I Bought a Crashed JDM Supra In Japan!

  • In today's episode we are in Japan checking out the crashed 1995 Toyota Supra Turbo that i bought before its imported into the United States. Importing this vehicle is made possible by JDM Buyer if you're interested in importing a JDM car to the USA head here: lp.jdmbuyer.com/bisforbuildsupra and join mailing list to see whats available.
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Komentáře • 80

    EvO CRACKED Před 4 hodinami

    The r34 wheels are worth alot

  • raja skib
    raja skib Před 7 hodinami

    You are mad you can get a good car in England for that much

  • monkeyape456
    monkeyape456 Před dnem

    Damn you white asf

  • Somly Som
    Somly Som Před dnem

    What website u go to check out the cars n bid on them

  • phuquehoful
    phuquehoful Před dnem

    i bet rear hit first then spun nose into guardrail..
    happened to me & few others i know..
    & i bet they replaced the glass.. hence panel off.. to protect interior

    • phuquehoful
      phuquehoful Před dnem

      try to get the 1994 ½ish orig awd 205 mph original 1995 supra

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith Před 2 dny

    The front robbie

  • Chief
    Chief Před 4 dny

    Where’s is this car at?

  • Carter Palidwar
    Carter Palidwar Před 6 dny

    I am extremely excited for this build! This is my dream car and i hope to get myself a wrecked one to rebuild one day

  • Weareallbeingwatched
    Weareallbeingwatched Před 11 dny

    Give it the full GT LM treatment. Especially if you are being bothered to swap the driving position etc, just chuck all the plastic and give it a spartan rally interior.

  • Azmad Abdullah
    Azmad Abdullah Před 11 dny

    You should've bought the spares straight from Japan

  • Azmad Abdullah
    Azmad Abdullah Před 11 dny

    I'm Hypppeeeedd

  • Lost Grizzly
    Lost Grizzly Před 12 dny

    2 min in and all ive seen is asorted alcohol

  • Brandon Link
    Brandon Link Před 13 dny

    I don't understand the wide body stuff, how can anyone look at it and think it looks good?

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C Před 14 dny

    3:30 that s15 in the back tho 🔥

  • Lowndesy
    Lowndesy Před 17 dny

    Left hand would decrease the value

  • Rawdyrider
    Rawdyrider Před 19 dny

    with the steering on the correct side...

  • Rex Jonez
    Rex Jonez Před 19 dny

    Watching your channel now the way it did is amazing! Man you've come a long way from getting fired and catching it in camera and making this your full time gig

  • Mang n’ Bang
    Mang n’ Bang Před 25 dny

    Sad because in my country you can buy a turbo manual supra that’s registered and running for 30-60k

  • David Peretz
    David Peretz Před 28 dny

    You're going to have the car quarantined for Coronavirus!😳

  • Ahmed Super
    Ahmed Super Před 29 dny

    Converting Supra Rhd to Lhs is easy as all the parts are easily available how about converting a GTR except r35. There’s many people who have done it to r32 r33 and r34 in Gcc counties. Uae Oman Ksa Qatar and all

  • Builds Down South
    Builds Down South Před měsícem

    these videos are garbage now.

  • blitzer1211
    blitzer1211 Před měsícem

    You couldn't teach Dustin some stuff could you? More than fitting a steering wheel

  • Robert Prince
    Robert Prince Před měsícem

    LS swapped it

  • Sourav Acharya
    Sourav Acharya Před měsícem

    we want update fast

    • Sourav Acharya
      Sourav Acharya Před 29 dny

      @Robert Prince lol dam where he live by the way

    • Robert Prince
      Robert Prince Před měsícem +2

      The reason he hasn't gave us an update is because of the coronavirus

  • Luke Champion
    Luke Champion Před měsícem

    C is for corona virus

  • Leo Riquelme
    Leo Riquelme Před měsícem

    round pink....dildos?

  • Chief
    Chief Před měsícem

    Where is this at today???

  • sean michael
    sean michael Před měsícem

    dude you went to corona land hahaha

  • lordspam
    lordspam Před měsícem

    This was my personal favorite of yours. It’s the alcohol....

  • Supra Shop Racers
    Supra Shop Racers Před měsícem

    We converted 5 cars from RHD to LHD! If you have some specific question, ask!

  • Supra Shop Racers
    Supra Shop Racers Před měsícem +2

    If you are looking for RHD to LHD swap parts then SupraShopRacers @ eBay is selling some custom made discontinued LHD parts and soon will be more!

    • Supra Shop Racers
      Supra Shop Racers Před měsícem +2


    • zhogsondarocks
      zhogsondarocks Před měsícem +1

      here is the parts www.ebay.com/str/suprashopracers

      soon will be more!

  • Sir Nicholas
    Sir Nicholas Před měsícem

    The supra font is really clean. It's rare a car company gets their font passed corny.

  • Kailee Hoffman
    Kailee Hoffman Před měsícem

    Thats the walk way from tokyo gDriftright???

  • Nicholas Jungheim
    Nicholas Jungheim Před měsícem

    I found two uncrashed Supras on line for less. Don't know if they are worth it. Knowing Japanese helps....

  • Nicholas Jungheim
    Nicholas Jungheim Před měsícem

    I live in Tokyo. Wish that I knew your were coming.

  • kanyedian
    kanyedian Před měsícem

    Sorry but I'm gonna think you're such a loser to switch the drive side. I know that is harsh but wtf, bro. That is so uncool.

  • kanyedian
    kanyedian Před měsícem

    9:27 Sorry dude.. I hope you realize that RHD is mad cool and doesn't need to be changed........

  • EvO xNike
    EvO xNike Před měsícem

    6:18 when i google it it says 22,849 usd. Why is this lower than what you have? tf? lol

    • RLife Productions
      RLife Productions Před měsícem

      Currency Exchange rates constantly change based off economies

  • Inuyasha9110
    Inuyasha9110 Před měsícem

    I'd rather have left hand drive myself, left handed shifting would seem awkward to me after being used to right hand shifting for years.

  • Nikhil Soni
    Nikhil Soni Před měsícem

    I wanna do this with my girlfriend 🙄

  • Mammoth-Puppy
    Mammoth-Puppy Před měsícem

    Throtl as hell

  • BadluckBryan
    BadluckBryan Před měsícem

    The boxy one. Lol you mean the mk3 ?

  • Kato kailin
    Kato kailin Před měsícem

    i stopped the video at left hand drive conversion. Then I made this comment. Now I'm leaving.

  • Nicholas vetter
    Nicholas vetter Před měsícem

    Great story teller at the beginning

  • Jordan Bates
    Jordan Bates Před měsícem

    send me an FD for 3k dang

  • jigles
    jigles Před měsícem


  • Nassen0f
    Nassen0f Před měsícem

    Noooooo, dont ruin the car with the conversion :(

  • Nz Carguys
    Nz Carguys Před měsícem

    Those r34 gtr wheels look goofy as on the supra

  • Mr. Ulloa
    Mr. Ulloa Před měsícem

    Okay Chris, hear me out! You're great at doing voice overs! So do them more often and keep making them funny!

  • Martin Thomas
    Martin Thomas Před měsícem

    I'm sure trevor from motionautotv can help with converting it to lhd

  • Ken Riccio poems
    Ken Riccio poems Před měsícem

    you should open a junk yard..

  • Cory Shriver
    Cory Shriver Před měsícem

    0:17 don't lie to me. you weren't looking at the dog. you were looking at the other big thing.

  • Trevor Felt
    Trevor Felt Před měsícem

    TRD wide-body weld on

  • Tiger K
    Tiger K Před měsícem

    Imagine doing drive side conversion if it's not legally required. It's not even the "sacralige" thing it's just so much work for no reason

  • Steven Ferreira
    Steven Ferreira Před měsícem

    If you change that car from RH to LH I will be ashamed ! Leave it the oem jdm way ! Don’t mess with the inside conversion please

  • Brett Wirth
    Brett Wirth Před měsícem

    Hey. I have a near mint used RH series 2 headlight for sale that would be good on your build. Let me know!

  • kiran reddy 7999
    kiran reddy 7999 Před měsícem

    They look like r34 rims

  • mehrshadvr4
    mehrshadvr4 Před měsícem

    You guys are crazy for payment that much for a Supra.

  • HcWijaya Gameplay
    HcWijaya Gameplay Před měsícem

    For Chris Fixing This Car Is Easy Because He Has Alot Of Experience Fixing A Car With This Condition

  • So edgy
    So edgy Před měsícem

    Converting it to lhd lol so what I’d do it too

  • sebastian moise
    sebastian moise Před měsícem

    I still find it expensive, I live in Eastern Europe and I found earlier a working, non crashed Supra for about 8000$... just saying..

  • Avanti Gaming
    Avanti Gaming Před měsícem

    I so badly wanna be you! :D

  • S The Key
    S The Key Před měsícem

    24k for this wrecked piece 😂👍🏼

  • Fresh Pineapple77
    Fresh Pineapple77 Před měsícem

    Just saw this Supra on eBay for sale. Sooooo you never bought it??? What a tease and a liar!

  • ingShorty
    ingShorty Před měsícem

    The best trip talk EVER!

  • Robert Fox
    Robert Fox Před měsícem

    Lefthand drive conversion? Wow.
    Still doing crazy unnecessary moves.

  • sijodee1
    sijodee1 Před měsícem

    why not buy from the UK?.JDM's are so much cheaper there than in Japan.17,500 to 20,000 sterling gets a mint twin turbo supra

  • Haiden Lear
    Haiden Lear Před měsícem

    So has anyone figured out what he got out of the vending machine yet?

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous Před měsícem

    Tuned out the second you said the earth wasn't flat.

  • Neas William
    Neas William Před měsícem

    So proud of you, glad it's finally happening. Can't wait to see this roaming around Portland.

  • Mandeep Kaur
    Mandeep Kaur Před měsícem

    Did anyone notice, the Supra has skyline wheels!!!

  • abc chinatown
    abc chinatown Před měsícem

    It is cool to see that you had a great experience in Japan to get to see & buy your dream CAR.

  • Luke Lyness
    Luke Lyness Před měsícem

    The steering wheel is on the right side you mean 😏

  • Collin Anderson
    Collin Anderson Před měsícem +5

    Next episode BIsForBuild: has corona virus

    • Forza Guy
      Forza Guy Před 9 dny

      Not the next episode but he has now

  • Johnny kash racing Gaitan
    Johnny kash racing Gaitan Před měsícem

    Time to cake on the bondo!

  • Timothy Marland
    Timothy Marland Před měsícem

    Talks about left hand conversion.
    Everyone disliked that

  • Gilbert Franklin
    Gilbert Franklin Před měsícem

    Like a miracle; that hyper talk speed with alcohol. Why do I watch this guy when I know he is categorically insane... what does it cost to fly round trip to Japan? Why are wide body kits the only way to fix tortured sheet metal? How many bad business decisions can a channel with 1.2M subs handle? Does he ever wear his hat right? So many questions, so little time... 😜🥴

  • theGREEK7887
    theGREEK7887 Před měsícem +1

    Keep it silver

  • Soarer Dave
    Soarer Dave Před měsícem

    LHD Conversion? Big lame. :-(

  • KJ spams L2 btw.
    KJ spams L2 btw. Před měsícem

    Why has the Supra R34 GTR rims?