Pixel 4 Impressions: Google and Gaps!

  • čas přidán 16. 10. 2019
  • Google Pixel 4 hands-on has me feeling personally attacked. You'll see what I mean.
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Komentáře • 17 152

  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee  Před měsícem +7185

    7:10 fact check so no one's confused: That's UP TO 128GB of storage. It starts at 64GB, which is a little soft.

    • Colby Brasher
      Colby Brasher Před 3 dny

      @JOATEON I've never had an Android that had more than 32 gb, and I've been using Androids for years since 4.0 ice cream sandwich. I'm only just now running out of storage on my phone. Wtf do you have in your phone that's taking up so much?? Jesus Christ

    • Mark Thomas
      Mark Thomas Před 12 dny

      I've been watching your videos for a while now- and here's what I think! I know you're a visual dude. But...did you ever think about forming what essentially will be a youtube transcript of your videos onto online written reviews ? Might be an idea! I'd certainly scan them rather than the standard verge and techradar stuff you see pop up straight away- not that they're bad.

      HAZZARD Před 18 dny

      @JOATEON lmaooooo I'm still on 32gb on my phone

    • Shaimaa Elgamal
      Shaimaa Elgamal Před 21 dnem

      +ب ب ف ت،بنا🗿🏤🏫🗽😡🔩😉😂🙈💟مطكم

    • muttt17
      muttt17 Před 23 dny

      Gotta ask. You did a review of the OnePlus 7 Pro, Samsung 10+ and now Pixel 4. Which one?

  • good user, m.A.A.d internet
    good user, m.A.A.d internet Před 20 hodinami

    They fucked CHclip up. They took google plus. Now they’re fuckin the phones up too?!?! PASS!!!

  • Carlton Hanks
    Carlton Hanks Před 2 dny

    It won’t be expensive for long. Google had it the Pixel 3 family on sale for like 2-300 off for most of its life cycle.

  • Faruq Ansari
    Faruq Ansari Před 2 dny

    Send me a phone for free..

  • Abhilash Nair
    Abhilash Nair Před 3 dny +1

    6:53 a message from his girlfriend asking "How's your day going"

  • aaron fuksa
    aaron fuksa Před 4 dny

    Oh please, certain phones have mega telephoto & wide angle & extras.....they had to cut costs. 😔 Bummer!

  • Justin Xin
    Justin Xin Před 7 dny

    The title is oddly literal after JerryRigEverything did his thing.

    • CYBER09
      CYBER09 Před 5 dny

      My channel has what you want 👈 check it out

  • oisin golden
    oisin golden Před 7 dny

    My girlfriends dad meeting for the first time 1:10

  • Nancy Silver
    Nancy Silver Před 9 dny

    I bought the Google pixel 3 when it came out after watching your review of it. My husband just bought the 4 but some of these new features seem like a negative change to me. For example, the face recognition instead of fingerprint. I often give my baby the phone to play with while he is on my lap so I can put on his shoes, etc. but I like that he can't unlock it so that he can't delete my apps, photos, etc. If me just being there would unlock it, that would be a disadvantage for my needs.

  • Worldwide Wyatt
    Worldwide Wyatt Před 9 dny +2

    They actually charge more for this than iPhone 11. 👀😂😂😂

  • Memories
    Memories Před 9 dny

    Google: let's remove fingerprint sensor.
    Chinese companies (ZTE): let's put two fingerprint sensors.

  • Aaron
    Aaron Před 10 dny

    My oppo a77 is better

  • Aaron
    Aaron Před 10 dny

    Trash to many features.

  • Davii Mai
    Davii Mai Před 10 dny +1

    *LTT has entered the chat*

  • mosando
    mosando Před 11 dny

    Awesome like always buuuuuut that white nose hair is driving me crazy hahaha

  • Max Gonzales
    Max Gonzales Před 12 dny

    8:09 he has no cell data on the status bar

  • Cumulus Humilis
    Cumulus Humilis Před 13 dny +1

    what an outdated design. those bezels were acceptable in 2016

  • Scott Spooner
    Scott Spooner Před 13 dny

    Marques, I had the Pixel 3 and have been using the 4 now for a couple weeks. The battery lasts me all day like the 3. The face unlock is fantastic, by the time I lift the phone its open right to the main screen. That was something I didn't like about the Iphone X. The grip on the 4 is way better than the 3. I don't understand what your all complaining about! The reviewers for this phone had me almost sending it back until I used it. I think you reviewers need to modify what your expectations are. I almost passed on a very good cell phone. I'm disappointed that these reviews now are becoming hyper critical of new devices. Like Linus Sebastian used to be an upbeat positive reviewer and now I don't even watch his reviews anymore because I know what he will do. Sure hope you don't go down this road.


    Shit man, i don't care about this. I care about THE WINDS OF WINTER

  • Rational Atheist
    Rational Atheist Před 14 dny

    Dead pixel in smartphone

  • starlord
    starlord Před 15 dny

    I bought the pixel2xl in 2017. Nothing much has changed in two years to be frank. I will buy a new phone in 2021 only.

  • DriftGMD
    DriftGMD Před 16 dny

    Is my phone a joke to you?

  • Obeytchies
    Obeytchies Před 16 dny

    I’ve already seen this design somewhere

  • PlanCo POVs
    PlanCo POVs Před 16 dny

    this is just a nice version of tailosive techs video about the pixel 4.

  • Peter Arnold
    Peter Arnold Před 16 dny +1

    That album cover at 5:50 is creepy as..
    Also at 7:20, is it me, or does the screen look off-centre?

    • Shamiieee :
      Shamiieee : Před 13 dny

      Peter Arnold are you talking about the one of billie eilish?

  • Γιαννης Παπαδοπουλος

    I wish samsung phones had that flat screen nowdays.. s9plus owner good luck finding a good screen protector or tempered glass plus that creepy back on pixel 4 is good

  • J C
    J C Před 17 dny

    Pixel 2 is still the best pixel.

  • Nolen Wren
    Nolen Wren Před 17 dny

    2020 is the year for flagship upgrades....and flying cars!

  • Carolus Rex
    Carolus Rex Před 17 dny

    Which one do you recommend? 3-3xl-4-4xl or other?

  • HornyTrolllololololool
    HornyTrolllololololool Před 17 dny

    Quack 😎

  • TJP pieters
    TJP pieters Před 18 dny

    love it but that forehead kills me inside

  • Topu
    Topu Před 18 dny +2

    Pixel 4 is a joke and a disappointment like no ultra-wide lens, which every company has one now including Apple's latest iPhone 11 lineup XD
    Not bright enough and battery's small :-:

  • JRums96
    JRums96 Před 18 dny

    S10 is better

  • Станислав Рогозинников

    5:07 when he said I i thought he was going to say i guess they never miss huh

  • Kyler Cazier
    Kyler Cazier Před 18 dny

    I was just curious if you knew you can turn off the setting where it skips the lock screen with face unlock. I noticed you said it barely shows the lock screen when it unlocks but if you go to lock screen settings you can turn that off and you have to swipe after the face unlock occurs to use the phone

  • shinigami i
    shinigami i Před 18 dny +1

    7:46 is where his name pops up
    K is for

  • Gucci Kompot
    Gucci Kompot Před 19 dny

    Челото на сузанита

  • pandora1875
    pandora1875 Před 19 dny


  • Christian Laparidis
    Christian Laparidis Před 19 dny

    Garmin Vivosmart 4 vs Apple Watch Series 5 up next?

  • Donatas Tverkus
    Donatas Tverkus Před 19 dny

    Please, make Huawei Mate 30 Pro review.

  • Ryan Carty
    Ryan Carty Před 19 dny +1

    I feel like the Pixel has so much potential to be a major player and they come up short in a few significant ways every year.

  • Michael Mwiya
    Michael Mwiya Před 19 dny

    Hate the extra bezels on some your videos 😡

  • Jeraz Khambata
    Jeraz Khambata Před 19 dny

    Wallpaper link?

  • OFWflorist NOW
    OFWflorist NOW Před 20 dny

    Good luck pixel! Lol

  • Alexander B
    Alexander B Před 20 dny

    The biggest problems with the pixel 4 are the battery and the processor.

  • Ahmed Tarek
    Ahmed Tarek Před 20 dny +1

    Already copying iPhone?

    • Andrzej S
      Andrzej S Před 16 dny

      What they have copied from iPhone? Even iPhone looks better 😂

  • Josh Norris
    Josh Norris Před 20 dny

    I think companies like samsung, google, and apple underestimate reviewers like you guys. 9 mil subs and they dont think you have an impact? Pfft. I totally judge my next phone off what you guys say. I'll pass on the google.

  • Fighter Boss X
    Fighter Boss X Před 21 dnem

    This video was published on my birthday 🎂 🥳

  • Rithwik Reddy
    Rithwik Reddy Před 21 dnem

    7:02 I love that self-balance scooter shot.🙂

  • Michal
    Michal Před 21 dnem

    Is it possible to e.g scroll up or down websites?
    Imagine that you are doing cake and read the recipe. You have your hands covered with cake and want to move the website with recipe down a bit. Is it possible with radar, or can it only switch off alarms and music?

  • Rhedius33
    Rhedius33 Před 21 dnem

    i just got the Pixel 4 today upgrading from IPhone SE and i couldn't be happier
    i know most people are underwhelmed but i love the phone
    its crazy fast apps have never loaded quicker in my opinion
    the thiccer top bezel was weird at first but i got over it really quick
    the only thing i don't like is i finally had to give up an aux port so i need to buy bluetooth headphones (but obviously people have had this for awhile I'm just late to the game)

  • Matthew Napier
    Matthew Napier Před 21 dnem

    I've had every pixel so far. Love them. Removing the fingerprint unlock is a deal breaker and I won't be getting the pixel 4. Why not have it on the power button like the pixel Slate? So Disappointed.

  • Patrick Robles
    Patrick Robles Před 21 dnem

    Crazy to think we are already at the pixel 4 as I watch from my nexus 6 lol

  • Marco
    Marco Před 21 dnem

    4head phone

  • Johann Guiseppe Verdi Sr
    Johann Guiseppe Verdi Sr Před 22 dny +1

    Google Sucks
    they're so Dumb
    why they skip ultrawide lens? If you prioritizing telephoto camera,why don't you give 3/5x optical zoom??

  • Selim Durak
    Selim Durak Před 22 dny

    Can you charge it wireless?

  • Yasin Wahid
    Yasin Wahid Před 22 dny

    really like the design of this one these soft look is dope

  • Agbara Leoso
    Agbara Leoso Před 22 dny +2

    I guess I was the only one that noticed his nose 🤦🏾‍♀️👀

  • dragon4eis
    dragon4eis Před 22 dny

    this phone sucs

  • Wiggum1623
    Wiggum1623 Před 22 dny

    Am I the only one who wants to be able to look at their phone WITHOUT it unlocking? That's why I want fingerprint, not face unlock