Upgrading Our WORST Gaming Rigs

  • čas přidán 9. 09. 2018
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Komentáře • 12 144

  • Angel Torres
    Angel Torres Před 24 minutami

    2:39 Wow! Nice Parents

  • Richard Santiago
    Richard Santiago Před hodinou

    So they tease us half-way into buying the latest bleeding edge tech they can’t own themselves... My heart is shattered all over the place.

  • MelodyModz TV
    MelodyModz TV Před 8 hodinami

    Wanna come to my house? Il @ you 😂

  • Từ Duy Ngọ
    Từ Duy Ngọ Před 9 hodinami +1

    *Hear Linus talk about socket 1366
    *Laugh in e8400

  • Džony Garážník
    Džony Garážník Před dnem

    Meanwhile me with my first gen i5 xdd

  • JohannBasti Cooks
    JohannBasti Cooks Před dnem

    Guys do you notice the heavy breathing at 7:43

  • Milannekuhh
    Milannekuhh Před dnem

    5:24 his chair is the price of his whole system

  • Walker Morales
    Walker Morales Před dnem

    Linus doesn’t pay them enough to afford a good gaming rig

  • Sgt vmann
    Sgt vmann Před dnem

    r u rich

  • LucasLJO Ooi
    LucasLJO Ooi Před dnem

    Omg look 0:14 at the white car "FBI" O_O

  • Munch eez
    Munch eez Před dnem +1

    Dennis needed the upgrade more imo, u upgraded someone's PC who isnt even gonna use it

  • Integer
    Integer Před dnem

    This is funny video hahah :)

  • Notoriety PC's
    Notoriety PC's Před dnem

    Wow, nice parents

  • Justin Batle
    Justin Batle Před dnem

    my set up a mac book air and a $10 mouse thats it

  • calvin
    calvin Před dnem +1

    "Did you steal these from the office?"
    "NO NO"

  • Kunッ
    Kunッ Před 2 dny

    Can you upgrade my setup

  • FarazGP
    FarazGP Před 2 dny

    They literally have access to any piece of tech possible

  • Nguyen Giap Tran
    Nguyen Giap Tran Před 3 dny

    If you guys don't know, you can find Dennis in one of Sovietwomble's CS:GO bullshittery video.
    Dennis: * Trys to pronounce 'misconception' *
    Dennis: English is not my first language, ok?
    Cyanide ( Sovietwomble's "friend ): You're American

  • Shellver ll
    Shellver ll Před 3 dny

    3: 28 :)

  • Tran Minh Hai
    Tran Minh Hai Před 3 dny

    Wall of fame vid pls

  • devyn coleman
    devyn coleman Před 3 dny

    3:12 This is funny when you know a bit a Swedish I'll take off my fitta.

  • An Nguyen
    An Nguyen Před 3 dny +1

    That thumbnails my gaming rig.

  • renamix
    renamix Před 3 dny

    Dude can afford to keep Quail's indoors, don't go hooking his rig up. I can barely afford to hook my freaking clothes up!

  • Spxrk Cryptoplayz
    Spxrk Cryptoplayz Před 3 dny

    that case tho i would just upgrade the case for god sake

  • Thunderstruck Gaming
    Thunderstruck Gaming Před 4 dny +1

    You say "PC Master Race." I say "May our Framerates be high and our Temperatures low."

  • Lik-A Sum-Boo-Ty
    Lik-A Sum-Boo-Ty Před 4 dny

    Why the hell did they censor Frogger, lol?

  • Shut da hell up
    Shut da hell up Před 4 dny +1

    3:11 died laughing

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson Před 4 dny

    Lol I have the same cooler master case... Basic bitch case.

  • Ra The RECKER
    Ra The RECKER Před 4 dny

    I’d say that Macs are really good for gaming, but only I’df you download Windows.

  • iKingRPG
    iKingRPG Před 4 dny

    0:00 who's Tesla is that

  • John Plays
    John Plays Před 4 dny

    Who drives Pink thunder?

  • iKingRPG
    iKingRPG Před 4 dny

    6:46 so he pressed F too many times...

  • iKingRPG
    iKingRPG Před 4 dny

    8:35 ew the hair.

  • yeetmeister jr
    yeetmeister jr Před 4 dny

    He’s probably playing roblox or fortnite

  • yeetmeister jr
    yeetmeister jr Před 4 dny

    I have a hp pavilion g7 as my name “gaming” laptop and pc and my pc is a 10 year old dell optiplex 755 with a gt 730 thrown in it but the gt 730 just gave out so I have a laptop with 25 percent of the heat pipe black because it for some reason gets so hot even with new thermal paste and everything cleaned with performance turned down

  • Afraaz Hussain
    Afraaz Hussain Před 4 dny +7

    Lol. When you ask your friend for a pen and you realise it is the pen you lost few days ago😂😂😂😂

  • Phantom Whoper
    Phantom Whoper Před 5 dny

    Just me that noticed something wierd with Linus hair???😂😂😂😂

  • Supur Gogetuh
    Supur Gogetuh Před 6 dny +3

    If I worked for Linus I would also steal stuff.

  • Nobled
    Nobled Před 6 dny

    nice car

  • Cloud FXS
    Cloud FXS Před 6 dny

    Bro he's the gordon ramsay of technology

  • Hyperjosh7890 Yt
    Hyperjosh7890 Yt Před 6 dny

    what the hell happened to your carr bro??

  • Ta
    Ta Před 7 dny +6

    This is actually just a cover up operation for Linus to pretend people stole from him but he’s actually stealing from them

  • FolkigoonZallezu
    FolkigoonZallezu Před 8 dny

    09:01 when my parents suprises me with gtx 2080 ti and i9 9999k pc with gsync monitor

  • JayVi
    JayVi Před 8 dny +5

    Man, I already had so very much respect for you.. but the way you dealt with Dennis and kept your cool after finding all that stuff..? Even more respect to you !!

    • Kortex
      Kortex Před 6 dny +1

      I mean, he was on camera, but knowing Linus he knows it’s just Dennis doing Dennis things and was like whatever.

  • Anurag Hazra
    Anurag Hazra Před 8 dny

    Well Well Well......guys lets comment down your potato PC Specs here and let Linus see it.
    my specs:
    AMD A8 7600 (Integrated R7 Graphics)
    6GB DDR3 RAM 1600mhz
    1TB WTBlue HDD (No ssd)
    Gigabyte ULTRA-DURABLE Motherboard............

  • Aiden Sundara
    Aiden Sundara Před 8 dny +2

    continues to fix the best system that he doesn’t use
    *doesnt fixes the worst system that they do use*
    *not the imac haha*

  • Justin Barylski
    Justin Barylski Před 8 dny +3

    I think denny got fired after this video lmao

  • Marian Cruțu
    Marian Cruțu Před 8 dny +4

    Everyone: Press F for respect
    *James: I don't have the F key*

  • Eat_This25
    Eat_This25 Před 8 dny

    where is the parts list? lol

  • Vance Walz
    Vance Walz Před 9 dny

    His voice: sounds like a 9 year old boy
    Him:let's talk as loud as possible

  • Bryan Schultz
    Bryan Schultz Před 9 dny +1

    Can we PLEASE get Dennis’s set up upgraded!!!

    • Yordan Yordanov
      Yordan Yordanov Před 5 dny

      he will eventually steal enough stuff to upgrade it himself xD

  • Scott Weekley
    Scott Weekley Před 9 dny

    I've got the same display as James.

  • Samuelthegreat
    Samuelthegreat Před 9 dny

    My setup is worse I just have a raspberry pi

  • Daniel Naveda
    Daniel Naveda Před 9 dny

    Hey that’s offensive I use an iMac for gaming

  • Knightt
    Knightt Před 9 dny

    Dennyishung has a dxracer and a shit pc.. :D seems legit

  • Phoenix_Griffin
    Phoenix_Griffin Před 9 dny

    The logo is good

  • GTSV
    GTSV Před 10 dny

    5:44 i have that exact same media unit, except the side compartment is on the opposite side since you can choose where you fit them when building it :)


    Basically steal the keyboard and mouse from where you work. Love dennis bro.

  • Zes
    Zes Před 10 dny

    wrg, any s ok

  • Rector-Stingray
    Rector-Stingray Před 11 dny

    james needs a fuckin i9

  • pkgaming
    pkgaming Před 11 dny


  • pkgaming
    pkgaming Před 11 dny

    hihihi i canot belleve it you fellt for that

  • Minecraft Dubbz
    Minecraft Dubbz Před 11 dny

    4:11 made me laugh so hard

  • Tyler
    Tyler Před 11 dny

    Literally the office

  • wiL
    wiL Před 11 dny +3

    Wow with this case, the quote got into my head ''dont judge book by its cover!''

  • Hookah
    Hookah Před 11 dny

    1:17 on his car door its says "SEND NUDES"

  • Alagar Chad
    Alagar Chad Před 12 dny

    "congratulation Jame"

  • Ziana
    Ziana Před 12 dny

    Now for you to take my winxp and upgrade it.

  • Lillebrorsan Vincent
    Lillebrorsan Vincent Před 12 dny

    8:25 hes look at it because its horrible and dusty

  • I use reverse card
    I use reverse card Před 12 dny

    *jUsT gEt GeFoRcE nOw*

  • Slick PO
    Slick PO Před 12 dny

    You should who has the best setup at LTT

  • rretro
    rretro Před 12 dny +6

    what is wrong with linus's car? Its trashed XD

  • Taylor McCroskey
    Taylor McCroskey Před 12 dny

    I thought intel optane didnt work in a system with more than one hardrive? Am I wrong?

  • Ayy_Yssk
    Ayy_Yssk Před 13 dny

    0:00 a tesla model x and a crappy car 😂

    HYDRA Před 13 dny

    v-tec inside ahahahahahahaha

  • CKenjie Plays
    CKenjie Plays Před 13 dny

    Can you guys Come to the philippines and upgrade my gaming pc

  • toaster bath
    toaster bath Před 13 dny

    The only type of computer I have is just a standard no tower crappy computer

  • inscrutablewut
    inscrutablewut Před 13 dny

    Mac was the worst by far. Ouch. Oof.

  • geneticzz
    geneticzz Před 13 dny +13

    I love how he's just going to their homes and just picking things up and he's like

    *OH WHAT'S THIS, LOOK AT THIS, OH AND LOOK AT THIS* _empty's a whole box with alot of stuff_

    • Prime Servers
      Prime Servers Před 4 dny +1

      Exactly the comment I was looking for, he gives no fucks whatsoever😂😂🤣

  • Sushant Kumar
    Sushant Kumar Před 14 dny

    How much better can a Ryzen 7 2700x be than an i7 8700k while being cheaper. Take that Linus!

  • Benjamian Hausmann
    Benjamian Hausmann Před 14 dny

    30 gb of ram and you say bad pc lol i just hafe 16 gb of ram lol

  • Benjamian Hausmann
    Benjamian Hausmann Před 14 dny

    the logo is good

  • Benjamian Hausmann
    Benjamian Hausmann Před 14 dny

    so firstime the worst wins something lol

  • d__tr_k
    d__tr_k Před 14 dny

    0:19 is a finalmouse, best fps gaming mouse for low sense

  • Samuil Milanko
    Samuil Milanko Před 14 dny

    Some people wish to have a monitor let alone a pc

  • YaBoiApe
    YaBoiApe Před 14 dny

    He likes asian people doesnt he

  • specialist boi
    specialist boi Před 14 dny +1

    nice car 1:17

  • grah55
    grah55 Před 15 dny

    4:21 I almost subscribed

  • ッツ Nightz the boi
    ッツ Nightz the boi Před 15 dny


  • Bobo McLaren
    Bobo McLaren Před 15 dny

    whens the new intro supposed to be making an appearance on another video?

  • C & C Miller
    C & C Miller Před 15 dny

    Can I have some of this?

  • aidan bae
    aidan bae Před 16 dny +2

    Lloyd is probably me in the future with all the pokémon lol

  • Jack’s Small Workshop Vlogs, Builds, And Fun!

    Linus you look at my rig

  • Dystar 924
    Dystar 924 Před 16 dny +3

    "Was your sedan famously painted as a gift, too?!" 🗨🤩🎭🖼🚘🎨

  • Varun Jayaram
    Varun Jayaram Před 16 dny

    Can a 12 year old kid work at Linus Media Group?

  • Evase
    Evase Před 16 dny

    I wanna know why Lloyd was on probation lmao

  • 有紗1小宮2
    有紗1小宮2 Před 16 dny

    5:34 F

  • Limbo -N- Limbo
    Limbo -N- Limbo Před 16 dny

    Im running a X58 Rampage 2 extreme with a 980x chip still rocking 1100 Cinebench.

  • a friend
    a friend Před 16 dny

    This entire video is an ad

  • Kara Bandstra
    Kara Bandstra Před 16 dny