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  • čas přidán 7. 02. 2019
  • Be the hostess with the mostest and wow your guests with delicious snacks!
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  • Rice made Jackson hot
    Rice made Jackson hot Před 7 hodinami +1

    I don't usually throw parties but guess more snacks for me

  • Sebastian Vargas
    Sebastian Vargas Před 11 hodinami

    Party food is chips, pizza, and sweets. Not whatever this monstrosity is.

  • so fi ja
    so fi ja Před 13 hodinami

    Ah y vo crei que se cocinar ja

  • Oz one
    Oz one Před dnem

    Whats up with the music lol

  • Monjur Morshed Rahat
    Monjur Morshed Rahat Před 3 dny


  • Yesmin Hossain
    Yesmin Hossain Před 3 dny

    The ikea plate

  • Asma Noor
    Asma Noor Před 4 dny

    hehe its not potatoe bhaji its potatoe pakora

  • Khalid Kokni
    Khalid Kokni Před 5 dny

    You are making very fast we can,t understand any think.

  • Manjula Gopi
    Manjula Gopi Před 6 dny +1

    Please do try something veg

  • RN _kawisara
    RN _kawisara Před 7 dny


  • ain diera
    ain diera Před 8 dny


  • ain diera
    ain diera Před 8 dny


  • ain diera
    ain diera Před 8 dny


  • ain diera
    ain diera Před 8 dny


  • ain diera
    ain diera Před 8 dny


  • ain diera
    ain diera Před 8 dny


  • ain diera
    ain diera Před 8 dny


  • ain diera
    ain diera Před 8 dny


  • ain diera
    ain diera Před 8 dny


  • ain diera
    ain diera Před 8 dny


  • ain diera
    ain diera Před 8 dny


  • ain diera
    ain diera Před 8 dny


  • ain diera
    ain diera Před 8 dny


  • ain diera
    ain diera Před 8 dny


  • M Lane
    M Lane Před 8 dny

    More interested in the music

  • Regina Phalange
    Regina Phalange Před 8 dny

    What's the music about lol

  • Gena Bakeer
    Gena Bakeer Před 8 dny

    I can't eat bacin because l am Muslim

  • Lemiii
    Lemiii Před 9 dny

    Why does this have to be for a party? What if i dont have friends to party with. Can I eat this alone.

  • NaRwALツ
    NaRwALツ Před 9 dny

    Пидорасы заебали у русских пиздить. Уроды

  • hema nair
    hema nair Před 10 dny


  • Kash Flow
    Kash Flow Před 10 dny

    Name of song?

  • Raynia Jonson
    Raynia Jonson Před 10 dny +2

    Can you bake the pizza tots instead of frying them? Or will they fall apart in the oven?

  • Okoye Izuchukwu
    Okoye Izuchukwu Před 10 dny


  • Bishu Riaz
    Bishu Riaz Před 10 dny +1

    who the hell makes food himself at the party

  • Jermarsiay Watkins
    Jermarsiay Watkins Před 11 dny +2


    Who watches this but be to lazy to cook (imma say me)

  • Tahira Hasan Naora
    Tahira Hasan Naora Před 12 dny

    What's up with the music?

  • Bandit Gamer
    Bandit Gamer Před 13 dny

    Who watched it but never makes it

  • Anonymous Hacker
    Anonymous Hacker Před 13 dny +2

    Next Video: How To Make People Hungry

  • Fairy Berry
    Fairy Berry Před 13 dny

    I’ll do it solo

  • eli siguevillegas
    eli siguevillegas Před 13 dny

    Cada vez que veo estos vídeos siento que engorro más y más 😊😊😊

  • ELG 1
    ELG 1 Před 15 dny


  • ELG 1
    ELG 1 Před 15 dny

    Nice snacks to watch at 3 am

    • Oblivion
      Oblivion Před 13 dny

      ELG 1
      Same. The refrigerator is empty and there are no 24/7 restaurants within 15 km

  • H U E V O
    H U E V O Před 16 dny


  • bunny
    bunny Před 16 dny

    All I need is money to buy ingredients

  • Paula Hanslo
    Paula Hanslo Před 18 dny

    I was watching them make all this delicious looking food, while eating a packet of plain chips! Why me, why!😢

  • Rio Torres
    Rio Torres Před 18 dny +1

    Who else eats food while watching this to satisfy their hunger

  • Sirius Tuga
    Sirius Tuga Před 18 dny

    huhu this nigga must got the baby dick

  • Fidou Melice
    Fidou Melice Před 18 dny

    Your food looks delicious

  • Kieran Genovese
    Kieran Genovese Před 18 dny

    All they do is heart attack food.

  • Muhammad Anas Siddiqui
    Muhammad Anas Siddiqui Před 19 dny

    3:04 this is very common in Pakistan we say it "Aalo Ka Pakorra"

  • Rishab Kattimani
    Rishab Kattimani Před 20 dny +1


  • the gladiator gamer
    the gladiator gamer Před 20 dny

    One of the snack is from india

  • Sharminhjsb Musharrahwjew

    The food alrady looks tasty.um

  • Jen Ball
    Jen Ball Před 21 dnem

    great video. DON'T CLICK THIS: bit.ly/2VNFpkr

  • Quỳnh Trâm Ngô Phạm

    Ngon lắm đấy

  • Shilu Jain
    Shilu Jain Před 21 dnem +1

    Those patato bhajis are actually aloo pakoras which is an Indian snack

  • Nuzhat Fatma
    Nuzhat Fatma Před 21 dnem

    U guys r really doing an awesome job

  • F for Fun
    F for Fun Před 22 dny

    Copying from 5 minute craft

  • Leann Kyle
    Leann Kyle Před 22 dny

    OMG!! Tomorrow we have a party and im totally going to make some of these!!!❤️😋🎉

  • Krishna's Home
    Krishna's Home Před 23 dny

    Wow.. amazing work

  • Zamiv06
    Zamiv06 Před 23 dny

    I wanna eat but here is 4:00 a.m.

  • Aicha Lakehal
    Aicha Lakehal Před 23 dny


  • S.k Kamboj
    S.k Kamboj Před 23 dny

    Plzz tell ingredients

  • Virendra Tigga
    Virendra Tigga Před 24 dny +1

    who wants to try this recipes at home

  • Hell Razor
    Hell Razor Před 24 dny

    I can’t click away lol 😂

  • kimmy love
    kimmy love Před 24 dny

    TBH Im here just to watch them cook or bake food and crave every food XD

    HAMZA GAMING Před 24 dny +1

    أرجوكم اشتركو بقناتي لأصل ألى 100مشترك

  • Marinat marinat
    Marinat marinat Před 24 dny

    Ommm yamy ohhh waw

  • Abdul Nujjoo
    Abdul Nujjoo Před 24 dny +1

    Me:yum yum
    Bro : wth are ya doing
    Me: admiring the food in da video
    Bro:wth !

  • Isaias Espinosa
    Isaias Espinosa Před 24 dny

    The snacks is good but the music is terrible is like a drill.

  • Paweł Kata
    Paweł Kata Před 25 dny

    5:00 krazki cebulowe z serem

  • Reena- lee handerson
    Reena- lee handerson Před 26 dny

    Loll you are a good cooker

  • Kanchan Porwal
    Kanchan Porwal Před 26 dny

    The fifth one in called also pakora

  • Love Life
    Love Life Před 26 dny +3

    Background music Feels like james bond is cooking..😎

  • Leebron Jemas
    Leebron Jemas Před 27 dny

    worst was the buffalo wings..best was the freakin chicken mozarella, even tho the sugar was ridiculous..surprisingly good darn it..

  • ilyas blacko
    ilyas blacko Před 27 dny

    very good and nice

  • Scott Zies
    Scott Zies Před 27 dny

    All great ideas - looks so good!

  • Aesthetic Soul
    Aesthetic Soul Před 27 dny +1

    2:52 Maybe if you added potatoes directly to the mixture in diced formed , You could've easily made Pakoras. Which are a lot tastier.

  • Aesthetic Soul
    Aesthetic Soul Před 27 dny +4

    The tune sounds like they're doing something to save the world rather than planning what to make in the next party.

  • Nhã Đan Channel
    Nhã Đan Channel Před 28 dny


  • Mytis
    Mytis Před 28 dny +4

    This music is too intense for this video

  • Amani Kaderi
    Amani Kaderi Před 28 dny

    5 minutes crafts. Copycats..

  • Victoria Simon
    Victoria Simon Před 28 dny

    At least they didn’t write ”easy”

  • 666 Noel
    666 Noel Před 28 dny +1

    1:45 Rip ROBLOX

  • aeda kuleni
    aeda kuleni Před 28 dny

    Who like mozarella cheese ?

  • Cecilia yea
    Cecilia yea Před 28 dny +3

    i feel like im watching an action movie because of the music

  • Meelis Meigas
    Meelis Meigas Před 28 dny


  • Alisha Wang
    Alisha Wang Před 29 dny


  • Vanilla Sky
    Vanilla Sky Před 29 dny

    One bad thing in this video is bad background music 😕 It's hard to concentrate on the images so I turned it off 😂

  • Isabel Lunde Alcon
    Isabel Lunde Alcon Před 29 dny

    Omg so Yummy 6:15

  • sharmin bape
    sharmin bape Před 29 dny +7

    Um.... I was just wondering if you guys own a restaurant
    Cuz that's gonna be a real hit in the bank

  • Yasothai Yasithai
    Yasothai Yasithai Před 29 dny

    No hygiene

  • Obito U.
    Obito U. Před 29 dny

    I want that xan you make me that recipe.

  • Dharmendra Singh
    Dharmendra Singh Před měsícem

    Are you indian?? Because of the potato bhajis😉😐

  • standingkurt10
    standingkurt10 Před měsícem +1

    Are u hungry yet?🤔🤔

  • Suman Mukherjee
    Suman Mukherjee Před měsícem


  • Luis Guillermo Guerrero Ulate

    That saw delicious, what's rhe soundtrack❓

  • وصفات رائعة
    وصفات رائعة Před měsícem

    I love cooking especially Western cooking

  • Серая кошка
    Серая кошка Před měsícem +1

    3:07 чё за соус? Выглядит аппетитно

  • Monique Montefalco
    Monique Montefalco Před měsícem

    *what's with the background music?* 😂