Temple Run in Real Life | VFX Breakdown

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  • This is how we made the Temple Run IRL- Reversed short film!
    Check out the main video: chclip.net/video/aAIT4mrm0fc/video.html
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    Oh wow blender! Heard the teacher talking how it’s good for modelling. Unfortunately, we had to do it on a program called 3ds max

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    You are superb

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    Bro please tell me how you created vfx breakdown process clip video please tell me

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    La bestia lo atropello un carro😂😂

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    You really deserves 10M likes

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    your voice superb

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    Omg this is in Ulm!! It‘s there where I live! Oh wow...

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    How do you get the 3D track from AE the Blender. I have been trying to do this myself and the blender 3D tracker is kind of trash.

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    I wanna get all your tutorial

  • Tahir Dogar
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    Thnks dear u r great

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    Android phone edit apps

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    its awesome bro!!!!!!!

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    how do bone rig pls pro my blander not working

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    Wow .I'm impressed

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    Hey man i m crazy about editing videos like u but i dont know what kind of software and other software you use for this i really want to learn how please tell me i can be ur student

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    which application do you use?

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    I have no 3D model you should make 3D model for us using green screen please

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    Awesome! you did an amazing job with the lighting and compositing, how long did it take you to make this? and did you model the creature yourself?

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    Can we use forced motion blur instead of pixel motion blur

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    Thankyou sooooooo much........
    Love u bro......

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    ola como estais
    Shutter Authority este video me intereso mucho la verdad . por favor podrian hacer un tutorial completo desde coincidir las escenas asta añadirlo a una escena real el modelo 3d gracias .. por favor

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    Porque no participas para una película mi amigo tú talento se merese estar en la gran pantalla 😊😍

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    Awesome bro you got a like from me just go ahed good luck i wish you the best....

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    Are you from India/Pak/Bangla?

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    who fool to dislike labour. Fuck those

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    What program did you use?

  • Darkman Souza
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    hey man, i'm a brasillian I find your work very crazy. Is it too complicated or not? well, a question, do you have a tutorial teaching these types of editing? is to ask a lot but if you can at least put a caption in Portuguese I would appreciate it. thanks bye!

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    All I understood was. How to make Temple run in real life

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    U should make more such tutorials!

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    How much time it took to edit & to make the video??

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    animation is very hard

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    dammn. u guys really put a lot of effort in making these videos. salute mann!!

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    What editor use to move the monster

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    Toturial plss

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    Awesome job btw

  • I'm tired for changing nicknames

    Serious Sam:The Second Encounter/another game from the series "Serious Sam" in real life.
    How do you like that?

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    Evole pls that game is cool 😎

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    Wow this was epic man....really inspiring...I love the way the creature blends perfectly with the real world.....How did you guys match the color(3D creature with live)....subbed you without any doubt guyss:)

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    How much time it took to render it in blender

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    U r indian bro ??????? 😫😥🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😒😒😒🤔🤔

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    how can I get this 3D model? plz tell me.

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    I love it very much

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    You guys are incredible!!! Can I know where you learnt VFX ?

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    hey bro which app u are using to edit video!

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    U work a lot... But u get less.. views

  • مدريدي للموت

    ررررررررررررروعة 🇮يوسف من🇮🇶😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃🇷

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    Take a look at my channel

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    awesome.... n tnx

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    I don't like it and i don't care.

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    what's the name of program

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    You has great skills

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    Shutter Authority I am your subscriber from a long time .
    I love your work . I suggest you to do a dragon ballz or star wars . It would be awesome.
    Waiting for next 😊😊😊😊

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    No esta mal

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    So much effort and amazingly talented

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    Hi there fellow blender User xD Didn't know you where using it, your vfx are definitely on point! May I ask what program you are using to do the camera tracking and do you implement the tracking into blender or not? I quite struggle with blender internal camera tracking feature :(

    • Inivlog
      Inivlog Před rokem

      Ok, I'll have to look into that! Since AE does the tracking job so much quicker and better than blender imo, it'd be easier to do it that way. Thanks a lot!!

    • Shutter Authority
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      +Inivlog It would be best to track the scene right inside blender. Alternatively, you could 3d track the scene in after effects and export the camera using a script. Things can get messy this way, but it is possible to get this working. There are few tutorials. Look them up :)

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    Can please provide more of like this, this is an awesome video .....

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    Clash royale in real life please

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    Please make more behind the scenes.

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    Great effort... proud of you... Every video worth watching

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    #Respect for your HArdWorD

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    Yes i probably like this video more :D

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    Great work guys! Please Clash of clans 🤗 next

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    How many hours did all of this take?

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    cool story bro, can you make more of these please?

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    Awesome! Love how you explain it! It really takes such a lot of efford, respect!