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  • čas přidán 13. 05. 2023
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Komentáře • 8K

  • @aybeepee973

    that twist with ethan and simon not being on the same team was a great idea need more of this kind of twist

  • @oliverkirkpatrick5436

    This honestly felt like an original sidemen video, non script and just letting the boys do what they want. Easily One of the best vids this year. More content like this plz

  • @josecarlosacosta8159

    Props for the editing, things are lined up so perfectly that conversations people have in different teams relate to each other no matter how random they are

  • @WishMount

    Ethan was actually the best possible driver that Ferrari got out of the group, fair play

  • @shootermtd25

    The “what idiot left chocolate on the seat?!?!” And then the flip over to Danny was hilarious 😂

  • @kieranswan5938

    I’m so glad they gave the Ferrari to Ethan who actually fully appreciates what it is

  • @le1323
    @le1323  +2

    having three teams is a really nice idea. They should do this with the holidays too, so the bad team isn't just the actual average

  • @trypsz6453

    JME and Harry's convo is clearly two people have never had to be alone together 😂

  • @melvinmacaulay711

    Is it just me or is Josh and Danny's relationship super cute like an aging dad and is adolescent son

  • @dayzemusicc

    Josh, Harry, and Danny trying to squeeze into the small car with all the IKEA stuff was a top 10 funniest sidemen moments for sure

  • @miyoshiho3069

    Haven’t laughed this much in a long time. And i love how josh and harry treated danny like their little bro, teaching him everything about ikea 🤣

  • @bluemo128

    Harry being a passenger princess is the funniest thing I’ve seen today 😂 Giving awful directions, yelling at civilians, and trying to turn off the car every 10 mins

  • @brawbakhtyarrasul2659

    The convo between jme and harry at the end was awkwardly entertaining 😂

  • @AlLin__98
    @AlLin__98  +305

    harry and JME talking about woodworking and stuff in the super car is so wholesome

  • @JenniferJeweI

    danny is such a delight to watch in sidemen videos, he just genuinely enjoys being there and it’s so wholesome to watch

  • @eliz1791s
    @eliz1791s  +327

    Tobi’s happiness waving at the boys in the Ferrari was giving me train boy vibes. Lmao

  • @25Dzone
    @25Dzone  +141

    Harry looking at Danny all confused is something I never realised I wanted to see until it happened - he's getting a taste of his own medicine in this whole Sidemen Sunday

  • @danolavb

    JME talking about woodworking while Harry is trying to act interressted is the funniest thing ever! Good edit boois xD

  • @porus41
    @porus41  +296

    Harry's face while JME is talking 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • @HomelessKoala

    The carjacking was this years greatest sidemen moment 😂🙌👏