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Chihuahua owners will really just say things like

  • čas přidán 18. 01. 2022
  • She's shaking because she's constantly cold and terrified of everything! If I didn't carry her in this handbag, she would literally die! Precious! 🥰
    Hi, Al. This video is a dub of a Tumblr/Reddit meme about the types of things Chihuahua owners will say. Please show it to people who will like it. Thank you.

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  • Jeaney Collects

    She's shaking because she's constantly cold and terrified of everything! If I didn't carry her in this handbag, she would literally die! Precious! 🥰

  • Wecoc1
    Wecoc1  +15

    They call their Chihuahua "princess" and everyone's fine, but I say my Labrador is called Sir Lancedog while I bow on his presence and everyone looks me weird.

  • Karen
    Karen  +22

    Well, MY little angel isn't gross or something like that. She's my princess with 5 legs, she always trembles and her stomach contains more worms than dog, but that's what makes her a ✨ special queen

  • Everby
    Everby  +13

    The owner waking up to find their own nose bitten off: oh it's fine the little baby was just hungry 🤭❤

  • Yeeter
    Yeeter  +437

    My chihuahua mix is called Booger. He is a booger. He's dumb and begs and cries for food like he hasn't eaten in many moons, in reality his previous owners overfed him and he's 5lbs overweight. He also jumps using all four legs. When he's excited he does his whole body jump and makes a unsettling chattering noise. He's a weird dude, but I love him.

  • L.J. Turner

    Our neighbour has one, I call it “the rat”

  • The Slick
    The Slick  +333


  • Moskeetees

    My chihuahua is adorable! He’s so fluffy, with the cutest dark, round eyes, and little paws, and eight legs, and-

  • Clockwork
    Clockwork  +13

    I had a friend with a pet chihuahua who was actually pretty cool. I've been informed those are quite rare.

  • Rush Wheeler

    the pause before "and sound like a broken wii" was pure gold.

  • ☆Twilight Aerrotail☆

    My family has owned MANY chihuahuas over the years, but none of them really acted bad, nor did they have health problems. I would say it's because most of them were deer headed, but most of the apple heads were pretty much normal dogs too, except for one.

  • RainbowDemon503

    I watch Soda Pets quite a bit and from how she explains it, stuff like that is literally mostly on the owner. Sure, breeds always have unique problems, especially regarding illnesses, but behaviour is all on the owner. People tend to treat then really differently due to their size making them appear way less dangerous, and so a lot of behaviours that would get addressed in a big dog is actively provoked and made worse

  • Coingamer

    I love when people say "i dont have cats because they are mean animals" or some bullcrap like that and then proceed to buy 6 chihuahuas

  • Just Another Mortal

    The fact that this comment section is unified in their collective love/trauma at owning a chihuahua is so beautiful ♥️

  • Dabo Life

    The fact that he is spitting facts, omg, this is totally accurate.

  • ihatemoths

    Used to have a small pack of “outside dogs” in my neighborhood.

  • VenomQuill

    Both the chihuahua mixes we've ever had were rescues off the street. Chihuahuas can actually be like normal dogs (sort of) if you treat them right. As in, don't treat them like a toy or a baby. Talk and play like you would a normal dog. Maybe tone it down to not kill them or something, of course. Aside from the rampant, automatic barking at the door, they

  • A Frog Named Sparrow

    My little fluffy princess is not like other chihuahuas, she can barely hear, barks at walls in the middle of the night, has cost us more money than buying out house, and will be VERY offended if she doesnt get to eat everything on your plate.

  • Hermione Granger

    I love the little "eow" sound he made for the emoji lmao

  • Sammie1053

    Had a roommate with two chihuahuas. When we started living together she had one; I came home from work one day and there was a second, no prior discussion on her part, no acknowledgement of the new dog till I asked her who he was. I hated those things with a passion. They weren't aggressive, but she was always working, so they were extremely needy, barked all the time, and would piss and shit all over the apartment. It took two weeks to go from "poor things, locked in her bedroom all day while she's at work... I'll let them out" to "if she's going to subject me to these damn dogs she can come home to a piss and shit filled bedroom for all I care."