Dead by Daylight | Q&A session #4 - August 30 2018

  • čas přidán 30. 08. 2018
  • Questions from the Dead by Daylight Community answered by members of the Dead by Daylight team.
    not_Queen - Community Manager
    Louis McLean - Gameplay Programmer
    Stefan Horvath - Gameplay Designer
    2:10 : Vigil and sabotage state
    10:40 : Rework totems
    12:50 : Any plan to reward killers who do not camp and tunnel
    15:22 : Are there any plans to increase base gen regression speed
    21:06 : Would you consider making more default perks
    23:45 : Buff freddy or a full rework and specifics
    29:47 : Is there work in progress to remove loops from the game
    31:07 : Leaderboard
    32:38 : Are you sill working on remaking old and creating new tiles
    33:52 : With all those loops and pallet any plans to change the time needed to repair a gen
    36:28 : Are there any plans to address unfair looking inconsistencies through windows/pallets
    42:11 : When will you rework the skillcheck mechanics
    44:09 : A mechanic where in any instance you stop healing you'll have a steep regression penalty
    48:13 : Priority list about any changes to gens or new targets

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  • HryHry

Komentáře • 1 360

  • Kentleigh
    Kentleigh Před 3 měsíci

    Bunch of stupid apes on this development/PR team.

  • Lee everett TWD
    Lee everett TWD Před 11 měsíci

    Please add bill on consoles plz bill is awesome I played as him on left 4 dead all the time it would be cool if I played him on my Xbox on this game as well like If you agree

  • Izlovely Ramos Torres
    Izlovely Ramos Torres Před 11 měsíci

    Camping killers is basically what I feel should be changed because the game isn't fun that way. Even if the killers get buffed even more, that's fine, but the camping is just horrible I'm considering uninstalling. Not cause I lose, no I'm fine losing just it is boring with campers

  • DjAnimatesYT
    DjAnimatesYT Před 11 měsíci

    what if they had this 1 perk called “Better Run” Were you Damage a Generator Reveals The Auras of the Suvivors Who were Working on the generator And shows for 2 sec. like bitter murmur but thats when they complete it?

  • Kahnyay Wheast
    Kahnyay Wheast Před 11 měsíci

    Deja Vu rework is still shit.
    Surveilance is #1. Shit perk for killers.

  • Kahnyay Wheast
    Kahnyay Wheast Před 11 měsíci

    Ran a hex build earlier with 4 totems.
    Every. Single. Fucking. Totem. Gone. Within the first 60 seconds of the game.

  • Frank West
    Frank West Před rokem

    I think we did a pretty good job so far

  • Demarco The Magnificent

    Predator as killer?

  • notstarboard
    notstarboard Před rokem

    42:11 Skillchecks should be just as easy as this comment implies but they stutter like crazy in the majority of games I play in. I find myself aiming for the center of the range most times because of how unpredictable the timing is with the stutter. In games where they don't stutter I'm able to hit a good percentage of perfects, but those are few and far between. I'm happy for a skill check rework, but given how central of a mechanic they are I'd first like them to be consistently smooth. Anyone else experience this? I play on PC with a solid rig (i5-6500 / GTX 1060) and a wired internet connection. I get a consistent 60 FPS too, so it's not a low frame rate issue.
    The other most common time I see stutter is when a bunch of status effects are applied at once. My assumption in this case is that the killer's PC is weak and can't keep up with the status effects and also host the game smoothly, causing stutter for everyone else in the lobby.
    It's interesting that most of the talk here is about balance when most of my complaints are either bugs or quality of life issues. In any case, thanks for the Q&A - this was an interesting watch :)

  • PixelatedDream
    PixelatedDream Před rokem

    So more survivor nerfs, but yet nothing is being done about hook camping. No just make it slower for us to heal, harder for us to get away. The horrible thing is as someone who doesn't play toxic by just flashlight/loop the killer to death and just plays legit has a lot harder time in this game. The changes being made and the fact that it's so unbalanced is what makes survivors toxic and that in turn makes killers campy. I absolutely almost flew into a rage and vowed to quit the game when I learned they were trying to figure out a way the killer could close the hatch. how about working on balancing what's wrong with the mechanics you guys have. I'm convinced they don't actually play their own game because they keep missing the mark.

  • Taza
    Taza Před rokem

    Any plans on fixing the balance of the game? Killers are very weak and it seems like these devs arent bothered enough about it, you have to do 12 hooks to get a 4 man which is almost impossible with a compotent team as a chase can last from 30 seconds (if you fail miserably) up to probably 4 minutes before a killer just gives up chasing.
    It takes 80 seconds to finish 1 gen... so if the survivors play optimally then 3 gens could be done by the time it takes to only hook 1 person, (this is excluding toolboxes). and thats 1/12, maybe the devs planned this game to be easy for the survivors escape, and the hatch usually guarantees atleast 1 person escaping that is if people play dumb enough to not get the exit gates open by then.
    Basically chases and loops waste too much time for the killer, and gens are too fast to keep up with.
    Playing as killer is stressful and you have to be very reactive than proactive, animations are super slow making the killer feel like a powerless slug at times, animations for picking someone up, and hanging them on a hook wastes even more time, seems that time is always against the killer which i think needs addressing
    also why are there so many pallets? i get its a game and its a trial but why would there be like 20 pallets in an area, just doesnt logically make sense but whatever, miss me with that unreal ass shit
    Im not asking for gens to take longer but more so make it harder to escape so when you do escape its a rare experience and feels good, this could be done by making chases or animations shorter to save time, there could be a cooldown on generators for like 30 seconds before another can be complete so you cant just spam 3 gens in less than 2 minutes, instead it would be i think a more reasonable, infact that sounds like that could be a major fix for the imbalance of time on one side, i just dont think its great how survivors can get away with mistakes and for a killer it could cost them a gen or two if a mistake is made by them.

  • Little Badger
    Little Badger Před rokem


  • BEAV E
    BEAV E Před rokem

    when is the scream/ Ghostface dlc coming out ?

  • TheMemester
    TheMemester Před rokem +1

    Hope they balance this mess soon, i miss what the game felt like at lower ranks. Now its just nurse/huntress every game and survivors don't stand a chance unless they get a bad killer :/

  • David Marquez
    David Marquez Před rokem

    Hey can u guys see if u can get Freddy from five nights at Freddy 's or slender man. My reason I want u guys to make these killers is because I know u would make them cool looking and scary. But these is my opinion I just think u guys would make a killing

  • Brandon Soucy
    Brandon Soucy Před rokem

    Whens the next double bloodpoint weekend? :)

  • *T0XIC*
    *T0XIC* Před rokem

    All killers bugg my decisive strike. Can you do smething ?

  • i dont even know
    i dont even know Před rokem

    Devs i have a question for you why do killers get blood points if a survivor disconnects but survivors dont get any blood points also losing any objects and offerings they took to a pointless match where they didn't get any of it?

  • Larry TRotter
    Larry TRotter Před rokem


  • Adam J
    Adam J Před rokem

    I feel like there should be this thing where if you are within a 16 meter radius of the hooked survivor, the entity will get angry and teleport you away from the hook so you can keep looking for survivors. I know camping is a legit strat but there’s no counter play if you’re not running borrowed time. Even as a killer main I think that’s stupid. However this should not happen if the exit gates are powered

  • Sjoerd Plas
    Sjoerd Plas Před rokem


  • The Rational Man
    The Rational Man Před rokem

    I do not agree in nerfing Mangled. Many Killers have mangled effect add-ons and those add-ons already are not strong. Change it to 16 seconds without Mangled and 24 seconds with Mangled.

  • Aki Izayoi
    Aki Izayoi Před rokem

    Oh goodie, more "ideas" and nothing confirmed.Way to show us how terrified you are of getting review-bombed by survivor mains.

  • Lulzlen
    Lulzlen Před rokem

    Bunny hood Feng when?

  • Carl G
    Carl G Před rokem +1

    This game needs to be balanced properly and made fair. The killers perks are just too good. The killers regularly camping at the hook just makes a mockery of the game. Recent updates appear to have introduced new outfits for characters, and auric cell packs which you have to purchase with real money. There’s only so far greedy game developers can push gamers. 👎🏻

    • Adam J
      Adam J Před rokem

      Carl G Rank 20 calling killer perks op lmao

  • Tensay Gamer
    Tensay Gamer Před rokem

    What about the alien as that killer and Ripley as the survivor?

  • Sm1DD
    Sm1DD Před rokem

    I hate vaulting over something while running away from a killer and still get hit

  • Godly unsung Hero
    Godly unsung Hero Před rokem

    Please make stealth more rewarding for survivors. It seems the only way to get alot of bloodpoints is to loop or abuse pallets. Yea there's 360ing but it's not consistent and rarely gets me out of chases because of scratch marks it just prolongs the inevitable. If a killer cant see me at all i feel like i should be more rewarded or at least equally rewarded for completely staying out of sight from a killer. I'd rather play like a real survivor rather than doing silly fast turns and eventually getting caught anyway because of the fast movement speed of a killer.

  • Amaral
    Amaral Před rokem

    2v8 when?

  • Maruf Koc
    Maruf Koc Před rokem


  • Maruf Koc
    Maruf Koc Před rokem


  • Roku
    Roku Před rokem +1

    I love the end game idea that would make it so much more fun rather than just trap door staring contests it would sound like alot of fun haha.

  • Marcos Vialpando
    Marcos Vialpando Před rokem

    Your game is the worst fucking horror game i habe either seen or played. Seriously are you guys retarded? It literally makes no sense none of it. You guys aee just a bunch of virgins who saw some bad horror movies and thought they could make a horror game. Your game lacks all logical forms of sense and should stop existing. No wonder you had to give it away for free. Its trash.

  • The Mockingface Channel

    I don't know if you will read this, buuuuuuut you should do a Monster kind killer, like The Gremlins, the critters, or maybe like Pumpking head, and if you wanted to go full millenial you could make and animatronic type, all I'm saying is, please keep makin the game bigger, this is amazing



  • SR. Panda
    SR. Panda Před rokem +1

    Will you someday go for dead by dealight for free?

  • Seyma Nur
    Seyma Nur Před rokem

    Is the new killer al ready on the ps4 i want it so bad!!!

  • Sercan Beyrado
    Sercan Beyrado Před rokem


  • Ditry _3z
    Ditry _3z Před rokem

    When the optimization of ps4?

    • Ditry _3z
      Ditry _3z Před rokem

      When will to have static groups and when finish the game don't need invited again? When will are host of lobby the most stable connection and not the killer with nice ping that then the ping increase. Its ridiculous

  • Gwap Man
    Gwap Man Před rokem

    Dwight on the right..
    Jake in the middle😂

  • SuperTNTking 3700
    SuperTNTking 3700 Před rokem +1

    Can you make tenacity more powerful cuz when I get into the dying state I try to get away 50% faster but I get picked up right away! so can you make it like you can't be picked up for 2/3/4 seconds okay🙂

  • Quintin Smith
    Quintin Smith Před rokem

    I LOVE the idea of revealing the auras of survivors after a minute or two of the gens being repaired, it gets tiring when survivors stick around to taunt the killer and mess around.

  • PandaBear 06
    PandaBear 06 Před rokem

    The Devs can shove Dead by Daylight up there FUCKING Asses

  • Marilyn Norris
    Marilyn Norris Před rokem


  • Gabriel Caragea
    Gabriel Caragea Před rokem +1

    Stop adding new shit just fix ps4 fos and bugs

  • Gabriel Caragea
    Gabriel Caragea Před rokem

    This game on ps4 and xbox it works like shit its so laggy. Its like im playing on a toaster

    • Tensay Gamer
      Tensay Gamer Před rokem

      Yeah same here. It's so laggy and broken on ps4 . They need to fix lots of things. Matchmaking, bugs, high ping, killer quit the session and you don't get any blood points. And I can keep on and on. Send msgs on the Twitter acc maybe they listen and fix the game on consoles.

  • Gabriel Caragea
    Gabriel Caragea Před rokem

    Can you please fix ps4 frames for fuck sake

  • Le C1b3r
    Le C1b3r Před rokem

    I would love if they put Chris Walker of Outlast in the game.

  • AlligatorVal7
    AlligatorVal7 Před rokem

    Could you think about a five nights at Freddy’s killer like springtrap

  • John English
    John English Před rokem +2

    Fix PS4 matchmaking servers, the average wait time is longer than 10 minutes. Also nerf Freddy he’s too OP.

  • cankan keser
    cankan keser Před rokem

    Add color bilind mode an options

  • kanda irisha
    kanda irisha Před rokem

    Buff Freddy pls

  • dakota krueger
    dakota krueger Před rokem

    How about if you stop healing the next skill check is like a overcharge skill check, if you hit it you continue, if you miss it you get a regression

  • CreativeUsernameEh
    CreativeUsernameEh Před rokem

    I just want to say GREAT JOB with the Spirit. A lot of the older designs were overly contrived and tried way too hard to be scary... But with newer killers like the Huntress and the Spirit you're on the right track. There's a reason they look and act the way they do. Good job!

  • zhanchi
    zhanchi Před rokem

    killer perk Idea adds one gen needed to escape adds 2 gens to each map but each person who dies a random gen gets completed or removes a gen needed to be compelted. Would be a really good perk to prolong game and stops killer from tunneling like crazy.

  • Madlox
    Madlox Před rokem

    I hope they add scream soon

  • SweetJuice
    SweetJuice Před rokem

    Hey can you guys fix the framerate on Xbox And Ps4 its low and i cant no more play now that i lag a lot :c

    • SweetJuice
      SweetJuice Před rokem

      Im currently on xbox and cant even do anything since i lag too munch.

  • Joe
    Joe Před rokem

    Most of these fixes favors killer mains, did you guys figure out why there are no people playing as survivors when killer are rank 16 or below? Thought as much

  • H3nry FPS
    H3nry FPS Před rokem

    Where's Jason vorhees at the game???

  • Abyssionknight
    Abyssionknight Před rokem

    Wait... you want healing to take longer, but then added in the ptb a perk that speeds up healing, until it gets to the point that on a single skill check I end up healing 80% progress all at once?
    You're going to utterly nuke that perk into the ground in the near future, aren't you? It doesn't align at all with your new design pillars you talked about.

    • Abyssionknight
      Abyssionknight Před rokem

      Also that end game change sounds like it would make noed more common. All gens pop and aura revealed means a noed killer would pretty much always win the match. Very unlikely a survivor is going to escape a competent killer with noed, who can see where you are at all times.