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Deku VS Asta (My Hero Academia VS Black Clover) | DEATH BATTLE!

  • čas přidán 27. 11. 2022

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  • Brian Kao

    Love how they acknowledge that Deku is practically the Spider-Man of the My Hero universe due how the mangaka is a huge fan of the latter

  • ThatCrazyVoodooChick

    It's very nice to see Deku being as smart and tactical as he can in the beginning, meanwhile Asta was very simplistic with his strategy "I just have to hit him really hard." Then towards the end Deku succumbs to that same simplistic by saying the exact same line.

  • CrimsonCrow626

    I like how Asta went into Zoro mode 😂

  • SkyBolt
    SkyBolt  +266

    “Take that Detroit” has gotta be one of the best lines I’ve heard in death battle

  • Jim
    Jim  +609

    Deku being dead before Asta’s swords hit him is honestly so sad, seeing his eyes lose their light after his final punch as he says “I did it…” like damn. One of my new favorite endings to a battle

  • Tindall4CO b

    I really love how this fight seem to cause Asta to have a hatred for Detroit just from being yo-yo’d with Detroit Smash

  • short.connor23

    Fun Fact:

  • PJCC
    PJCC  +335

    "are swords supposed to be sharp?"

  • Shachar Lem

    I'm surprised no one mentioned izuku's crying. I mean, at one point, he cried so hard he didn't only made himself a fountain, but also stuck his legs to the ground.

  • Nez
    Nez  +133

    Honestly they really missed out on having a fight between Deku and Rock Lee since All Might fought Guy. It could have been a cool callback.

  • Desert Sandfly


  • Greed
    Greed  +202

    I knew Asta was going to win, but damn that still hurt to see my boy go down like that

  • Frog Guy

    "I don't know what Detroit is, but I've had enough of it" is my favorite line in any Death Battle

  • Know-Im-Saiyan

    Asta at 15 could probably already use 75% of one for all if he had inherited

  • Wahaj Haider

    fun fact if you pay close attention to Asta's devil union form it, its the old version before he unlocked true devil union and it only lasted 1 minute in this battle instead of 5

  • Space Windu

    I'm a fan of MHA but Asta has fought full fledged devils. No contest, nuff said...

  • Biollante
    Biollante  +72

    Lmao deku just broke his arms enough times to build resistance to breaking his arms

  • Maximiliano Garcia

    “While you may not have the abilities of your peers, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving your dreams” while asta may be a good example of that. Midoriya isn’t.

  • Rinzor
    Rinzor  +2

    Deku: I'll form a plan of attack!

  • Matthew Esposito

    I love this death battle when they both said “really hard” 😂😂😂