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I Held A Live YouTuber Talent Show...

  • čas přidán 28. 07. 2022
  • Today TommyInnit, Ranboo, Jack Manifold, Niki & SO MANY MORE came together for the CHclipr Talent Show. This was stupid. No really, this was stupid.
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO WAS INVOLVED IN MAKING THIS POSSIBLE. This whole night was one of the coolest of my entire life. Thank you guys :))

Komentáře • 24K

  • @owothenoob616
    @owothenoob616 Před rokem +7

    imagine passing by outside and hearing a group of people shouting "

  • @DanTDM
    @DanTDM Před rokem +47

    Thanks for letting me be a part of this my man. Bungee jumping, straight jacket.. WHAT NEXT 😈

  • @BlueEngland

    Tommy: The main character

  • @anotherworld4566

    Can we all appreciate the ranboo poses during the light saber scene. Just amazing

  • @_-Sam_I_am-_

    Can we just give a round of applause to that person who kept saying

  • @war_saw

    i don’t watch dan anymore but i got filled with so much joy when i saw dan running and heard his voice.

  • @KidNamedBlue_

    Proud of jack for being able to put up with that much bullying just for fun. An admireable quality.

  • @Panimal
    @Panimal Před rokem +6

    It’s actually so cool that CHcliprs are able to do this kind of stuff now

  • @tobyggen1058
    @tobyggen1058 Před rokem +579

    Tommy needs to do more live audience stuff. He is perfect for it.

  • @bigyessuccess4525

    As long as Ranboo had fun everything is alright.

  • @Augusts-Outlet

    “ he has caused thirteen house fires”

  • @iced_coffeee7068
    @iced_coffeee7068 Před rokem +852

    Everyone say there lest excited about seeing jack

  • @periltheinferno8260

    Can we just appreciate how funny the backstage bribery was. If only Freddie had accepted it 😂

  • @ChippyGaming
    @ChippyGaming Před rokem +4

    You nailed it 😂

  • @daddyridz
    @daddyridz  +344

    The way Tommy tricked everyone by acting like dream was accurate

  • @evronian1129
    @evronian1129 Před rokem +463

    I appreciate Jackmanifold's decent into madness and subsequent villain arc just for the sake of Tommy's talent show. Such a good friend!

  • @Budindisguise

    We need another one of these..

  • @Zud3130
    @Zud3130 Před rokem +747

    Jack: This was a Shit show, everyone booed me.

  • @PinpinChanz

    Jack : "This is the worst day of my life."

  • @tfc6556
    @tfc6556 Před rokem +3

    I want to just appreciate the role that Jackmanifold took on in this show. I know everyone boos him as a joke, but having to take on the role of the antagonist, and hearing all that hate, even if it's just for a joke, is something that I feel is pretty impressive.