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    Today we share a mega compilation of awesome crafts to spend evenings with fun! You will find crafts with stationary, paper crafts, cool crafts from concrete, toys ideas and a lot more!
    Let’s start from drawing ideas you will totally love! We share drawing exercises to boost your imagination! Follow our tutorial and try to make quick and easy pictures with cats, town and even aliens!
    You can make cool storage boxes and even a small dresser out of carboard boxes. There is always not enough boxes and containers to keep your home organized. That’s why we share helpful ideas how to up-cycle cardboard boxes into beautiful instant storage boxes!
    You will find some lovely paper crafts that are so easy to make! Get your color paper, tissues, and scissors and let's get creative! There are a lot of origami ideas to make and even you can make jumping frogs to play with your friends!
    Ribbons look so elegant and you can create a lot of things using ribbons! Use ribbons of different colors and create a unique and fancy notebook cover. Watch the tutorial to learn how to put ribbons in the form of chess squares. Do you need a new headband or keychain? And again we are ready to help!
    Concrete is a perfect material to create cute decoration items for your home! You will learn how to make concrete planters, candle holders, letters and even the furniture! Make cook concrete planters to upgrade your interior design. Moreover, you can paint your planters any color that suits your house!
    If you adore plants and want to make something special or even a create fairy tail at home, you will love our ideas how to decorate mini gardens. You will find how to make different items by your own hands. You can even create a sense of childlike magic creating a small house for Tinker Bell or any character you like. Have fun!
    Every girl loves dolls and especially Barbie! Find a ton of ideas how to make accessory, furniture and clothes for Barbie from ordinary things you already have at home! You can create a whole new world for your Queen without spending a ton of money! Be creative and have fun!

    03:12 Cardboard crafts
    06:11 Drawing tips
    18:57 Paper crafts
    47:52 Ribbon ideas
    54:04 Cool concrete crafts
    01:05:32 Fairy tale mini garden
    01:51:59 Handmade jewelry
    01:55:05 Best desserts ever
    02:39:03 Crafts for doll house

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