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how to pull a rabbit out of a hat

  • čas přidán 25. 11. 2022

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  • Nope Nope

    I'm so glad he's back to making these groovy short videos, they've always been my favorite thing on the channel! Observing how much he's grown throughout the years makes me emotional.

  • Ellipsis115

    The energy, improve style and stuttery-ness of his previous content is brought through so well in Bill's new 3D animation style, love it.

  • Shur3ly
    Shur3ly  +1

    "hi. it's the rabbit. it feels good to get out of that hat."

  • •lilmayita•

    You can make anything out of that barren waste land. Your content fills this world with art and emotion. I am so proud of your art style development

  • Tim Wilson

    “A hat is a very good rabbit habitat” is my new favorite sentence

  • Michelangelo

    Your videos are always entertaining. Like the new 3D animation.

  • Angelo Santelli

    Absolutely transcendental. Answers the age old question of where rabbits are before they’re pulled out of the hat 👏

  • Cube Films
    Cube Films  +698

    I love these animations. They help me sleep. I wish there was a 10 hour video of Bill just talking about history. Like history of the world. but M O R E

  • Pyglik
    Pyglik  +161

    "A hat is a very good rabbit habitat" This phrase is too perfect, it has to be true.

  • cookie jar
    cookie jar  +698

    This tutorial is the best because it is so easy to follow and it really works! I have tried other tutorials on this topic and they just don't compare. This one is by far the best and I am so glad I found it.

  • Starry Bench Studios

    Can’t wait to analyze this video. Already did “Out to Lunch” and currently working on “Perfect”.

  • Sung Karson

    “A hat is a very good rabbit habitat”

  • ChainRocker

    it scares me how good this animation is

  • Angela Zhao

    “Hey phone how do I pull myself out of a barren wasteland?”

  • Averill
    Averill  +174

    I love that he can make nothing out of everything, but make it seem like nothing

  • That's Mama Luigi to You

    i want a full version of that ringtone

  • Luis Flores-Gonzalez

    Yeeeeeees!!!! I always love Bill's short videos!! He always makes the best, my favorite one no doubt is the one with Damien Maymdien. ^_^

  • marshmellothelegend

    His animating is improving very well! It’s so cool to see a short video of yours again but with 3d animation :)))

  • Gamey Gaming

    From 2 years without a new video to 2 in three days. What an achievement.

  • Ian Bhatt

    I would definitely watch this stuff if i had free time