WHEN YOU HAVE A SISTER || SIBLINGS RIVALRY || Relatable facts by 5-Minute FUN

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  • Sisters rivalry is a thing. Here are some relatable situations anyone with a sister can recognize. Sometimes you are best friends, sometimes you fight like you are in the mortal kombat game. But eventually, you always have each other’s backs. Because that’s what sisters for.
    0:01 Mortal kombat sibling struggles
    0:13 Taking a photo for Insta
    0:21 Peeking into messages
    0:35 Breaking father's phone
    0:49 Together to the disco
    1:18 Covering for a sister
    1:30 Anna does not share food
    1:48 Tik Tok dancing
    2:05 Getting presents
    2:16 Meeting Leo and background checking boyfriend
    2:36 Where is my dress?
    03:37 Bloopers
    When you have a sister you are NEVER alone!
    #sister #siblings #relate
    Fun videos and relatable facts about life, family, girls, and boys and simply everything. Things that everyone feels, but hardly talk about. Stay tuned - you will definitely enjoy the comedy!

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  • blueman anaka diamonds
    blueman anaka diamonds Před 18 minutami

    This is parody of mortal kombat

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    Yes I have a sister

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    Yes i do

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    i have but he is in the heaven

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    I have freaking naughty,idiots brothers!

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    Yes I have a sibling

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    I have two and my friend has 13

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    I have my big brother
    He is 18 years old and I am 8 we born in October 25 in same year

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    I have a small sibling she is like Anna

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    why this video is only for 4min😏

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    Yes there so annoying

  • Helena Hackenbruck
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    I have a sister. We are 3 yrs Apart. I love her but we right a lot but that's how you know you love each other

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    I have 7 siblings plus me its 8 so

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    yes i have sibling

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    Yep a big brother that shorter than me😄😑

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    Yey i have a sibling

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    Like yes love ana

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    6 siblings

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    A bro and a sis

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    Yes I have a sibling and he’s so annoying but I still love him

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    Yes I do one sis and one bro

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    yes I have a silmbin

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    Yes and he's annoying

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    Yes I have my big sis

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    I have six

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    I have 2 brothers

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    My eldest sis is 18 and my brother is 13

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    I watch this all day

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    I have a single

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    3 siblings

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    Yes I do 😍😘😘

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    Yes me have a sis

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    I have two

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    I have 3.

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    So 3

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    I have 2 rn but I have a brother coming

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    Yes - i've got two older sisters and a older brother😂

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    Life is better with sister.I love my sister.

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    Are you real sisters?

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    I have three siblings and it sucks

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    I think I’m lucky cause I don’t have any sisters. Just older brothers

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    Yes i have one

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    I have 5 sibling two brothers
    Three sisters 😐

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    6 older brothers
    and im 11

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    If u talking about the most annoying sibling then...

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    I have six sisters and seven brothers (not all in the same house, but still)
    Life is tough.

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    Is pest

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    Please upload more videos. It is a pleasure to watch that I watch one video like five times. Love you😍😘🤗 and by the way all these are very relatable😂

    • Aisha Elmetwaly
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      Sibling count:
      Sis: 1
      Bro: 1

    • Aisha Elmetwaly
      Aisha Elmetwaly Před 18 hodinami

      I am the oldest of my siblings and it is so annoying😠 I GET BLAMED FOR EVRY SINGLE THING!!! But I do still love them😉 I am grateful of that🤗 I love this channel so much❤💓

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    No I don't have a sibling but I have cousin sisters

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    A twin sibling

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    And they are three sisters .
    But I love them a lot .

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    I have three brothers and no sister

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    Yes there is a younger sister she teases me always

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    If plss like

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    God help me

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  • Noor Ali
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    I wish I had a sister like my age..
    I have a sister but she's older than me, she has another dad, she looks nothing like me, she lives in another country
    My mom was pregnant and it was a girl but she thought it was hard to take care of babies on her age, so she aborted the baby
    She never told me that happened until I grew up then I cried :( 💔💔
    She could've been my small sister😭💔💔
    I hope she'll enjoy being in heaven😐
    I really love her and I will never forget about her💖

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