How To: Avocado Toast // Chef Andy

  • čas přidán 10. 04. 2019
  • How To Make Avocado Toast the Chef Andy way! Avocado, Eggs, some salt and pepper and some chilli flakes really make a great meal! Want more things like Avocado Toast? Subscribe!
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  • Body Bliss
    Body Bliss Před 4 dny

  • Gwendolyn Smith
    Gwendolyn Smith Před 6 dny +1

    Hello you get 5 stars for your creative cooking skills, do not let heaters tell you how you should cook , that's a Beautiful thing to see a real man cook you are what you eat Happy Creative Cooking by.

    • Gwendolyn Smith
      Gwendolyn Smith Před 5 dny +1

      +Marco Miranda I said what I said , if you can't stand the heat then stay out the kitchen, and do not text me no more on this subject and I will turn you in for harrisment thank you period.

    • Marco Miranda
      Marco Miranda Před 5 dny

      Gwendolyn Smith He shouldn’t let air conditioners tell him how he should cook either

  • nurul soheil
    nurul soheil Před 6 dny

    Melted cheddar cheese????

  • I000deaths
    I000deaths Před 7 dny

    His eggs are from Hipster Chickens.

  • Jackie Jones
    Jackie Jones Před 9 dny +1

    I'm coming over for breakfast in the morning! 🤓

  • sheikhusman3
    sheikhusman3 Před 9 dny

    that wasn't orange. wanna see orange? 4:58 here

  • luv 2cook
    luv 2cook Před 10 dny

    He tries to make it's really not.

  • Tabi Roo
    Tabi Roo Před 10 dny

    Lol put it in a corn tortilla! 😂

  • hanah anderson
    hanah anderson Před 12 dny

    annoying guy

  • Joel J
    Joel J Před 12 dny

    That watercress is so nutritious.

  • aquiariots72
    aquiariots72 Před 12 dny +2

    He dragged in it on so very dramatically....He spent three minutes saying "beautiful"

  • Wabstergirl
    Wabstergirl Před 12 dny +1

    Take a shot every time he says "beautiful" !

    • Kay Bruce
      Kay Bruce Před dnem +1

      Beautiful = 19 Wow = 7

  • Michelle Giles
    Michelle Giles Před 12 dny +3

    Love your positive Attitude

  • Michelle Giles
    Michelle Giles Před 12 dny +1

    Awesome videos, great cooking,Love this guy positive Vibes

  • Ambi Lal
    Ambi Lal Před 13 dny +1

    Can we have it for dinner as part of weight loss program?

  • Janis Bell
    Janis Bell Před 13 dny

    Just so you know it isn't breakfastses, it's breakfasts.

  • 1963 Stratocaster
    1963 Stratocaster Před 13 dny

    Good thing he’s a “chef” no normal home cook could possibly cook such a complex meal.

  • Kathi Gregory
    Kathi Gregory Před 13 dny

    I raise chickens. Those eggs are old. A fresh egg will not run like that.

  • Mary T
    Mary T Před 13 dny

    You are adorable!
    Spiced up

  • Sara Graves
    Sara Graves Před 13 dny

    I know how to make this. I just wanted to look at some avocado egg toast 😊

  • Cesberry U.
    Cesberry U. Před 13 dny

    Your heavy breathing is kinda annoying.

  • Metameta Meta
    Metameta Meta Před 13 dny

    Very nice recipe but 8min video for this not so promoted me to write this,you can imagine how much I am annoyed by this.sorry. good simple recipe though.

  • Ruby Vinu
    Ruby Vinu Před 13 dny

    I made it. No soo good

  • Iris Gonzalez
    Iris Gonzalez Před 14 dny +1

    I spice up my eggs like that all the time I also add cayenne powder...mmmm..over avacado toast
    Tha bomb...

  • Kellie Thorne
    Kellie Thorne Před 14 dny

    Egg porn 4+!

  • Raf Huss
    Raf Huss Před 15 dny +1

    amazing mate, will do that once I get back to down under..:)

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine Před 17 dny +24

    This recipe could have been finished sooner. No need to drag it on so long

  • Blu-TSX
    Blu-TSX Před 19 dny

    just made some for breakfast!

  • Anas SH
    Anas SH Před 20 dny +4

    We need more like this simple healthy easy meals for #Gains Goals 💪
    Thank u Chef Andy ❤

  • anonymous yeah
    anonymous yeah Před 23 dny +1

    I wasn't hungry till I watched this

  • David Leimkuehler
    David Leimkuehler Před 25 dny

    Melissa????You know you're Gay!

  • Adeeva Slatton
    Adeeva Slatton Před 27 dny

    You sure have a lot of passion for avocados 😂

  • Kris Milko
    Kris Milko Před měsícem

    Where can you buy the micro green?

    • Ron Si
      Ron Si Před měsícem

      Kris Milko Trader Joes or Safeway!!

  • Sonia Jacob
    Sonia Jacob Před měsícem

    You're such a happy positive soul:)

  • Edward Bryne
    Edward Bryne Před měsícem


  • Nadja Nadja
    Nadja Nadja Před měsícem

    il 3.11.19 freemaison fanno scopiare seattle in un infetno...perfavore averti la gente. non e un scerzo

  • Mark Zoobkoff
    Mark Zoobkoff Před měsícem

    Can you flap your hands anymore?

  • Maricel Gomez
    Maricel Gomez Před měsícem +4

    Very long demonstration...waste of time watching for long time....u should edit d other show for some tips

  • Mia Porcaro
    Mia Porcaro Před měsícem +1

    how many times does he say beautiful?

  • xXx NoscopeR xXx _
    xXx NoscopeR xXx _ Před měsícem

    Now im just hungry

  • Hannah Phalen
    Hannah Phalen Před měsícem


  • Rjs_fishing 20
    Rjs_fishing 20 Před měsícem +17

    Bro if u said “breakfastses” one more time lol

  • Arwen T
    Arwen T Před měsícem

    I LIVE AVOCADOS 🥑 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Arwen T
    Arwen T Před měsícem


  • kace bomboletto
    kace bomboletto Před měsícem


  • Abhay Aggarwal
    Abhay Aggarwal Před měsícem

    So good brother ♥️

  • Andrew O'Connor
    Andrew O'Connor Před měsícem

    looks gooood, no seasoning directly on the avo tho?

  • Challenge Accepted!
    Challenge Accepted! Před měsícem

    Great video made me hungry I also like putting hemp hearts on my avocado toast and a little bit of siracha !! 👍

  • Star Stop
    Star Stop Před měsícem

    Love making this! Sometimes I add sriracha mayo on the toast- so good! Our araucanas laid much smaller eggs- those are perfect! Go Altig family chickens!!

  • ross adamthwaite
    ross adamthwaite Před měsícem +1

    : )

  • Carl Montefiore
    Carl Montefiore Před měsícem

    Add some health to your cooking man try

  • Amber Rose Miller
    Amber Rose Miller Před měsícem +4

    finally- someone who talks with their hands as much as I do :'D

    I LIKE DOGS Před měsícem +2

    Andy pls cook a cayote to pay respect to kong

    • Alonzo Dee Hayes
      Alonzo Dee Hayes Před měsícem

      I LIKE DOGS Welcome to Chef Andy, today we’re making the famous coyote pasta!

  • Adriansitos623
    Adriansitos623 Před měsícem

    I finally know the name of the Olive oil you use but i cant find where to buy it. Can you help me out, Andy? Thanks

    • Matty Dips
      Matty Dips Před měsícem

      It’s his own family olive oil. Not for sale

    • Adriansitos623
      Adriansitos623 Před měsícem

      I am assuming it is the Donna Bella Lisa but correct me if i am wrong.

  • Justin Collins
    Justin Collins Před měsícem +2

    I don’t even like avacado but this looks so good.

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany Před měsícem +1

    Avocado toast SOAP here

  • Satwik Agarwal
    Satwik Agarwal Před měsícem

    what does he say at the end and what does it mean

  • Jack Dawson
    Jack Dawson Před měsícem +1

    Do cinnamon rolls or any breakfast food!

  • Maryam Zizi
    Maryam Zizi Před měsícem +1

    I love you so much Andy❤️❤️

  • Somesh Mehra
    Somesh Mehra Před měsícem

    Mine too

  • chef rainbow blaunt
    chef rainbow blaunt Před měsícem +1

    ANOTHER great video, andyyyy!!!!!!! simple yet easy to make.

  • chef rainbow blaunt
    chef rainbow blaunt Před měsícem

    wouldn't it have been easier to smosh the avocado onto the toast with a spoon rather than a fork?

    • MacKinzie Martin
      MacKinzie Martin Před 2 dny

      cooking with rainbow blaunt the fork helps to break it up and spread the avocado easier in my opinion 🙂

    • Noe Silva
      Noe Silva Před měsícem

      No a fork works way better

  • chef rainbow blaunt
    chef rainbow blaunt Před měsícem +4

    andy, this looks so delicious. i would make it with the eggs well done.

  • donny woody
    donny woody Před měsícem +2

    Andy Altig
    cooking eggs and toast is cool and all but I miss the crazy Italiano HHH Andy

  • Sadie Pint
    Sadie Pint Před měsícem

    andy i’m looking to move to seattle in the near future any tips ?

  • Enrique Ramirez
    Enrique Ramirez Před měsícem +1


  • Francesco DiMarco
    Francesco DiMarco Před měsícem +1

    Make mozzarella pls

  • Sindell Gonzalez
    Sindell Gonzalez Před měsícem +1

    Make mozzeralla sticks or Jiva (crab mix) or shrimp cocktail or make something sweet like a smoothie really you could just peel a potato it doesnt matter we love your channel andy.😁👆 share your knowledge 🍋 put the lime in the coconut. .

  • Sindell Gonzalez
    Sindell Gonzalez Před měsícem +1

    Wow, ive got to try this! Amazing ivention (; very sharp Andy. 👌

  • stilcrazychris
    stilcrazychris Před měsícem +2

    I've got the farm fresh chicken eggs. Matter a fact I have over 30 dozen of them there brown eggers. All I need is your families DAMN olive oil.... Oh sorry I just need the good olive oil man!!
    Chris from Missouri

  • aabbeeaarr
    aabbeeaarr Před měsícem +1

    The farm eggs are the key! Great vid-made me hungry!

  • Deidra Farnham
    Deidra Farnham Před měsícem +1

    Love avocado toast. Haven't tried it with an egg. Added to my list!

  • Deanna Naumov
    Deanna Naumov Před měsícem +2

    would love to see more people try the food after youre your wife or cameraman

  • Marie P.
    Marie P. Před měsícem +1

    That looks so bomb. Sow

  • Jose Lozano
    Jose Lozano Před měsícem +2

    This one looks delicious and the avocado is healthy so Why not give it a try looks delicious!!!

  • BigDo Rack
    BigDo Rack Před měsícem

    Beautiful I think we got it lol at least 100 time

  • Pitbull Life
    Pitbull Life Před měsícem +5

    Green eggs and avocado toast Andy is 2019s new dr suess

  • Chris
    Chris Před měsícem

    58th like & 13 comment

  • Hynek Král
    Hynek Král Před měsícem +9

    U always give me such a good and positive energy. Thank you so much for being who u are ;)

  • just for fun
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  • Simon Hansen
    Simon Hansen Před měsícem


  • Kiranrachu Hiremath
    Kiranrachu Hiremath Před měsícem +8

    Hey chef! Why don't you show us how to make perfect fried chicken ? please make it for us with buttermilk recipe💗💗

  • Lebron James
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  • drishti ghiraw
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  • John Arteaga
    John Arteaga Před měsícem +12

    Ever thought of opening your own restaurant?

  • Lebron James
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  • Xavier Don’t Sweat
    Xavier Don’t Sweat Před měsícem +4

    Make jalapeño bacon bombers

  • Masud Mohamed
    Masud Mohamed Před měsícem +1

    Look so good nam

    GMK X MARI Před měsícem


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