Why Can't They Fix This?

  • čas přidán 8. 09. 2018
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    We take some of the most common apps of 2018 and load them on to a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and a Google Pixel 2 XL to see why my Samsung phone always seems to overheat and run out of battery.
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Komentáře • 21 614

  • Buckedpants
    Buckedpants Před 7 hodinami

    I had battery drain on my note 9 too until I factory reset the damn thing.

  • Sam Pye
    Sam Pye Před 17 hodinami

    Time to get an iPhone.

  • Butters
    Butters Před dnem

    Is the s9 on optimized battery mode

  • Henry Ashbee
    Henry Ashbee Před dnem

    Teehee my ancient Moto G5 is on 75% after idling all day, and watching CHclip for like 1.5 hours. It has always on display as well


    Your particular phone has problems.

  • Mark Herbert
    Mark Herbert Před dnem

    I have a GS7, and it was great on Nougat (I got it right before the GS8 came out), but then a bit after Oreo, the battery drained in like 4 hours of use! It's also when I got a wireless charger. (!?!)

  • Mark Herbert
    Mark Herbert Před dnem

    he uses apple music on android
    he actually uses apple music on android
    he actually actually uses apple music on android
    he actually actually actually use apple music on android

  • Mechapaia Shilla
    Mechapaia Shilla Před dnem

    You might have overcharged your phone

  • Mechapaia Shilla
    Mechapaia Shilla Před dnem

    The phone gets hot in his pocket because he has a hot pocket

  • xmish16
    xmish16 Před 2 dny +2

    That's strange. My note 9 has a phenomenal battery life.... It lasts like all day.

  • Jayant Sharma
    Jayant Sharma Před 2 dny

    I too have a samsung galaxy so plus and faced similar issue. After months of living with it. I did some research and identified the actual reasons thay cause samsung phones to have crappy battery life. Here is a list of things i did and got back 6hrs of SOT
    1. Remove unwanted SYNC, samsung account and other accounts
    2. Remove unwanted apps havinf background run permission (bixby, and many more)
    3. Remove any app using location services that you dont necessarily need. Like camera, etc
    4. Setup your phone to use less battery consuming location settings (use wifi and cell network)
    5. Try to stick to low standard video settings this will avoid screen to get into high brightness more when using video apps like youtube etc
    6. Stick to 1080p
    7. Turn off location Bluetooth nfc and always screen on thung
    8. Check and ensure you dnt have a crappy sd card causing data transfer to be slow thus causing high cpu on time
    9. Go to apps magager and restrict apps from using data in background and running in background. KILL/DISABLE BIXBY VOICE AND OTHE SIMILAR services. This eats a lot of battery

  • Lloyd Nondlebe
    Lloyd Nondlebe Před 2 dny

    Is it the international version? Maybe your battery is draining because the phone is constantly searching for network connectivity because it doesn't connect to all the available network bands. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    HENG XD Před 2 dny +3

    Reason Why iT's hOT?

    :Lithium i BatTerY

  • Davide Santoni
    Davide Santoni Před 2 dny

    I think I had the same problem on my huawei p8 lite. I usually got to school with about 85% of battery left at 7.50 and came out at 12.10, with never using it, with 20% of battery left. WHAT?

  • The Yeetphemer
    The Yeetphemer Před 2 dny

    That's why your allowed to open it up and switch batteries.

  • FirstArchon
    FirstArchon Před 2 dny

    clearly you downloaded some kind of virus

  • Njoroge Njenga
    Njoroge Njenga Před 3 dny

    Turn off google assistant and auto sync....battery life increases dramatically

    SOME TECH CHANNEL Před 4 dny +1

    ON MY S5 AND S6

  • Limited BmX
    Limited BmX Před 4 dny

    My s7 would get super hot that it was overheating. So I switched to the xr and hadn’t had any issues since Lol and my s7 active had a 4000 mah batter and it would last about a day and it got worse and worse and the phone was only a few months old

  • Andrew Siegel
    Andrew Siegel Před 5 dny +1

    1:49 Because it's a phone with a good processor and it makes heat.

    • Poi
      Poi Před 5 dny +1

      If you're gaming or doing some other intensive task, yes. Any phone will produce more heat and be warm to the touch. But NOT when its locked and idle. The processor will always be warmer than the ambient temperature even in an idle state, but never warm to the touch. If that's what he's experiencing then something is wrong.

  • Itslike123
    Itslike123 Před 5 dny

    It's because you've been watched , that also explain why your phone is getting hot when you are not even using it

  • Rup Ganguly
    Rup Ganguly Před 6 dny

    Linus probably gets sponsers for his birthdays....

  • Ksavo
    Ksavo Před 6 dny

    I think its a virus, just stop with porn on phone and thats it😃

  • Vichev Jr
    Vichev Jr Před 6 dny

    My s7 lasts very long but my s4 before that was very dependant and inconsistent some days when i use it more it lasts more but very often it drained from 20-0 in one blink black of the screen

  • Adam Taylor
    Adam Taylor Před 6 dny

    Sounds like a faulty motherboard or battery.

    • Raggedy Exynos
      Raggedy Exynos Před 4 dny

      Sounds like a faulty phone from a faulty brand

  • Life Good
    Life Good Před 6 dny

    I found out that when I using wifi only the battery is ok but when I'm out the 4g consuming alot of battery so I think maybe Samsung has a problem with there 4g modems.

  • Dennis Yamakawa
    Dennis Yamakawa Před 7 dny

    Many of my friends had this issue, AFTER THEY UPDATED THE OS TO PIE.. i realized this after gathering the information from my friends (also me) who has updated their OS to Pie..

  • deminybs
    deminybs Před 7 dny

    I have a pixel 2, battery life was great up until I believe the first time I left it plugged in while playing brave frontier at the same time and now the low battery message will pop up as high as 38% battery where as when new didn't show up till 15% battery. Owell I just keep a charger close....lol

  • tyto 125
    tyto 125 Před 7 dny

    I have the same problem with 2016 A5

    ZAID SALAMEH Před 7 dny

    Heyyy Linus, I am having this issue with my Note 8, I am barely getting a day with 2 charges

  • -_Ph30n1x_ -
    -_Ph30n1x_ - Před 8 dny

    Any1 who has android is a nerd with so many words

  • Whats Myname
    Whats Myname Před 8 dny +1

    Just like the iTrash range of crap... you have SamTrash 😂😂😂👍👍

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D Před 9 dny +2

    it's probably defective. Only reasonable answer. if the other S9 beat Linus' S9, it only makes sense that the battery's defective

    • Daniel D
      Daniel D Před 3 dny

      Sometimes this channel doesn’t think of or do the sensible thing. Like in the $500 PC vs Xbox One X, they used an i3 went the could’ve spent more on graphics if they just used Ryzen.

  • James Keane
    James Keane Před 9 dny

    I changed back to iOS and have had much better battery life...every Samsung phone I've had has had issues.

  • Zaxkz EstusChugger
    Zaxkz EstusChugger Před 9 dny

    My s9+ battery life has been absolutely excellent.

  • Konstantin Buldakov
    Konstantin Buldakov Před 10 dny

    Turning off "Find my phone" feature helped me. It also automatically switches location on, when I want it off, when the battery falls below 5%

  • Zipzeolocke
    Zipzeolocke Před 10 dny

    Many believe it's Google Chrome or location services while your phone is inactive.

  • John Sweeney
    John Sweeney Před 10 dny

    2:55 the clocks say they have different times.

  • BayAreaRider510
    BayAreaRider510 Před 10 dny

    I only get about 2 hours screen on time with my s9 on a good day the most I'll get is 3 hours and 30 minutes, im a android user always been one, but always having battery problems with these expensive phones im thinking of switching to a iphone

  • Raj
    Raj Před 12 dny

    Same here with my Xiaomi redmi....but my phone is a bit old

  • bharadwaj reddy
    bharadwaj reddy Před 13 dny

    I have faced similar complain with samsung

  • Jon Murphy
    Jon Murphy Před 14 dny

    It may be the battery supplies, my Nokia battery is "craptastic" but other nokia 6 users are ok, so there ia no way

  • obolohito jibon
    obolohito jibon Před 15 dny

    just buy a pocophone😁

  • Jake O'Hara
    Jake O'Hara Před 17 dny

    My S9+ does the exact same thing. I browse chrome or Facebook with spotify in the background and it drains to 0% after 2 hours screen on time. Terrible battery life

    KADEPOW11GAMING Před 17 dny

    it seems like some sort of untraceable short in the motherboard or something of that nature, (I COULD BE COMPLETELY WRONG, I BUILD COMPACT BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS AS A HOBBY, BUT THAT MAY BE A POSSIBILITY, I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF SAMSUNG PHONES EVEN HAVE MOTHERBOARDS...)

  • Wendy Hardy
    Wendy Hardy Před 20 dny

    Our family and extended family used to use Samsung, but because of the battery problems we have all switched back to IPhone. One family member switched back to Samsung and now I’m waiting to see how long it is before the problems start.

  • Jason Russ
    Jason Russ Před 22 dny

    Yea I'm done with Android. I use to speak so highly about them. My new phone will be an iPhone.

    • Jason Russ
      Jason Russ Před 15 dny

      @Butter A Not so much to do with this video but just android in general. That's all I've had for the last idk like 8-10 years. But since Andy Rubin left Andriod it's been going down hill and will continue to.

    • Butter A
      Butter A Před 18 dny

      This isn't widespread across all Android devices though? In the video Linus even states that he's using a Pixel, another Android phone, as a replacement and that it gets much better battery performance. This doesn't really seem to be an Android issue, more so an issue Samsung devices have with battery degradation.

  • Shelena Gopaul
    Shelena Gopaul Před 22 dny

    Same my auntie had a galaxy s4 and it did the same thing

  • Stuart Halliday
    Stuart Halliday Před 22 dny +1

    One possible reason : They've put a different chipset inside your phone. Often manufacturers have to swap to a different chip if they run out of parts. What I would do is slip a current meter at the battery contacts and do some real measurements. It's the only way to be sure.

  • Stuart Halliday
    Stuart Halliday Před 22 dny

    Samsung phones tend to come on at the press of a side or Home button when they're put in your pocket. I wrote a screen off app script that activates when the phone is upside down . Fixed.

  • Brat PAQ
    Brat PAQ Před 25 dny

    It's called wakelocks. It's the app in your phone that wakes the phone from deep sleep consuming battery while you are not using it. There are apps that can monitor wakelocks and can tell which app is the culprit. A popular app is Better Battery Stat. It just needs ADB permission.

  • alex madhi
    alex madhi Před 26 dny

    Did you charge the phone to 100% for the fifirst time and completely killing the battery

  • Ralph Kowalski
    Ralph Kowalski Před 27 dny

    Samsung has the best battery life out of all the phones I also love their SSD hard drives they are the most reliable

  • Ralph Kowalski
    Ralph Kowalski Před 27 dny

    I love you Channel however you are 100% wrong this time I had Samsung phones for as long as I can remember I always had very good luck you just have to set it up the right way keep the GPS off use Wi-Fi when you can change the screen brightness a little bit shut off the animations couple other things and you'll be perfectly fine

  • Ben Rosenthal
    Ben Rosenthal Před 28 dny +1

    Maybe something went wrong with the always on display?

  • Pessoa XD
    Pessoa XD Před 28 dny

    Watching this while my phone is overheating

  • Atlas
    Atlas Před měsícem

    Go into dev settings and turn off background processes problem solved I get 1.5 days to 2 days out of my note 8

  • Total Noob Sauce
    Total Noob Sauce Před měsícem

    When I first got my Note 9, I would test the battery from a full charge overnight. While still connected to data and all the usual things on *always on disabled* Mine was draining about 1 % every two hours. Best thing to do is to factory rest you daily driver and try your tests, then you can eliminate weather one of your downloaded apps is causing this.

  • TIAN
    TIAN Před měsícem

    I have a kinda same problem

  • dhawal punjabi
    dhawal punjabi Před měsícem

    Why you make weird faces like you have snached off your balls

  • rabote007
    rabote007 Před měsícem +1

    There you go all your samsung specs... and you keep saying whywould people pay for apple...

  • Hunter Thorne
    Hunter Thorne Před měsícem +1

    I have never had any battery issues with my samsungs! Ive heard that pixels batteries go downhill very quickly after a long time. My Samsung galaxy s9+ has good battery for me, but that would frustrate me too if the battery was that bad!

  • Jo Fe
    Jo Fe Před měsícem

    A virus mining?

  • Brian Pickett
    Brian Pickett Před měsícem

    Hey LMG peeps I remember when I first got into building PCś back in the mid 2000ś seeing your videos about PC parts and tech stuff then I had recently really got back into building and geeking over all things electronic and of course with all that research I got back into CHclipś tech algorithumns and then bam there was Linus again but with a fresh professional look but now you got 8.5 million subscribers as of May 2019!!!!!!!
    Anyways, Linus & LMG as a whole you guys may or may not be aware of the other very silent issue that can severely hamper and I mean seriously hamper your battery life via what has become known as an IMSI-Catcher which in and of itself is tech dating back to the early 90ś. This tech has become much easier for anyone and everyone with a Debian based Linux distro capable PC w/ a USB port to become a hacker. I know all of this because we had a landlord who essentially used us as guinea pig for his selfish immature games. Not to long after we moved in he asked me what all phones we had in the house and I remember just answering the question honestly at the time without any thoughts as to what the deeper meaning of the question was. Anyways I could literally write a book about the story not to mention the landlord before this one of a home we were renting when I was in the oilfield back in 2014 whose husband was the senior police officer in town whom had and fully utilized official Stingray technology by Harris corp and Im fairly confident that particular tech was used on us then so I had some knowledge of the tech going into the placed we lived after the oilfield crashed and into the home of manipulative landlord who had a freaking RTL-SDR dongle. Anyways Linus for all anybody knows someone might be locked onto your cell phone hardware via firmware that stays in place even with SIM card replacement thus always allowing ËT to phone home.
    This is a very touchy and sensitive topic and while it is an extremely terrific topic to cover and while making a lot of people aware of that particular technology is a good idea who knows how many of the wrong light sockets r turned on inside of the wrong heads. Just throwing it out there I love your guysś work its getting better and I wouldnt be surprised and would love to see you guys have an official Roku or cable channel someday though I would completely understand if you guys steered completely clear of this topic all together. Anyways keep it coming guys!!!!

  • All InFO
    All InFO Před měsícem +1

    I had same problem with note 5. Battery draining while on idle. Battery replacement didnt help.
    Had to replace with new note 5.

  • IAt0m1xI
    IAt0m1xI Před měsícem

    1.Location is the battery drain, some people use it some people dont
    2. Depending where you live, the mobile data uses a lot of battery because its searching the best connection for you
    3. Bluetooth connected devices
    4. Notifications can take as well
    5. Background apps like whatsapp, facebook, spotify etc, can drain a lot as well
    Tldr there are a lot of reasons, each device performs differently and act differently as well.

  • Scorebat
    Scorebat Před měsícem

    So glad it's no longer an issue with oneUI and the S10 in general, if anything praised for the amazing battery

  • Warren Leggatt
    Warren Leggatt Před měsícem

    Have you tried turning it off and on again :)

  • Dennis O
    Dennis O Před měsícem

    I've noticed that Samsung phones have one big issue. Signal reception. If you are just a little further away from the nearest base station than average, or there is some larger physical obstacle in between, like a higher terrain or something like that, reception on most Samsung phones becomes very, very bad. That's when it starts getting hot and drains battery like crazy.
    So, the problem could indirectly be the position where you spend most of the time during the day.

  • Zavier
    Zavier Před měsícem

    Have you tried iPhones

    • Zavier
      Zavier Před měsícem

      Scorebat exactly

    • Scorebat
      Scorebat Před měsícem

      Hope you're joking lol, this videp is from last september, if anything he praised the S10 for one of the very best battery longevities (tons better than iphones)

  • Samuel Nonyelu
    Samuel Nonyelu Před měsícem

    He's about to lose his sh*t 😂😂

  • Cheezits118 IDK
    Cheezits118 IDK Před měsícem

    In glad im not you

  • Yasin Koc
    Yasin Koc Před měsícem +6

    My galaxy s7 gets hot in my pocket when i dont use it

    • Assam NORMIR
      Assam NORMIR Před 28 dny

      Honestly the s7 was a really bad phone it always heated up and the performance was crap

    • secretsense
      secretsense Před měsícem

      Recover it ^^

  • tombell12
    tombell12 Před měsícem

    I know how they could fix that, removable battery! From 0 to 100 in 30 seconds! :-) #MakeBatteriesRemovableAgain

  • 1FeDx WiLsOn
    1FeDx WiLsOn Před měsícem

    i had this issue on my s7edge, fixed it by booting into safe mode and running battery optimization or something like that, battery life went from 6 hours to about 16 hours

  • The Tech Librarian
    The Tech Librarian Před měsícem

    Something I have thought about is, we all understand the mic camera and gps could be remotely accessed by agencies and what kind of effects that would have on your battery and cpu use.

  • AlanMix
    AlanMix Před měsícem

    hey dude when you get a new phone put it on it's **original** charger

  • Việt Nam Nguyễn Đào
    Việt Nam Nguyễn Đào Před měsícem

    I have the same problem as you with my note 5, s7, so and now s10. I thought the cause is my usage but now I know it's not. Now I have to constantly wireless charging my s10.

    • Yorshka
      Yorshka Před měsícem

      I have the s10 aswell(exynos) i got 6 hours sot with %56-60 brightness is this normal for 3400 mAh battery? I put every app to sleep mode

  • Theologos Del
    Theologos Del Před měsícem

    I have Samsung galaxy j7 2016 after an update battery was nuts my phone is always so warm even when I'm not using it

  • Aranan T
    Aranan T Před měsícem +1

    Hey Linus,
    What is your charger. Since other people aren't having the same issues maybe ur charging and charger is causing the problem l. Like so Linus can see this

  • Harry Mu
    Harry Mu Před měsícem +1

    Hey Linus!! As a hobbyist that has worked with batteries more often than I should, My hunch is that your battery may have been defective. A old or defective battery generally has less capacity and gets F***ing hot when used or charged. (your pocket may have contributed to keeping heat in... that shouldn't be a problem tho) more details on Real Engineering.

  • grunchi de trap
    grunchi de trap Před měsícem

    My Samsung Galaxy S8 had the exact same problem. Switched back to Apple.

    • Harry Mu
      Harry Mu Před měsícem

      VOLK FI. idk what it is tho. (please disregard)

  • CurveyCone
    CurveyCone Před měsícem

    This never happened to me and I had 4 Samsung phones

  • Trim Callaku
    Trim Callaku Před měsícem

    Linus the Gouvernante is watching you. Did you pay your Taxes? :p Greetings from Switzerland

  • TrapMusicFHD 120
    TrapMusicFHD 120 Před měsícem

    I have the same problem its because of the phone. It's getting hot without doing anything. I have this problem since years I got every Samsung phone from s2 till s10. The s10 is better because they put a liquid cooling in it.

  • charizard ranger
    charizard ranger Před měsícem +1

    Switch the battery

  • Tobias the Gamer
    Tobias the Gamer Před měsícem +5

    My note 9 lasts 10 hours...while using my phone constantly!

    • kek
      kek Před měsícem


  • LucasSideris
    LucasSideris Před měsícem

    I used to have this recurrent problem on EVERY android I had since 2012. Everytime that facebook and whatsapp was loaded at the same time, my fone overheated and battery drained. The same later started to happening with the combination one of this two and instagram.

  • besorgter Burger
    besorgter Burger Před měsícem

    I have a similar problem with my xperia x (F5121).

  • brandon H
    brandon H Před měsícem

    My galaxy a8 doesn't do any of that and has a good battery

  • aryan chowdhury
    aryan chowdhury Před měsícem

    Just use an iphone

  • Shiro Tomachi
    Shiro Tomachi Před měsícem

    sounds like a u problem

  • blargiefarg93
    blargiefarg93 Před měsícem +6

    Unfortunately unbox therapy does seem to be the normies tech channel of choice. Not that his stuff is at all bad, or that I have any real problem with his content, I just prefer LTT's vibe

  • shotwith TIWARI
    shotwith TIWARI Před měsícem

    Thanks for this video. The same issue persists in my s8 also.

  • scooter98144
    scooter98144 Před měsícem

    Maybe sometimes there are lemons!

  • Dylan Byrne
    Dylan Byrne Před měsícem

    Just a couple of minutes into this video, I noticed my S7 Edge starting to get a little warm, doing nothing but showing the always-on display. What a coincidence

  • Sqrootofbeetroot
    Sqrootofbeetroot Před měsícem

    3:25 the fan droid uses Apple Music Exposed. JK no seriously, no need to make this a disliked comment.

  • Ganesh Subramanya
    Ganesh Subramanya Před měsícem

    Call Casey

  • Halldor Hakkari
    Halldor Hakkari Před měsícem

    Had this problem day 1 with s10

  • Slow Dragon
    Slow Dragon Před měsícem

    From my experience the problem seems to be related to the battery itself. My LgG4 (yeah it's older I know) suddenly started having terrible battery life when I had done nothing different to cause it. I tried starting in safe mode, cleaning up my files, deleting unused apps and nothing worked. The store employee took my battery out and said the problem was that it had expanded (I could visually confirm this). But I don't think that explains the heating up (mine gets so hot it hurts sometimes) but from what I can tell when the phone heats up it causes the battery to expand and shortens it's life? I bought a new battery and it worked great for maybe a month, and I'm talking going from I could watch my power go down by the minute to I have two days sort of life. I'm now on my third battery which is slowly declining in life.
    But that's not the root problem obviously. I have found that turning airplane mode on for a bit can help, and sometimes the drain is related to specific locations (for example when I go to a certain lab room or workshop it dies within hours!) And those places are deep within a building where there is little to no reception, so that's one possible cause?