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  • Hello there ladies and gentlemen today I decided to play the soon to be released game Imperator: Rome. Now many would say that it IS A PERFECTLY BALANCED GAME WITH NO EXPLOITS. And so I decided to test that with the wonderful tech only challenge where I manage to use a cheese strategy to manipulate the pop mechanics of the game into boosting our research to ridiculous amounts!
    So we will be asking the questions! What if the northern tribes of scotland were hundreds of years more technologically advanced than rome!
    A special thanks to paradox for organizing the youtuber war game where this footage is from. The Premise was that we would work in a team with 3 others and go for a victory.
    This video is going to be packed with funny clips in a montage style of british humor!
    If you enjoyed this then check out my other 100 stat man videos!
    It is also rather similar to Robbaz , Valefisk and RT Game in style of content!
    So sit back relax and enjoy this Imperator: Rome challenge!

    Twitter: @thespiffingbrit
    Title: Imperator: Rome IS A PERFECTLY BALANCED GAME WITH NO EXPLOITS - Tech Only Challenge
    The Teams are as follows:
    The Contenders

    The Diadochi
    Team German hordes
    Mediterranean Alliance

    #funny #montage #Rome
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    And I'm just wondering who is going to remember this was already one of the 2 major glitches in Cid Meres Civ III...

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    Just wondering if there is any way to cheese the game "Grim Dawn"?

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    1:22 Spiff, you dare assume that I would hit the dislike button because of this? Because I’m American???

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    Yeah but is this even exploiting the game or just properly min-maxing?

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    man, this game just make me want a new CK game or at least update CK2 with the new engine they cooked up for Imperator: Rome. it looks all new and shiny, and the water doesn't glitch out if you zoom out too far.

    • Jeff K
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      @Orgnok Technically, but it's been essentially taken apart and rewritten, with their addition of the new Jomini update. So yeah it still shares some base code from the Clausewitz code base, but basically everything else was updated or remade.

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      The engine is the same

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    I'm disturbed by Spiff's misunderstanding of "the Brits" from this time frame. He knows actual English people are decended from Saxon Invaders right? He's playing as the people who made Brittany.

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    1:06 The Spiffing Brit being told NOT to give us a review of the game