What Sweetgreen Cofounder & Gwyneth Paltrow Put In Their Salads

  • čas přidán 12. 01. 2020
  • GP knows how to make some really good salads, but to change up her formula, she invited her friend Nicolas Jammet, cofounder and chief concept officer of Sweetgreen, to our test kitchen.
    They talked about greens (two or even three are better than one); how clutch ingredients like citrus zest, hot sauce, and anchovies belong in your dressings; and the not-so-secret ratio for a perfect vinaigrette, every time (three to one, fat to acid). Once you stock up on the right ingredients, whip up a few new dressings you can play around with-combinations that are unexpected, incredibly flavorful, and nutritious.
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  • Isabel Aponte
    Isabel Aponte Před dnem

    My favorite food to make. I look for colors and texture. I will try the dressings.

    BOMB.COM Před 2 dny +1

    Damn, those are good looking salads!

    • BOMB.COM
      BOMB.COM Před 2 dny

      New subscriber here! ( :

  • T K
    T K Před 2 dny

    G you look fine but that pale skin, blond hair and white outfit im not sure about. Goops! Try some color.

  • Caitlin McKim
    Caitlin McKim Před 4 dny

    neither of these two, biologically have an asshole

  • Caitlin McKim
    Caitlin McKim Před 4 dny +3

    "good, old friend" CRINGE fack

  • JBrxwnlfc
    JBrxwnlfc Před 4 dny

    Very short scam artist

  • Wilmour43
    Wilmour43 Před 4 dny

    Get off the internet. You are a bad person promoting worse things

  • Christi Caceres
    Christi Caceres Před 4 dny +2

    Happy to hear Sweetgreen is coming to Miami ; )

  • To Be Honest
    To Be Honest Před 4 dny +6

    gwenty pooptray misses harvey winestien
    no more movie offers

    • Tyler's Tears
      Tyler's Tears Před 3 dny

      @Cheryl while she peddles waters with heavy metals in it sure...

    • To Be Honest
      To Be Honest Před 3 dny +1

      @Cheryl lol yes its rude to point out sexual predators - she's as gross as harvey - she knew

  • To Be Honest
    To Be Honest Před 4 dny +5


  • Patrick Morales
    Patrick Morales Před 5 dny +15

    (walks in to sweetgreens)......."i'll have the gwyneth"

  • tono80
    tono80 Před 5 dny

    Damn, people are so f-ing gullible. Fine line between scam artist and celebrity “wellness” guru

  • Tiffani Vu
    Tiffani Vu Před 5 dny +7

    Thanks, I want salad today.

  • possible communism
    possible communism Před 5 dny

    Send a cease and desist a well established online group because your to lazy to come up with another name for your shitty snake oil brand that takes advantage of uninformed or stupid young women

  • Airuz
    Airuz Před 5 dny +3

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  • Danny Rw
    Danny Rw Před 6 dny


  • Baftagirl London
    Baftagirl London Před 6 dny +1

    Salad.. 🙄
    I have never eaten a salad that my body has immediately thanked.. Pizza 🍕.. Yes :)>

    • The Conductor Esplin
      The Conductor Esplin Před 5 dny

      @Fern F ah
      My mistake

    • Fern F
      Fern F Před 5 dny

      @The Conductor Esplin I know! but why are you telling me that? I think your wires crossed.

    • The Conductor Esplin
      The Conductor Esplin Před 5 dny +1

      @Fern F
      I dont blame u
      Pizza is friccen awsome

    • Fern F
      Fern F Před 5 dny

      @Balents in another comment you just wrote salad was pretentious... make up your mind dude. 😎

    • Balents
      Balents Před 5 dny

      thats why youre fat

  • SpectraLuna
    SpectraLuna Před 6 dny +4

    Humanity was a mistake and Gwyneth Paltrow is proof of it.

    • Satoma Karlsson
      Satoma Karlsson Před dnem

      @Fern F Im sorry, but Fern, he said Gwyneth not the salad bud. It seems your eyes must not be working... Do you require anti psyhcic vampire spray?

    • Fern F
      Fern F Před 5 dny +1

      Wow, you sound really depressed, are you ok bud? It's just salad.

  • Joshua Hittinger
    Joshua Hittinger Před 6 dny

    This snake oil garbage doesn’t allow likes/dislikes because they’re openly scamming people with pseudoscience. Pathetic use of power.

  • Jairo Romani
    Jairo Romani Před 6 dny +2

    This video has 44k dislikes, I decoded the video

  • What's The Frequency
    What's The Frequency Před 6 dny +4

    I was given GP's new book Clean Plate for a gift -- great book and highly recommend.

  • Adrián Gámez Maldonado
    Adrián Gámez Maldonado Před 6 dny +3

    I want some Anti-psychic-vampire Oil cream shampoo pleeaseeee

  • Salad.ch菜饗 namotenashi


  • Panko
    Panko Před 6 dny +14

    hello scam artist!

  • Davy Franck
    Davy Franck Před 6 dny +1

    Nah, I'll have a steak and chips thanks, not this commy gobbledygook.

  • shuri
    shuri Před 7 dny

    this is ungamer of you

  • Thin Icee
    Thin Icee Před 7 dny +13


    • The Conductor Esplin
      The Conductor Esplin Před 5 dny +1

      @Fern F
      You can enjoy your salad but you are ignoring the major scam happening right in front of you

    • Fern F
      Fern F Před 5 dny

      @The Conductor Esplin well if enjoying salads makes me shallow then goddamit I'm the shallowest of them all. 😎

    • The Conductor Esplin
      The Conductor Esplin Před 5 dny

      @Fern F
      No they are calling a organization that
      Or are you really that shallow

    • Fern F
      Fern F Před 5 dny +1

      Is that what people are calling salad these days?? 🤣

  • Pengo Mode
    Pengo Mode Před 7 dny +6

    Give goopcast their name back you scamm1ng pieces of goop

  • Lily Lily S
    Lily Lily S Před 7 dny +4

    My favourite channel. Keep going👍

  • K Webster
    K Webster Před 7 dny +5

    Part of me is inspired to buy different greens(if I can get them) and part of me feels this is a cooking show for the wealthy or pretentious. To put 50 different bowls of ingredients out just so you can choose a very few is conspicuous consumption. Where was the gold leaf for the top?

    • none none
      none none Před 9 hodinami

      Lets make this clear.This is not cooking. You can replace thousands of years of tradition with some vegan-pretencious-salad. I never understood why people dont just buy traditional cookbooks. I was one time in cairo and went into a restaurant. They were only serving one dish. I still remmember that dish. As for "your body will thank you for it", its not even supported by science. Your body will most likely love more a simple potatoe. This will feed will gut bacteria, which will modulate your immune system and will also have an impact on hormones. As for eating the rainbow, that is good advice. The problem these days is that most vegetables dont take good. There were some selection on seeds and where chose only the resistant ones. If you travel to some remote corners of the world, you can still taste how tomatoes should taste. Take that and apply thousands of years of tradition like greek, romanian, libanese and food becomes what it used to be when i was little. A very enjoyable expirience that never made me sick.

    • The Conductor Esplin
      The Conductor Esplin Před 5 dny

      @Fern F

    • Fern F
      Fern F Před 5 dny

      @The Conductor Esplin oh please do tell me, what's behind "you leaves"?

    • The Conductor Esplin
      The Conductor Esplin Před 5 dny

      @Fern F
      You really want to defend you leaves but you have no idea whats behind it

    • Fern F
      Fern F Před 5 dny

      @Balents pretentious to eat salad? Please, do enlighten me, this sounds FASCINATING. 😎

  • Depressed Squid
    Depressed Squid Před 7 dny +7

    Huh....its just how to make salad no big deal

  • Grace Paulino
    Grace Paulino Před 7 dny +1

    I started watching this channel today, and ms. fabulous Gwyneth Paltrow!! I feel your soul, I get it, I'm a libra too haha, this video seemed like you were indecisive with your salad, and woah me too!! haha also I just recently been watching your interviews when you're speaking spanish.. you have been around since I was little but just now am I admiring you more! keep glowing beautiful. I hope to meet you one day. 💗

    • larson seq
      larson seq Před 5 dny +1

      @Fern F no. Because she misleads people into buying grossly unscientific products as cure, some of which are even harmful, for insanely high price. She is exploiting her user demographic's naivity.

    • The Conductor Esplin
      The Conductor Esplin Před 5 dny +1

      @Fern F
      Its audience is gullible

    • Fern F
      Fern F Před 5 dny

      @larson seq why? Because she owns a company that knows its base audience?

    • Nibbas Whomstdv
      Nibbas Whomstdv Před 6 dny

      Please swallow Uranium

    • larson seq
      larson seq Před 6 dny +3

      Beware, she's a scam artist

  • kremit
    kremit Před 7 dny +20

    how dare you stand where callmecarson stood!

  • Kineab Melkamu
    Kineab Melkamu Před 7 dny +1

    You're short

  • Dan96
    Dan96 Před 7 dny +51

    Just came here to say that peddling snake oil in the 21st century to the masses should be a crime

    • Irfan Sehic
      Irfan Sehic Před dnem

      @Satoma Karlsson that's not a definition of stupid.
      But I get that you are implying that I am stupid.
      That's ok. I am stupid.

    • Satoma Karlsson
      Satoma Karlsson Před dnem +2

      @Irfan Sehic Having to ask how goop is scamming people is the definition of stupid.

    • Irfan Sehic
      Irfan Sehic Před 4 dny

      @Wilmour43 define stupid.

    • Irfan Sehic
      Irfan Sehic Před 4 dny +1

      @Wilmour43 how is goop scamming people out of money?

    • Wilmour43
      Wilmour43 Před 4 dny

      Eric Ryan ps bottom right hand corner.

  • Cheryl
    Cheryl Před 7 dny +5


  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord Před 7 dny +3

    Your very short

  • Darren Wells
    Darren Wells Před 7 dny +6

    I do love a good salad. When I make my own salad for a dinner party or gathering, I like to make the dressing a few hours ahead of time, to let the flavors meld together. Then, before I toss the salad with the dressing, I season it with a little salt. That makes the flavors really defined.

  • Blaine
    Blaine Před 7 dny +5

    Thank you for hiding the likes/dislikes count on all of your scam videos.

    • Satoma Karlsson
      Satoma Karlsson Před dnem

      @Fern F It seems you have quite extreme intellectual issues. Do you require anti psychic vampire spray?

    • Fern F
      Fern F Před 5 dny

      @The Conductor Esplin it feels like you have some very deep anger issues. Is everything ok at home bud?

    • The Conductor Esplin
      The Conductor Esplin Před 5 dny +1

      The same reason why kids gather at a fight
      To watch to morons bleed to death

    • Fern F
      Fern F Před 5 dny +1

      @The Conductor Esplin why? It's meant to be fun. Lighten up, or did a psychic vampire suck all your joy? LOL 🤣

      CATHOLIC THOT Před 6 dny +1

      @The Conductor Esplin why do you idiots keep coming to her videos and giving her views if you don't like her or what she stands for? Stupid.

  • Ava Yu
    Ava Yu Před 7 dny +3

    Love! Love! Love! Thank you gorgeous Gwyneth for sharing with us your nutritional secrets! I am a big veggie and seafood (iodine and zinc) lover!
    We are what we eat! Health is not just wrath but is also a huge component of beauty!

    • The Conductor Esplin
      The Conductor Esplin Před 7 dny +8

      It looks like you're the target audience
      Have you had the wool lifted from this obvious wolf yet

  • Gary Blick
    Gary Blick Před 7 dny +2

    So good!

  • Dino Uli
    Dino Uli Před 7 dny +11

    He looks and acts exactly like the guy from devil wears prada 😂

  • Ioanna Aslani
    Ioanna Aslani Před 7 dny +2

    Interesting ‼️Thanks ✨🍷

  • Nico Finches
    Nico Finches Před 7 dny

    what a colorful inspiration!

  • D A.
    D A. Před 7 dny

    Delicious AF 🤤🤤🤤

  • Artes Pintura Ana Estrela


  • K R
    K R Před 7 dny +2

    Thanks for the healthy inspo! Best salad bar ever!