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They Stole my new Game...

  • čas přidán 18. 01. 2022
  • okay gamers this is bad news...
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Komentáře • 10 164

  • Dani2
    Dani2   +8

    okay gamers this is literally so sad smash subscribe to pay respects

  • Flamme 5.0.6

    Can't wait until "Wow, that was really cool" gets to be 10 minutes long and Dani has to make a seperate video for that.

  • TimeBucks

    his voice gradually gets higher pitched throughout the "Wow that was really cool" part

  • Maxim Quantum

    “I care about the environment…”

  • Тихон Нестеренко

    Imagine Dani in his 60s watching him get older and older with this "Wow, that was really cool" meme. Spending about a week just to add another layer to it.

  • Chumwar Games

    I love how he's so popular that every game he makes someone has to recreate and publish it earlier than him

  • Chomps
    Chomps  +7

    I love how when Dani gets 1mil subs he’s not being like “OH MU GOSH THANKS YOU SO MUCH GUYS THIS IS SO BIG” he’s just “thanks guys, very cool

  • CouthCommitsOof

    The developers so eco-friendly, they recycle Dani's games

  • George Agorakis

    He manages to say the same jokes for 2 years and still be funny

  • blzr
    blzr  +284

    A horror game by dani unironically would probably be seriously cool, especially judging by his ability to add interesting mechanics i wonder what he would do

  • SuperManDoWork

    Know you are in danger when dani starts laughing, slowly...

  • Tom Shirley

    love how whenever a " wow thats really cool" meme comes up dani just accepts his fate like "damn they got me again"

  • Satan m8 C

    "Petition for Dani to make a horror game"

  • TGG
    TGG  +1

    No matter what game dani creates, there will always be people that steal his games.

  • Mr Torchy
    Mr Torchy  +84

    I understand that Dani doesn't want to make a horror game (It's okay to admit you are uncapable of doing it)

  • AWildTPoser

    When the world needed him most, he returned.

  • MClegend221

    cant wait for dani to stare at a video for 1 hour and finally say "wow that was really cool"

  • Justin Case

    Cant imagine what kind of person would steal someone else's ideas and make an unlicensed knock off 😂

  • PolyMars
    PolyMars  +637

    crab game: 🙂

  • CalamityOblivion

    When the world needed him the least, he returned.