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  • So I finally received my Cake Kalk Or electric motocross MTB hybrid machine. This is a super powerful electric motorbike that is in between a mountain bike and a full blown mx race bike. With 3 different power modes from chill to extreme and its heavy duty build this thing is designed to be thrashed! I first got to ride one of these in Sweden when I last went over to visit Max Fredriksson and now I lucky enough to have one! The first spot we went to was my local woods where we have MTB trails and other guys have taken motorbikes so we thought it would be a good place to start followed by a cool moto trial spot. I finish the video off with some left over clips from Tokyo, Japan that I filmed with Max Fredriksson while out shooting the most recent HOW I SEE IT video! There's also some fun clips in the video with my girlfriend as we explore tokyo's fish market and shibuya!
    For more info on the CAKES go here:
    And you can use the code: pilgrim

    I hope you enjoy the video!
    Welcome to my channel, I'm a professional Freeride Mountain biker and former FMB world champion(2013).
    This channel is all about Mountain biking, I make a huge variety of videos for everyone who loves dirt: From downhill biking to slower paced trials riding and everything in between like dirt jumping, slopestyle and enduro!
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  • Kingdom Minded
    Kingdom Minded Před 2 dny

    The motorcross looks great and handles incredible but the price is way to high

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones Před 2 dny

    The UK seems slow of the mark for dealerships for this type of bike, same with lightweight petrol bikes for off-road use, like the motoped etc

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith Před 2 dny


  • Bogi Bogi
    Bogi Bogi Před 2 dny

    EUR 14000 for that? hahahahahahhahahahaahah

  • Macs Headroom
    Macs Headroom Před 3 dny

    How much

  • Probably Jammin
    Probably Jammin Před 4 dny

    Ride On Dude!

  • Alexander Garcia
    Alexander Garcia Před 5 dny

    I want to make a conversion with my powerarc welder. Instant torque must be pretty fun.

  • Keithius Music
    Keithius Music Před 7 dny

    This is the type of shit people should have had literally a century ago... But thanks to a bunch of rich oil barons, trying to keep the world dependent on oil, we just now got it... How dumb...

  • Mark H
    Mark H Před 7 dny

    looks like this expensive e-bike is going to easily get those fairly exposed batteries smashed with the right fall ... looks like a hell of a lot of fun

  • Rob Mata
    Rob Mata Před 7 dny

    Looks like it's tearing the hell out of the bike trail.

  • Tim M
    Tim M Před 7 dny

    No gas 😁

  • Thickok 45
    Thickok 45 Před 8 dny

    13,000 USD is fucking insane. Fuck that id rather spend 2k and get a Yamaha 450.

  • Mark Rigsby
    Mark Rigsby Před 9 dny

    What the, Heeell?

  • Mike Rietow
    Mike Rietow Před 10 dny

    Ohlins forks (dampers)???

  • Robert Bergl
    Robert Bergl Před 10 dny


  • MUNROmusic
    MUNROmusic Před 10 dny

    Chainring size is ridiculous.

  • S Shagoury
    S Shagoury Před 10 dny +4

    Front sproket: 13 teeth .Rear Sproket: 80 teeth. You: missing teeth!!

  • Tattooed drummer
    Tattooed drummer Před 11 dny

    Badass, bet it’s expensive

  • Survival2019
    Survival2019 Před 11 dny

    17000 euros with an extra battery. You could buy 2 top range motocross bikes for that price. Eh..! no thanks.€

  • Dustin Irwin
    Dustin Irwin Před 11 dny

    You cant afford teeth interest lost

  • Let’s Talk
    Let’s Talk Před 11 dny +1

    10k I would rather have a zero.

  • Sonny Fales
    Sonny Fales Před 11 dny

    Give me the intro music link? ThankYou

  • PlugIn Caroo
    PlugIn Caroo Před 12 dny

    That is one awesome bike to ride!

  • atxtrojans002
    atxtrojans002 Před 12 dny

    Absolutely way too expensive

  • Michael Karatea
    Michael Karatea Před 12 dny

    This man is a bogan born and breed boiz

    NO NAME Před 12 dny +5

    "lets get the excitement levels raised to the TOOTH"

  • maxim54321
    maxim54321 Před 12 dny

    Man, I need to make more money...

  • tarmacdemon
    tarmacdemon Před 12 dny

    You Sir is having whey too much fun .............ENJOY !!!!

  • Maddogjez
    Maddogjez Před 12 dny +1

    Man that looks like amazing fun! Would love a go :D

  • MC NGT
    MC NGT Před 12 dny

    I can see you have few hours on dirt bike too not only the mtb's!! Am i wrong?

  • boosted vette
    boosted vette Před 12 dny

    What's the price tag? This things nasty

  • Coody Outdoors
    Coody Outdoors Před 13 dny +1

    10 grand for a battery with 2 wheel no way in hell I’d give that

  • alex windsor
    alex windsor Před 13 dny

    What a pity, such a clever piece of green engineering is wasted abusing the woodland environment. The fact that it does not spew exhaust gasses does not excuse the vandalism of using nature to toss yourself off. Sad.

  • bene feela
    bene feela Před 13 dny

    You made it look incredibly fun

  • shooter7a
    shooter7a Před 13 dny

    Looks like poorly designed geometry. Looks like MTB geometry with a e-motor added. That is why the rear is so loose under power. They should have copied the geometry of a mid sized offroad bike like a Honda CRF 230, then the thing would actually work under power.

  • plad plad
    plad plad Před 13 dny

    1 bad crash is all it takes to puncture those exposed batteries...

    • plad plad
      plad plad Před 11 dny

      Dave Girvin ah thought they were using lipos.

    • Dave Girvin
      Dave Girvin Před 12 dny

      They're not exposed. It uses 18650's. You're just looking at whatever holds the multiple 18650s together. You really aren't gonna be able to "puncture" an 18650 unless you got a drill. You're thinking of lipos

  • Reg Johnson
    Reg Johnson Před 13 dny

    Get a tooth. Please.

  • D M
    D M Před 13 dny

    looks weird sometimes like a 450 but super light and way safer. My wr 450 scares me way more but the big knobs gives me tons of control over the torque so it seems to be easier to ride... Maybe with trials tires

  • wallonthefloor
    wallonthefloor Před 13 dny

    what was that dubstep song at the end

  • No Name
    No Name Před 13 dny

    15k!! madness

  • Daniel Jusino
    Daniel Jusino Před 13 dny

    2:51 *fart*'s got torque. aahahaha

  • Nalle BlodMahl
    Nalle BlodMahl Před 13 dny

    Hero of Japan!

  • Whitaker's World
    Whitaker's World Před 13 dny

    Does is fall into the category of electric bicycle or electric motorcycle?

  • Corey Fisher
    Corey Fisher Před 13 dny

    It's tesla's new cyberbike

  • rick poghll
    rick poghll Před 13 dny

    Electricity is coming of age exponentially... love it

  • nomosushi nomo
    nomosushi nomo Před 13 dny

    for a mire 10 g's

  • Allstar
    Allstar Před 13 dny +11

    The only problem with these bikes is having to listen to a bloody sewing machine the whole day long.

    • Probably Jammin
      Probably Jammin Před 4 dny


    • 5li3e
      5li3e Před 11 dny +1

      you wont get kicked off the golf course though if no one can hear you !

  • Meka
    Meka Před 13 dny +25

    "Why is he missing a tooth?"
    *Watches him ride
    "aah, nevermind"

  • Dan Theman
    Dan Theman Před 13 dny

    17 THOUSAND USD...
    I have a Suzuki 400 Supermotard I picked up for 4250 CAD...
    I can spend thirteen grand on gas and kick this bikes ass bigtime, not worth the money.
    Should be tops four or five grand CAD...

  • Jesus Marrufo
    Jesus Marrufo Před 13 dny

    This is a motorcycle not mountain bike..

  • Humpy Hybred Toad
    Humpy Hybred Toad Před 13 dny

    🔴🎾🌎🌑 needs real knobbies before you need a meat wagon

  • Pulsejet Lover
    Pulsejet Lover Před 13 dny

    For the price it should be this amazing since I could buy an electric car and probably a trailer for when it broke jk.

  • James S
    James S Před 13 dny

    I don't know about torque being scary but I would dare to say "sexy" !!

  • matt G
    matt G Před 14 dny

    LAME AS FUCK ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING PRICE. Ill take 2 450's any dayyyyy.

  • oh damn its that guy
    oh damn its that guy Před 14 dny


  • The Manic Mechanic
    The Manic Mechanic Před 14 dny

    I saw a comment about the torque curve being scary, and I couldn't agree more coming off a 250 2 stroke myself; this thing looks mean as a snake, no delay in power whatsoever. Definitely a handful. Send one my way!

  • Henry Cordner
    Henry Cordner Před 14 dny

    Couldn't have made it any uglier if you tried...

  • Mr. Winter
    Mr. Winter Před 14 dny


  • usman usman
    usman usman Před 14 dny

    +96566294158 haw maney bike

  • Steve Fink
    Steve Fink Před 14 dny

    A ramp rider rides til they kick you out! 😁