SISTER vs. SISTER || SIBLING STRUGGLES || Relatable facts by 5-Minute FUN

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    Sisters rivalry is a thing. Here are some relatable situations anyone with a sister can recognize. Sometimes you are best friends, sometimes you fight like you are in the mortal kombat game. But eventually, you always have each other’s backs. Because that’s what sisters for.
    0:01 Mortal kombat sibling struggles
    0:13 Taking a photo for Insta
    0:21 Peeking into messages
    0:35 Breaking father's phone
    0:49 Together to the disco
    1:18 Covering for a sister
    1:30 Anna does not share food
    1:48 Tik Tok dancing
    2:05 Getting presents
    2:16 Meeting Leo and background checking boyfriend
    2:36 Where is my dress?
    03:37 Bloopers
    When you have a sister you are NEVER alone!
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