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  • Hello There Ladies And Gentlemen. Today we are playing a classical RTS game called Age Of Empires 2. Many would say that this is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits however today I will be using the ranged only challenge to show the game exploit / glitch that is British longbow men. So sit back relax and enjoy this funny montage!
    This video is going to be packed with funny clips in a montage style of british humor!
    If you enjoyed this then check out my other 100 stat man videos!
    It is also rather similar to Robbaz , Valefisk and RT Game in style of content!
    So sit back relax and enjoy this age of empires 2 / AOE2 challenge!

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  • The_Autistic_Gamer
    The_Autistic_Gamer Před 7 hodinami +1

    I don't see that anyone has broken the news to him that Britons are people from Brittany, and not people from Great Britain, the British are Anglo-Saxon which is an off-shoot of the Germanic cultures of the Anglish, the Saxons, and the Purt. And not the Britons which is an off-shoot of the Frankish which made up primarily France and Holy Roman Empire.

  • aditya sheode
    aditya sheode Před 17 hodinami

    Just one question

    Why is the AI training trebuchets?

  • Alpha Primus
    Alpha Primus Před 17 hodinami

    What even is a society?
    Well, let me tell you, it is SOMETHING WE LIVE IN, mister spiffing Brit.

  • Olli Laitila
    Olli Laitila Před 23 hodinami

    yea, nothing beats mass elite longbowman but you can't get into them in a normal multiplayer game easily, it's very expensive to mass them enough so it's ballanced

  • Lyle Kushner
    Lyle Kushner Před dnem

    hell yas some AOE2

  • Lazarus Wilhelm
    Lazarus Wilhelm Před 2 dny

    Im still playing AoE2 in 2019

  • Panda Family
    Panda Family Před 2 dny

    Go play AoE Définitive Edition. The AI strength has been multiplied by 7x

  • steven Jay N
    steven Jay N Před 2 dny

    Age of empire 2 is life .
    Ask @T90official

    SIGSAG Před 5 dny

    1v1 me spiff, you dont even use hotkeys, what a scrub )

  • Jonathan Carmona
    Jonathan Carmona Před 6 dny +1

    I definitely still play. Just bought the DEFINITIVE edition yesterday!

  • ET
    ET Před 8 dny

    The game is borked in many ways but I think camels are just weak against towers in general, the ship armor thing isnt a thing afaik.
    A fun way to win over any ai (easy to hardest) is to town center rush them in dark age. They can't cope and do wierd shit, mostly just staying in the TC. Easy win especially for persians.

  • Hor Shue
    Hor Shue Před 9 dny +1

    Counters to Longbows, Skirmishers, Knights, Cataphracts, Eagle Warriors, and Huskarls.

    Counters to Trebuchets, other Trebuchets, Cavalry, Eagle Warriors, Mangonels, Longbows, Mangudai, and Kipchaks.

    Camels aren't affected by Heated Shot (Fortifications do extra damage to ships) They just naturally take more damage by fortifications as a way to balance them since they counter cavalry. They also naturally have low pierce armor so they're already weak to arrows in the first place. Camels aren't boats.

  • J T
    J T Před 9 dny

    so god dam annoying

  • Clickbait Tv
    Clickbait Tv Před 12 dny

    Spontaneous generation

  • Lizzie Torres
    Lizzie Torres Před 15 dny

    Yeah now you can beat the viper with that strategy

  • R G
    R G Před 15 dny

    Just bought the Definitive edition, I love it already

  • christopher bancroft
    christopher bancroft Před 16 dny

    Watching this for a 2nd time... now AoE2 definitive edition is out, could you try this in the DE version see if it's still cheesable?

  • captian beirdo
    captian beirdo Před 17 dny

    "Wonders are a bit too cheesy for me" says the guy who has tried to flood world get unlimited moneyy game and nuke everyone in rise of nations

  • Nosknut
    Nosknut Před 18 dny +1

    My roommate introduced me to this game april 2019 and now i have 130 hours

  • Michal Šipan
    Michal Šipan Před 18 dny

    I love his fast castle with like 10 vills

  • Justin Hurrelbrink
    Justin Hurrelbrink Před 20 dny

    👏you 👏can👏lock👏your👏gates👏

  • Derek McKenzie
    Derek McKenzie Před 22 dny

    Spiffing Britt = Picks easiest difficulty. Masses LBM, Towers, and Fortifications. Laughs that AI doesn't soft counter. #Nobody'sHero.

  • The Streets Of Oz
    The Streets Of Oz Před 22 dny

    Age of empires is on the comeback. I still play it and I still have it on disc love it

  • Aidra Spurlock
    Aidra Spurlock Před 22 dny

    I still play

  • Recoil Gaming Exploits
    Recoil Gaming Exploits Před 22 dny +1

    This reminds me of my favourite tactic on Red Alert 2
    Just play as America and buy ALL THE GIs split the map in half by deploying them surrounding them with sandbags (use some IFVs for anti air)
    They are both the cheapest units they require no power to maintain and nothing can touch the horde
    Use the paratrooper bonus for more free GIs and just play for some time the AI will build an impressive base and a tonne of tanks all of which cannot stand up to the might of the GI horde
    Eventually what you want to do is get a bunch of spy units and have them nearby the enemy base tucked in a corner somewhere
    Eventually the enemy team (human or AI doesn't matter) will begin to run out of resources and lose the capability of being able to build more units
    Then slowly advance your GIs deploying if any enemy comes near them once they are near the base youll probably think we'll these guard towers may cause a problem
    But no it's fine you just send your elite squad of spies into their power plants shutting down all defenses each spy gives you about 30 seconds all you'll need is a minute or 2 to take out a couple of power plants
    After that it doesn't matter if the timer runs out because they don't have enough power to run anything but just take out all the power plants first deploy the GIs to destroy them quicker
    Once you've done that take out the barracks war factory and everything else
    Job done you've just learnt how to win any skirmish on Red Alert 2 (works best on small maps or a map I think called Pacific something) if you're using Yuri's revenge it gets better because there's 2 types of GI the new one deploys with a rocket launcher which has anti air capabilities which completely removes any need to buy IFVs and they are cheaper than IFVs and quicker to build
    So the Devs had an opportunity to fix this horde exploit in the expansion but they decided to just make it even more broken 😁

  • mellowpuddle
    mellowpuddle Před 22 dny

    bruh, i've been playing this game for the whole 20 years.

  • Yandere Cav
    Yandere Cav Před 23 dny

    I still play age of empires II HD on disk. XD

  • Thomas Hobbs
    Thomas Hobbs Před 24 dny

    I suppose camels are technically camels of the desert

  • Midnight Productions
    Midnight Productions Před 24 dny

    There are SO many triggered AoE2 players in the comments section

  • Your-Username-here
    Your-Username-here Před 24 dny

    50 Huskarls from the Goths and your longbow man swim back to there queen. :D

  • MeisterJohnny007
    MeisterJohnny007 Před 24 dny

    A Camel is also called "Ship of Desert", didn't you know that?
    So it makes perfectly fine sense that Camels count as boats within Age of Empires 2 ;)

  • Stephanie Koehn
    Stephanie Koehn Před 25 dny

    I play the original age of empires two that’s you know Actually from 1999

  • Zuma
    Zuma Před 26 dny +1

    everyone should play age of empires in 2019

  • Brian Jacobs
    Brian Jacobs Před 26 dny

    I grew up playing this game and I still do. It's so good

  • Alfred Svensson
    Alfred Svensson Před 28 dny

    where can you download this to Mac

  • Andrew Weeks
    Andrew Weeks Před měsícem

    I still play! And it's still the best!

  • Richard Hiscock
    Richard Hiscock Před měsícem +1


  • Roberto Phillips
    Roberto Phillips Před měsícem

    If the britons had thumb ring......

  • Indy509
    Indy509 Před měsícem

    Still not as powerful as the Ethiopian ICBM's and immortal workers.

  • Ellis Coggin
    Ellis Coggin Před měsícem

    AoE will never die

  • N. Gill
    N. Gill Před měsícem

    If anyone is looking for a real AOE2 exploit, check out fatslob.

  • jamie grimmett
    jamie grimmett Před měsícem

    I still play its an amazing game

  • GaM Gaming Cast HD
    GaM Gaming Cast HD Před měsícem

    No counter against trebuchet? wtf what about a trebuchet.

  • Patrick Fournier
    Patrick Fournier Před měsícem

    ive been playing this since it came out.... 20 years ago... when i was 5

  • Ruby Hero
    Ruby Hero Před měsícem

    I dont play AOE but I do play the star wars verstion

  • Oduni
    Oduni Před měsícem +1

    Yay free tea

  • Eric Coupal
    Eric Coupal Před měsícem

    Can you do warcraft 3?

  • clayton jacobs
    clayton jacobs Před měsícem

    i have played AoE2 for the last 8 years of my life. My grandfather introduced me into the game and i have played all three.

  • 333 Studios
    333 Studios Před měsícem

    Trebs can’t move while firing and can’t lead their fire. The proper counter would be cavalry.

  • Chris Yeh
    Chris Yeh Před měsícem

    I've been playing this game since I was a little kid. Still do.

  • AO
    AO Před měsícem

    I dont know how but He Always Manages to Talk Like He is in the esports League of the Games He plays while having No Idea what hes doing partially ^^

  • AFlyingGerman
    AFlyingGerman Před měsícem

    „the camels are going to shot flaaaaming arrows into the camels!“
    You learn something new everytime here
    Loving it

  • Zachary Graden
    Zachary Graden Před měsícem


  • a Loyal Theorist
    a Loyal Theorist Před měsícem

    Yay a free cup of tea!! Thanks spiff!

  • Jeff Van Planet
    Jeff Van Planet Před měsícem

    aren't camels called "the ship of the desert"? i guess this game is not this wrong after all... is it?

  • Antonio J.H.
    Antonio J.H. Před měsícem

    I still play AoE2 and I'm proud of it

  • Reuben Brenner
    Reuben Brenner Před měsícem

    Still play this game, one of my favs

  • gneuificateur
    gneuificateur Před měsícem

    9:17 Daut Tower

  • Fendi Richthofen
    Fendi Richthofen Před měsícem

    ships of the dessert

  • Wildling_89
    Wildling_89 Před měsícem

    OMG! Plz do the proper research about the community and game mechanics/counter units. You have no idea about the game. Misleadingly 845K subs in your channel. As a age of empires players I find it very disturbing