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  • čas přidán 27. 02. 2021

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  • Yuka Yuko
    Yuka Yuko Před rokem +3

    I just lost all my brain cells watching this

  • Official God Gamer CODM
    Official God Gamer CODM Před rokem +209

    Nick was laughing at the end😂😂

  • gaming nirbro reacts
    gaming nirbro reacts Před rokem +47

    He was acting so much that in the end he can't control laughed by mistake still its funny big fan

  • Aliciathewitch
    Aliciathewitch Před rokem +1

    Who else just pushes the glass against the button to get water out the fridge

  • Kshitij Shah
    Kshitij Shah Před rokem +148

    He is the type of guy who will mail his friend to know his email address

  • you you you you
    you you you you Před rokem +93

    He is the type of guy who drink water after drinking coffee to digest it

  • susu
    susu Před rokem +2

    Pregnant mother: oh a few sips of alchohol wont do anything

  • I am isonbhai ®
    I am isonbhai ® Před rokem +281

    He is a type of guy who calls his friend to ask his phone number

  • ~Siren~lover
    ~Siren~lover Před rokem +24

    He's the type of guy that doesn't even know how to use it

  • Dane
    Dane Před rokem +2

    This feels like a mobile game ad.

  • md
    md Před rokem +3

    I saw this a month when i didn't knew legend zhong

  • Skull ZS
    Skull ZS Před rokem +20

    If a man asks how many anti cringe shields i wanted, i would say your entire stock in case of an ambush of cringe

  • akaash_toor
    akaash_toor Před rokem +695

    everybody gangsta until the fridge water don’t work no more

  • epic cats
    epic cats Před rokem +5

    You both are great roommates ❤:)

  • Divya Yadav
    Divya Yadav Před rokem +7

    Everyone - wow what a trick to take water

  • Acrail
    Acrail Před rokem +326

    This is the absolute cringiest way to say: "task failed successfully"

  • Kiên Trung
    Kiên Trung Před rokem +1

    Khaby Lame:"Ah Shjt here we go again!"

  • 👀 Sub? 👀
    👀 Sub? 👀 Před rokem +85

    He is the guy that should be raised up in heaven with his best friends

  • HighlandStorm01
    HighlandStorm01 Před rokem +1

    If you ever feel useless or cringe. Remember that this exists.

  • Universe_365YT
    Universe_365YT Před rokem +11

    The first one had me laughing so hard bruh