9 Weird Ways to Sneak Slimes into Class / School Slime Pranks


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  • Troom Troom
    Troom Troom  Před 7 dny +233

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  • Kawaii Panda
    Kawaii Panda Před 16 hodinami

    Every time I try to make slime, it turns into a big, hard blob

  • Genesis Garcia
    Genesis Garcia Před 16 hodinami

    Is a cool experiment

  • Luna _playgames
    Luna _playgames Před 18 hodinami

    How to bring slimes into class great grammar

  • burnsybolton
    burnsybolton Před 19 hodinami

    Hey they are moj moj

  • Haylei Roberts
    Haylei Roberts Před 19 hodinami


  • John D Clark
    John D Clark Před 19 hodinami

    I love it I try snicking slime to school I put it in my pencil sharpender

  • William Hunter
    William Hunter Před 19 hodinami

    Troom Troom : Did you like our ideas for school slimes?

    Me : No.

  • William Hunter
    William Hunter Před 19 hodinami

    MrS. pEnNy PoPpInS

  • William Hunter
    William Hunter Před 19 hodinami

    :OOOOOO what happened to MrS. sMiTh???

  • Gina Kushima
    Gina Kushima Před 19 hodinami

    I hate your channel I only subcribed so I could send this comment

  • Mirela Vorukova
    Mirela Vorukova Před 22 hodinami

    I had to lower the sound because my ears were bleeding from cringe and BTW why frik would someone wanna get in trouble like bro😵😢

  • Mirela Vorukova
    Mirela Vorukova Před 22 hodinami

    That's was stupid and the name Pennypoppins bruh

  • mi mi mi verani
    mi mi mi verani Před 22 hodinami

    Трум трум что с вами случилось?

  • Dragon Gamer
    Dragon Gamer Před 23 hodinami

    Yr channel is d ie ing

  • Nehara Abey
    Nehara Abey Před 23 hodinami

    9 weird ways to get in trouble

  • Tia_Omq
    Tia_Omq Před dnem

    um i just wonder...why am I giving them viewers?

  • Tia_Omq
    Tia_Omq Před dnem +1

    troom troom has no room room for some good good ideassssss

  • Ranju Malakar
    Ranju Malakar Před dnem

    India is my nation

  • NikoCat Supreme
    NikoCat Supreme Před dnem

    It’s kind of rude to fill slime in the students gift. Then she will get into trouble because of HER.

  • TheEmerald_Ghosty YT

    i played with slime in school by putting to my school bag no one nows that i bring slime to class until i tell someone

  • Rocco Davis
    Rocco Davis Před dnem

    naa naa naa id like fortnite mother fukr

  • Sonia Taylor
    Sonia Taylor Před dnem

    wait, i am... extremely confused... on why 23K people... *liked* this...

  • LDGachaLady
    LDGachaLady Před dnem

    wow my teachers name is ms penny

  • ryokohasramen
    ryokohasramen Před dnem

    lowkey thought these were going to be legit comments but this is way better

  • Nehara Abey
    Nehara Abey Před dnem

    Everythink is fake about you.

  • I use my calculator Instead if my camera

    Great now I have ligma

  • Emely Flores
    Emely Flores Před dnem

    11:40 Easy
    Step one:buy slime
    Step two:put the slime in your pocket
    Step 3:bring it to school
    Step 4:play with it behind the teachers back or under the desk

  • Alex Marriott
    Alex Marriott Před dnem

    I wanna jam my slippery slime weapon into mrs penny poppinz

  • Priti Mahnot
    Priti Mahnot Před dnem

    I hate Jessica 😛😤👿

  • //Vanessa;3 //Reptiles

    I once got a behavior report (A paper that explains what you did your parents need to sign it if they don't they'll call them instead) for playing with slime in class

  • J-Hope the muffin
    J-Hope the muffin Před dnem

    The 1st one, you don’t always get what you want bruh.

  • Umbreon Eeveelution
    Umbreon Eeveelution Před dnem

    I'm I tried this, and it didn't works you idiots

  • Jack GunnerRiver monsters!!

    I hate it

  • Ashley Saunders
    Ashley Saunders Před dnem

    New ppl ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Raul Corona
    Raul Corona Před dnem +1

    Jessica snatches everything. 😠

  • Donna minear
    Donna minear Před dnem

    Penny poppins ahhaha

  • Mølly Muffins
    Mølly Muffins Před dnem +1

    they should rename this to ‘how to get suspended’

  • Aquarius Opica
    Aquarius Opica Před dnem


  • lorena gardipy
    lorena gardipy Před dnem

    I don't like the girl Syndey

  • Pika Girl Lover
    Pika Girl Lover Před dnem +1

    How bout.........no

  • Honorably
    Honorably Před dnem

    please delete this cringefest.

  • Gymnastics with tay
    Gymnastics with tay Před dnem

    The girl in with the glasses is soooooooo greedy

  • kawiikola124 ROBLOX
    kawiikola124 ROBLOX Před dnem

    I will never know how this channel 9 million subscribers

  • Gacha Sofia
    Gacha Sofia Před dnem


  • Ella Reece
    Ella Reece Před dnem

    Sindy is a jerk

  • A P lps squishys more


  • Zen Andrei Rosario
    Zen Andrei Rosario Před dnem


  • nico yazawa
    nico yazawa Před dnem

    weird ways

  • Angel Mavares Martins

    Takes play-doh out of container and puts slime in. BRUH

  • Reynah Larson
    Reynah Larson Před dnem +1

    Who only comes to this channell for the thumbnail
    Like if you agree!

  • krystina muzic
    krystina muzic Před dnem

    i hate this vid cause u cant skip the add

  • Dat Huudaat
    Dat Huudaat Před dnem

    How about you don’t do this, listen in class, get an education and not become like troom troom when you grow up

  • Andrea
    Andrea Před dnem

    who would do that this vid is for no reason who would sneak slime too class that is just messed up

  • layla miapulliam
    layla miapulliam Před dnem

    9 ways to make a mess then get kicked outta school then not go to collage and since u didnt go to collage u now work at mc donalds thanks troom troom

  • Grace Crespo
    Grace Crespo Před dnem

    Um well FIRST slime is NOT trending anymore, SECOND just who would bring slime to school, and THERED just STOP TRYING TO BE IN THE TRENED ZONE!!! YOU GUYS WILL NEVER BE IN THE TREND ZONE!!


    And how the hell do they think were going to find borax at school also how the hell is you class mate going to be gone so long THAT YOU CAN MAKE DANG SLIME!

  • Winthrop Joson
    Winthrop Joson Před dnem +1

    I tried doing one of those and i got suspended.😫😫😫😫😫😫

  • Sarah Rogers
    Sarah Rogers Před dnem

    / give @p cumand _block

  • Eliza B
    Eliza B Před dnem

    Who names there child penny Poppins imagine how embarrising it would be
    Mom: mia pennypopins come now

  • Cookie Crumbs owO
    Cookie Crumbs owO Před dnem

    Clickbate thumbnail again :|

  • Lori Shipley
    Lori Shipley Před dnem


  • Moonlight Aka LPS Hershey Kitty

    First of all your not allowed to have playdoh in school second of all your not allowed to bring random stuff in art just because it involves paint it has they have they’re own paint

  • Charxlotte
    Charxlotte Před dnem

    Nobody uses a blackboard anymore...

  • The Burnt marshmallow

    The one with glasses is so selfish OMG
    Just stop

  • The Burnt marshmallow

    So you don't get a gift that you want because it isn't for you so you replace it with a fake slime one
    Selfish much ugh

  • The Burnt marshmallow

    Fist off why would you put a black board eraser to your face smh

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat Před dnem

    Ms Penny looks so tired
    *what the frick CINDY*

  • Harsimran Singh - Shaw PS (1489)

    Why do we have to put glitter,now I understand why people hate this.

  • Patricia Eikenberry
    Patricia Eikenberry Před dnem

    Yes slime?!

  • Summsi 1
    Summsi 1 Před dnem

    My school
    Me: sneaks slime into class *
    Teacher: oh you like slime to it’s a huge trend😊

  • Nightlight finity
    Nightlight finity Před dnem

    *It's leaking black magic!*

  • • Daniel •
    • Daniel • Před dnem

    They are a really bad influence.

  • Once Upon A Time Me
    Once Upon A Time Me Před dnem

    No I bet they will still know how to spell slime...

  • Once Upon A Time Me
    Once Upon A Time Me Před dnem


  • Kittencat2608 Olmstead

    Your just teaching us how to make slime

  • Ginny59 40
    Ginny59 40 Před dnem

    Wait so for one this is all stupid and for to she wanted the galles case but she has that same case WTFF

  • Anna David
    Anna David Před dnem

    ALL Troom Troom wants to do is get you in truble at my scool we get in truble if you bring anything other than textbooks, pencils, or books you get in a little truble! DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!!!

  • Kevin joel Aguirre montero

    Poor teacher And Why would you thats so dumb and mean

  • Natalee Dyess
    Natalee Dyess Před dnem

    dont you know people dont use borax in slime anymore?!?!?!!?

  • Giselle Lemus
    Giselle Lemus Před dnem

    I would get a pencil

  • Giselle Lemus
    Giselle Lemus Před dnem

    I would take a pencil

  • pinky the cute fox
    pinky the cute fox Před dnem

    6:40 I feel so bad

  • pinky the cute fox
    pinky the cute fox Před dnem

    Don't put borax in your slime its bad for ur body

  • Charlotte Tysoe
    Charlotte Tysoe Před dnem

    How to get suspended:

    Do ANYTHING Troom Troom reccomends to you. NEVER trust a Troom Troom video.

  • sara tanbour
    sara tanbour Před dnem

    مافي عربي؟؟؟

  • Katherine Martin
    Katherine Martin Před dnem

    You said you were gonna give the students so much work so they can’t spell slime .....

    Well how did you spell it on the name of the vid


  • Brian Nowell
    Brian Nowell Před dnem

    I love the slime

  • tammy sparks
    tammy sparks Před dnem


  • tammy sparks
    tammy sparks Před dnem

    Well then Cindy is selfish just because she wants to have that glasses case

  • Dakawaiipotato ._.
    Dakawaiipotato ._. Před dnem

    What a jerk friend

  • messironaldo1651 cristianolionel


  • Sydnee Dodds
    Sydnee Dodds Před dnem

    sydnee is my name

  • Amanda Provis
    Amanda Provis Před dnem

    I love slime and putty

  • Natasha K
    Natasha K Před dnem

    Does anyone ever actually do these or do you just watch it like I do

  • G money Gaming
    G money Gaming Před dnem

    I’ve never seen a teacher in real life that could be so oblivious

  • lil Fangle
    lil Fangle Před dnem

    I h8 u

  • DALIA VAlenzuelA
    DALIA VAlenzuelA Před dnem +1


  • Kaiya Schleifer
    Kaiya Schleifer Před dnem

    wat happened to mrs.smith?

    LEAH DUKE Před 2 dny +1

    9 ways to sneak a sticky liquid that will most likely melt and get everywhere / 9 ways to get sent to the office when you could just NOT bring laundry detergent and glue / 9 ways to sneak slime into class when a majority of classes don't give a damn but the ones that do are the ones who don't allow it and you will get sent to the office / 9 ways to ruin perfectly good items and your parents money / 9 ways to get glue everywhere / nine ways to get suspended / 9 ways to not pay attention in class and fail that class / 9 ways to get suspended 👏 Raise a glass to Troom Troom