If You Want to Buy a Macbook…

  • čas přidán 20. 06. 2019
  • Which MacBook is worth buying in 2019? Here's the MacBook buying guide - Ranging from their MacBook Air to the MacBook Pro, these are some things you should know.
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  Před 2 měsíci +2650

    I've moved away from Apple's MacBooks but if you're gonna get one, get the right one

    • Claudiu Potop
      Claudiu Potop Před 16 dny

      Saw this again today because I'm few clicks away to purchase a refurbished mbp 13 early 2015 ( i5, 2.7ghz two cores, 8gb ram and intel 6100 integrated graphic card) with 1 year warranty from a autorised refurbishing company from Spain, where I live. The laptop have no scratches on chassis, same the display and the battery have ~350 cycles. The display is the original which I find a plus, but the price is something I m not sure about because I find it pretty expensive for it s age and very near to the newest ones which I hate for their keyboard. It s 900euros and I plan to change the original 128 ssd with a 480 owc ssd for another 150 euros. And what I plan to do with it it s like power point presentations, exel work and a bit of photo editing for myself, not professionaly, and media consuming. My concern and question is : it s a great deal for the price? I plan to use it for like another 3-4 years for same things. I would appreciate any response. And Dave, thank you for your great knowledge you share and quality videos you deliver to us. Peace.

    • Retro Gamer
      Retro Gamer Před 18 dny

      base mode macbook 2019 the fan is really loud when its running on max especially when you run cinebench 7000+ rpm and 80C...

    • Kishan Motiramani
      Kishan Motiramani Před měsícem

      @dave lee... Can programming of good order be done on the MacBook Air ?? I am planning to buy a Macobook Air soon o

    • Mohamed El-Rouby
      Mohamed El-Rouby Před měsícem

      @Carlyne Jean Jacques Good luck with that crap keyboard and the price difference to the Macbook Pro is just £150 and for that you get a touchbar, more ports and quad core processor.

    • Mohamed El-Rouby
      Mohamed El-Rouby Před měsícem

      @Fiat Multipla It sure is.

  • FreeLy
    FreeLy Před 20 hodinami

    Review Avita Clarus 14. 👍

  • pepsimf
    pepsimf Před 21 hodinou

    I want a MacBook- but I’m broke asf lmao

  • Vegan It Is
    Vegan It Is Před 2 dny

    I HAVE to buy a macbook for my graphics design school😊

  • Joseph Taylor
    Joseph Taylor Před 3 dny

    I feel like the right one is a used macbook pro from a couple gens back for a decent price and some of the older ones still have upgrade paths IIRC, like 16gb, swap in an ssd and a quad core. That's what I'm getting from my 2012 macbook pro got that for free because of a bad HDD cable that I replaced for 15$
    EDIT: Glad to see that was a suggest option, not many people do that and its nice.

  • peace
    peace Před 6 dny +2

    hello dave please reply
    i have macbook air early 2015
    and the screen has got some back horizontal lines and they are increasing drastically
    please let me know what to do please

    • Argentiskyblau 15
      Argentiskyblau 15 Před 21 hodinou

      peace my father has been cheap ipads and macbooks for ten years and with some persuasion apple always replaces it for a new one for free or for 200$ either way you have to hustle them peace

    • Argentiskyblau 15
      Argentiskyblau 15 Před 21 hodinou

      I would take that up with apple then even if they say they cant help you always ask for a hire-up. Keep bothering them until you get to the right person.

    • peace
      peace Před dnem

      Argentiskyblau 15 thanks for reply .. don’t think so .. as of now what should i do ?

    • Argentiskyblau 15
      Argentiskyblau 15 Před 2 dny +1

      peace that sounds like water damage. could any kind water or humidity have gotten into your laptop?

  • Shyama Agrawal
    Shyama Agrawal Před 6 dny

    Is there any substitute for logic Pro on windows? Let me know because the only reason I'm planning to upgrade is to get better performance for logic Pro :)

  • 7homas 0wen
    7homas 0wen Před 8 dny

    just bought a 2018 15 inch i7 2.6ghz 512gb for $3000aud {$2057usd} brand new!

    • Zyzz
      Zyzz Před 7 dny

      7homas 0wen - The apple store still sells the 2018?

  • Sugar Cane
    Sugar Cane Před 10 dny

    Dude... if you don't recommend a Mac why even bother.

  • Raghda A.M
    Raghda A.M Před 12 dny

    So recommend a laptop that can have multi tasking , light weight, high performance, gd quality keyboard and most of all gd for editing videos and yes am first year med student so am on budget ( not above 1100 Dollars)

  • Float Circuit
    Float Circuit Před 12 dny +4

    4:52 to 4:57 watch his right hand in slo-mo 0.5x . He legit flipped off anyone that wants a 2014/2015 refurbished Mac 🖥 😂😂😭😭🖕🏼

  • Madiheh Chamacham
    Madiheh Chamacham Před 13 dny

    ???????? Why

  • Madiheh Chamacham
    Madiheh Chamacham Před 13 dny


  • Anlin Fan
    Anlin Fan Před 16 dny

    What about desktop? Does iMac worth to buy just for usual work + video editing?

  • Gabriela Jankowska
    Gabriela Jankowska Před 16 dny +1

    That was a very helpful video! But, I have one question to you, Dave, or/and to all of you: I study graphic design, so is that a good idea to buy a 13' Macbook Pro? I use Adobe programmes a lot, like InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop...or is better to get a bigger one...but the truth is, that I like smaller laptops, but still, I don't know if the 13' will be enough...What do you think? I'm upgrading from 11' Macbook Air (2014)

    RUNNERGY Před 17 dny

    I’m considering a 2018 Pro Touch Bar that’s at a very good price, is it certain that I’ll have problems with it like screen not working, keyboard issues and heat problems? Or should I just jump to PC. Haven’t had good luck with them either. Last PC was 2 years ago.

  • Jacob Chong
    Jacob Chong Před 20 dny

    Hi, from my impression i always thought apple is incredibly convenient to use and base on my experience with windows laptop, they get overheat / hdd failure and cpu slow down easily. My question is, is today's windows laptop as bad as the olden days? I have been looking at macbook air for portability, school and work. Not much heavy editing etc. Is there any better cheaper windows alternative which has the same quality in terms of hardware and software like macbook air? pls advise thanks

  • Gameloop Emulator
    Gameloop Emulator Před 20 dny


  • Sky Digital Agency
    Sky Digital Agency Před 22 dny

    I’m not sure how much Windows computer cost in other countries but in Singapore the price difference is not much for a Macbook.
    Considering that a Macbook is much faster in performance as a computer, while a windows computer has so much potential to get virus (with regular virus scanning) compared to Macbook that doesn’t have virus & no virus scanning required, windows takes time to shut down or boot up approx 20 to 30 min later due to a major windows update, I can’t understand why anyone should not get a MAC 😂

  • ctjmt
    ctjmt Před 22 dny

    I just want the black one.

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  • al capone
    al capone Před 23 dny

    I just want macbook

  • Alex H Kane
    Alex H Kane Před 24 dny

    Get a recon 2017 MacBook air. Perfectly good for general use.

  • sibtain ali
    sibtain ali Před 24 dny +1

    MacBook are for people not knowing much about tech #idiots😂

  • Henry E
    Henry E Před 24 dny

    Does core count affect music recording applications?

  • Hans Yulian
    Hans Yulian Před 26 dny

    so they solder everything to the motherboard and one part die, basically replace entire motherboard? when will and can apple die before their virus spread to other manufacturer as well?

  • Zgermud, them turds in my pants boiii!

    Dave, is it worth now buying 2018 15'' macbook pro or is it better to wait for 16 inch model? I want to use it for development

  • Juan S
    Juan S Před 28 dny +2

    Schools require windows for certain programs. I've never heard the opposite for macbooks.

  • cornflake
    cornflake Před měsícem

    Louis Rossmann says 2017 was the only year macbooks were unlikely to fail... but ever since I bought the 2008 so called unibody macbook pro, the screen would come unglued after 5 years and that's because the glue fucking melts from the enormous amount of heat generated by the thing... and they haven't even damn bothered to address the thermal throttling issue since the 2008 design- but made it worse with thinner designs and using more demanding processors. The nerve to sell people anything with a high clock speed, (let alone more than dual core) in a unibody is outrageous. I suspect intel couldn't be arsed to make any >2 core mobile processors until 2018 thanks to apple having so much success from selling these damn toasters to the mass of idiots. I remember when the batteries could be switched so easily before unibody... what the fuck happened?

  • James Kah
    James Kah Před měsícem

    hi dave, have recently discovered your channel as i have been researching a new laptop to buy. after extensive research i decided to purchase the xps 15 with OLED display 16gb RAM and 512GB ssd. After only using it for a couple of hours i have notice that is very slow. so slow in-fact that i compared it to my current 2015 macbook pro and found that its was significantly faster and much more slick and responsive. I choose the xps over a macbook as i thought it was more reasonably priced and powerful then the new 2019 Mbps. I am quite disappointed and annoyed with dell. could you please recommend a another laptop for me.

  • ItzBai
    ItzBai Před měsícem +2

    Dave: so just if even anyone wants a MacBook

  • S. B. de Vasconcelos
    S. B. de Vasconcelos Před měsícem +2

    If you want to buy a MacBook...
    ...Wait until the Butterfly Keyboard is gone.

    JULIAN SMITH Před měsícem

    I will just never understand how most of apple's laptops in the 1999+ range don't have an i7. It is really insanity.

  • Lydia S
    Lydia S Před měsícem

    My Lenovo Yoga laptop is AMAZING, will never get any other brand if I can help it

  • JETLAI123
    JETLAI123 Před měsícem +1

    Is macbook enough with 8gb ram for programming, web development?

    • Luiz Carlos V. B. da S. Júnior
      Luiz Carlos V. B. da S. Júnior Před 25 dny +1

      @JETLAI123 To be fair, I'm currently planning on buying a 13' macpro with 16gb RAM and 512 SSD so I can dual boot it and use windows and Mac on a single device.
      Probably gonna wait till the end of the year

    • Luiz Carlos V. B. da S. Júnior
      Luiz Carlos V. B. da S. Júnior Před 25 dny +1

      @JETLAI123 More of a back end myself haha, but windows has so many programs...
      Actually you can dual boot a Mac to use windows on it, there is a software named BootCamp.
      Would recommend to use it only on macpro with 256gigs of SSD or more though...

    • JETLAI123
      JETLAI123 Před 25 dny

      @Luiz Carlos V. B. da S. Júnior did you try to use Linux to develop web?

    • JETLAI123
      JETLAI123 Před 25 dny +1

      @Luiz Carlos V. B. da S. Júnior I agree with you, don't fall into promotion

    • JETLAI123
      JETLAI123 Před 25 dny +1

      @Luiz Carlos V. B. da S. Júnior thank you so much, but why the article says that windows has higher compatibility than macOS?

  • Will Maitner
    Will Maitner Před měsícem +1

    Wow, your whole attitude is wrong. I'm done with you.

  • Tanishk Agarwal
    Tanishk Agarwal Před měsícem

    Which is the best laptop under 2000$ rn?

    BVBZ WENT WILD Před měsícem


  • Ben Rosenthal
    Ben Rosenthal Před měsícem

    I actually got a used 2011 macbook with a ssd and 8gb of ram for only $180, It's pretty great.

  • HA Tém
    HA Tém Před měsícem

    Hey dave
    So I was thinking of buying an acer helios 300 2019 Im not a fan of the pricing and in my country it's like 3400 the equivalent of 1200 dollars so I'm tryna see if it is worth the saving and if it will last on the long term like about 5 years or so.
    Thanks in advance bro and waiting for your reply here.

  • Lee Shuen Fei
    Lee Shuen Fei Před měsícem

    Apple releasing the ipados is literally one of the key reason i would prefer the ipad over their macbooks

  • Aki Sasaki
    Aki Sasaki Před měsícem +2

    But my windows computer always gets so slow after one year. WHY???

  • Ricky Stafford
    Ricky Stafford Před měsícem

    Just replaced the battery in my late 2013 13" rMBP that's glued in. I wouldn't say it was the easiest thing in the world but it wasn't hard at all and only cost under $50 for the battery itself. Also replaced the rubber feet. It's as good as new. That said, it's still a dual core CPU and I am doing more video editing so I'm probably going to sell it :)

  • Ronak Patel
    Ronak Patel Před měsícem

    You are wrong MacBooks are the best if it is about windows 10 you can get windows 10 on MacBooks using boot camp assistants for free no hassle and you can switch to os again. I have a MacBook Pro 2018 Retina display and have windows 10 on it .

  • Prem Wani
    Prem Wani Před měsícem

    Ohhh no this shit guy soupy who controls dev2D discord server 🤬

    ASIF K ASHRAF Před měsícem

    Bro can u please tell me which is more secure with data windows or macbook....cz am really confused

    • jerr targarian
      jerr targarian Před měsícem

      that macbook, apple is usually always more secure and more private

    DIGITDEEP Před měsícem +1

    More than happy with my Asus GU501GM that I got under a $1,000! Pass on Apple

  • barcitaa
    barcitaa Před měsícem +2

    I love my 2019 MacBook Air and I dont really care for the keyboard it has not given me any problem, but if anything happens I know apple will give me 4 years free service plan for it.

    • barcitaa
      barcitaa Před měsícem

      @Alexandru Macovei I got it 3 days ago and I have just charge it once. It lasts arounds 13 hours of continues use. I have traveled with it and it is a marble to travel. (my main use case is Office, media consumption, emails and web browsing)

    • Alexandru Macovei
      Alexandru Macovei Před měsícem

      How is the battery? For how many hours you can use this device??

  • Thomas David
    Thomas David Před měsícem

    Can any one help me I wanted to get a 13 inch Mac Book Pro for Lightroom does the base model work

  • farzam afifi
    farzam afifi Před měsícem +1

    Hi Dave
    Which. MacBook is good for programming ?
    Thanks a lot

    • farzam afifi
      farzam afifi Před 16 dny


    • Elisabeth B
      Elisabeth B Před 16 dny +1

      I‘m not Dave but for developing IOS Apps use MacBook Pro 15

  • Trell West
    Trell West Před 2 měsíci

    2013-2015 macbook pros with retina are still solid computers if you can find one

  • Artform Insights!
    Artform Insights! Před 2 měsíci +2

    Dave, you should do a new vid now on the new AIRs and MBP 13s...I really feel the MBP 13s with the bumped up specs is what Apple is finally responding to all the PC laptops dominating the creator space for low money. 😄

  • Utkarsh Gupta
    Utkarsh Gupta Před 2 měsíci

    Can an undergrad computer science student use the air?

  • Brattus Cattus
    Brattus Cattus Před 2 měsíci

    I want this MacBook, should I stay with 1.4 GHz or spend more for 1.7 GHz?

  • IKSH
    IKSH Před 2 měsíci +1

    I still can't believe that you have been standing the whole time

  • Radu Spataru
    Radu Spataru Před 2 měsíci

    My Macbook Pro 2017 got speakers broke 4 times in one year, it was fixed everytime on warranty, thinking to switch over to windows.

  • BdrumMerX14
    BdrumMerX14 Před 2 měsíci

    you were wrong they updated them lol

  • Steven Velthuizen
    Steven Velthuizen Před 2 měsíci +3

    Dave: If you want to buy a Macbook...

    Me: Buy a GPD P2 Max.

  • Star A
    Star A Před 2 měsíci +2

    We need updated video on 2019 MacBook pro and air

  • Gaming Mädchen
    Gaming Mädchen Před 2 měsíci +1

    Now you need a new video😆