11 Creative Photo Tricks And Instagram Photo Hacks! DIY Photo Ideas

  • čas přidán 10. 10. 2019
  • Wanna learn to take a creative and professional shot with your phone? With these simple photography tricks, you will have a stunning profile photo without spending a single penny! Learn to use a simple mirror, a magnifying glass or even a slinky toy as a cool photo effect! Discover how to make a camera stabilizer, use an earphone cable for selfies and grab a toilet paper tube for a neat macro shot! Get ready to update your Facebook or Instagram profile pictures with these cool photo hacks!
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    Mirror Reflection Effect
    Slinky Photo Effect
    DIY Camera Stabilizer
    Sprinkled Alphabet Effect
    Beard Photo Prank
    Romantic Screen Photo
    Photo of a Shadow Message
    Take a Selfie with an Earphone Cable
    DIY Light Reflector for Portrait Photos
    Magnifying Glass Photo Effect
    Easy Macro Shot
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