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  • čas přidán 25. 09. 2022
  • You're not ready for this one
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Komentáře • 8K

  • @iidxnero8024
    @iidxnero8024 Před rokem +20131

    Crazy how Floyds actually stepping in with one of the greatest of all time. Hes got balls

  • @itzrenzii
    @itzrenzii Před rokem +988

    Praying for Floyd’s safety and sending prayers to his family if it ends up worse than I’d imagine.

  • @TacticalNarcissist
    @TacticalNarcissist Před rokem +729

    Deji my guy, you stood by your words all these years and came out with 1 professional win more than all your haters, I wish you the best in this fight against Mayweather Jr.

    • @SCUMMY4205
      @SCUMMY4205 Před rokem +10

      "Professional" lmao

    • @sreeharivr4508
      @sreeharivr4508 Před rokem +1

      @@SCUMMY4205 right 😂

    • @shahedali02
      @shahedali02 Před rokem


    • @kSupremeYoutuber
      @kSupremeYoutuber Před rokem +2

      and most of the haters would never win even a match cause haters only can speak behind a screen

  • @jaimechavez4728
    @jaimechavez4728 Před rokem +685

    So proud of deji. He might not win, but he’s killing it

  • @adamfattal468
    @adamfattal468 Před rokem +20

    Congratulations to Floyd for managing to secure a fight like this. It will without a doubt take his career to the next level.

  • @taimurqureshi9540
    @taimurqureshi9540 Před rokem +32

    The man who only won once vs the man who never lost once. What an exciting and unpredictable matchup!

    • @varakai4933
      @varakai4933 Před rokem +1

      Exactly this.

    • @richdude8150
      @richdude8150 Před rokem

      Floyd is actually giving the sport alot of exposure. You may see it as negative but these guys needs the exposure and you can only learn even when you lose to floydd

    • @jalenhamright5393
      @jalenhamright5393 Před rokem


  • @johnboyle4161
    @johnboyle4161 Před rokem +9479

    Honestly congratulations to DEJI. Not just on this announcement and his last win, but for providing us with confidence and a true example to not give up

  • @joshuatovar9672
    @joshuatovar9672 Před rokem +221

    Absolutely amazing, we are proud man it takes some serious balls of steel to keep going after so much defeat and hate from the internet, you're absolutely inspiring and I'm loving seeing you grow trough this journey.

  • @stratz385
    @stratz385 Před rokem +261

    train your heart out for this Deji. no day's off you gotta work as hard as you can and do everything you can to prepare yourself. watch Floyd's latest fights and picture your openings and work on your technique and your stamina as much as you can. you won't be able to outlast him but if you find your openings and can effectively hit him multiple times he will go down and you will beat him in our eyes. you got this Deji!

    • @joshslack3966
      @joshslack3966 Před rokem +18

      Mate, let’s not pretend Deji has any
      sort of chance.

    • @stratz385
      @stratz385 Před rokem +10

      @@joshslack3966 I mean he literally broke fouseys face, let's say he managed to get a few clean hits on Floyd. That's not out of the question, Logan was able to start hitting him even though they weren't the best of shot's. Deji has heavier hand's and could do some damage if he can find the shots. He only needs a few and he'd have Floyd hurting. I'm not saying he has the upper hand or anything but he has a chance. His odds are slim but if he train's as hard as he can he could pull it off.

    • @dvzimm3
      @dvzimm3 Před rokem +10

      Deji could learn magic and it still won’t make a difference. Deji is a bad boxer. Floyd is the greatest.

    • @afysan5315
      @afysan5315 Před rokem

      @@dvzimm3 unfortunately shit can be rigged and we will never know 😔

    • @Xain-0
      @Xain-0 Před rokem +7

      @@dvzimm3 Floyd ain’t the greatest he’s really good but not the greatest the greatest Ali👑

  • @isaiah8407
    @isaiah8407 Před rokem +2

    Love you Deji. I'm not the oldest fan you've had by far, but I love your content and effort. You're incredibly inspiring. You've. Got. This.

  • @rudyregalado969
    @rudyregalado969 Před rokem +53

    You're the man Deji! Proud of what you have accomplished

    • @Pink_bandit16273
      @Pink_bandit16273 Před rokem

      He just lost to Floyd and he didn’t take it serious at all I mean Floyd was dancing mid way thru😭

    • @rudyregalado969
      @rudyregalado969 Před rokem

      @@Pink_bandit16273 still proud of him for even getting in there. Noone is beating Floyd obviously

  • @kellant6795
    @kellant6795 Před rokem +3

    I think everyone and their mom can agree that we do NOT care if Deji wins or loses, he's taking such a massive W by fighting Floyd Mayweather either way. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU DEJI, NOTHING BUT LOVE ❤

  • @eragon1378
    @eragon1378 Před rokem +938

    Mad respect, not only is he taking on the greatest ever, he's taking on someone whose undefeated and who has a defence like never seen before. Floyd has earnt my respect.

    • @fllama
      @fllama Před rokem +106

      U had me in the first half ngl

    • @itsaurnab1742
      @itsaurnab1742 Před rokem +9

      @@fllama fax

    • @itsaurnab1742
      @itsaurnab1742 Před rokem +46

      Tbh i don't see any way He could win though his opponent is the best boxer we have seen in this decade , an undefeated boxer , Floyd is gonna get humbled pretty badly

    • @redchampion
      @redchampion Před rokem +9

      Floyd ain't even top 5 defo an all time great tho

    • @imbetterlol1670
      @imbetterlol1670 Před rokem +2


  • @JacobYeboah123
    @JacobYeboah123 Před rokem +31

    Madness. Your journey has been insane, to think you're gonna be in a boxing ring with Floyd is nuts, well done to you man you earned your cake👊🏾

  • @wajdisafadi8722
    @wajdisafadi8722 Před rokem +6

    Congrats Deji, well deserved. Good luck with everything you do in your life. love your content.

  • @SN4ZZYMusic
    @SN4ZZYMusic Před rokem +13

    Wow. This hit HARD. And I've realized, I just need to gamble more.
    Thank you, Deji.

  • @charlierob2879
    @charlierob2879 Před rokem +21

    Your story is one that everyone is going to remember. Doesn’t matter how many L’s you take you can still create a legacy

    @MENS_IMPROVEMENT Před rokem +2

    Always believed in you and supported you, Deji. I wish you the very best in life and good luck with the fight.

  • @cw16725
    @cw16725 Před rokem +1384

    Let’s go Deji I’m mad proud of you, went from losing 3 amateur fights to winning a pro fight and now fighting FLOYD MAYWEATHER. Big proud

  • @ArkSparks
    @ArkSparks Před rokem +3

    great video deji I've been watching you since I was 12. I'm 21 and its amazing to see how far you really came!

  • @AndroidMessi10.
    @AndroidMessi10. Před rokem +76

    Deji is the best example of the phrase "never give up"

    • @crow_g1639
      @crow_g1639 Před rokem +4

      1-3 💀

    • @GuyBlankBlah
      @GuyBlankBlah Před rokem +7

      @@crow_g1639 he’s literally fighting mayweather

    • @Azannnnn
      @Azannnnn Před rokem +1

      @@GuyBlankBlah Mayweather’s into cans yk

    • @-Ghostface
      @-Ghostface Před rokem +1

      @@crow_g1639 1-0 Professional

    • @sin.2299
      @sin.2299 Před rokem +1

      @@crow_g1639 find it funny how these skeleton kids keep tying "1 - 3 💀" when they have never been in a fight and would never face a fight if they had the option to.

  • @liriclee
    @liriclee Před rokem +3

    So true Deji 💯💯 keep doing what you are doing ✊ your a good man. Need more people like you in the world 🌎

  • @f-log8718
    @f-log8718 Před rokem +3

    I used to dislike the whole CHclip boxing scene, but Deji has created an incredible story here. Go get it Dej, you can do it

    • @f-log8718
      @f-log8718 Před rokem

      aswer huio shiver me timbers we have an alpha over here

  • @sarimw9106
    @sarimw9106 Před rokem +2

    Thank you dejii, those words, and your journey really help me, and pushes me on.

  • @emmanuelgarcia2855
    @emmanuelgarcia2855 Před rokem +805

    Deji: I don’t want to make this a motivational thing
    Also Deji: *continues to motivate us*

  • @bradyy3650
    @bradyy3650 Před rokem +6

    Win or lose, what you've done is incredible Deji. The fact you lost and came back 3 times to now be fighting one of the greatest in the world is insipring. You'll always be that guy who came back and fought the best. Proud of you man

  • @Busta_DaKid
    @Busta_DaKid Před rokem +13

    This gon be tough Deji, Work hard 💪🏾

  • @thom-4614
    @thom-4614 Před rokem +4

    Man looked and fought like a true warrior. This man faced many challenges, did the most stupid things... But look at our guy now.... True LEGEND.

  • @alopizlatino9893
    @alopizlatino9893 Před rokem +6

    Never give up Dej…….we are with you every step of the way💯😮‍💨

  • @xzieocreativeintelligence6195

    It is absolutely refreshing to see this new matured side of Deji, absolutely happy for you =)

  • @ducknado1416
    @ducknado1416 Před rokem +443

    Really humble of Deji to give this rookie guy a chance to prove himself to the world

  • @lmao-_-8697
    @lmao-_-8697 Před rokem +3

    Honestly I feel as if this is a huge leap and is a bit rushed but ngl I’m excited for it and no matter what happens deji I’m proud of you for all of this

  • @kristianzdravevski6980
    @kristianzdravevski6980 Před rokem +19

    Just remember he was making videos as a teenager, completely away from boxing and he is facing an all time goat… ultimate respect

    • @crow_g1639
      @crow_g1639 Před rokem

      No he is facing an old money sucket who coudnt beat logan paul

    • @crow_g1639
      @crow_g1639 Před rokem

      Even Tyson woudnt lower his title this low

    • @jayman-si7nb
      @jayman-si7nb Před rokem

      Na Big Floyd fan but he a punk for wanting to fight weaker not even ranked fighters

    • @123-.-
      @123-.- Před rokem

      @@jayman-si7nb he has to make money somehow , he doesn’t care what a bunch of strangers think about him when he’s making 20 million in one night

  • @burakkarakurt2105
    @burakkarakurt2105 Před rokem

    So inspirational. Thanks Deji and good luck. You already a winner 🏆🥇

  • @TheLegendLynx
    @TheLegendLynx Před rokem +2

    Congrats Deji, you already won by getting the fight done, the moment you land a hit its a automatic win as well, I look forward to your great opportunity, continue to strive and make us and yourself proud! Congrats and God bless, good luck on your next bout and thank you for not giving up

  • @juniorvargas7681
    @juniorvargas7681 Před rokem +1017

    deji is easily one of the biggest W’s of this year, he’s shown heart and perseverance through super tough times. not many people have the heart this man does, props to you deji, eat him up.

    • @itaachiii
      @itaachiii Před rokem +15

      hes biggest W was dumping dounjah lol since she left his life its been only Ws and when she was with him they were only Ls

    • @Johnny-nf8cx
      @Johnny-nf8cx Před rokem


    • @jisooyah8440
      @jisooyah8440 Před rokem +4

      the next one is packgod

    • @UPI-rk7sn
      @UPI-rk7sn Před rokem +2

      @@itaachiii I don’t rlly think , I mean I kinda agree but he did lose to Alex Wassabi tho

    • @Lava_Zoid
      @Lava_Zoid Před rokem +1

      Floyd couldn’t read this comment

  • @pacy1754
    @pacy1754 Před rokem +2

    4 words from my heart lad,

  • @BlackAntoITA
    @BlackAntoITA Před rokem +2

    You’re really inspiring Deji keep it up and good luck against Mayweather 💪

  • @dropout2169
    @dropout2169 Před rokem +7

    You gotta put your all into this and we all know you can do it! 👑

    • @Swrrv
      @Swrrv Před rokem

      The only thing he can do is lose he has no chance and I’ll put money on it

  • @Oli_74
    @Oli_74 Před rokem +2

    I wish you the best Deji, I know you can do it.

  • @asktoseducemiss434
    @asktoseducemiss434 Před rokem +2

    Such a huge win already!!!! The training, the footage he will watch, the mentality he will get. Huuuuge win. I hope Deji can land few good punches to Floyd, this would be epic.

  • @impostor8850
    @impostor8850 Před rokem +1587

    If Deji wins against Floyd Mayweather I will conclude that we live in a simulation

  • @rahulmahich6410
    @rahulmahich6410 Před rokem +2

    so proud of you keep up the great work :D👍

  • @user-fn7sd6lx4m
    @user-fn7sd6lx4m Před rokem +6

    Major W for Deji, Verseing one of the best boxers EVER. I'm so happy to see him progress from 4 years ago till now. Good luck Deji we all believe in you ❤

  • @jiujitsuchannel756
    @jiujitsuchannel756 Před rokem +2

    Such an awesome personality man so happy for you good luck on your fight🥊

  • @erikcortez7822
    @erikcortez7822 Před rokem +3

    Looking forward to your fight with Mayweather Deji. Keep upping the insane work rate you put into the last few fights as well as your mindset for never giving up. You will achieve greatness Nov. 13th, guaranteed

  • @jordanmcevoy6716
    @jordanmcevoy6716 Před rokem +2

    Going from a Channel that considered dead a few years ago to fighting the best boxer of the last 20 years. Can’t do nothing but respect the work that Deji has put in.🥊

  • @jvkgaming-
    @jvkgaming- Před rokem +576

    BIG W deji. No matter what happened, always believed in you man. We all believed in you. Never give up 🙌🏽 THIS IS BIG!

    • @KingKobra49
      @KingKobra49 Před rokem +3

      Idk who needs to see this,but everything is gonna be okay💗. Believe in yourself,take that extra step, and do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams. You gat this❤️‍🔥💯

    • @officialvickyp
      @officialvickyp Před rokem +12

      @@KingKobra49 ratio 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖

    • @goatmilk1
      @goatmilk1 Před rokem

      I thought Floyd got shot?

    • @elinam.
      @elinam. Před rokem

      deji gonna win

    • @okgoogle9656
      @okgoogle9656 Před rokem

      BIG W

  • @NamesNicco
    @NamesNicco Před rokem +27

    this is the message the internet needs right now, loved it.

  • @ilijarankovic4056
    @ilijarankovic4056 Před rokem +8

    so proud of you keep up the great work :D

  • @RedHoodgjlg
    @RedHoodgjlg Před rokem +3

    this is gon be great entertainment. Hopefully we can see more of this

  • @fakultiminda
    @fakultiminda Před rokem +1

    I’m rooting for you deji, no matter what ❤️

  • @SyXo999
    @SyXo999 Před rokem +1

    Nothing but respect from here on out always been a supporter i knew you’d make it once you gave it your all

  • @KK46925
    @KK46925 Před rokem +416

    fucking love you deji, truely inspired by you, from nobody trusting you, losing 3 times, under the whole world's eyes and attention and you still kept going, believing in yourself. Won't give up anymore.

  • @YounesTalksFootball
    @YounesTalksFootball Před rokem +77

    This is a Rocky vs Apollo moment. A new underdog given a chance against the very best. Try and win with everything you have but ultmately go out there, do NOT give up and go the distance. If you do that you've won already. Good luck Dej!!

    • @1-2-4-0
      @1-2-4-0 Před rokem


    • @robertbijma1463
      @robertbijma1463 Před rokem

      So did you think logan also kinda won then? No fan or hater, just curious

    • @uk2215
      @uk2215 Před rokem

      @@robertbijma1463 he weighed alot more than floyd but yeah

    • @hsvkennn
      @hsvkennn Před rokem

      Ok so srious question, not tryna knock Deji. But seriously can someone provide me an educated response that degrades my intelligence, cuz im IGNANT AFFFF and dont kno much of boxin and boxin skillz etc... How is it that Deji even has a chance to beat Floyd? His only win is against someone that wasnt even that good at boxin himself... i havent really seen Dejis other fights... but yea. Is this just a serious underdog moment that everyone just hopes that somehow he will come out on top? Sorry Deji Fans, im not even a Floyd fan either.... If anythin im rootin for Deji here tho hahaha, ion like Floyd

  • @KAL.UK94
    @KAL.UK94 Před rokem +3

    Regardless of who you’re fighting I’m just happy you’re getting more experience

  • @thanhphung8206
    @thanhphung8206 Před rokem +2

    Aye Deji,you got this and I have faith in you man.Keep up the good work!

  • @XANxSB
    @XANxSB Před rokem +2

    Dejis confidence will go up even more after this fight just knowing you can hang with the best can bring the best out of you keep going deji!!!

  • @nando.g8077
    @nando.g8077 Před 10 měsíci

    “There might be that one time that you just choose to give up but if you pushed a bit more, you would’ve seen greatness.”

  • @raphaeathar7354
    @raphaeathar7354 Před rokem +593

    Deji is the embodiment of showing ppl that anything is possible with hardwork. keep it up man 💯

  • @Milotote1
    @Milotote1 Před rokem +3

    you’re great deji, congrats 🎉

  • @pr6sper
    @pr6sper Před rokem +7

    I love how Deji not only evolved as a boxer but as a character himself.

  • @jahsiesheares9230
    @jahsiesheares9230 Před rokem +2

    Sometimes we must lose to win 😌
    All love and support for you BIG Deji!!!

  • @OleDybvik
    @OleDybvik Před rokem +2

    I dont realy understand this youtube-boxer hype, but this is a great story. Truly shows that anything i possible if you dont give up. Very much respect!

  • @gelop282
    @gelop282 Před rokem +1

    Brought a tear to my eye true legend

  • @krabby994
    @krabby994 Před rokem +500

    Deji is the definition to not give up no matter what the circumstances are. Looking forward to see what's your next stepping stone!

  • @davidrussell7701
    @davidrussell7701 Před rokem +2

    I wish you all the best if I'm honest I'm struggling to see you beat Floyd but anything I'd possible he is only human and the biggest respect most people in the comments laughing at you but I think your extremely brave and respect to what your doing inspiring people and showing that never give up mentality all the best

  • @feezanbrittain2680
    @feezanbrittain2680 Před rokem +1

    You can actually tell how shocked he is himself. FairPlay I hope he enjoys it. There’s no pressure on winning so he should just enjoy himself.

  • @arcticnord6804
    @arcticnord6804 Před rokem

    Good for you Deji if you manage to pull out a victory it’ll be the highlight of your life. That man has 4* the experience, have fun

  • @Sriggayt
    @Sriggayt Před rokem +1

    What an honour for Floyd to have an opportunity to fight one of the most skilled boxers of our era!

  • @narcleptik
    @narcleptik Před rokem +1

    Even getting in the ring with this guy. Like man you got guys Deji and I respect you all the way ❤️

  • @johntimothy9757
    @johntimothy9757 Před rokem +827

    The amount of experience Deji is going to get from this fight...even the preparation leading up to it, is going to make him a MONSTER for the next person he fights after Mayweather. This match isn't about W-L, this about Deji having that opportunity that many other CHcliprs (Jake) is dying to have, and the lessons he learns from it. Can't wait to see what evolves into after this match. I'm rooting for you Deji.

  • @alexannuk5988
    @alexannuk5988 Před rokem +1

    I used to not care about Deji too much but now he is one of those people I look up to and admire and someone I wish to be in the future

  • @marcl6170
    @marcl6170 Před rokem +1

    The intro is actually crazy. So proud of Deji man

  • @Cecilondanorf
    @Cecilondanorf Před rokem +1

    So proud of u deji 🥺

  • @nourhassan7191
    @nourhassan7191 Před rokem +1

    such a great example of never giving up

  • @gwigly2219
    @gwigly2219 Před rokem +1

    Deji we wish you the best of luck go out there and shock the world

  • @jayjay-gu7dm
    @jayjay-gu7dm Před rokem +308

    This is insane. I'm so proud of you deji, you deserve this and i wish you the best of luck. You are a true inspiration to a lot of us. Thanks for never giving up and showing that you can do anything if you keep going.

  • @spiritousgames
    @spiritousgames Před rokem +1

    Train Hard Deji, We are proud you Won the last fight. If you last against Mayweather you'll be a legend. Somewhere in the multiverse you slap him out, might just be this one.

  • @harrybarker977
    @harrybarker977 Před rokem +1

    Just stay consistent and push yourself harder than you think every time, most talented boxer in CHclip boxing! With your skill you have so much to learn

  • @officialquadz
    @officialquadz Před rokem +2

    There’s no way people actually think he’s gonna win 😂

  • @blyat-man2776
    @blyat-man2776 Před rokem +423

    From loosing to Alex Pussabi to fighting the GOAT, So fucking proud of you Dej. You're truly an example to everyone.

    • @Uncharted8907
      @Uncharted8907 Před rokem +3

      From loosing to Jake Paul to fighting the
      GOAT, So fucking proud of you Dej. You’re truly an example to everyone

    • @blyat-man2776
      @blyat-man2776 Před rokem +18

      @@Uncharted8907 Looking at it now Jake seems like a pretty good fighter. Yeah his fights were boring but he has not lost so you have to rate him.

    • @gabster6603
      @gabster6603 Před rokem +5

      @@blyat-man2776 the crazy thing is that if deji won the fight against jake then the story would be different

    • @Uncharted8907
      @Uncharted8907 Před rokem +1

      @@gabster6603 fr

    • @imbetterlol1670
      @imbetterlol1670 Před rokem +1


  • @f34r37
    @f34r37 Před rokem +2

    Deji I feel like your moving to fast you went from a easy fight to a competitive fight❤

  • @oznerolnavi3772
    @oznerolnavi3772 Před rokem +2

    I’m not your fan, Deji, but I really hope you will win (unlikely though, but not impossible). Train like a fucking madman, man.

  • @beachbumLifestyle
    @beachbumLifestyle Před rokem +2

    This is the real definition of 180 flip going from 0 wins to undefeated and fighting the best in the world

  • @josephdesilva6669
    @josephdesilva6669 Před rokem

    Really proud of you deji

  • @starr8oy995
    @starr8oy995 Před rokem

    maybe you push it too far so soon but i wish you to put a great work and make it to the ring i will be very proud of you, lets go team Deji

  • @Psychs9ine
    @Psychs9ine Před rokem +370

    The fact that deji is going to give someone like mayweather a chance to get in the ring wih him shows how amazing he is of a person

    • @Thisissoawesome
      @Thisissoawesome Před rokem +4

      I'm better than Deji

    • @drewcortes7839
      @drewcortes7839 Před rokem +3

      deji aint gonna get paid

    • @rsbmeriksson4468
      @rsbmeriksson4468 Před rokem +3

      @@drewcortes7839 o yes he is🤣

    • @hermannlakehuntdream7678
      @hermannlakehuntdream7678 Před rokem


    • @Aerxes-
      @Aerxes- Před rokem +2

      @@Thisissoawesome deji is smart or unlike logan he on all his previous fights gets contract signed in which payments are made before hand like they did with the social gloves event his manager liam op is smart

  • @femiyeku7334
    @femiyeku7334 Před rokem +1

    Not the greatest boxer of all time but still happy for you Deji. Get the W for us💪🏾

  • @emmajohns12
    @emmajohns12 Před rokem

    He came, he saw, he conquered. Imagine everyone doubted you, always believed you would lose. You beat Fousey when people think you wouldn’t then you go in and destroy Mayweather. That would be amazing!

  • @z3r0g598
    @z3r0g598 Před rokem

    if you manage to give mayweather his first loss, words wont be able to describe how much of a legend youll be

  • @StefanChirila
    @StefanChirila Před rokem +1

    you got this Deji, good luck!!!!

  • @ElijahSS
    @ElijahSS Před rokem +1

    Imagine the world’s reaction if Deji knocked out Mayweather 😂

  • @scribble3478
    @scribble3478 Před rokem +730

    I'm a lot older than you Deji but you honestly made me tear up.
    Those words you spoke I can tell are from your heart and the message is what a lot of people need.
    Congratulations on the Floyd fight I wish you nothing but the best. 💪

    • @PundiRatna
      @PundiRatna Před rokem +9

      Hope you don’t get gas as you grow older. Older people are gassy. Always farting.

    • @yybbes
      @yybbes Před rokem

      @@PundiRatna for real

    • @scribble3478
      @scribble3478 Před rokem +1

      @@PundiRatna A lot of younger people talk shit.

    • @XsyconX38
      @XsyconX38 Před rokem +1

      I'm a lot older than you Scribble but your comment holds a lot of truth to it, congratulations on the comment, nothing but the best

  • @_.1447
    @_.1447 Před rokem

    Let's be real, just by Deji fighting Floyd alone counts as a massive dub, everything else is just a bonus. Big up, Deji!

  • @connorhussey3478
    @connorhussey3478 Před rokem

    LETS FUCKING GO DEJI!!!!! We believe in you push beyond what you have already done it maybe an exhibition but you will get this victory if you put your mind body and soul into this. Like you say don't give up. This is that time to show how great you can really be. Your skill and determination shows you have the most potential to be the best CHclip boxer and a great professional boxer if you decide to take it on completely.
    You can be the great if you keep up the hard work. We are completely behind you.

  • @musickiwi900
    @musickiwi900 Před rokem

    "As long as you never give up and keep trying, you will always be a winner in my heart" ❤

  • @melvinmccarthy1486
    @melvinmccarthy1486 Před rokem

    this is gonna be a tough fight but you got this deji

  • @EggsBenedicts
    @EggsBenedicts Před rokem

    Proud of Floyd, took him 50 victories to finally step in the ring with the greatest boxer of all time… THE TANK

  • @zorodalegend1932
    @zorodalegend1932 Před rokem +552

    Deji is a great example of what perservence can help you achieve congrats man

    • @EthanahtE
      @EthanahtE Před rokem

      Who would've thought the person everyone was clowning for the last 2years because he would loose his fights...is now gonna fight THE Floyd Mayweather! Life is unpredictable

    • @bichnguyen-uc4ys
      @bichnguyen-uc4ys Před rokem