Max Verstappen's Guide To Austria | 2019 Austrian Grand Prix

  • čas přidán 26. 06. 2019
  • Last year's winner steers you around a rapid lap of the Red Bull Ring.
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Komentáře • 700

  • heber serrano
    heber serrano Před měsícem

    Epic victory Max! Actually, exactly the way I wanted, stoping Mercedes (which I still cheer for anyway also) domain, and directlty defeating the Ferraris. What a show

    HUMAN CONTRABAND Před měsícem

    Goed Gedaan Max.

  • Henry
    Henry Před měsícem +2

    Well, Max did well.

  • 4fish
    4fish Před měsícem +1

    Eyy my boy won the race !!

    ŤHĮMØ Před měsícem +5

    Ladies and gentleman, you're looking to the WINNER of the Austrian GP.

  • InsideLine PH 1
    InsideLine PH 1 Před měsícem

    This guy doesn’t deserve a penalty

  • Stanley Wong
    Stanley Wong Před měsícem +2

    He has proven to be most unruly once again

  • Cory 2Logical
    Cory 2Logical Před měsícem

    Good luck Max!

  • Pedro Franco
    Pedro Franco Před měsícem

    Now this is a proper introduction lap. Take notes Lance.

  • Cory 2Logical
    Cory 2Logical Před měsícem

    Best comments on CHclip are right here on this channel 🐸☕️😉

  • BoneYard
    BoneYard Před měsícem

    holy crap they do actually do the last corner in 5th! I thought that was just sim racing bravery!!!

  • erbLLLL
    erbLLLL Před měsícem

    Sick track!

  • Dora Chris
    Dora Chris Před měsícem +1


  • Gustavo Oliveira
    Gustavo Oliveira Před měsícem

    the 2018 format with the videogame was better

  • Sasha R
    Sasha R Před měsícem

    Crashstappen crashed again & again

  • Stanley Wong
    Stanley Wong Před měsícem +1

    Most unruly driver

  • Juan Esteban
    Juan Esteban Před měsícem

    Looks like Max should spend a more time in the cockpit driving around RBR and less time giving virtual tours! Actually, it's probably safer for him and everyone else on track if he:d just stick with the latter!

  • TheIMightyHook
    TheIMightyHook Před měsícem

    He forgot to crash in the final corner

  • Mr_ Schumacher_
    Mr_ Schumacher_ Před měsícem

    A1 Ring

  • Stephen Bachman
    Stephen Bachman Před měsícem

    It would be a fun for a driver very fast track.

  • Adrian sky
    Adrian sky Před měsícem +2

    1- Hamilton
    2- Max
    3- Leclerc
    4- Bottas
    5- Vettel
    6- Norris

  • Marcus Hammer
    Marcus Hammer Před měsícem +2

    LH and mercedes fan here but this track looks like it will suit the Ferraris better with all them straights and drs zones. I predict a very close qualifying result.

  • Sergio David Buitron
    Sergio David Buitron Před měsícem

    El G.P Austria es un Monaco con escapatorias. Aqui el pilotaje influye muchisimo

  • Brian Blackwell
    Brian Blackwell Před měsícem

    Those last 2 corners look scary AF.

  • magnetictheory
    magnetictheory Před měsícem

    At least the A1-Ring doesn't hurt my eyes.

  • Big Eddie Von Wolfenstein
    Big Eddie Von Wolfenstein Před měsícem

    A circuit I hold very dear to my heart, as well as Austrian people. Hope to get to see this IRL one day. It's gonna be difficult for Max to prevail if the Mercedes run will be smooth as usual, but this track is kind of tricky under certain conditions and it can be a good battle between the midfield pack if need be. Let's hope Pierre Gasly doesn't flush this down the toilet and gets to some nice points.

  • अनिश्
    अनिश् Před měsícem

    Please let it rainn

  • Durmus Kurtulus
    Durmus Kurtulus Před měsícem

    For some odd reason, Bottas is better than Hamilton at this track. So, I expect Bottas to take pole position. But, the heat will have a lot to say in this race.

  • Andi
    Andi Před měsícem

    I hope mercedes starts from the first line and then they both crash in the first turn

  • Mad Flavor
    Mad Flavor Před měsícem

    sounds like max stappen. He dont know hes name?

  • Kim Schröder
    Kim Schröder Před měsícem

    Most boring Race Track on the Calendar


    • Kim Schröder
      Kim Schröder Před měsícem

      @Lefo Lefo still boring though...

    • Lefo Lefo
      Lefo Lefo Před měsícem

      This is actually the best track in calendar.

  • Grace Lord
    Grace Lord Před měsícem

    Too much DRS, why is basically half the lap DRS? I know we want overtaking, but it feels so artificial now.

  • markycupko
    markycupko Před měsícem +4

    Things to expect:
    -Hamilton wins
    -Mercedes 1-2
    -Ferrari bad strategy
    -someone gets 5 second penalty for something stupid
    -Grosejan complains
    -Gasly 5-6 positions behind Max
    -Giovinazzi loses minimum 3 positions in race
    -Williams 19-20
    This is 2019 template, I doubt anything will ever change

    • Roelof J. Hetsen
      Roelof J. Hetsen Před měsícem

      markycupko How can you think nothing will change. That’s absurd.

  • Chao Qu
    Chao Qu Před měsícem

    Why not use the game, this is so dumb

  • Nolanator7
    Nolanator7 Před měsícem +1

    Don’t watch F1. Saw in recommended for me.
    Fairly interesting video!

    MASTER HANIFF Před měsícem

    What an easy circuit.💁
    For sure with this kind of circuit, Mercedes will dominate no matter how.🤧
    It will be a big miracle if Max manage to get Pole Position & P1 (Eventhough i’m Max fan...) 🧚‍♀️🕺

      MASTER HANIFF Před měsícem

      its seem like my prediction earlier was totally wrong...
      Max proved he did a big miracle by won the race despite lost the pace at the earlier of the race...
      Max deserve to win the race...🏆🏆🏆
      Congrate mate....👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉

  • Rafik Yaàkoub
    Rafik Yaàkoub Před měsícem

    I love this track

  • WarumAutotune?
    WarumAutotune? Před měsícem +1


  • Ivan Pozdeev
    Ivan Pozdeev Před měsícem

    Wow. What an engaging presentation from Max!

  • Drink Me Code: TizTou
    Drink Me Code: TizTou Před měsícem

    2018 this race was lovely 16-19 Mercedes

  • JR 91
    JR 91 Před měsícem

    I have a feeling that Mercedes is going to win.

  • Adelmar Washington
    Adelmar Washington Před měsícem

    I see Ferrari here , who agree ?

  • Egli Cetaj
    Egli Cetaj Před měsícem

    Mercedes 1-2 right

  • Rauno Vesterinen
    Rauno Vesterinen Před měsícem

    Simple. Gasly out, Kimi in. Pretty simple deduction.

  • Tim
    Tim Před měsícem

    Gasley should bookmark this video

  • Thebearboarder
    Thebearboarder Před měsícem

    Wow that's a short track

  • Nathan Rath
    Nathan Rath Před měsícem

    Why in God's name are there three drs zones. Three? Really? Jesus this sport has gone downhill

  • Worn Lyro
    Worn Lyro Před měsícem +3

    Oh what a beauty! Fantastic Track 😍

  • GosumassB
    GosumassB Před měsícem

    Another race to sleep well

  • Matt Tunstall
    Matt Tunstall Před měsícem

    both Mercedes crash into each other on the first lap, they retire but still finish 1st and 2nd
    Vettel gets a 10 second time penalty for leading 99% of the race

  • 40 FK
    40 FK Před měsícem

    Well ladies and gentlemen it's time for

    Ferrari win

    • Firemarioflower
      Firemarioflower Před měsícem

      ☝ Count on Vettel. But fear the Federation Internationale AMG

  • Zaf R
    Zaf R Před měsícem

    Get in there Lewis 😎

  • Queteimporta.
    Queteimporta. Před měsícem

    Hay que esperar los entrenamientos libres.
    Todas la curvas son de alta velocidad excepto la curva 1 y 3 que tampoco son tan lentas mas las tres o cuatro rectas Ferrari puedes ser un rival a ganar la carrera igual que en Canadá, no es tan tan claro que Hamilton gane en Austria.
    You have to wait for free practice.
    All the curves are high speed except curve 1 and 3 are not so slow plus the three or four straights Ferrari can be a rival to win the race as in Canada, it is not so clear that Hamilton wins in Austria.

  • karri karthik
    karri karthik Před měsícem

    I love this track . I really hope merc mess up here like last year.

  • Kushal Jaiswal
    Kushal Jaiswal Před měsícem


  • Matthew
    Matthew Před měsícem +2

    I love the alpine setting of this circuit and location.

  • Roberto Alpizar Marquez
    Roberto Alpizar Marquez Před měsícem

    Let's go MAX!!

  • TheTangyMango
    TheTangyMango Před měsícem +1

    I’m looking for a sub-60 lap, anyone else think so...?

  • ArrZac Gaming
    ArrZac Gaming Před měsícem

    This track is quite relatively short but its still good

  • Ari Yadav
    Ari Yadav Před měsícem


  • Rennex
    Rennex Před měsícem

    Win please Max... I will kill myself if Mercedes 1-2 again 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • El BonitiilloO
    El BonitiilloO Před měsícem

    Can we get the north section back that was really good but this circuit was great before getting butchered

  • Leonardo Araujo
    Leonardo Araujo Před měsícem

    This track favors the horse Power. Ferrari Will race closer but they Will make mistakes and Mercedes Will keep the good work as always.
    Red Bull Will be far away from Ferrari. It would be great the other way around, but Power unit Will rule.
    The best news is Iceman has a shot to try to be the best of the rest. Gasly will be at the normal mode P6 . Far from the 5 th and from the 7th.

  • Oleg Larshin
    Oleg Larshin Před měsícem +1

    I am Ferrari fan but I willd be so happy if Max would win next " drive". Yea, drive, that's how I am going to call it until F1 will become a race again.

  • Niels Zumbrink
    Niels Zumbrink Před měsícem

    The RedBORring.. mercedes 1-2

  • Mohd Zuhaidir
    Mohd Zuhaidir Před měsícem

    MERC is dominant cars this year, but not their engine especially on the long straight.

  • Prasanna Royyuru
    Prasanna Royyuru Před měsícem

    The fact that half the track is DRS but we'll still see a Merc 1-2 just sums up what is totally wrong with F1 right now

  • S. D. H. 3T
    S. D. H. 3T Před měsícem

    Super Max 👍😎

  • Nuclear Drift
    Nuclear Drift Před měsícem

    Those g forces on your poor necks, still would love to be a passenger in a f1 car McLaren animated short style with Lewis and Button

  • Jor Doug
    Jor Doug Před měsícem

    Sometimes I wish Lewis would throw a qualifying to start in the last half. . Then then the race would be super interesting watching him fight his way to first.

  • Rafael Oliveira
    Rafael Oliveira Před měsícem +1

    1 - Ves
    2 - Ham
    3 - Vet
    4 - Ler
    5 - be my guest
    6 - Gas
    I feel Bottas won’t finish this race. But hopefully he is the one to get the 5th place.

  • Benjamin T Haden
    Benjamin T Haden Před měsícem

    The “Get in there, Lewis” from the annoying cockney will be absent this weekend

  • Raul Leite
    Raul Leite Před měsícem

    Very, very fast circuit. Love it.

  • Noob Fury
    Noob Fury Před měsícem +2

    Off topic from the video but why can't the FIA just limit the budget of the teams? Like so all of the teams can have a maximum budget of x amount of dollars? Maybe around the same budget as mclaren or renault has currently so that even the lowest teams wont be too far off the budget of the best team.

    XDRONIN Před měsícem +1

    YES!! One of the BEST Race tracks in all the World.