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  • Bryan Morello
    Bryan Morello Před 9 dny

    bummer that you need a movie to make "perfect sense". being spoon fed is so boring.

  • Greg Branson
    Greg Branson Před měsícem

    B- …? Really. You’re too nice.

  • Colin Searle
    Colin Searle Před měsícem +2

    Personally I loved this film, and to me it all made sense. I thought it was very easy to follow narratively. I agree about the dodgy CGI moment though. Some of the acting was great, especially Julianne Moore.

  • Karanvir Kooner
    Karanvir Kooner Před měsícem

    Chris Stuckmann should do a review of all of David Cronenberg’s movies beginning with
    Shivers(in America known as They Came from Within)
    The Brood
    The Dead Zone
    The Fly
    Dead Ringers
    A History of Violence
    Eastern Promises

  • caitlyn who r u
    caitlyn who r u Před měsícem

    This movie was so fucking weird and confusing

  • The Continuing Adventures of Lenny Wanser

    Geez. Here’s another film I don’t recall seeing/hearing anything about. The amount of films that you digest is astonishing. Great stuff Chris. 😃✌🏽

  • Karanvir Kooner
    Karanvir Kooner Před 3 měsíci

    he should review all of David Cronenberg’s movies

  • gjh
    gjh Před 3 měsíci

    There is senseless animal violence. The lead kid actor you just want to drive over with your car, several times

  • Devin Harbert
    Devin Harbert Před 3 měsíci

    My favorite cronenberg film is history of violence, review rabid Chris.

  • Fritz Idler
    Fritz Idler Před 4 měsíci

    A movie that puts Hollywood actors down? Like shooting fish in a barrel. But it's directed by David Croneberg? I'm there.

  • Jerry Janski
    Jerry Janski Před 4 měsíci

    Crazy fuckin movie! I loved it. Please do Dead Ringers and A History of Violence if you haven't already.

  • Karanvir Kooner
    Karanvir Kooner Před 11 měsíci

    Chris Stuckmann should review all of David Cronenberg's movies

  • Tanya Yoshka
    Tanya Yoshka Před rokem

    I watched this film while I was in the Middle East: one country that is famous of cutting "bad" scenes from movies, so I was even more lost than what this film wants its audience to be. I am still struggling to make sense of what was going on there.

  • Sue Sue
    Sue Sue Před rokem

    This film sucked-period

  • Alex Tamsula
    Alex Tamsula Před rokem

    I saw Map To The Stars Last night. My feeling is I don't know what kind of movie (or I should say story) I'm watching until the last scene. I turned to my buddy when it was all over and I said, "It's a horror movie, and the big reveal tells me what we're looking at people who are ... participants in a cult." Saying what kind of cult would be a spoiler. The movie does end with a 'marriage'. Most people would think that's a happy ending but that depends on what you mean by 'happy'. Plus it seemed to me a lot of the characters were wrapped up in narco-think with all the pills going around. They take their mood stabilizers and listen to the shit that comes out of their mouths. And my oh God, and poor Carrie Fisher. Her appearance in the movie was the most shocking thing about it and I don't think that was intentional. @AlexTamsula on Twitter.

  • G Stone
    G Stone Před rokem

    I just watched this and i have never seen a Cronberg movie before.

  • Jeff Huett
    Jeff Huett Před rokem

    I feel like this movie cast a spell that I will never understand.

  • Douglas Krueger
    Douglas Krueger Před rokem

    I just watched all 21 of Cronenberg's films again (as well as some of his shorts and TV work on CHclip - yeah, huge fanboy!).
    Maps to the Stars is not his very best, but like every Cronenberg film, it certainly bears rewatching - gets better every time, as you delve deeper into it (and also get to appreciate the warped humour)!

  • Coco_writer92
    Coco_writer92 Před rokem

    Just rewatched this movie and i do agree with a lot of what you're saying. Something is missing from this movie that i myself can't put my finger on. I'd love for you to do analysis video of this movie, even though it's few years old. I'd love to know if you've come any closer to figuring out what the hell is really going on with this movie. Just a thought. Lol

  • Angelo Fernandes
    Angelo Fernandes Před 2 lety

    What happens on the end? That bad CGI what was that - how did get on fire?

  • lal Jad
    lal Jad Před 2 lety

    and now after few years ... i understand the movie.. thanks to Harvey Weinstein... but still i dont like the movie...

  • Colin Law-nmower
    Colin Law-nmower Před 2 lety

    Can someone explain why The Fly was good? It was mostly just gore.

  • Doğuş Şahin
    Doğuş Şahin Před 2 lety

    i'd like to say this, bad cgı at the end is related to whole idea of the film and i loved it. what i think it means is the cheapness and artificial behaviours of hollywood stars are in a way connected to the cgi effects. he demonstrates it with a cheap cgi effect.

  • Enrique Easton
    Enrique Easton Před 2 lety

    what about David Lynch??

  • itinkuno
    itinkuno Před 3 lety

    I kinda... loved? the movie.
    except the little kid - Benjie - was an awful actor. there are *so many* actors out there, i refuse to believe they legit couldn't find one who looked like a 13 year old and who could actually react with, like, facial expressions, and say dialogue in a way that demonstrated some understanding as to *why* his character would say that... ugh, everyone else did so great, but this kid really took me out of it

  • fandaal
    fandaal Před 3 lety

    I enjoyed Mia Wasikowska here.

  • AZED
    AZED Před 3 lety

    whoah... even the ones that weren't that great?
    which ones?

  • Partisan Black
    Partisan Black Před 3 lety

    Julianne Moore must have literally hit rock bottom to sign up for this crap movie.
    Even the extras are horrendous. This is one of those shit movies where actors die before they go to doing straight-to-DVD movies in the $5 bin at Walmart.

  • Mike Vaughn
    Mike Vaughn Před 4 lety +1

    Glossed over the whole incest theme...

  • TheZzZzZzZzZzA
    TheZzZzZzZzZzA Před 4 lety

    You're face in the thumbnail just completely captures what I thought when watching the film. So does the review. :P

  • nietzscheposterchild
    nietzscheposterchild Před 4 lety +11

    You don't rate art, just let it be.

  • maryam hashemi
    maryam hashemi Před 4 lety +1

    any thoughts on what the beautiful mythological story that they are all part of is ? I believe they are all characters old Greek mythology .

  • PrestigeWorldwideism
    PrestigeWorldwideism Před 4 lety +18

    You totally missed the entire theme of incest.

  • NunyJr
    NunyJr Před 4 lety +1

    I need a chore whore.

    JWJNC Před 4 lety

    I just saw this movie last night. It was very odd, BUT I enjoyed it. Good review too and after I saw who directed it, it all made sense. LOL

  • Shay Dali
    Shay Dali Před 4 lety

    Just found your channel to see people's opinion on the film. I feel the same. I believe the film lacked back story and resolve. An example of this is the storyline about Julianne and her mother. it didn't feel real enough. A lot of weird shit was happening, it was like watching a train wreck. Great performances by Julianne and Mia though.

  • Fantastic Beasts
    Fantastic Beasts Před 4 lety +1

    I love your channel; your reviews are great and it's great how you watch and review almost every film in the year. But why haven't you watched and reviewed The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel & Spy

  • GoalieOfUnholy
    GoalieOfUnholy Před 4 lety +1

    You should do some more Independent/Foreign films like this that came out recently:
    What We Do In The Shadows
    Kung Fury
    Slow West
    The Voices
    Me And Earl And The Dying Girl
    Love & Mercy
    I'll See You In My Dreams (my cousin's new film, who did It Follows)
    The Tribe
    Welcome To Me
    Only Lovers Left Alive
    St. Vincent
    Leviathan (Leviafan)
    Goodbye To Language (Adieu Au Langage)
    Force Majeure (Turist)
    Two Days, One Night (Deux Jours, Une Nuit)

  • LadyT
    LadyT Před 4 lety

    Shutter Island - great confusing movies...

  • Dennis McKown
    Dennis McKown Před 4 lety

    I am a Cronenberg fan as well. THE FLY, NAKED LUNCH and VIDEODROME are my favorites. EXISTENZ is another interesting film.

  • bruisr
    bruisr Před 4 lety

    John Cusack has been my favorite actor for as long as I have been interested in films. Lately, his performances have been declining. I could barely watch The Raven and only saw a few scenes of The Paperboy. I just watched this one because I thought it would be interesting.
    I was hoping to see the story panned out from the eyes of Cusack's character but instead I saw it from the eyes of Mia Wasikowska's character. For the Cusack fan in me, I would have hoped to see it from the eyes of the former, to maybe have some sort of redemption of his acting quality. I agree on the B-. And I also look forward to watching more Cronenberg's films.

  • Isaac Carmichael
    Isaac Carmichael Před 4 lety

    I loved this movie. I'll be honest, I'm a Cronenberg fan-boy, but I'm a bigger fan of his earlier, body-horror movies like The Fly and Videodrome. This was the first Cronenberg movie that he has done recently that I was mesmerized by. Yes, it had its flaws, particularly in tone and structure. And yes, the CGI at the end was pretty lame. But, I developed an emotional connection to the film. Overall, I'd give it either an A- or a B+.

  • non person
    non person Před 4 lety +1

    just give spoilers, you can't spoil cronenberg

  • Von Sams
    Von Sams Před 4 lety

    that zelda/akira t-shirt tho

  • Theun de groot
    Theun de groot Před 4 lety +1


  • hess bacon
    hess bacon Před 4 lety

    Do you have a podcast?

  • aerialkate
    aerialkate Před 4 lety +2

    "A History of Violence" was incredibly overrated.

  • TheDylbert
    TheDylbert Před 4 lety

    Inherent Vice!! Please!!!

  • skever81
    skever81 Před 4 lety

    review it follows please :)

  • Keyser94
    Keyser94 Před 4 lety

    Really Stuckman? You cant say the word, come on, say it, say it, Stuckman, is not that hard, say it, INCEST, the movies has INCEST THEMES IN IT. Isnt really that hard, and the brother married that had kids together is very fascinating, is a shame that Hollywood culture made them so superficial, because they could had become a good character study movie, appart from the ubber superficial Hollywood bullshit.

  • Dan S.
    Dan S. Před 4 lety

    Oh man I remember using crunchyroll when it was free. I didn't know it was still around.

  • Mr Hole
    Mr Hole Před 4 lety

    Really wanna spunk on Julianne Moores face

  • Geahk Burchill
    Geahk Burchill Před 4 lety +4

    Croneberg films that make sense and are straight forward are not as satisfying as the ones that get under your skin with weirdness. I would argue that Videodrome and eXistenZ stick with me way more than A History of Violence or even The Fly (Though The Fly is still one of his greatest films)
    Cronenberg is best when he makes you question yourself and your comprehension. When you wake up the night after seeing the film and ask yourself, "What did he *MEAN BY THAT?!?!*
    Consequently, though I think it's a fine film, A History of Violence is not a film I ever return to. It's not one I show to friends to get them hooked on Cronenberg. It's just to 'normal' in a lot of ways and doesn't explore as deeply as his other work.

  • Blueberry Muffin
    Blueberry Muffin Před 4 lety

    Why do film critics love "A History of Violence"? This is by far the worst movie ever made in history.

  • wekicksome
    wekicksome Před 4 lety

    Son, I love your t-shirt. Just couldn't stop thinking about it.

  • Aaron Ross
    Aaron Ross Před 4 lety

    his "the problem with..." vid really increased his views, no matter how bad they were

  • Kev erino
    Kev erino Před 4 lety

    This is easily one of the most original films of the year. It isn't perfect, but it's quite clever with excellent performances.

  • Kenny Ken
    Kenny Ken Před 4 lety

    Cusack is Hollywood's bottom feeder, he'll accept any project as long as it isn't porn

  • Triforce Manny
    Triforce Manny Před 4 lety


  • GLJohn Stewart
    GLJohn Stewart Před 4 lety

    Are you going to do a Birdman explained review? Leon Thomas of Renegade Cut did his if you want to take a look. It is very good.