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Returning To The BEST Total War Game

  • čas přidán 28. 11. 2022

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  • @yankeegaming8580

    I've been watching Isorrow for 3 years now. I still don't own a single paradox game or any game Isorrow has played for those 3 years i've been watching him. But for some reason, I'm still here, watching this man suffer on map games. I love you Isorrow, thank you for everything.

  • @talespinner4515

    Empire was the first total war game I ever played. It'll always have a special place in my heart.

  • @majorearl12

    My favorite Total War game.

  • @hatimzeineddine8723

    Empire is unironically my favorite even though it's so bad, I really wish it was better

  • @stephencook567

    Just downloaded the DarthMod mod yesterday and not only did it run smoothly but DANG it was SO much fun. The real time fighting with enhanced smoke and rifle/musket sounds was the cherry on top for me.

  • @maxjohn6012

    "Elephants aren't scared of squares."

  • @autarchprinceps

    Oh, yes this was definitively the best total war game. I played SO many hours of that when I was still in school. From one ship only high sea battle to cooperative campaigns where a single turn would take so long, that one would to their turn while the other did their homework. It was just epic.

  • @GhosthandGod

    Empire 2 should really have happened by now

  • @Android_ELITE

    I only started playing empire earlier this year and it’s actually become my favorite older strategy game despite me having a whole collection of old strategy games that I grew up playing and loved; it’s just a great era combined with solid fun mechanics and great audio/visual design

  • @danonimusgombelinius7254

    The first sound of ISP's voice in video made me think I'm watching gachimuchi, not the map-painting youtuber.

  • @owensmith3028

    'Elephants aren't scared of squares' made me laugh far to much!

  • @jadencestarks7405

    Glad to see total war back

  • @emredogruel1192

    What a coincidence, I got back into this game again recently

  • @memingredcoat142

    you should make a vid where you have to accept all AI diplomatic requests

  • @jakepelletier2955

    Id love to see ISP do a long form series on this game, I wonder if Isorrowproductions knows him

  • @ThekingofAmericaland

    This was a genuine shot of nostalgia for me. This was one of the first Total War games I bought with my own money. Thank you.

  • @LiberRaider

    Napoleon TW and Empire were not only very fun for me, they got me to finally appreciate the bravery and tactics of soldiers in this time period in history. Before I always thought it was just a silly way to wage war. It's opened me up to so many books and movies about the era. For that I'm forever grateful.

  • @VBAVids

    Never knew you could play as Indian nations in a total war game, totally going to try this one now

  • @TheMrblackheart

    Warts and all the best total war there ever was. Loved it from the second I got it back when it came out and always will. So glad this game is finally getting the love it deserves 🙌 👏

  • @realhawaii5o

    There used to be a multiplayer campaign for this.