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Andor - The Best Show At The Worst Time

  • čas přidán 29. 11. 2022

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  • Piotr Kocięcki

    It turns out that when you hire a competent, experienced and talented screenwriter, you can get a good show out seemingly nothing.

  • Hunter wotruba

    I love how Andor focuses on how absolutely crushing institutions can feel. "They're choking us so slowly we're beginning not to notice." One of the best lines in any Star Wars ever.

  • Farjad Zaman

    Was looking for a special mention for Skarsgaard. Luthen is such a well-written character and that speech with Lonny in Episode 10 gave me goosebumps. Skarsgaard's acting and his screen presence is just incredible. He commands respect and attention in every scene he is in.

  • Coopahtroopah117

    The prison arc in particular was amazing. The tension was palpable, the twist hit hard, and Andy Serkis absolutely stole the show. The show had a really slow start, but once it got going… oh man, it was good

  • Scrat Mat
    Scrat Mat  +367

    Andor is the ONLY one of these Disney+ plus shows they've done where after an episode is over I felt excited to watch the next one.

  • Szilágyi Szabolcs

    I call this the anti-cliche show. Every episode manages to surprise you and it is so cleverly written it feels utmost real.

  • Howey
    Howey  +8

    Star Wars is in such a state that a prequel show about a one-off supporting character was infinitely better than a show about Obi Wan Kenobi

  • morani
    morani  +141

    It´s about time we have a Star Wars show made for grown ups.

  • David N
    David N  +191

    Agreed. I particularly like how multidimensional both the imperial and rebel sides are portrayed. The imperials aren't just buffoons who can't shoot straight -- they are cunning, ruthless and they actually seem to take pride in their work. And the rebels are have a bad side to them. They are willing to incite the empire to overreact and kill innocent people to further their cause. I love a show that actually makes me pay attention and think.

  • RuffianXion

    While it is a shame that Andor suffers for the sins of it's predecessors, imagine how even more disappointed we'd have been with Boba Fat and Obi-Wrong if Andor had set the bar first.

  • Bill Jenkins

    We need more shows like this. I fear we won’t see the likes of another show like this for years to come

  • QuipSilverVR

    Truly Andor was fucking awesome! Every episode was gripping and the acting was super believeable. I like how Andor's actions happen wildly in the moment and his reputation starts to gain weight with people he's never met before, even if Andor himself isn't aware of it. Compared to the horrors we've recently experiences at the hands of the Star Wars franchiese, this is a literal breath of fresh air.

  • Hùng Nguyễn

    I'd argue the "bored vs depressing" expression Diego Luna carries is exactly how your average Imperial citizen would feel 99% of the time. This Andor is still pretty much just the average Joe trying to get out of a bad situation during the season.

  • joshuaclayblack

    I really enjoyed this show. No Jedis or lightsabers insight

  • Ian Hollis

    I f'ing love Andor! Not just one of the best pieces of STAR WARS to come along in a long while, but one of the best pieces of TV/visual storytelling to come along in a

  • Chris Lindsay

    Wow. You nailed it. Boba Fett and Obi Wan WERE shot mostly on a couple of soundstages and some blue screen backlot shooting days. I was there on both. How did you know? My understanding of Andor was that they never utilized The Volume, and worked extensively on one of the largest backlots in the world. And yeah. You can see and feel the difference. As I was there for Mando and boba, I only wished that I could have been in England to work on Andor. It was well recognized that the work we were doing, especially on Boba, was crap. Don't get your hopes up for season 3 of Mando. Just more of the same. The crew is just as dissolutioned as the audience. Andor is great. Some serious, adult science fiction. I've been on a quest to get to something like that my whole career. I did Rebel Moon, and I'm still not there, yet. Rebel Moon looks like it will be crap as well.

  • Wim Van Gossum

    To be honest, If they keep turning out content like this, I will jump back on the train. It's still a scifi I care about, and brings about many memories. I've already forgotton most of the last fiascos, because, well, they were not memorable. It's true that it is not without flaws, but this is a huge step in the right direction.

  • Terry Wood

    While most of the other shows feel like they're just trying to capitalise on a popular character by telling a story that nobody had an idea for, Andor feels more like an actual pitch, it's a story someone actually WANTED to tell and that passion shows in the final result.

  • Frappes_
    Frappes_  +646

    It actually makes sense how Cass is sort of passive in the first few arcs. He's not fully into the rebel cause yet, and he's learning why he has to be. When he's imprisoned, he actually does something, he motivates Kino for the breakout, he decides to rescue Bix, he sticks for his community.

  • Gabriel Rodriguez

    I don't think this series was ever going to be a big hit, the character was never that popular. But given how good it ended up being, I think it'll only grow with time.