No More Lies

  • čas přidán 18. 05. 2019
  • Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673
    Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
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  • James Charles
    James Charles  Před 8 měsíci +209477

    1) Yes, this response is "planned". I said in the first few minutes of the video that I had an outline of points I needed to hit and I practiced my speaking too. Not trying to hide anything, just had a lot of things to get into one video.
    2) I started taking screenshots of everything when I was in Australia, but I missed a few, and had take a few when I was back in LA. The time zones are 17 hours apart and I tried to make sure I noted every time there was a change but it looks like I missed a timestamp note in the convo with Sam. None of these screenshots are edited. Why would I risk editing a screenshot when the other party could come forward and prove me wrong? All screenshots are in chronological order.
    3) I blink a lot always. This video is no different.
    4) This video is not monetized, in fact, it actually got copyright claimed. Some people are seeing an ad for some reason, I'm sorry I'm really not sure why.
    I appreciate the comments but I don't need #TeamJames. I want to heal and move on from this situation, and I want everyone else involved to be able to do the same. The internet has seen enough negativity over the past few weeks, let's all be respectful please.

  • drink bleach
    drink bleach Před hodinou

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly,
    He fight bacc

  • Lauren Ingram
    Lauren Ingram Před 3 hodinami

    I have never respected you more. Well done James, much love to you❤

    MARIA ARBELAEZ Před 4 hodinami +1

    love you!

  • Alexandre Batista
    Alexandre Batista Před 5 hodinami

    Such a queen 👑.
    Handled it beautifully and professionally.
    The only one envolved that actually gave screen shots to back up his arguments.
    The youngest yet still the most mature.
    Is still suffering from online hate from this occasion when he debunked everything and is still precived as the bad guy for some reason.
    *We stan harder than ever*

  • Abs Undead
    Abs Undead Před 5 hodinami

    I hope you had a good cry session with your mom to feel better. That’s what I do

  • Princessa Callysta
    Princessa Callysta Před 5 hodinami

    Send you love all the way from Hong Kong

  • Major Robinson
    Major Robinson Před 5 hodinami

    I love iced tea

  • Hinateczka
    Hinateczka Před 8 hodinami

    Kiedy on gada a ty nawet nie wiesz co

  • Samantha Flynn
    Samantha Flynn Před 12 hodinami +1

    Don't cry James...
    You'll mess up your make up!


    I do not Stan other makeup artists tearing down other makeup artists.

  • Katia Minadeo
    Katia Minadeo Před 20 hodinami +1

    Am I the only one watching this after all of this happened? IN 2020? NO just me, oh ok...

  • autumn burch
    autumn burch Před dnem

    james' nose highlight is blinding i love it

  • Nethara Fernando
    Nethara Fernando Před dnem +2

    anyone else here in 2020 just rewatching some of the biggest moments of yt history?

  • Duru İnci
    Duru İnci Před dnem

    Heyoo james i just wanted to tell you Haters gonna hate but whatever honey fuck it i love yaaa❤❤❤

  • xOGChadx
    xOGChadx Před dnem

    No one:

  • Lexci Reyes
    Lexci Reyes Před dnem +1

    2020 anyone????

  • Tingting Liu
    Tingting Liu Před dnem

    When you never buy any of those gummy anyways

  • ᎠᎯ ᏁᏦ
    ᎠᎯ ᏁᏦ Před dnem

    Shut uppp

  • Andrea VT
    Andrea VT Před dnem

    Anyone else had this on your recommendations?🤣

  • Iyla Rose
    Iyla Rose Před dnem


  • UnderRose
    UnderRose Před dnem

    Oof I just found out about all this in 2020 🤦‍♀️ seems I’ve been living under a rock.

  • victoriah Rittenhouse
    victoriah Rittenhouse Před dnem +2

    this is for the real ones who actually was on his side and stood up for him even before this video was posted

  • darksoul 992
    darksoul 992 Před dnem

    Don't worry james charles, I love you buddy. If u ever wanna talk about it, im fully open about it! and if u ever want someone to talk to, or want to rant about something. Im here man, just mail me. and spam me asmuch as u want c: Love u buddy.

    • darksoul 992
      darksoul 992 Před dnem

      ah fuck, hmmm i should have done this is instagram, hmmmm

  • Beauty Babe
    Beauty Babe Před 2 dny +1

    Wow you were so strong! ❤😢🥺💖

  • Nicole S
    Nicole S Před 2 dny +1

    This whole situation confused me so I’m back trying to figure it out

  • iiBlxxryii
    iiBlxxryii Před 2 dny

    almost 49 miliion views oh my gawd

  • Sylvia Archer
    Sylvia Archer Před 2 dny

    All these people in dark places, they are rich, GO BUY A LAMP!!!

  • Sophie xoxoxo
    Sophie xoxoxo Před 2 dny


  • shaka laka waka
    shaka laka waka Před 2 dny

    uhmmmmm HI SISTERS

  • Angelina
    Angelina Před 2 dny

    Bruh. Why is this in my recommended *now* ?

  • Mckenzie Moody
    Mckenzie Moody Před 2 dny

    Coming from the future, this is like nickocado avocado and Stephanie soo ☕️

  • hunnie bum
    hunnie bum Před 2 dny +1

    why isn’t this deleted

  • Arzu Ismailova
    Arzu Ismailova Před 2 dny

    Once a stan always a stan

  • Mallory Looney
    Mallory Looney Před 2 dny +8

    Me in 2020: *sees this video in recommended* “hmmmmmm”

  • jklncolpetzer
    jklncolpetzer Před 2 dny

    You go sister

  • themoney man
    themoney man Před 2 dny

    Im muslim

  • itz Lee chan
    itz Lee chan Před 2 dny

    Bencong dapet 2,4 jt like bajigur i

  • Krittika Banerjee
    Krittika Banerjee Před 2 dny +1

    Oof. He went through A LOT.

  • Ryan Danahy
    Ryan Danahy Před 2 dny

    Ok I know I keep posting but i'm ready to defend James. And Jefree? I could beat you in a fight any day GRANDMA. Stop being a bully loser.

  • Ryan Danahy
    Ryan Danahy Před 2 dny

    ok from now on i'm just gonna picture james as a girl THIS IS SO WEIRD DUDES ( no offense to james i'm not trying to judge you)

  • pubg rocks
    pubg rocks Před 3 dny

    Can u guys tell me what happened cause its 40 min long plz i dont have time

  • Mr. Z
    Mr. Z Před 3 dny +2

    I feel bad for James all these people making accusations about him, just not right

  • Sneha Bhat
    Sneha Bhat Před 3 dny

    If he really wanted to apologise he should have gone to them personally and talked to them no matter what.

  • XLilymaeX
    XLilymaeX Před 3 dny +12

    Please tell me I'm not the only one watching this in 2020 😂🤦

    • Kantuta M
      Kantuta M Před 7 hodinami

      I could watch this all day lol

    • FunkMagic
      FunkMagic Před 16 hodinami +1


    • Liz Fay
      Liz Fay Před dnem +1

      XLilymaeX here I am

  • Geetanshi Goyal
    Geetanshi Goyal Před 3 dny +2

    sorry i am watching this in 2020 but i just recently became a big james charles fan. guys i have binge watched so many videos of his. he is a truly amazing person and to see him recover so well after this makes me sooo happy. love you james and i believe that you have done a truly amazing job being a role model. i believe in you.

  • M4S G
    M4S G Před 3 dny

    Wea estupida

  • tokyo boy
    tokyo boy Před 3 dny

    я не понимаю что ты говоришь. мне просто нравится смотреть и слышать тебя хэхэхэ

  • Liam Palmer
    Liam Palmer Před 3 dny +1

    Drama = entertainment.

  • Magdalena LadyMagi
    Magdalena LadyMagi Před 3 dny +1

    Your eyes ❤️

  • Jade Perlman
    Jade Perlman Před 3 dny

    Wow, I just started watching your videos and dude, you’ve got to slow down. You talk way to fast, and omg tape those hands down. You have talent but it’s difficult to focus on that, when you speak too fast. Sorry to say, hopefully this helps you moving forward

  • kacexoxo
    kacexoxo Před 4 dny +8

    When James was defending his mom...
    me: *FCKIN RIGHT!*

  • Daisy Relfe
    Daisy Relfe Před 4 dny +3

    me watching this in 2020 to remember the beef

  • GamingUsher.K
    GamingUsher.K Před 4 dny +3

    All gays are going to HELL. change my mind

  • GamingUsher.K
    GamingUsher.K Před 4 dny +2


  • Austin Gacha :]
    Austin Gacha :] Před 4 dny +7

    Everyone: *having opinions*
    Me: *watching James' adidas logo on his zipper moving every two second*

  • ali fyfe
    ali fyfe Před 4 dny

    Such a beautiful sister.

  • Lily Hazle
    Lily Hazle Před 4 dny +4

    James is good at everything like makeup singing and now LAW? We stan a talented sister

  • paula moore
    paula moore Před 4 dny

    Star shaped hand mirror left the chat

  • 1000 subs without a video