Dead By Daylight

  • čas přidán 20. 09. 2018
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  • hashy vacaro
    hashy vacaro Před 8 měsíci

    add a new killer from dead by daylight

  • Francisco Ramirez
    Francisco Ramirez Před rokem

    Can i say what awrsome soundtrack the chasr is?

  • TheShowtime
    TheShowtime Před rokem

    Please devs don’t nerf decisive strike, it’s already hard to hit that skill check

  • sebastian buckwalter
    sebastian buckwalter Před rokem

    I have a problem now after I finish a match I can't switch to killer or survivor I cannot join a match I cannot click back and I cannot join a friend for a few minutes! Why?? help I'm on PS4!

  • SSJ FaRoOsY
    SSJ FaRoOsY Před rokem

    It’s would be really cool if you add Jason or chuck

  • A -
    A - Před rokem +1

    Can I transfer my account to my PlayStation?
    I spent about 170 million POINT developing characters.
    The PC version has many problems and few players.

  • Carnage845
    Carnage845 Před rokem

    Def coulda cut out that first half hour.

  • Proxi
    Proxi Před rokem

    Is morfUK the narrator of the trailer?

    • Proxi
      Proxi Před rokem

      well just got into the video and they said he did it :D

  • Sobriquet
    Sobriquet Před rokem

    Petition to give the Spirit a Duck skin

  • Sobriquet
    Sobriquet Před rokem

    Picture a battle royale mode in this game. Or like, an OP survivor with multiple killers

  • Madison Creech
    Madison Creech Před rokem

    Why on earth did you have a forum with tons of questions and chose to pick one about damn clouds and stars? Like there are actual issues with this game that need addressed and that’s the questions we get to hear? Pretty good job so far.

  • Petty wise
    Petty wise Před rokem +1

    Is it just me... Or does the guy talking sound KINDA like MorfUK... (I swear if it is him i will feel VERY stupid. JUST SAYIN)

  • Kevin Dhonau
    Kevin Dhonau Před rokem

    I like how they play the soundtracks before they start when is the album coming out guys

  • Mr. Idgaf
    Mr. Idgaf Před rokem

    The spirit sounds like waLuigi XD

  • I'm Rick James Bitch
    I'm Rick James Bitch Před rokem

    Double blood points was a joke every game I joined was a campers paradise thank you

  • Baybee
    Baybee Před rokem +1

    nooooo what i love about the game is that there is no time limit!!!!!! i so hate that...please dont xD

  • Sepni Phänie
    Sepni Phänie Před rokem

    How about a Hardcore Modus. Like no perks and no add ons

  • オレオ
    オレオ Před rokem

    Please deal with an attack's being not cross with being a survivor in a footing somehow.

  • Ayden Jacko
    Ayden Jacko Před rokem

    hello i was wondering if the clown re fuelling speed glitch exploit was fixed

  • ShadBonnie aka Henry Marcimoff

    I still like the first voice that do all the spotlight

  • *not a real spy*
    *not a real spy* Před rokem +2

    Dead by daylight streamed by dead by daylight
    Where half the video is dead by daylight while they talk about dead by daylight

  • iJurassicJakei
    iJurassicJakei Před rokem

    whoa... kates shirt said free spirit... but i paid like 8 bucks for spirit. Nice """hint""" really made me think.

  • Zachary Bywaters
    Zachary Bywaters Před rokem

    i lost a purple flashlight with odd buld and high end saphire lends and a white ward after a clown disconnected

  • Troy Garcia
    Troy Garcia Před rokem

    Since the chapter released everytime I play on the pale rose if I go on the big boat specifically the cabin i get a sound glitch that plays a sound kinda like a plane playing over and it does not go away til i leave the match

  • sasukeuchiha224
    sasukeuchiha224 Před rokem

    Damn I’ll fuck the shit outta Patricia

  • Silver Speedster
    Silver Speedster Před rokem

    So did I just sit there for over 25 minutes for nothing, this is why you guys are absolutely stupid, and not even carrying anymore

  • Game Plays
    Game Plays Před rokem

    potatoes was a good description XD

  • SamuraiYagamoth
    SamuraiYagamoth Před rokem +14

    Can we please get a Killer tag mode, or say something like 2 killers vs 8 survivors?
    KIllers have friends too :(
    "Friends that slay together, stay together.."

  • trentigalaxy
    trentigalaxy Před rokem

    is this the 1st time japan took notice of dbd? maybe they can do collab for new killer and map???

  • João Paulo
    João Paulo Před rokem

    Great Job

  • Jake Taft
    Jake Taft Před rokem

    This game needs weapons for the survivors. Fucking stupid that you use a flashlight to defend yourself against Michael Myers. 😂

    • Jake Taft
      Jake Taft Před rokem

      @Symebo Symebo keep in mind I've been drinking and I'm ready for a debate LOL

    • Jake Taft
      Jake Taft Před rokem

      @Symebo Symebo well even then he'll there's weapons forged in hell so why isn't there weapons we can use

    • Symebo Symebo
      Symebo Symebo Před rokem

      you cant defend yourself in hell

    N8VWOLF Před rokem


  • Dr. Thomas Smith
    Dr. Thomas Smith Před rokem +1

    I’m gonna be so angry if there is a Christmas update and the new killer isn’t Krampus.

    ANDY-THE-GAMER Před rokem +3

    Can you please add a little more dialogue to the new survivor, his dialogue is pretty vague with one scream every time he gets hanged.

  • QuestionedTurkey
    QuestionedTurkey Před rokem +7

    "I'm just sad that there weren't any lore questions" ME TOO DAVE YOU'RE DOING GOD'S WORK OUT HERE

  • Logical Mindset
    Logical Mindset Před rokem +1

    I happen to like the random perk bloodweb. It would be lame if you were able to get what you want quicker because then every killer/survivor would have the same Meta perks. The way it is now requires you to make a build that will work to the best of what you currently have available. I think this mechanic adds variety to the game.

    • Logical Mindset
      Logical Mindset Před rokem +1

      Further more. I feel it should take you a grind to get a good build.

  • L cherry
    L cherry Před rokem

    I watched untill first 27 mins and i got borred, did any special happened afterwards ?

  • Diabl0Fire271
    Diabl0Fire271 Před rokem

    Not_Queen: "Be excellent to each other!" Me: "Party on dudes!"

  • GameraAssassin 91
    GameraAssassin 91 Před rokem

    I want a Dead By Daylight table

  • Christian
    Christian Před rokem

    Why dit you nerf the Wraith so hard? ... after the buff he was ok, with this fukcing new AddOns he is so brocken.....only "Shadow Dance" is good.
    Fail Update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LaurieStrode_IsLife
    LaurieStrode_IsLife Před rokem

    Thank You Not_Queen For Doing The Spirits Voice

  • Black Star
    Black Star Před rokem +2

    I literally want to apply to join the team!

  • The Real
    The Real Před rokem +1

    Spirit is way too op, power comes back extremely fast and the new survivor perks are broken smh I almost feel bad for survivors that play this game now because a killer main like me doesn’t even need perks for her to get 4K as a rank 4

    • The Real
      The Real Před rokem

      Ronny Schmidt pallets are pretty much all they have to rely on because the nerf of exhaustion perks so I’m ok with that. Just fake like your going to eat the pallets

    • Ronny Schmidt
      Ronny Schmidt Před rokem

      The Real they should nerf pallets survivors are to strong

  • Vai dar Banho ao Cao
    Vai dar Banho ao Cao Před rokem

    You guys could do a new game mode, that will do the game a lot more interesting

  • Cinnamon
    Cinnamon Před rokem

    She's way overpowered like nurse but on crack.

  • Joshua Harris
    Joshua Harris Před rokem

    The spirit is good but the sound when she does the phase walk is way too loud I main a Survivor and a killer so when I'm playing a Survivor I can hear her coming from far away and I just get out of there I Sprint burst off and then Crouch walking she can't find me so there's no real threat and she needs a little bit of a speed buff when she's just normally running after somebody and it would be nice to see something like be able to see the blood at all times when you injure somebody it would kind of make sense or even when we get within like a meter of somebody within striking range their body highlights so we can see them would be nice she's a good killer but I would say definitely underpowered she's fun to play as not as good as most of the killers and playing against her as a Survivor is very easy to win

  • Edd Desu
    Edd Desu Před rokem

    Dead By Daylight

  • Nathaniel Calderon
    Nathaniel Calderon Před rokem

    Won’t let me watch

  • Wifi Smasher
    Wifi Smasher Před rokem

    Patricia is fucking hot

  • Crystian Pedroza
    Crystian Pedroza Před rokem

    goddamn Patricia has a BIG personality

  • Tre Tuck
    Tre Tuck Před rokem

    Some ting was out there y she sound Jamaica 😂😂

  • Mäußchen macht piep
    Mäußchen macht piep Před rokem +1

    Thanks for Fixing the Infinites

  • Jocimar
    Jocimar Před rokem

    You're welcome 27:16

  • Vankruze
    Vankruze Před rokem +1

    Please do not upload the timer it's a total waste and just annoys people.

  • Majin Arthur
    Majin Arthur Před rokem

    Hahahahahaha had 6 k blood think yes new Killer looked Shop now i have depressions.

  • سمبوسه -
    سمبوسه - Před rokem

    I miss the original soundtrack please back it 😢

  • Ghostface
    Ghostface Před rokem +1

    You could have deleted that 27 minute gap of nothing. It's so cheap of you keeping that in for monetisation. HALF of this video is literally nothing. WOW.

    • Joshua Negrete
      Joshua Negrete Před rokem +2

      There isn't any ads on it. Wtf do you mean?

    • GamezRochard
      GamezRochard Před rokem

      I doubt anyone actually sat there and watched the 30 minutes of nothing. So no, just stupidity, not greed.

  • TRIPLE C 420
    TRIPLE C 420 Před rokem +1

    U should make a mode where it can be 8 survivors and a kiler just put 9 gens in the match i think it would be crazy

    • TRIPLE C 420
      TRIPLE C 420 Před rokem

      @Zack Matijevich yea thats tru and for that mode they would need to make bigger maps made for that mode

    • Zack Matijevich
      Zack Matijevich Před rokem +1

      TRIPLE C 420 they would need 2 killers cause if if one killer was chasing a survivor thats 7 on gens or 6 if ones going to unhook

    • Ghostface
      Ghostface Před rokem +1

      I like the idea of 2 killers.

  • M.I.A. with Guns
    M.I.A. with Guns Před rokem +5

    Can you please add an off-line mode with bots as a survival and killer with co op please

  • djghostylibra
    djghostylibra Před rokem +2

    When are those feng min outfits coming rip