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Deep Rock Galactic is the last fun game in the world

  • čas přidán 17. 06. 2022
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    Deep Rock Galactic OST
    Hold My Beard - • Video
    Attack Of The Glyphids - • Video
    The Shadows Are Moving - • Video
    Petrified Fury - • Video
    Robot Getaway - • Video
    Leave No Dwarf Behind - • Video
    Beneath The Crust - • Video
    Music credits:
    Through the Trees - Halo Infinite OST (8-bit arcade machine Easter egg version)
    • Halo Infinite | Offici...
    • Halo Infinite: Through...
    Art credits:
    Knight walking puppies animation - / bluescluesvevo
    Medieval overgrowth - / mdesgn099
    Sitting with the pups - / lazy__drawings
    Dathomir - / sin-scribbles
    Floating temple - / titiknoda_
    Alien fantasy - / kyle_cochran_art
    Medieval sunset - / dainsart
    White castle - / fyctionv
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  • @theonlyzanny
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    • @bryan-7997
      @bryan-7997 Před rokem +492


    • @zaront3923
      @zaront3923 Před rokem +362

      STONE AND ROCK... wait

    • @ethanessick3345
      @ethanessick3345 Před rokem +176

      I cannot tell you how excited i was to get this notification that you made this video and play DRG! Criminally underrated game

    • @redknight3697
      @redknight3697 Před rokem +219


    • @kalipsycho3874
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  • @Luissv72
    @Luissv72 Před rokem +7726

    Zanny: "They've got me stealing kids!"

    • @theonlyzanny
      @theonlyzanny  Před rokem +1276


    • @booboocruze1510
      @booboocruze1510 Před rokem +378

      Gotta do it for that Amazon paycheck

    • @ignitedember343
      @ignitedember343 Před rokem +151

      @@booboocruze1510 voodoo 1 vipers on station your journey ends here pilot the sky's belong to me no where to run no where to hide

    • @Spartanac517
      @Spartanac517 Před rokem +43

      hahahahah just rewatched it yesterday, nice reference!

    • @cheesygorditacrunch1708
      @cheesygorditacrunch1708 Před rokem +12

      @@theonlyzanny 69th like lmao

  • @darckap2785
    @darckap2785 Před rokem +4874

    Fun fact: Despite there not being a prompt to do so, you can pet the pog plants.

    • @attilakovacs5040
      @attilakovacs5040 Před rokem +286

      For real? Damn,that's so food
      I pet the Lootbugs mostly,if my teammates aren't killing them on sight

    • @Gledrath_
      @Gledrath_ Před rokem +127

      Also the cave vines
      Or whatever meme name they have

    • @MatthiasBamelis
      @MatthiasBamelis Před rokem +95

      Also Doretta

    • @attilakovacs5040
      @attilakovacs5040 Před rokem +135

      @@MatthiasBamelis petting doretta is a natural behaviour of the Dwarves(but only the Driller likes Doretta and Molly the way they are)

    • @jackjill2394
      @jackjill2394 Před rokem +26

      You can also pet the gniffers in the blue area

  • @megaj9175
    @megaj9175 Před 10 měsíci +1230

    "Something about holding that minigun just makes you need to sacrifice yourself" No truer words have been said

    • @luizkotlewski3749
      @luizkotlewski3749 Před 7 měsíci +42

      Coruscant guard minigun clone go: "FOR THE REPUBLIC!!!"

    • @Mar-kw3uf
      @Mar-kw3uf Před 7 měsíci +26

      pas visla lived by those words

    • @flamethrowr_
      @flamethrowr_ Před 7 měsíci +14


    • @BensonsCoffee
      @BensonsCoffee Před 7 měsíci +12

      Clone trooper Thor: "FOR THE REPUBLIC!!!!"

    • @oligamer200
      @oligamer200 Před 6 měsíci +5

      ​@@luizkotlewski3749 commander thorn

  • @wobbmin3705
    @wobbmin3705 Před 11 měsíci +1019

    I love how genuine the screams of terror are in this video, as if a Cave leech or a Nemesis actually grabbed you in real life.

  • @qwerty222999
    @qwerty222999 Před 10 měsíci +988

    I feel like Deep Rock is one of those games, where the developers actively tried to keep frustrating mechanics out of the game. They could easily have given you a fade out time when down, resulting in perma death or given Molly a health bar and have you need to protect her. Things that would make hardcore players just tell you to "get good" and "it makes the game more challenging", but the team strayed away from those things, because they wanted their game to be fun, not frustrating.

    • @Ghostly3011
      @Ghostly3011 Před 9 měsíci +91

      It’s hard, but in all the right ways that just make the challenge more satisfying when you overcome it.

    • @orbitingsentientsatellite4361
      @orbitingsentientsatellite4361 Před 9 měsíci +19

      @@Ghostly3011 and the whole game is just obnoxiously awesome, i love it

    • @Lazarultos
      @Lazarultos Před 9 měsíci +45

      Gotta respect developers who remember that the main objective of making a game is to make it FUN for its audience. Most people might scoff at the existence of the Hazard 1 and 2 difficulties and say that its pointless and removes all the challenge for any half-decent player, but it's better that they exist for people who need it (those who are playing video games for the first time, young children, or even elderly players who just want to have a relaxed foray through the caves). And if you think the low difficulties are boring then just... don't play them. The higher difficulties on the other hand exist for you.
      I just love how so much thought has been put into the game mechanics to make it easy-to-learn, fun, and accessible for a wide range of players (they even have a COLORBLIND MODE toggle in the options now!). GSG knows a co-op game lives and dies by its community, and they put in the work to nurture that community as much as they can.

    • @zzodysseuszz
      @zzodysseuszz Před 9 měsíci +1

      @@Lazarultoselden ring can take some notes lol. I feel like another example of fun as shit games that are just fun is bayonetta 1 and dmc3. Those games are purely just blind fun
      Edit: elden ring is a peak example of a game that is not fair. People really need to stop deluding themselves into thinking that the game is fair and no, easy does not mean fair.

    • @h4xe7reac75
      @h4xe7reac75 Před 9 měsíci +7

      ​@@zzodysseuszz elden rings fun comes from fair difficultly lol

  • @Ginkami
    @Ginkami Před 11 měsíci +296

    10:05 he's fucking spot on
    The raw power of shredding through a bug horde with that thing and just asking for more just screams, "go, I'll buy us some time"

  • @traviswilliams2348
    @traviswilliams2348 Před rokem +5718

    For those of you who may be apprehensive at the "season 1" thing zanny showed off in the video, fear not. All seasons are simply figurative benchmarks for themes they want to stick to for updates, and are completely free in every way. And when a season "ends" the cosmetics contained within go into the cargo crates and lost loot in the missions and are permanently available to all players.

    • @zacharmstrong7887
      @zacharmstrong7887 Před rokem +886

      Free battlepass, and the rewards aren't missable, it's amazing!

    • @ImperatorClass
      @ImperatorClass Před rokem +620

      That's...an excellent system

    • @jacobfoxfires9647
      @jacobfoxfires9647 Před rokem +275

      Would still suggest doing them since you get a lot of materials and money out of it. Definitely worth your time.

    • @memelord4107
      @memelord4107 Před rokem +88

      This is a very good system

    • @durp9151
      @durp9151 Před rokem +68

      or in the cosmetics shop so thats neat

  • @craftvideos178
    @craftvideos178 Před rokem +772

    If you drink a Blackout Stout as the drop pod leaves for a mission, you will be so drunk it’s almost impossible to play the game

    • @SS-ij7gb
      @SS-ij7gb Před rokem +87

      Challenge accepted as soon as I upgrade my beer license

    • @jaxonl7810
      @jaxonl7810 Před rokem +45


    • @Atoll-ok1zm
      @Atoll-ok1zm Před rokem +9

      Can you not pass out when you're not in the spacerig? This requires sciencing

    • @jaxonl7810
      @jaxonl7810 Před rokem +50

      I failed miserably

    • @craftvideos178
      @craftvideos178 Před rokem +5

      @@jaxonl7810 Try with some friends

  • @familyacount2274
    @familyacount2274 Před rokem +281

    "Why do these bugs hate us?"
    *blasts a glyphids face off with a double barrel shotgun* "IDK, beats me."

  • @kedolan4992
    @kedolan4992 Před rokem +401

    The Honeymoon with Molly ends the first time she PUSHES YOU OFF A CLIFF. One of the voice lines even remarks on how they must've programmed molly to always get in the way, lol.

    • @marcotruschel9427
      @marcotruschel9427 Před rokem +44

      What fiendish technology makes molly constantly get in the way

    • @durinvii.3721
      @durinvii.3721 Před rokem +2

      iron breaker chad

    • @castro.ri_
      @castro.ri_ Před rokem +5

      Theres a point in the game when you start disrepecting everything, even teammates lmao

    • @ianduarte1992
      @ianduarte1992 Před 9 měsíci +5

      ​@@castro.ri_ as a rule of thumb, in any class based game, i just accept my fate and start disrespecting my teammates before i even meet the enemies.

    • @dpraldy3235
      @dpraldy3235 Před 8 měsíci +1

      One quip has the dwarves say something about killing the R&D guy who programmed Molly, that might be it lol

  • @ShriekingLlamas
    @ShriekingLlamas Před rokem +819

    "Molly is the best! I would never be mean to her!"
    10 minutes of gameplay later: 13:48

    • @StarboyXL9
      @StarboyXL9 Před rokem +57

      Molly is why I love robots more than women

    • @mack-attack-420
      @mack-attack-420 Před rokem +22

      @@StarboyXL9 why not both? Embrace cyborg woman

    • @BreadBox.
      @BreadBox. Před rokem +81

      "What kind of fiendish technology makes Molly constantly get in the way?"

    • @eldenlord5938
      @eldenlord5938 Před rokem +23

      Molly has pushed me off a clip or rather bumped into me. Still love her

    • @d-emprahexpects849
      @d-emprahexpects849 Před rokem +4

      Karl would be proud

  • @Ms19651502
    @Ms19651502 Před 11 měsíci +245

    Imagine they implemented voice commands, where you can just scream for molly and she'll come to you.

    • @kyoko4651
      @kyoko4651 Před 10 měsíci +7

      You could make that happen using a piece of software called voice attack iirc

    • @starofaetherius
      @starofaetherius Před 10 měsíci

      @@kyoko4651 indeed! I was about to say the same thing. Just map a voice command to the "call molly" button

  • @gnomeman5808
    @gnomeman5808 Před rokem +5938

    This game deserves more attention. It’s a masterpiece

  • @Baphelon
    @Baphelon Před rokem +183

    My 2nd most played game of all time. Genuinely a joy to play, and the devs are wonderful, and very attentive to what the community thinks. They made Doretta's head pop off just so we could carry it back with us. No bonus or anything, the community just felt sad that she always got left behind.

    • @redridingcape
      @redridingcape Před rokem +7

      Never leave Doretta behind!

    • @attilakovacs5040
      @attilakovacs5040 Před rokem +15

      Every time i play that escort mission i always carry Dotty back to the Pod
      Also i never hurt lootbugs,especially the Golden Ones if i find any. I just pet them.
      And the best thing? Im a Driller.

    • @brettness1416
      @brettness1416 Před rokem +4

      @@attilakovacs5040 Loot bugs will eat your minerals, so be careful!

    • @attilakovacs5040
      @attilakovacs5040 Před rokem

      @@brettness1416 they actually eat your minerals that are left on the ground?

  • @ninjaofwater19
    @ninjaofwater19 Před rokem +128

    My favorite memory with this game is when me and a couple friends made a rollercoaster around the entire map while drilling for liquid morkite

    • @melzyy
      @melzyy Před rokem +3

      there is an achievement for building a pipe long enough and then riding it for 2 minutes

  • @benjaminc924
    @benjaminc924 Před rokem +69

    Zanny's terrified screams as he gets grabbed by Nemesis live in my brain rent free

  • @mysticfellow9843
    @mysticfellow9843 Před rokem +30

    This game is a cult classic already. One of its recipes for success is how attentive and aware the devs are. They listen to the community and constantly update it and add new and interesting ways to play.

  • @PsychoT1m
    @PsychoT1m Před rokem +142

    This game is amazing! New content comes out at a ridiculous rate. Also I find all the classes interesting and they're all viable. Superb game!

  • @strayexk7157
    @strayexk7157 Před rokem +78

    why does nobody ever talk about Zannys gorgeous singing voice

  • @Alphadog2064
    @Alphadog2064 Před 8 měsíci +30

    18:05 best part about this interaction is that the track for this pet is called “Run!”

  • @idontneedhelp4055
    @idontneedhelp4055 Před 10 měsíci +16

    the devs deserve everything good that comes their way, this game is unfathomably superlative. this is indeed, the last fun game.

  • @bot_iceraven4809
    @bot_iceraven4809 Před 4 měsíci +7

    We need more Zanny and his gf, it’s wholesome

  • @emikobong7022
    @emikobong7022 Před rokem +12

    10:15 the storytelling, the acting, the cinematography- perfect. A true masterpiece.

  • @edgieststalker8141
    @edgieststalker8141 Před rokem +4357

    There is just 4 words that describe this whole game:

  • @SomeScruffian
    @SomeScruffian Před 11 měsíci +53

    Literally the only game i joined the official discord because its a whole new level of memage when you join a VC and hear the scout scream after he catches a C4 for the 4th time.

  • @wyran593
    @wyran593 Před 10 měsíci +10

    "Something about holding that huge minigun just makes you need to sacrifice yourself."......... Jorge would agree..... R.I.P Jorge....
    On a side note, would love to see more deep rock content! The new seasons pretty fun!

  • @Loseph2l
    @Loseph2l Před rokem +17

    With that mini-gun, you turn into Heavy from the episode of the Clone Wars titled "Rookies''
    Edit: Now that I think about it you may also become Sandman by letting the others go without you.

  • @Nicknekit7257
    @Nicknekit7257 Před rokem +27

    "9/10" good gameplay, fresh jokes and funny commentary. Zanny videos is a definitely must watch.

  • @Iansurgent9659
    @Iansurgent9659 Před rokem +21

    Right after watching this I downloaded the game and I have been having so much fun! I love the art aesthetic, the beer types, and the servers! OH THE SERVERs!! This is the easiest random multiplayer connecting process I have ever found. I have nothing but high hopes for this game and sincerely hope that Zanny will download more videos playing this.

  • @jackmclean4120
    @jackmclean4120 Před rokem +1318

    The genuine guttural screams of terror whenever they encounter the Nemesis is hilarious. I love it.

    • @pauldenney6968
      @pauldenney6968 Před rokem +59

      Speaking of Nemesis, there's a mod that replaces its voicelines with that of the Half-Life robot intercom VOX system lol it is HILARIOUS

    • @spottedwombat7103
      @spottedwombat7103 Před rokem +33

      @@pauldenney6968 i need GLADOS nemesis right fucking now

    • @messisshenanigans8303
      @messisshenanigans8303 Před rokem +9

      Me yesterday:*high pitched scream* GUYS COME BACK! SAVE ME! I NEED TOU! AHHHHHHHH

    • @pootisbirb6683
      @pootisbirb6683 Před rokem +8

      My First Nemesis Encounter was On My First Trip into Glacial Strata, Which I Had Set to be Solo. I took 1 step out the Drop Pod, and was Promptly Grabbed, Dragged Down a Pit, and Mauled to Death. From What Little I can Remember, there was also a Prospector, Rival Turrets, & The Nemesis who Insisted on Beating me Senseless. I Aborted the Mission because there was no way in hell I was gonna deal with dat shit.

    • @CaptainCFalcon
      @CaptainCFalcon Před 10 měsíci +2

      Somehow, I've NEVER encountered a Nemesis yet.

  • @atinofspam3433
    @atinofspam3433 Před 11 měsíci +4

    This game is amazing. A lot of content, game feels good to play, incredible community, awesome development team, no horrible micro transactions, and a sublime soundtrack.

  • @moravakmoravske2336
    @moravakmoravske2336 Před rokem +47

    You made me play this game and I love it, great video looking forward to some more DRG content

  • @pixelguy9
    @pixelguy9 Před rokem +13

    Hey Zanny, got this game thanks to you and it’s already in my top 10! I haven’t had the chance to play with friends yet, but when I do we’ll have a lot of fun! Again, wouldn’t have found this game without you, thanks man!

  • @Klespyrian
    @Klespyrian Před rokem +25

    That desert biome joke was top tier

  • @Freezyloen
    @Freezyloen Před 10 měsíci +6

    I have returned for my obligatory monthly rewatch of this incredible piece of art

    @X-SPONGED Před rokem +1560

    Miner : "Why do these bugs hate us ?" [1:26]
    "Because we invaded their lands, cut down their trees, and dug up their earth ?"
    Zanny : _"Beats me..."_

    • @durp9151
      @durp9151 Před rokem +52

      colonists in the 14th century be like

    • @sammytheboi5989
      @sammytheboi5989 Před rokem +7

      Nice pocahontas reference!

    • @DidntExpect
      @DidntExpect Před rokem +9

      @@durp9151 The bugs just need flags

    • @Equitine
      @Equitine Před rokem +15

      If we wernt supose to take their resources then they shouldn't have left them just sitting around.

  • @doomslayer13470
    @doomslayer13470 Před rokem +4

    I think one of the main reasons I love this game so much is because it reminds me of 80s action movies. The reloading of the guns and the chaos in the missions reminds me of terminator 2 and the enemy bugs remind me of the xenomophs in aliens.

  • @captainwangtypebeat
    @captainwangtypebeat Před rokem +9

    I'm so glad you ended up playing this game, if you're ever in need of a fellow miner I'm always down to play, I've had this game for over a year and I still can't get enough of it XDD
    We will watch your career with great interest...

  • @johnpavloskyiv4120
    @johnpavloskyiv4120 Před 11 měsíci +12

    Me and my buddy have been playing since the game dropped on console. Absolutely brilliant game. I keep coming back for more. I’m really excited to see where this game ends up. Also very curious if they will ever make a sequel. I would love seeing maybe like a surface base potentially. A good food bar and alcohol bar. If you have been playing this, what’s something you would wanna see in a sequel?

  • @tynce563
    @tynce563 Před 6 měsíci

    I loved every single clip of them playing and screaming and chaos ensues. Encapsulates exactly how it goes when you play a good multiplayer game with your friends lmao. So funny.

  • @robotic_foot
    @robotic_foot Před 4 měsíci

    Management: "Alright team, we've got a swarm incoming. Prepare to fight for your lives."
    Zanny: "We've been fighting for our lives since we STARTED!"
    this sums up drg so perfectly i love it

  • @nerfpup3089
    @nerfpup3089 Před rokem +583

    The game: "please stop becoming emotionally attached to the M.U.L.Es"
    The dwarves: "no, no I don't think I will. And her names MOLLY"

    • @-whyquestion
      @-whyquestion Před rokem

      Ratio + K-pop better 🤳🏼🤳🏼🤳🏼👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

    • @Sparrowthebird
      @Sparrowthebird Před rokem +42

      @@-whyquestion Look at yourself, I don't need to say anymore.

  • @tomadthedestroyer1607
    @tomadthedestroyer1607 Před 11 měsíci +26

    Imagine if this game was secretly in the warhammer universe since dwarfs with gun is normal in that universe

    • @bjorncorvin4568
      @bjorncorvin4568 Před 10 měsíci +1


    • @CreeperDude-cm1wv
      @CreeperDude-cm1wv Před 10 měsíci +2

      The forces of chaos when four short guys discover they have compressed gold

    • @rebeccawells5996
      @rebeccawells5996 Před 10 měsíci +3

      My theory is that this game is set in The Elder Scrolls universe and the reason they all vanished from Tamriel is that they went to space

  • @reincarN8ed
    @reincarN8ed Před 10 měsíci +2

    I had over 700 hours in DRG before watching this video, but I still love watching new players discover this game and talk about what they like about it. "Oh yes, tell me more about this 'Molly' and why she's so great."

  • @bluedreemurr9515
    @bluedreemurr9515 Před 21 dnem +1

    One time, as a scout, I got separated from my team with a resource bag. I typed in the chat that I was lost and they were fighting dreadnoughts so they couldn’t come to get me. I didn’t wanna miss out on all the action, so I told them in the chat that I would call Molly and deposit the bag, and then have them call her back for me to follow her. DRG is great.

  • @joshuahagon8269
    @joshuahagon8269 Před rokem +3

    You picked a great time to join in on the rocking and stoning. I love how you used FOMO to entice people to play, what's even cooler is the devs don't believe in it, so any rewards you miss on a season prior gets streamlined into mission loot. I can't wait for Season 3. Rock and Stone! It's also free on PS+

  • @dedotrongames6402
    @dedotrongames6402 Před 9 měsíci +1

    1:59 absolutely killed me.
    Just the sudden and intense screaming of someone who just got the attention of a very violent robot.

  • @BlooGremlin
    @BlooGremlin Před rokem +814

    Top tier game, drg doesn't get enough love

  • @outcoyote2916
    @outcoyote2916 Před 5 měsíci +1


  • @mrdooce4715
    @mrdooce4715 Před rokem +5

    that part about holding the large mini gun making you need to sacrifice yourself is so true
    it’s like one of the only things are certain in life

  • @colinmoody661
    @colinmoody661 Před rokem +1

    ive been playing this game for the past year and ive loved evey minute of it. One of those games that actually keeps pulling you back. such a blast. ROCK AND STONE FOREVER

  • @maxcook356
    @maxcook356 Před 7 měsíci +2

    I can confirm 14:43. At 20 years at an oil rig, the joy of riding the pipes across the caverns never gets old.

  • @MADTO3S
    @MADTO3S Před 11 měsíci

    I love how he is trying his hardest to get people to play it. You can tell he really loves it, I hope they sponsor him some day cause he seems to really enjoy it.

  • @saquial
    @saquial Před rokem +538

    Also, I like how in missions without Molly they say things like “Molly! Oh right, we didn’t bring her this time.”

    • @TheDemionyx
      @TheDemionyx Před rokem +16

      ye i hate collecting Aquors

    • @Akario3
      @Akario3 Před rokem +17


    • @leM0ne69
      @leM0ne69 Před rokem +14

      It’s not cool when we don’t have a mule!

    • @Ja_Zer
      @Ja_Zer Před rokem +1

      @@TheDemionyx aquarks

    • @CarbonKnight9
      @CarbonKnight9 Před rokem

      @@Ja_Zer Aquarqs

  • @weftin5721
    @weftin5721 Před rokem

    Glad to see a large creator talking about this masterpiece, it's the labor of love of the century and it deserves a million times the attention it currently has

  • @jaker7567
    @jaker7567 Před 10 měsíci +2

    you have convinced me to buy it after finals end

  • @oscills
    @oscills Před rokem +1

    This truly is my favourite zanny video. I must have watched it 5+ times and I still can't help but laugh every time. I know deep rock isn't mainstream anymore but please make another video on this game.

  • @davidwiese6723
    @davidwiese6723 Před rokem +2

    Fantastic and hilarious video about a great game. It's the most fun I've had playing online with friends in years.

  • @paragonrobbie9270
    @paragonrobbie9270 Před rokem +42

    Been playing since early access on Xbox. A little story about my time on the DRG subreddit:
    I began playing DRG with my friends when I was still in high school and high school was the worst time in my life. Hormones, ADD and clinical depression are a bad mixture to say the least. I rarely post on Reddit, but I posted a thank you message to the community and devs about how the game was helping me through an awful time in my life. Some of the actual devs responded to thank me and wished me luck since high school can be difficult for many people. I'm now 22 and still love this game.

    • @ericwinter9658
      @ericwinter9658 Před rokem +6

      Now thats wholesome. Rock and stone!

    • @adreanmarantz2103
      @adreanmarantz2103 Před rokem +4

      Good to have you on board. Rounds of Red Rock blasters for everyone. (extra sugar round the rim!)

    @RealSICKOMODE Před rokem +521

    I find it funny how Zanny is openly confessing love to a robot in front of his girlfriend

    • @vipvipgaryo6794
      @vipvipgaryo6794 Před rokem +23

      And shes just fine with it 😭

    • @gloriousbeard9054
      @gloriousbeard9054 Před rokem +50

      @@vipvipgaryo6794 who isn’t in love with Molly though? I’m sure she understands.

    • @eques9622
      @eques9622 Před rokem +1

      @@gloriousbeard9054 Me.

    @BMDtheAWESOME Před rokem +3

    There really is always a Martinez… you shout outs to our Mexican-American brothers and sisters really showing up! Thank you for your service! ❤

  • @metalurgent
    @metalurgent Před 9 měsíci

    This video brought me into drg, and I have since played over 400 hours. Thank you for showing me this absolute masterpiece of a game

  • @supremestudios5667
    @supremestudios5667 Před rokem +1

    the first part with the music is so freaking good man. even the scream synchronizes so well with the music

  • @bobbydufek5503
    @bobbydufek5503 Před rokem +2

    no matter how many years go by, I always forget how good he can sing

  • @BCreep234
    @BCreep234 Před 9 měsíci +1

    3:42 Zanny is actually a really good singer. I love when he just breaks out into song.

  • @xalius57445
    @xalius57445 Před rokem +406

    Nothing beats joining a lobby of randoms, not saying a single word aside from ready checks, yet being practically in sync throughout the mission.
    Rock and Stone.

    • @questionablelifechoices7501
      @questionablelifechoices7501 Před rokem +22

      The game is just that well designed to encourage team play.

    • @friccle_
      @friccle_ Před rokem +20

      My favorite is randomly saying R&S and everyone joins in, its always fun. Perfect game

    • @poggerman9661
      @poggerman9661 Před rokem +5

      @@friccle_ Like a wave on a concert, one does it suddenly everyone is shouting ROCK AND STONE!

    • @alarmy5211
      @alarmy5211 Před rokem

      that sound unfathomably boring

    • @poggerman9661
      @poggerman9661 Před rokem +4

      @@alarmy5211 To each their own, to us it's fun!

  • @Person22222
    @Person22222 Před 10 měsíci +2

    we need more deep rock

  • @gabestew262
    @gabestew262 Před rokem +2

    So glad a big youtuber is showcasing it. Hands down best co op shooter on the market by a mile. The footage here is just the tip of the ice berg, the endgame has crazy in game events and tons of game changing overclocks for your weapons. Theyre also updating it constantly and adding new content and season passes for free.

  • @Tsenngu
    @Tsenngu Před rokem +2

    This game keeps on giving. Been playing it since day 1 on and off. Just got back in after a 5month break for other stuff in life and it is like coming home. Grabbin a beer, killing bugs, Petting steve. It is a good dwarf life.

  • @deweydoom1950
    @deweydoom1950 Před rokem

    so glad to see you having fun with this game, also very excited to see you play more of it :))

  • @TheEMan621
    @TheEMan621 Před rokem

    This is one of the few games of recent times that actually has the devs heart and soul put into it.

  • @MaybyAGhost
    @MaybyAGhost Před rokem +726

    18:10 - "The soundtrack! We gotta move, we can't stand still when it's bopping like this!"
    Fun fact: That OST is called 'RUN!' and is a certified banger.

  • @naynerlang
    @naynerlang Před 6 měsíci +1

    This is the video that introduced my husband and I to this game.
    Now we're both almost 250 hours into it.
    Who needs date nights when you have DRG?

  • @rexenkey9311
    @rexenkey9311 Před rokem +2

    i got this game because of this video, no regret. ROCK AND STONE!!!

  • @user-et4nn7it9s
    @user-et4nn7it9s Před 5 měsíci

    “ Something about holding that huge minigun Just makes you need to sacrifice yourself.” As a gunner main I can agree with this

  • @monarch1410
    @monarch1410 Před rokem

    You should make another video on this game, it really brought alot of attention to a great game that deserves more attention because of how such a great time people can have playing with friends or solo

  • @nicolasvanheerden5602
    @nicolasvanheerden5602 Před 10 měsíci +2

    Me coming back to this vid to remind zany to make a vid about this game again or even a series like for honor and destiny

  • @Natedawg1998
    @Natedawg1998 Před rokem +585

    These absolute shit lords
    Also, the deep-rooted Gunner desire to die in a blaze of glory is well documented

    • @Eibemig
      @Eibemig Před rokem +14

      isn't this the common scout build? havent played much but me and my buddys also build like this

    • @retroworld5131
      @retroworld5131 Před rokem +11

      as a gunner I can attest to that

    • @guipinus
      @guipinus Před rokem +1

      Like, using the deepcore? That gun is fun but it sucks without bullets of mercy imo

    • @patcho7518
      @patcho7518 Před rokem +4

      “Explosives placed” is an easy way to deal with a scout

    • @robertsteiner4696
      @robertsteiner4696 Před rokem

      The Deepcore can easily be a top tier weapon even without OCs as long as you get really good with aiming for weakpoints, which over time everyone gets better at.

  • @MyPFPismypet
    @MyPFPismypet Před rokem +2

    "why do these bugs hate us?"
    Zanny: remembers stealing their offspring and destroying their planet
    "Beats me🥴"

  • @parkershute3005
    @parkershute3005 Před 2 měsíci

    I demand a full version of that song!

  • @BewilderedBearMiniatures
    @BewilderedBearMiniatures Před 9 měsíci

    Thanks Zanny! I would’ve never found this masterpiece if it wasn’t for this vid!

  • @Kaltsit-
    @Kaltsit- Před rokem +2

    Such simple gameplay and mechanics but an everlasting fun and challenging game.
    The game can literally be explained as “Danger. Darkness. Dwarves.”

  • @owenjones3929
    @owenjones3929 Před 9 měsíci +2

    I won't lie when Vicodxn gets left behind it's played off really well. Kinda gives me feels despite being funny

  • @snot-boy
    @snot-boy Před rokem +890

    100% accurate title. Got into this about a week ago and it's been the most fun I've had in a multiplayer game for a long time. A lot of heart and soul went into this game and it definitely shows.

    • @CamoFlash7_
      @CamoFlash7_ Před rokem +36

      *A lot of rock and stone went into this game.*

    • @anarcho262
      @anarcho262 Před 11 měsíci +5

      Most fun in 5 years for me! You realize how sh*tty games are right now.

    • @dudeguy3157
      @dudeguy3157 Před 10 měsíci +1

      @@CamoFlash7_ rock and stone

  • @Heretic1373
    @Heretic1373 Před rokem

    This game is crazy fun. You can tell the devs really care about the game and their audience. Totally worth it.

  • @hunterpark80
    @hunterpark80 Před rokem +1

    Damn, Blue October is my favorite band, you killed it with Oh My My. Blue October was one of the first bands I have had the chance to see live. They were great. I have the whole concert from last year on my channel if anyone is interested.

  • @pauldenney6968
    @pauldenney6968 Před rokem

    Been playing since early access in 2018 and im more and more hooked thanks to insanely good post-launch support.

  • @KG-th3cr
    @KG-th3cr Před rokem

    This game seriously has potential to be a powerhouse franchise.

  • @humanbeing7966
    @humanbeing7966 Před rokem

    Thank you, 120 hours in and im still having heaps of fun. Thank you for introducing me to my new favorite game.

  • @mrflerd-mn1pu
    @mrflerd-mn1pu Před rokem +273

    Can we talk about how Zanny's singing voice is actually good

    • @John_Raiyder
      @John_Raiyder Před rokem +10

      He has two 10 Minute videos of just singing if you like

    • @allekid
      @allekid Před rokem +6

      Always has been

    • @Mgee58
      @Mgee58 Před rokem +1

      dude can pass as emo punk rock

    • @Firefight_
      @Firefight_ Před rokem +11

      It’s a Filipino thing.

    • @lucaririnui9436
      @lucaririnui9436 Před rokem

      @@John_Raiyder where

  • @CodexF0X
    @CodexF0X Před 11 měsíci +2

    Great vid! Captures the charm of this game.

  • @thedomoking
    @thedomoking Před 8 měsíci

    My group has only been playing for two weeks and we've already discovered the achievement for jumping into the flaming hoop while drunk. Best game ever

  • @damiand.3806
    @damiand.3806 Před 7 měsíci


  • @philipjohnson9215
    @philipjohnson9215 Před 9 měsíci

    Years ago I promised to give Zanny a like every time he sang for us and I watched his video. Promise upheld.

  • @mintman643
    @mintman643 Před 6 měsíci

    Thank you for getting me into deep rock galactic

  • @BirdMoose
    @BirdMoose Před rokem +391

    One of my favorite little details was for years in early access they would would add little puzzles in the space station that had a message saying, "There's nothing here yet, but I'm proud of you for finding this." And as we got closer to 1.0 they got harder and harder to find.

    • @feri4294
      @feri4294 Před rokem +1

      That’s cool!

    • @Kenfuy
      @Kenfuy Před rokem +1

      There were some insane ones

    • @elosyyy
      @elosyyy Před rokem

      do you know of any that is still there?

    • @realfatihk9699
      @realfatihk9699 Před rokem +10

      @@elosyyy They remowed one of the easter eggs I think. They sealed the pipe that led to the easter egg. You couldn't reach it anyways but at least you could go through it and there would be a message at the end

    • @techpriestofmars1269
      @techpriestofmars1269 Před rokem +1

      John 3:16 NIV
      For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  • @arachnidbeats1983
    @arachnidbeats1983 Před rokem +1

    Why does seeing Zanny and his GF dance together give me so much serotonin?

  • @O_Otoche
    @O_Otoche Před rokem +2

    This is the best game I’ve ever played in my whole life.

  • @halcyonpalaver5985
    @halcyonpalaver5985 Před rokem +1

    this is one of my fav games of all time me and my friends play it alot but have stooped recently so thank u for making me want to play it more