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The perfect dotted line challenge

  • čas přidán 9. 11. 2022

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  • @YouTube
    @YouTube Před rokem +79

    how is drawing a dotted line this interesting 😭

  • @ITS_LINA_

    Respect for the guy who cleans the board every time

  • @sherlockholms8404

    It's nice to see people having fun with the simplest things😊

  • @squeebosh8525

    This is how the first people who invented the written language reacted when they were developing letters.

  • @PurrfectlyCreative333

    these guys got so excited over drawing dotted lines 😂😂 made my day lol

  • @spencerlaine8782

    This is why I want to be friends with guys, doing silly things and just genuinely having fun with them.

  • @bakedwithrealchez
    @bakedwithrealchez Před rokem +12

    "Why are the neighbors yelling this time?"

  • @introvert_xx

    Second last guy looks like a good road line painter

  • @ethanthomas2340

    I need friends around me who hype everything up like this

  • @bananamilke2188
    @bananamilke2188 Před rokem +7

    Not me thinking the glasses guy was gonna slay it 💀💀💀💀💀

  • @lcg5790
    @lcg5790  +19

    So glad they're having fun.

  • @ninikrem
    @ninikrem  +30

    it's cute how excited they seem to be over such a simple thing

  • @sammoh6746
    @sammoh6746 Před rokem +21

    The guy who's cleaning the board again and again 🥺

  • @mcvenne8935

    Now, make him 1v1 the math teacher.

  • @RM-tq5rk
    @RM-tq5rk  +14

    I appreciate that guy who cleaned board every time ❤

  • @prachimishra7349
    @prachimishra7349 Před rokem +8

    The effort of cleaning and drying the board everytime 💀

  • @tierstinwilliams71

    Damn their hands move quick... Could be able to play "Rush E" flawlessly on the piano if they tried with that speed

  • @jeetsingh9708

    You guys need a Walter Lewin tutorial.

  • @_cosmicwhirl_
    @_cosmicwhirl_ Před rokem +13

    HUGE respect for the guy who cleans the board every time

  • @TezcatlipocaSensei

    At least one of y’all understands that you don’t just rush into things. Ya gotta plan things out. Take it slow. Then you can get it just about perfect.