17 Minutes of Wholesome Fortnite Community

  • čas přidán 14. 03. 2019
  • 17 Minutes 13 Seconds of Wholesome Fortnite Community To Cheer You Up!
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  • HryHry

Komentáře • 2 630

  • Excalibarsonic
    Excalibarsonic Před 2 hodinami

    The first one made me laugh so hard. All that work for nothing XD

  • Danegames 15
    Danegames 15 Před 4 hodinami

    T the ending it make me say what the fu**

  • aPROcalypse x
    aPROcalypse x Před 10 hodinami


  • Nemesis__ X0l
    Nemesis__ X0l Před 19 hodinami

    Fish sticks at the end tho

  • 、銀魂
    、銀魂 Před 22 hodinami


  • Dylan Fahler
    Dylan Fahler Před dnem

    You built a covered bridge.. Jason is proud

  • Broo Chill
    Broo Chill Před dnem

    I miss times like this, now you can barely grab a fortybyte without that one kid that grabs the gun and guns everyone down trying to get it

  • Neil Mackay
    Neil Mackay Před dnem

    13:40 and that's how I met your dad :)

  • Thymen de fortnite pro Caminada

    Rip japennoedel 😭😭

    CION XYZ Před 2 dny

    Those days. Players are Friendly.

    Players are deadly. 😪

  • Afonso Dias Valente
    Afonso Dias Valente Před 2 dny

    5:20 its actually insane

  • zKewii btw.
    zKewii btw. Před 2 dny

    This is why we love the game❤️


    Half of the fortnite community is teenagers cursing

  • Everything vlogs
    Everything vlogs Před 3 dny

    Dude my 💙

  • Chelsea Divel
    Chelsea Divel Před 4 dny

    The doorbell one cracked me up 😂

  • Ala Ala
    Ala Ala Před 4 dny

    mother faka

  • Majorlifechange
    Majorlifechange Před 4 dny

    omg 12:30 was insane!

  • Savage clasher 7.8
    Savage clasher 7.8 Před 4 dny

    That’s why they added the grave... ohhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Lxsed
    Lxsed Před 5 dny

    5:00 and that is how turtling was invented...

  • FaXe_ BubisoN
    FaXe_ BubisoN Před 5 dny +2

    The second one be like

    JaSOn iS SO pRoUd of YOu

  • OFTheRayoo nerome
    OFTheRayoo nerome Před 6 dny

    fortnite community is litteraly awesome.... full of kids, and other, this is my cousins acc so dont be toxic

  • SG-lilpurrp 1k
    SG-lilpurrp 1k Před 7 dny

    What’s the music at 2:49

  • sokuefit. Shirley
    sokuefit. Shirley Před 7 dny

    I’m not going to subscribe because of that last part loser

  • K9 FN
    K9 FN Před 7 dny

    Epic is gonna Nan them for teaming

  • Skiziu Play
    Skiziu Play Před 8 dny


  • Wings Unfurl
    Wings Unfurl Před 8 dny

    Yea I miss loot lake... but seriously, the one who jumped off the cliff then used a riff, that was epic

  • Chase skis
    Chase skis Před 8 dny

    12:08 my favorite

  • itsAokay
    itsAokay Před 8 dny

    What's the song at 2:50?

  • VoidScooba _
    VoidScooba _ Před 8 dny

    The Fortnite community is not wholesome

  • Pistik7
    Pistik7 Před 8 dny


  • ALL x HALO
    ALL x HALO Před 8 dny

    I only subscribe Becouse of the fish in the end😂😂😂

  • King Tomo720
    King Tomo720 Před 8 dny +1

    The rift clip was pretty emotional 😂😭

  • King Tomo720
    King Tomo720 Před 8 dny +2

    That revive one wasn’t wholesome at all they were fighting over if for a challenges they were being toxic 😂

  • Arian Gagu
    Arian Gagu Před 8 dny

    What's the song in the outro?

  • Bionic Fourkills
    Bionic Fourkills Před 8 dny +2

    title:17 minutes of wholesome fortnite community

    outro: 17:14 Seconds of cursing fish sticks community

  • aquatic bite
    aquatic bite Před 10 dny


    NXF SNIPY Před 10 dny


    NXF SNIPY Před 10 dny


  • Misya M is the boss
    Misya M is the boss Před 10 dny +1

    Don’t say bad words

  • Ninja Mohsini
    Ninja Mohsini Před 10 dny

    Im not moeder faker

  • Its Dana
    Its Dana Před 10 dny

    12:27 oof

  • DarkShadow _
    DarkShadow _ Před 10 dny

    *you know I found a real default in my squad and she’s this little girl and it was so wholesome because me and my friend were just trying to pretend we were defaults and see how many people would be nice*

  • Izzbjornen
    Izzbjornen Před 11 dny

    12:25 most beautiful I’ve seen in fornite history

  • Jacob Salmorin
    Jacob Salmorin Před 11 dny +1

    I have something to say when meh was playing some solos I came across a default and he was about to die until I gave him shields and guns and then helped the little default then helped that default get his first win but I did not know how to clip...... so

  • Alexander Yemane
    Alexander Yemane Před 11 dny

    Who want 50vs50 back!!!

  • Benjamin Brasfield
    Benjamin Brasfield Před 11 dny +1

    8:06 rip deafalt

  • نايف حريصي
    نايف حريصي Před 11 dny +1


  • Acelighters1
    Acelighters1 Před 11 dny

    Season 3 and 4 was the golden days don’t @ me

  • Clutch For memes
    Clutch For memes Před 11 dny

    Tunneling in season 3 5:15

  • S.J. Bros
    S.J. Bros Před 11 dny

    4:55 the origins of skirmishing

  • Poyraz Tamçelik
    Poyraz Tamçelik Před 11 dny

    Bagirma lan gabbe cocu

  • Jatin Kadu
    Jatin Kadu Před 12 dny

    ending tho XD

  • papi_dani 1243
    papi_dani 1243 Před 12 dny +1

    subscribe and I subscribe to your channel

  • Hanna Sheikh
    Hanna Sheikh Před 12 dny +3

    I just gawked in amazement especially the one where that person saved the bunny with the rift

  • Adrian Haxhiu
    Adrian Haxhiu Před 12 dny +2

    Videos like this remind me of how good this game was , thanks for all the memories fortnite I really appreciate it .

  • Triston Ong
    Triston Ong Před 12 dny +2

    14:32 Default of the 2018 award goes to:

  • Triston Ong
    Triston Ong Před 12 dny

    Rip ChapaDoodle

  • SmackNerd
    SmackNerd Před 12 dny

    i’m always nice to people but then i get sweated on

  • Sky Dies
    Sky Dies Před 13 dny +1

    It’s 2am and I laughed so loud

  • ReptilianArcher
    ReptilianArcher Před 13 dny

    4:14 these kind of ppl are so annoying

  • ScoPeZz Dare
    ScoPeZz Dare Před 13 dny +1

    Maybe halfsome becuase the fortnite community is never gonna be wholesome

  • Hexie Apex
    Hexie Apex Před 13 dny

    2:44 song name please

  • Henry King
    Henry King Před 14 dny +1

    11:54 organot1 has 20 wins now
    what a great story!

  • TEAM ExtensionX
    TEAM ExtensionX Před 14 dny +1

    Man these moments are FRIENDLY moments

  • Yandere Chan
    Yandere Chan Před 14 dny

    Me when i see that part of the community die u teamers

  • Cojo Koala 1
    Cojo Koala 1 Před 14 dny


  • Fi7s4t4. In Your House
    Fi7s4t4. In Your House Před 15 dny

    when u try to be good but u just cant

  • Ethan Halpin
    Ethan Halpin Před 15 dny

    Beautiful outro

  • bradd 91-
    bradd 91- Před 15 dny

    @12:24 absolute legendary bro

  • PhoeniX - kun
    PhoeniX - kun Před 16 dny

    12:25 beautiful save❤️