Catchin' Up w/ The Dobre Brothers

  • čas přidán 11. 06. 2019
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    Catchin' Up w/ The Dobre Brothers
    Cody Ko

Komentáře • 9 207

  • Colin Boice
    Colin Boice Před dnem

    They should have bought the goat a lambo

  • Asude Akgun
    Asude Akgun Před dnem

    8:27 okay so no one gonna talk about how gorgeous Cody's eyes are like damn okay

  • Logan Atty
    Logan Atty Před dnem

    i work for minimum wage watching them casually look for lambos blows my mind

  • Ivan Gutierrez
    Ivan Gutierrez Před dnem

    The thumb nail 😂😂😂

  • LivingItBig
    LivingItBig Před dnem

    5:50 killed me

  • Colin Ryan
    Colin Ryan Před dnem


  • Elizabeth V
    Elizabeth V Před dnem

    I hate u

  • Gary Davis Jr
    Gary Davis Jr Před dnem

    Do the Dobre bros have pride shirt?

  • Riley Mackey
    Riley Mackey Před dnem

    killed you 10 times in fortnite, lol I've only died 3 times in fortnite which is the amount of time i played it

  • desertrose88
    desertrose88 Před dnem

    weren't these guys abused by Jake? which one are these?

  • JZ3987
    JZ3987 Před dnem

    Bruh 3 ads and an ad read r u banking now jeez

  • Abdul Kamara
    Abdul Kamara Před dnem

    You'll stop talking about the dobre brothers they are better than you so stop talking about damn

  • Noah Abdelsayed
    Noah Abdelsayed Před dnem +1

    Mucas 😂😂😂

  • Taylor Smith
    Taylor Smith Před dnem

    I’m so thrown by the twin’s is it foreign? is it jersey? is it a speech impediment? I’m not even trying to be rude. It sounds so confusing

  • Nadia Crawford
    Nadia Crawford Před dnem

    Is the goat's name "goat"?

  • Sam Costantino
    Sam Costantino Před dnem

    did anyone notice the 65 inch 80-inch-tv?

    HOTLATINAGURL101 Před dnem

    16:06 the box for the TV says 65 inches...

  • Josh Camp
    Josh Camp Před dnem

    I don’t want to give them views and I love Cody so I watch their videos through Cody so I support Cody and watch the video without actually watching it, is mayonnaise 11 letters, also is it an instrument, also too pee pole plus won goat is whiled

  • Triggerfeminists God34

    React to saint utopia reel 2018 crea Tyler

  • Layla Wiy
    Layla Wiy Před dnem


  • Noah Doty
    Noah Doty Před dnem

    the mom is an Olympic gymnast!!!! this is what she has been reduced to :(

    JACOB LANE Před dnem

    Hey don’t make fun of artistic kids

    • Noah Kettle
      Noah Kettle Před dnem

      @JACOB LANE well you should check my channel out i just started out let me know what you think

      JACOB LANE Před dnem

      I love him to I just don’t like it

    • Noah Kettle
      Noah Kettle Před dnem

      lmaooooooooo love this man honestly he's the reason that i started making my own vids

  • kristin
    kristin Před dnem

    Cody is really old in this one

  • B McC
    B McC Před dnem

    Cody man, ur a fckn hero lol

    • Noah Kettle
      Noah Kettle Před dnem

      @B McC thanks lmao i'm telling you that's the worst

    • B McC
      B McC Před dnem

      @Noah Kettle watched a few there mate, are u still hungry after that dinner your mum made you? Hahaa * subbed

    • Noah Kettle
      Noah Kettle Před dnem +1

      honestly cody is the reason that i started making my own vids

  • AniaHjhh Aaaah
    AniaHjhh Aaaah Před dnem

    UMMM the tv box said 65” but... Oke

  • Lilo
    Lilo Před dnem

    you should check up on jake finger lol he’s doing some great things

  • Scalene Toast
    Scalene Toast Před dnem

    14:30 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine Před dnem

    Nice video! Made me laugh at multiple points!

    • Noah Kettle
      Noah Kettle Před dnem

      lmaoooo love this man cody he's honestly the reason that i started making my own vids

  • Hanna Rzyszczak
    Hanna Rzyszczak Před dnem

    boy that honey ad be thicccccer than a bowl of oatmeal

    • Noah Kettle
      Noah Kettle Před dnem

      hahahaha love this and cody he's honestly the reason that i started making my own vids

  • Adam Koubbi
    Adam Koubbi Před dnem

    These guys are like the mirror version of Mr Beast; instead of spending outrageous sums of money on helping people in need, they use it to help themselves

  • Lauren K
    Lauren K Před dnem

    React to your college diving videos with Noel

  • Ally Whelan
    Ally Whelan Před dnem +1

    Bro you need to do another That’s Cringe:Girl Defined they’ve gotten worseeeee

  • Cheese Boss
    Cheese Boss Před dnem

    I find it funny how the dude could get anything he wanted and he decided to get Gucci flip flops which are flip flops with the word Gucci on it. That’s it. 🤦‍♂️

  • LAZER 2005
    LAZER 2005 Před dnem +1

    Damn I am so jealous, how come they get their own razzmatazz.

  • Carmen García
    Carmen García Před dnem

    Select yoour cur

  • Random Squirell
    Random Squirell Před dnem

    this has been the best video in a while XDDDD

  • Tyler Baker
    Tyler Baker Před dnem

    The doe bros

  • just mia
    just mia Před dnem +3

    no one:
    cody: breathes
    jake: *T H E H A T R E D*

  • Zoe Hundertmark
    Zoe Hundertmark Před dnem react to this pls

  • Neema
    Neema Před dnem

    The tv was 65 inches 😂😂

  • Mkiv_Bangbros
    Mkiv_Bangbros Před dnem

    Didn’t know who they are until I watched this video. Still curious, this isn’t meant to be mean but are they special?

  • the skeleton
    the skeleton Před dnem

    You should make a video on project zorgo. That shit would be hilarious

  • Lydia Ellis
    Lydia Ellis Před dnem +1

    Who thinks Cody should do a That’s Cringe on Riverdale season 3

  • Poppy Harlow
    Poppy Harlow Před dnem +3

    Absolutely no one:
    Me: Cody in a pair of Doc Martens and nothing else.

  • Amen Oueslati
    Amen Oueslati Před dnem

    Ok messi

  • Iris Nunes
    Iris Nunes Před dnem

    When my mom went to America with my cousins, she met them and they were just casually wearing their own merch, and not just like a hat. FULL OUTFIT.

  • Steven Rose
    Steven Rose Před dnem

    That is in fact a 65 inch TV

  • Reine Helly
    Reine Helly Před dnem

    I loveeee you

    DARK WOLF Před dnem

    All I would need is a 4 letter word food

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez Před dnem

    Look at that fucking neck looks like a god damn fucking giraffe

  • New Society
    New Society Před dnem

    react to the mac lethal tom macdonald beef . thats cringe it

  • Dailani Hernandez
    Dailani Hernandez Před dnem

    11:52 what are those flip flop *him wearing the same exact ones but in color white😑*

  • Shelby S
    Shelby S Před dnem

    Ugh the Mom is annoying. “Wow... a lambo”

  • Shelby S
    Shelby S Před dnem

    Why is the merch rainbow lol? His lisp is baaad

  • Michael Macari
    Michael Macari Před dnem

    Cody acting like he’s never played whatever you spell you buy. Stop playing fool

  • Katie Fredrickson
    Katie Fredrickson Před dnem +2

    Did anyone else notice the lambo dealership looked closed 😂

  • Teshé Rolle
    Teshé Rolle Před dnem

    0:01 - 0:03 what the hell was that loll?

  • Lucas Jacobson
    Lucas Jacobson Před dnem

    00:01 he reminded me of edbassmaster here

  • Ash
    Ash Před dnem

    #buysomethingforthegoat2k19 he’s a GOOD boy he deserves it

  • Ashten_ Woods
    Ashten_ Woods Před dnem

    5 letter word. S.LA.V.E. hm..

  • Viktor B
    Viktor B Před dnem

    Wooooo datz e beeeest

  • Wesley Worrell
    Wesley Worrell Před dnem

    The Biggest Undercover Dairy Investigation in History.

  • Kara Thompson
    Kara Thompson Před dnem +1


  • Maddie Berkey
    Maddie Berkey Před dnem

    Was it just me or did that TV say 65 inches????

  • neha vijay
    neha vijay Před dnem


  • • AnythingEdits •

    Cody Kolodziejzyk

  • 18mdaniels
    18mdaniels Před dnem

    I’ll bet anything that they already had the lambo and they just parked it there hahaha

  • Emma Copps
    Emma Copps Před dnem

    I was already laughing at the first minute of this video 😂

  • waffle
    waffle Před dnem

    Omg no idea how terrible my day was until I started laughing at this madness. What a good laugh. Thank you again Cody!!

  • Gold SpaceBear
    Gold SpaceBear Před dnem

    Cody had a good point. You never see them take home anything in the video. If they did buy anything it would've been the shoes...

  • Hannah Lab
    Hannah Lab Před dnem

    “I’m just gonna call you Mucus” this was so funny to me 😂

  • Alicia Shculler
    Alicia Shculler Před dnem

    Cody Ko is perfectly captured in Supernatural “The curious case of dean Winchester” 1:45-1:57

  • Renee Ethier
    Renee Ethier Před dnem

    I can't even afford to pay for my Netflix lmao what the hell

  • iloveyou 3000
    iloveyou 3000 Před dnem

    I think they have multiple channels. But they also do tours and merch and sponsorships per video so yeah they rich.

  • Sydnee
    Sydnee Před dnem

    I was just watching Cody and CHclip directed me to Buzzfeed wth i didn’t sign up for this 😪

  • Mikayla Monroe-Johnson

    There’s people like Mr. Beast who spend their money for good but then there’s people like the Dobre twins who don’t even care

  • TheCringeBois *Vidcrew*

    you and noel should make a gmod sandbox or rp video itll be heacka finny

  • lightning-fortnite
    lightning-fortnite Před dnem +1

    did anyone say you look like john bennett from ted

  • Rayia Olson
    Rayia Olson Před dnem +1

    Where is the spelling tho

  • cmoney92
    cmoney92 Před dnem +1

    we need to rescue that poor goat

  • cmoney92
    cmoney92 Před dnem +1

    somebody get that fuckin goat a gucci jacket holy fuck

  • cmoney92
    cmoney92 Před dnem +1

    the dobre brothers are just somehow billionaires and no one knows how

  • Sydney Freese
    Sydney Freese Před dnem

    Cody: Maybe they did that because you were dyslexic and they knew you couldn't pull it off
    Me: *Is Dyslexic* lmao
    That happened to me all the time, not with my parents, but with the kids at school. For example, one of my friends, during lunch would say "I'll give you a few of my chips (or whatever he had that day) if you can spell this word. Most of the time I would get it wrong, but when I got it right, it was the best feeling ever.

  • Martyna Viola
    Martyna Viola Před dnem


  • Aaron Welch
    Aaron Welch Před dnem


  • Marco Rubio
    Marco Rubio Před dnem

    11:40 what a challenge. Oh yeah I would spin a six and DEMAND CodyKo

  • Bella Groover
    Bella Groover Před dnem

    im still kinda pissed that whenever cody has a special code to get a deal whenever he has a sponser its not called a cody kode

  • Kermeet Dafrowg
    Kermeet Dafrowg Před dnem

    Hey guys if you ever feel useless remember Lamborghini made an SUV 😘😌

  • Sunny Busto
    Sunny Busto Před dnem

    Hey cody, you should look at morgz's channel, hes copying the dobro bros now lool

  • AB3
    AB3 Před dnem

    I’m sorry didn’t she say no to the aventador and then she’s calling it a beast😂😂😂

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay Před dnem

    Have you seen the video of imjaystation home invasion

  • QwertyFace
    QwertyFace Před dnem

    With the 11 letter word you can buy a single donaldtrump

  • Sarah Granger
    Sarah Granger Před dnem

    Thats cringe: I live with 12 love dolls (hooked on the look) *really anything on hooked on the look channel would make a good that's cringe video*

  • rareZER0
    rareZER0 Před dnem

    that neck in the thumbnail got me shook

  • Kelechi Okoro
    Kelechi Okoro Před dnem

    16:06 TV is actually 65 inches

  • KingTurtle
    KingTurtle Před dnem

    Could you and Noel ever come to England for your tour

  • mangoes are delicious

    god that video seems to sad and boring. like just... bland. they spend money and that's it. it's not even an entertaining way to buy. they seem so dead inside omegalul

  • Ortonic
    Ortonic Před dnem +1

    You should react to ImJaystation new video

    • Ortonic
      Ortonic Před dnem

      The one where he had a home invasion

  • M Games
    M Games Před dnem

    3 letters. I swear she was bout to say gun

  • kiki the brave
    kiki the brave Před dnem

    What happened to the spelling!!!