4chan and was EXTREMELY satire but, without the audio it seemed real, the news removed the said audio and then called it a challenge to fearmonger parents. For a better explanation, watch Food Theory's video on it.

  • Duck_Passing_by
    Duck_Passing_by Před 3 dny

    I onced watched a video about the nyquil chicken "challenge" from the food theorist. Interestingly it wasn't a challenge rather it was deemed that way by multiple people with high influence such as TV news to get another story about people doing stupid "challenges" but it wasn't.

  • NoNameHere
    NoNameHere Před 3 dny

    "look who fell asleep first!'
    "prank him john!"
    *proceeds to put boiling water and rips hit face off*
    totally normal tiktok challengers life

  • Heaven Plan
    Heaven Plan Před 9 dny +1586

    These aren't social media challenges, these are try to die challenges.

    • James Martin
      James Martin Před 8 dny

      You are correct on that one

    • Bonito Bonita
      Bonito Bonita Před 8 dny

      And try to kill challenge. Pour boiling hot water to someone is an attempted murder…

    • Taehyung's gf
      Taehyung's gf Před 8 dny +1

      I'm sorry I laughed-😒

    • Santosh Ketaraju
      Santosh Ketaraju Před 8 dny

      More like try not to die challenges

    • Menethil
      Menethil Před 8 dny

      These are "clean up the gene pool" challenges as far as I'm concerned. Don't want any of these idiots around living alongside my children.

  • blagz
    blagz Před 3 dny +2

    “They got 2nd degree burns” he says while wearing an among us shirt

  • VSLazer
    VSLazer Před 2 dny +1

    I’ve never heard of the hot water challenge until now and all I can say is that’s extremely fucked up.

  • William Thirry
    William Thirry Před 3 dny

    I was going to actually try out the blackout challenge (not because I knew of the challenge but because I couldn’t fall asleep so I thought that not breathing would make me go unconscious so that I will fall asleep, I thought that my body would naturally start breathing again when I went unconscious), luckily I didn’t have enough dedication to go all the way through, but I was darn close. I didn’t know it could kill you.

  • blox fries 🍟
    blox fries 🍟 Před 10 dny +1959

    If you ever felt useless, remember these people exist

  • StolenStars {Was WolfyCandyTatiYT}

    Don’t forget the skull breaker challenge; leading back to around 2019.

  • Kyoto Tomokui
    Kyoto Tomokui Před 3 dny +8

    The NyQuil chicken thing turned out to just be a joke that news outlets took way too seriously.

    • Gabriel Tucker
      Gabriel Tucker Před 3 dny +1

      I came here to say just that. All the other challenges had injuries or deaths associated with them, but the NyQuil chicken just sounds scary.

  • 👑 BRat King 🎲
    👑 BRat King 🎲 Před dnem

    Honestly these challenges are pretty welcome , we weed out the incredibly stupid and those who were obviously not meant to last

  • Syphax Afroun
    Syphax Afroun Před 3 dny

    I am speechless after hearing about the Blackout Challenge, unbelievable on how stupid these people are. Now I kinda wish I was born before 2000

  • StudsMac
    StudsMac Před 14 dny +6008

    Man I feel bad for the dude who got burned because he had nothing to do with the stupidity of the trend. Hope his “friends” are getting their just desserts.

    • josh Josh
      josh Josh Před 19 hodinami

      @soltrivers so if someone went out at 3am to the most dangerous neighborhood and started flashing 100 notes
      He doesn't hold any responsibility if he were to get robbed?
      I am saying his friends didn't go fromzero to pouring boiling water on their friend face without prior red flags, even tho it's totally his friends fault, he still holds some responsibility to keep himself out of dangerous situations.
      What part of that your brain struggled to understand? Are u really this clueless 🤔

    • soltrivers
      soltrivers Před 19 hodinami

      @josh Josh Not you blaming someone for something someone else did.

    • josh Josh
      josh Josh Před 2 dny

      @lycoris♡ if your brain is that challenged and can't understand what I meant, that's your problem not mine 🤔

    • lycoris♡
      lycoris♡ Před 2 dny

      ​@josh Josh way to go with blaming the victim! 😐😑

    • Kazue Ballesteros
      Kazue Ballesteros Před 3 dny

      Desserts 🤨

  • Shakshi Baranwal
    Shakshi Baranwal Před 3 dny

    Sadly we are heading into an era where common sense and knowledge has been overthrown for mere publicity

  • Wiccan Wanderer
    Wiccan Wanderer Před dnem

    The blackout challenge is older than social media. When I was in elementary school(2nd-3rd grade) the sixth-graders were doing it before class. At least one girl cracked her skull on a desk when she collapsed. I'm 40.

  • quantillious fingle balls

    Who the hell in their right mind thought “let’s throw hot water on our unconscious buddy and see what happens” how the hell does common sense not connect in one’s brain

  • Uche Maduafu
    Uche Maduafu Před 3 dny +3

    People who try this challenges are asking for a death note 💀

  • Ata Ul Haye
    Ata Ul Haye Před 10 dny +1218

    "If idiots could fly, TikTok would be the airport" perfectly applies here

    • Gamer Cat
      Gamer Cat Před 10 dny +1

      Ig common sense isn't common anymore 😐

    • KaityKat117
      KaityKat117 Před 10 dny +1

      if TikTokkers could fly, nowhere would be safe

    • Anthony Baskette
      Anthony Baskette Před 10 dny +2

      Not just any airport, but Atlanta international airport. The airport with the most amount of travelers on average.

    • He He
      He He Před 10 dny +2

      @Christian Esparza After I brought this cellphone I use their is already an installed tiktok after I first use my phone I insta delete tiktok because I dont want to be Idiot

    • Ata Ul Haye
      Ata Ul Haye Před 10 dny +5

      @Christian Esparza I do applaud and commend you for your dedication to quit though, good to hear

  • supreme s
    supreme s Před dnem

    I'm proud of our country prime minister for keeping tight regulations on social media and banning tik tok 😁😁😁

  • IcyPeru!
    IcyPeru! Před 3 dny

    Me who never gets invited to sleepovers after watching this: *Finally, inner peace*

  • R K
    R K Před 2 dny

    Staying away from these stupid challenges is my favourite challenge 😎

  • Lia Tulikihihifo
    Lia Tulikihihifo Před 2 dny

    Whoever did any of these challenges…. I don’t know what to say.

  • 1Gekko
    1Gekko Před 14 dny +2786

    If my friends did that, I would sue in a heartbeat. That’s straight up criminal.

    • White Cat
      White Cat Před 8 dny

      I would hope that I am smart enough NOT to have a friend that STUPID.

    • AzureSpike [GD]
      AzureSpike [GD] Před 8 dny

      ​@TamWam I remember someone just killed his friend just because of $1-2 dollar scam and blacklist from friend

    • Aziz Setyawan
      Aziz Setyawan Před 8 dny

      This is why we should ban TikTok, most of bad trend literally come from TikTok, it's like 80% of them come from TikTok
      Get a real dude

    • pronotfound
      pronotfound Před 8 dny

      @O K Sue for money

    • O K
      O K Před 8 dny

      Im pretty sure you wouldn't have to since that shit is like multiple felonies. Ranging from Assault (potentially assault with a Deadly weapon) to GBH,Torture and potentially attempted murder

  • The gamer cat
    The gamer cat Před dnem +1

    @Mrwhosetheboss The tide pod challengereminds me of this one time I was five and I wanted to clean the toilet, so I had this very dumb idea popping a tidepod over the toilet, you probably know where this went. Basically, the tide pod splashed up went into my eye and I had to go to the urgent care.

  • ꙮ<Sl3ppy_St4r>ꙮ
    ꙮ<Sl3ppy_St4r>ꙮ Před dnem

    "What part of this looks like food?!"
    It looks like a gooey candy that tastes like blue raspberry, all of it looks like food. BUT NO WAY I'M EATING IT

  • Stéphane Mignot
    Stéphane Mignot Před 2 dny

    I was thinking "wtf"? then I remembered I tried the first one 40 years ago, I laid down on some slow traffic highway too.

  • Kitty Pawz
    Kitty Pawz Před 4 dny

    Fun fact: The NyQuil chicken was never actually a challenge, it was a parody mocking TikTok's food hacks

  • GalacticTommy
    GalacticTommy Před 14 dny +1242

    That hot water “challenge” is literally straight up assault

    • bruh
      bruh Před 10 dny

      @Sterling Watson I didn't notice ight its an honest mistake 😅

    • Degstoll
      Degstoll Před 11 dny +3

      If a "friend" did this to me, even if I died, I'd come back and use hot oil instead.

    • Chips
      Chips Před 11 dny +1

      my leg got burned recently, and i will tell you it HURTS. i cant imagine it being onmy head

    • Aditi shakya
      Aditi shakya Před 11 dny


    • Doom player123
      Doom player123 Před 11 dny


  • SNG
    SNG Před 2 dny +1

    Never heard of the boiling water challenge but seriously wtf 💀 that’s not even a challenge, that’s just criminal

  • kiitkaat
    kiitkaat Před dnem

    my friends used to always do the blackout challenge but I never did it because the way they passed out was so scary

  • MushroomCloud96
    MushroomCloud96 Před 2 dny

    Bro I remember the black out challenge when I was in middle school and every kid who ended up on drugs legit did that challenge

  • fatcat
    fatcat Před 2 dny +1

    the nyqill one was a joke that the news made out to be a real thing. i watched the first video about it, it was obviously a joke he was even using a hair straighter to flip the chicken (unplugged obvi)

  • Ryan
    Ryan Před 14 dny +1359

    That boiling water challenge is just criminal, those deserve jail and a good beating.

    • Aziz Setyawan
      Aziz Setyawan Před 8 dny

      This is why we should ban TikTok, most of bad trend literally come from TikTok, it's like 80% of them come from TikTok
      Get a real dude

    • Miachael Chan
      Miachael Chan Před 10 dny +1

      "It's just a prank bro" *Dead friend*

    • Heavy0331
      Heavy0331 Před 11 dny

      You have a good grasp on reality

    • Mono San
      Mono San Před 13 dny

      I agree w ur comment but honestly none of the challenges on this list doesnt even come from tiktok. Except the niquil chicken thing. All of these r very old challenges except the tide pod n the chicken.

    • Federal beru of investigation
      Federal beru of investigation Před 13 dny +5

      That’s literally battery) if you’re confused battery means assault

  • Anime shorts
    Anime shorts Před 3 dny

    when the friend do the boiling water challenge : "it was just a prank"

  • Amy
    Amy  Před 3 dny

    "i'll throw this hot boiling water to my friend face for tik tok challenge.yeah what a great idea and totally fun😊"

  • Mr IgTp
    Mr IgTp Před 4 dny

    Nyquil chicken was proven to be shock value only. “Hot water challenge” severely downplays how awful it was.

  • Vortrex
    Vortrex Před 3 dny

    I have a feeling my friends would do the boiling water one to me 😕

    Cam (JUSTICE FOR GARAM) Před 9 dny +1930

    You can't even consider them friends if their pouring boiling water on you. That's just straight up a crime.

    • Mr. Crow
      Mr. Crow Před 9 dny +2

      @Cam (JUSTICE FOR GARAM) no no don't worry it's had to pick up tone online I make the same mistake sometimes

      Cam (JUSTICE FOR GARAM) Před 9 dny +1

      @Mr. Crow i really thought you were serious because this is serious. Mb. Maybe I'm the one with the burn in my head. 😭

      Cam (JUSTICE FOR GARAM) Před 9 dny +1

      @Mr. Crow oh.

    • Mr. Crow
      Mr. Crow Před 9 dny +1

      @Cam (JUSTICE FOR GARAM) I thought I made my sarcasm obvious.

      Cam (JUSTICE FOR GARAM) Před 9 dny +1

      @Mr. Crow LMAOOOOOOO. STFU GIRL. Sorry but even a 3rd grader can even assume that boiling water can cause burns. u know damn well that boiling water can harm u no matter how hot it is it stings. Whatever substance is boiling can still damage your head wether its hot or warm. But obviously the hot one would give burns. And it could possibly melt through the scalp so. It hurts more than burning your self on a pot. But still you wouldn't even have to know if it's gonna hurt or not but you can see it's boiling water and boiling water is EXTREMELY hot. Even a drop of boiling water can hurt u. Either way thats not a funny joke. Why would you do that when you know the water is hot? Don't even consider them friends. Some people just don't think what there doing.

  • MrUseless
    MrUseless Před 21 hodinou +1

    One of my friends’ friend died from the blackout challenge in 4th grade. He was only 9 years old ):

  • Leslie Rahamut
    Leslie Rahamut Před 4 dny

    Just out of curiosity, any idea which country's citizens take up these clearly idiotic challenges?

  • SowSow
    SowSow Před 3 dny +1

    It’s hard to feel bad for these type of people

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith Před 2 dny

    I more surprised tick tock hasnt gotten in trouble from at least discouraging or actually monitoring the app

  • Siubhan Wilkerson
    Siubhan Wilkerson Před 7 dny +3782

    Those “friends” who put hot boiling water on their “friend” deserve to be punched in the face every second in prison.

    • Chillbucket
      Chillbucket Před 4 dny

      ​@huys niga u the person who did their challenge?

    • Samuel Ling
      Samuel Ling Před 4 dny

      why not take their own medicine

    • campediemPSAs
      campediemPSAs Před 4 dny

      I see u everywhere

    • Ojaswi Shreatha
      Ojaswi Shreatha Před 4 dny


    • Red Hot Chili Pepper
      Red Hot Chili Pepper Před 5 dny

      ​@huys Ive been burnt with boiling hot water even worse was the kettle was boiled twice it hurts a lot im glad ot wasnt on my face but even one section feels like youre burning alive.

  • anormalguy!
    anormalguy! Před 2 dny

    I feel like I lose brain cells every time a new challenge comes out

  • Senbon Sakura
    Senbon Sakura Před 4 dny

    The Nyquil was meant as a joke, but the media caught on and blew it out of proportion

  • RealJoshie
    RealJoshie Před 2 dny

    "5 most dangerous social media challenges," he says as he has an Among Us shirt on.

  • Killian Saadé
    Killian Saadé Před 2 dny

    I want more challenges like this. Natural selection gonna go hard

    CLAMØR Před 11 dny +1129

    Fun fact: NyQuil chicken was just a meme until the media took it out of proportion. The original video dates to around 2020 and you can hear him say things like, “add four-thirds of your NyQuil bottle”. This was all beautifully explained by Mr Matthew Patthew (MatPat)

    • doctor nuts
      doctor nuts Před 10 dny

      @Opossum and rat matty patty

    • UsurperX
      UsurperX Před 11 dny

      Same with Tide pods, just a meme. Then autists to what autists do

    • Lily
      Lily Před 11 dny

      Omg I was just going into the comments to say that 🤣

    • Rene Rosas
      Rene Rosas Před 11 dny

      I was going to say that

    • Opossum and rat
      Opossum and rat Před 11 dny

      It’s actually Matthew Patrick, but if It’s a joke then it’s fine, just wanted you to know no hate

  • V Jensen
    V Jensen Před 3 dny

    Please don't blame stupidity on social media.
    I'm middle-aged and my math-teacher told about the blackout-challenge back when I was in 4. grade. He was in his 50ies at the time. He and his friends did it when they were kids after their teacher warned them about it.

  • Firehawk3672
    Firehawk3672 Před 2 dny

    “This generation will be the hardest working generation!”
    This generation:

  • Frejmarian Films
    Frejmarian Films Před 2 dny

    These are all classified in the same bracket as the natural selection “Darwin challenge”

  • Darrell Zazueta
    Darrell Zazueta Před 4 dny

    I remember the black out challenge. Its been going on for decades

  • Pencil 2.0
    Pencil 2.0 Před 11 dny +1729

    Nah bro those people who poured boiling hot water on their friends aren't their friends at all, my heart goes out to the victims of that challenge TT

    • Aziz Setyawan
      Aziz Setyawan Před 8 dny

      This is why we should ban TikTok, most of bad trend literally come from TikTok, it's like 80% of them come from TikTok
      Get a real dude

    • Sadati Sadik
      Sadati Sadik Před 10 dny

      @Pencil 2.0 ik lol

    • Pencil 2.0
      Pencil 2.0 Před 10 dny +1

      @Sadati Sadik Dw the wasp shower dude is just messing with you XD

    • Sadati Sadik
      Sadati Sadik Před 11 dny

      @Waspshower i know, but still :(

    • Waspshower
      Waspshower Před 11 dny +1

      @Sadati Sadik bro calm down. *it's just a prank*

  • allin yofeelings
    allin yofeelings Před dnem

    Lost my 13 year old cousin to the blackout challenge smh wish it was never a challenge

  • Saura Cifer
    Saura Cifer Před 2 dny

    We need more of these challenges lmao

  • JJ Caringal
    JJ Caringal Před 3 dny

    I cant imagine pouring hot water on my friends, although I would totally pour cold water on them. BUT BOILING WATER? WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE WHO DID THAT.

  • Wallflower
    Wallflower Před 3 dny

    Society has went downhill ever since tiktok became a thing

  • Mr.CrunchyMelon
    Mr.CrunchyMelon Před 10 dny +626

    Fun fact: the NyQuil chicken wasn’t even a challenge, it was just a joke that was going around. But then the big media/news made it a big deal when nobody was actually cooking NyQuil and chicken

    • mRekless
      mRekless Před 7 dny

      @Andromeda Not all information comes from youtube shorts, Andromeda.

    • minari
      minari Před 9 dny

      @wDStarDustXp im sorry

    • wDStarDustXp
      wDStarDustXp Před 9 dny

      @minari you're grammar me confuse

    • minari
      minari Před 10 dny +1

      @wDStarDustXp ikr likec im not gonna be the one to get hurt nananananna OR LIKE HAVE YOU LISTENED TO OMGG

    • wDStarDustXp
      wDStarDustXp Před 10 dny


  • Brandt Baron
    Brandt Baron Před 2 dny

    I have friends who watch tik tok and enjoy these challenges. I always have my head in a swivel around them

  • °•Juzt_Zee•°
    °•Juzt_Zee•° Před dnem

    "It's just a prank, chill out"
    *The Prank:*

  • Alex Hailey
    Alex Hailey Před 2 dny

    i did the kiki challenge when i was 12 or 13 and it was perfectly fine and safe 💀 obviously be aware of your surroundings and don’t do it on a busy road. the other ones in this vid are just stupid tho…

  • David Oswalt
    David Oswalt Před 4 dny

    Last year, one of my friends actually died of the Blackout Challenge, still miss him to this day.

  • Fersho
    Fersho Před 11 dny +1490

    "If idiots could fly, tiktok would be an airport"

    • Jeff Bezos
      Jeff Bezos Před dnem

      That made me smile lol

    • Alfred Pennyworth
      Alfred Pennyworth Před 2 dny +1

      @ineedsleep indeed TikTok is just the one who made it famous. 💀

    • ineedsleep
      ineedsleep Před 2 dny

      some of these arent from tiktok, u can find idiots anywhere on social media depending what side you're in so☠

    • A Cool_412
      A Cool_412 Před 3 dny


    • Rey J
      Rey J Před 3 dny

      ​@Beenish Baig most of these were youtube challenges

  • Layla Clark
    Layla Clark Před 2 dny

    The video: *is serious and trying to explain the deaths of these challenges*
    His shirt: I'm bouta end this man's whole career

  • Dr.Marc6477
    Dr.Marc6477 Před 3 dny

    I don’t know why this is funny but I almost laughed when the dude got hit by a car 💀

  • Durev
    Durev Před 4 dny

    One time my friends were doing the blackout challenge and one guy passed out then fell into a shelf and knocked his head on the shelf and had a small seizure. He's fine tho

  • Goochthebest_YT 7
    Goochthebest_YT 7 Před 2 dny

    You forgot the skull breaker challenge,that’s when two friends would jump beside their friend in the middle then the middle guy would jump and they would sweep his/her legs

  • Bread Lord
    Bread Lord Před 10 dny +1176

    Pouring boiling hot water onto your friend it's just... A sign of betrayal, especially if they're your best friend

    • vladimirx41
      vladimirx41 Před 10 dny

      no bro that’s evil

    • BriteMite
      BriteMite Před 10 dny

      ​@Koustubh Padaki and hes also joking bruh

    • Koustubh Padaki
      Koustubh Padaki Před 10 dny

      ​@Gravos Chaoshart Bro he's being sarcastic

    • Gravos Chaoshart
      Gravos Chaoshart Před 10 dny +2

      ​@Bumberto_Eko Prank? You might as well beat them up for no effing reason.

    • Fumiko_Chxn ! 🌙☁️
      Fumiko_Chxn ! 🌙☁️ Před 10 dny +10

      I can't believe this challenge even exist. WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND WOULD THINK THIS WOULD BE FUNNY OR SMTH💀💀

  • ShibaInuDav
    ShibaInuDav Před 20 hodinami

    this is literally why I don't watch or recommend TikTok

  • Thunderkat
    Thunderkat Před 3 dny

    Nyquil chicken was never a challenge, it was just a joke that mainstream media misunderstood and peddled as the next big thing the kids were into. There is no recorded instance of anyone actually consuming it, let alone someone getting sick or dying from it.
    You owe me one more dangerous challenge.

  • AdzCool
    AdzCool  Před dnem

    social media can be good, but when it comes to these types of challenges... WTF?!!

  • Blueberry bubble
    Blueberry bubble  Před 3 dny

    The NyQuil thing was just a joke that the media picked up and ran with it was never actually a challenge