BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Short Film #6 MAMA

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  • BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Short Film #6 MAMA
    Short film credits:
    Director: YongSeok Choi (Lumpens)
    Assistant Directors: Wonju Lee, Edie Ko, Nuri Jeong, Jihye Yoon
    Director of Photography: HyunWoo Nam
    Art Director: Moonyoung Lee
    Special Effects : Yoseop Park
    Original story by: Linn Choi

    BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved.
    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea

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    왜 슬프지..

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    Why it's only 6 m armies take time to watch every MV of BTS

  • Min Holly
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    theory: Ok here me out kids

    In #1, at 1:46 jungkook says “hyung”
    In #2 at 1:46 Jimin looks up as if he heard something
    In #3 at 1:46 V falls to ground
    In #4 at 1:46 Suga nearly gets hit by a car
    In #5 at 1:46 RM covers his ears
    In #6 at 1:46 J-hope wakes up from his dream
    In #7 at 1:46 Jin picks up the flowers that were on his bed
    so my theory is that because at 1:46 Jungkook called out for Hyung, at that exact same time in every video the person shows that they heard it or something. Theorists, work with that.

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    alguien x las teorias ?

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    Our aim for J-Hope's B-Day:
    Daydream = 100M
    Airplane = 50M
    Boy meets evil = 50M
    Mama = 10M
    Let's do this ARMYs fighting💜💜💪💪💪

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    A la vrg wey q peks con este film me hizo temblar

  • Mikayla Smith
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    the beginning words are from Lady Eve chapter of Demian, 1:06 Abraxas in his eye (possibly painted by V), 1:19 for a moment has wings, 2;00 the painting, the text translates to "the sky is blue, the sun is shining" which is a lyric from I Need U sang by Jin

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    6 001 027

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    *don't do drugs kids*

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    1:06 its the same thing
    in stigma at 0:44 when the police arrested tae

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    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ LOVEEEEEEEEE

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  • UniNyaPlays
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    wht does the "Ava" at the bottom right of the picture of the mom and the baby mean cause I've been trying to anazlyze these snippets for so long looking for little details lol

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    A.C _ARMYXO-L Před 2 dny

    What if at 1:13 Hobi looks at his hand like that because of the connection to Tae? In Euphoria it seems like Jin sent Hobi to stop V from killing his dad. In blood sweat and tears Hobi shoots a colorful arrow at Tae, I think it represents the same thing. Plus when Hobi took the pill, look closely and you’ll see Tae’s graffiti drawing in his eyes. Anyways, it’s just a thought

    A.C _ARMYXO-L Před 2 dny

    Hobi💜Now there will be a mental hospital in Gwangju named after Hobi and opened on his birthday

  • Cj Argonza
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    What does 2:15 say

  • Nay R.
    Nay R. Před 2 dny

    Jimin y J Hipertensión vieron el mismo cuadro, entonces probablemente quiera decir que Jimin estaba estaba hospitalizado y al salir quiere decir que muere primero por eso... En lie Jimin está alado de una camilla vacía. Según yo

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    When you see the snickers and your like...............


  • Wisdom Simon
    Wisdom Simon Před 3 dny

    The doctor described Hoseok's physical examination as anxious and irritable (there is more but I can't see it) and he said that his thought process is illogical and retarded. But then again, the doctor could be writing a report about Jimin and not Hoseok because both Hoseok and Jimin seem to be in the same mental facility. Because for the assessment, the doctor wrote Munchausen syndrome, (a mental disorder in which a person repeatedly and deliberately acts as if he or she has a physical or mental illness when he or she is not really sick). and in the Smeraldo book notes, Hoseok has narcolepsy (a sleep disorder characterized by excessive sleepiness, sleep paralysis, hallucinations, and in some cases episodes of cataplexy (partial or total loss of muscle control, often triggered by a strong emotion such as laughter). Also, the pills Hoseok is taking looks like aptensio xr (15 mg) which is a medication used to treat narcolepsy that is very effective but can be addictive. They may cause side effects such as nervousness and heart palpitations. Additionally, back to the Smeraldo book notes, Jimin's note said " I lied for the first time today. I looked into the doctors eyes and pretended to be depressed. "I can't remember anything." which is basically munchausen syndrome. So that why I believe that dotor's report is for Jimin and not Hoseok.

  • limario oppa
    limario oppa Před 3 dny

    I'm late but i noticed something:
    in "LIE" a black circle with white words says the name "Eva" and in the painting of the child and the mom, on the bottom right it says Eva.
    I'm so fcking confused with the theories and SAVE ME coming out

  • Wisdom Simon
    Wisdom Simon Před 3 dny

    The same painting at 2:33 is the same as the one shown in Taehyung's eye in stigma at 1:44

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    Snickers in this video... Snickers in fake love mv too.......

    What am i doing to my lifeu!!??? 😗

  • Chelsea Brown
    Chelsea Brown Před 3 dny

    Alright alright alright I'm here with info on the pills you saw at 1:05
    - Orange and white pills are 100% Adderall. The recent notes diagnose him with narcolepsy, which Adderall can help treat.
    - Yellow pills: most likely Alprazolam, which is used to treat anxiety and panic disorders
    - Tan pill: would either be Citalopram, and antidepressant, or Namenda, which treats Dementia/Alzheimer's
    - Red pill: hard to tell. Possibly Zolpidem, which is for insomnia
    There was a possible pink pill in there? Could have been Metaxalone, which is a muscle relaxant.
    So in the recent notes we discover that Jimin was faking depression, which would be Munchausen Syndrome, which is what the doctor writes down at the beginning. We know that Jimin and Hoseok are connected. That report may have been for Jimin, not Hoseok. Munchausen Syndrome is a mental disorder where the patient fakes a mental illness. The thing is, is that this can be where an adult produces the symptoms in someone else, usually their child. Who in the WINGS story was linked with a parent? Hoseok. Now, back to the diagnosis sheet.
    It also says
    Thought Process: Illogical, retarded
    Now in this case, this could also be referring to Jimin if we look back at Euphoria.
    Also let me make this very clear: retarded is being used in the actual technical terms. The slur is annoying as hell and this is 100% not offensive. It's rather offensive if you get defensive of a member being referred to as retarded in the WINGS films from a medical/psychological standpoint. Now, let's move on to what I was getting at.
    Jimin was seen in Euphoria playing as if the other members were still at the hospital with him. So this is illogical, as well as slow-thinking.
    Next up... Physical Assessment
    Mood: Anxious and sluggish (? wasn't clear, but most likely sluggish), irritable
    Hmmm... now I want to jump back to the pills.
    Side effects of Adderall are... psychosis, panic attacks, and anxiety. But there's also Schizophrenia-like symptoms such as hallucinations, paranoid delusions, and behavioral and mood delusions. If we look at Hoseok in that lovely little box, he could possibly be hallucinating, since he is surrounded by those Adderall pills. I'm going to assume that it's showing side effects of the pill. There's another thing, though.
    Hoseok and Jimin are for sure in a mental hospital. Jungkook is in an actual hospital. Save Me (Webtoon) showed Jungkook getting killed when he was hit by a car, but what if it just made it so he couldn't use his legs? So he was paralyzed from the waist down? So he was in a wheelchair??? There's your highlight reel. Jimin and Hoseok freaking interacted in their hospital, and we know for a fact Jimin is in a mental one. Also, we would see them interact with Jungkook if they were in the same hospital as him. Yeah, they love to leave of details, but even they wouldn't leave out that one.
    I know a lot of this is old stuff that people have already come up with, but I got in a thing with my friend earlier on this and uh I was inspired. Anyways, stream Epiphany! (WHICH IS A WHOLE RANT BY ITSELF, ESPECIALLY WITH SAVE ME. ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY THE NEW EPISODE THAT HASN'T BEEN RELEASED AKA EPISODE FOUR UWU WE SEE HOW JUNGKOOK WOULD HAVE DIED)

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    Does anybody notice in the picture with the mom and son that it says Eva in the corner

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    i-i got goosebumps

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    I'm so dump
    I come here after reading the first chapters of the webtoon but still

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    Who's here because of the theories?

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    V-hope Is real

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    Aún no lo supero, es mi short film favorito :'3

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    Vamos Army! Vamos por esos 10M!
    Vamos,sé que podemos,será el cumpleaños de nuestro hermoso y talentoso Hobi!
    Army x BTS! 💜

  • Hermione Jean Granger-Weasley

    You’re not yourself when your hungry 😋

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    This is tbh very dark. Like having a so upbeat and then that music vid.. If a blind person would ''watch'' this then they'd prob be like, what a nice vid.

  • Kawaii Potato
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    This right here has so many sides 😂 A snickers commercial, a don't do drugs message, psychopath stuff, and to love ur mama

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    Is BigHit sponsored by Snickers?

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    I'm actually crying

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    Webtoons anyone? Finding more clues?

  • Kikko San
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    Wings resembles the time travelling power jin currently has. Jungkook started this. Jungkook was the first to have wings, but then jungkook dies, if you have read the webtoon you would understand, so tae is given the powers of time travelling. but tae was seen to kill his father, and to get powers, he most likely got it from the so called magic shop. maybe his pay was controlling his anger? i dunno.but whatever it was, it was seen as a STIGMA, aka a disgrace, so tae was no longer having his time travelling powers which were given to jin. I suspect that using those powers jin's lifespan becomes shorter because at the end of blood sweat and tears, jin's face starts cracking, after he kissed the angle, and sometimes kisses are seen to seal a promise.
    I googled the definition of singularity and the first definition was being singular but if you scroll down to the 3rd definition, it states that singularity means: when artificial intellengence has gone so highly advanced that it gives humanity a irreversible change. THATS MAGIC SHOP.
    if you look at the song 134340, if you add each digit to each other you get the number 15. and in the webtoon jin time travels to the date of april 11th. If you add the month april=4 and 11 you get 15.
    On august 24th 2006 pluto was announced no longer a planet. on august 24th 2018, love yourself answer was released, coincedence?
    Boy meets what: wonder=w her=h answer=a tear=t, i wonder if her tear is the answer. if you look at the outro: tear, rapmon states, i call you her, her,cuz your my tear, tear. the girl from the highlight reel drops a notebook. maybe its her troublesof meeting all 7 boys and she wants to help but she doesnt know how, so she is in 'tears.' and i wonder if her tear is the answer, would then completely make sense.
    In suga's solo song first love, he talks about his piano and everything, but at the bridge he says hyung, i miss you. and since jungkook is dead, i think that's what yoongi is trying to say. and in begin jungkook says When hyung is in pain, it hurts more than when I’m in pain, which is the lyrics, so jungkook is telling yoongi to not be sad anymore, and stop mourning over his death.
    in stigma by v, tae states,"i'm sorry i'm sorry ma sister." and he repeats that phrase but with ma brother instead. he's probs apologizing for killing his father, which is seen as a disgrace, hence why it's called stigma. then u here v say are u calling me a sinner, and in the webtoon ppl kept asking tae why he killed his father. tae believes they r claiming he is a sinner.
    also. i believe, us, the ARMY, is what is young forever. army stands for Adorable Representative MC for Youth, and we represent the youth. we keep'regenerating.' as we continue with our generation. but after bts is gone. their gone. they don't just keep passing on the name bts. but we, us, we are young forever.
    Reflection: rm is always looking at his reflection telling himself to love himself. in this song, in fake love. the main cause of the members death in the webtoon and highlight reels is the utter self hatred they have for themselves. if jungkook didnt commit suicide, yoongi wouldn't have burned his piano and himself. jimin wouldn't have drowned himself. jin wouldn't have to change the past. v wouldn't have killed his father. this why all their current albums r called love yourself
    thx for reading this long theory! i'll edit this comment once i find more stuff!

    • Kikko San
      Kikko San Před 2 dny +2

      +A.C _ARMYXO-L it is also very likely that jhope and tae are brothers. they seem to be very connected throughout the wings short films. both are based off their childhood and their awful parenting. have a slight feeling that taehyung's father may have been divorced. which is what leads to his alcohol addiction. as for jhope, his mother must have lost a reason to take care of hobi, so she resorted to making up illnesses to seem as though she actually is affectionate.

    • A.C _ARMYXO-L
      A.C _ARMYXO-L Před 2 dny

      Kikko San I also have a theory. What if Hobi looks at his hands like that at 1:13 because of his connection to V? In Euphoria it seems like Jin sent Hobi to stop V from killing his father. In blood sweat and tears Hobi shoots a colorful arrow at V. I think this represents his intention to save Tae. Also at 1:06 when Hobi takes the pill V’s graffiti is reflected in his eyes.

      LALIT MOHAN RAY Před 4 dny

      Now my brain cells are getting start work🤔🤔

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    Me da mucha tristeza

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    why am I crying?

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    what's with the paints though

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    JHOPE 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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    10-15m before his birthday

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    “Your not you when your hungry” 😂😂

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    I’m here after webtoon wbu?

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    also why do they keep showing the forest painting? someone explain

  • jiminiepab0ya
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    why did tae see the mother holding a child as well?? I don't get it

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    The oxymoron when the song came out and j hope was losing mind is scary 😐

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    You're not yourself when you're hungry

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    In 2:16 what is written?? It's in. Korean

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    Me muero por cada corto que veo

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    It’s ok hobi you have sprite too comfort you

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    idk if you've noticed, but jimin is always tied to the forest (in 'lie' and in the 'fave love' music video, extended ver if not the original). but here, hoseok eats the candy and leaves-- the painting then changes to represent the care of the mother. i believe this signifies the change in euphoria, when hoseok leaves jimin at he mental institution to support taehyung and his sister.
    hoseok is the motherly figure in this universe (and in real life, really). jimin should've spoken up, there's no one else to blame. he's letting everything bottle up, and he's not being communicative about how he feels. it hurts him in the end.
    the view was so close when hoseok looked out, but in actually stepping outside the room, it became distant or unreal. its not hoseok's fault jimin's alone.

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    I PURPLE YOU 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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    vengo del futuro y estoy aca sufriendo por el webtoon Save me (carita que llora)

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    ROAD TO 6M

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    WEBTOON(Save me) brought me here

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    Se tomo la pastilla y vio lo de tae k onda xd

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    Hoseok: is fighting with himself, taking pills and passing out in a room which looks like a horror movie
    **plays happy background music**

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    All their songs are connected?? ahmmmm

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    Necesito más Snickers...

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    it’s 2019 and this is still one of the coolest things ever, it’s really impossible to not get chills while watching this

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    No final: Snickers, mata sua ilusão. {Eu preciso de um snickers, agr.}

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    your not you when your hungry

    jhope: have a snickers........

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    aghhh I really want someone to make a sense of all this ;-; better yet bighit can y'all please give us a proper explanation for idk EVERYTHING that you've released for the past 4 years?

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    i love u Jhope

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    Jhope y jimin están encerrados en un manicomio?? Algo así tae y suga posiblemente en la cárcel jin y jungkook son los que saben de todo e intentaran ayudar nam aun lo tengo que averiguar

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    *You deserve all the love of the world, Jung Hoseok. We purple you! Please don‘t forget that you’re beautiful, talented, precious, hard working and a wonderful human being. Thank you for the times you smiled for us even when you were feeling bad, for all the times you made us happy. You’re amazing Baby* 💜

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    Plot twist: it was a snickers commercial=))))

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    I wonder why Hobie hasn't still win an Oscar for this?
    Love literally flows out of him❤️❤️

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    You dont need pills when u have snickers

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